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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sexuality including references, drug content, violence and some strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • No actual sex scene shown. No nudity. One passionate kissing & some touching between a young lady(Veronica) & man. Nothing is shown. Both are fully clothed. But a lady Unbutton the man's shirt. Man's side view of the bare chest can be seen. However the lady does not take off her clothes.Some sexual references.
  • Contains occasional verbal sexual references throughout the film and only infrequent visual references.
  • At two instances in the film, viral sex tapes are briefly depicted, however no explicit detail or nudity is shown on-screen.
  • A man hits on a woman and makes a reference to having "prematured" in his pants.
  • A man and woman kiss passionately, implying that they have had sex, however, no further detail is depicted.
  • Also contains a brief vulgar joke about "boning a priest" and a crude drawing of a penis.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains moderate violence throughout the film, including several instances of characters being shot (resulting in both fatal and non-fatal injuries). Bloodshed is almost always occurrent during such scenes of violence. Characters threaten others with guns.
  • A brawl breaks out among several men, however, the fight is quite brief and lacks any discernible injury detail. A woman punches another woman (injuries are not shown) and there are instances of very mild violence such as a brief tasering and a character being knocked unconscious with a golf club.
  • A vehicle deliberately rams into another, causing death and a critical injury to another character.


  • Contains a single use of "fuck off" as well as mild coarse language throughout, such as "shit", "bitch" and "piss". The euphemisms "effing" and "effity" are used once each.
  • Also contains a brief middle finger gesture early in the film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains casual alcohol consumption at a party and infrequent passing verbal references to illicit drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Characters threaten others with guns and there is a tense scene in which a character is hiding from a murderer.
  • Contains references to a character who has died after being electrocuted in a bathtub. The film primarily deals with the resolution of this mystery.

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