Beauty and the Beast (2017) Poster

Emma Watson: Belle



  • [Belle enters the castle] 

    Lumière : Cogsworth, look! A beautiful girl!

    Cogsworth : Yes, I can see it's a girl; I've lost my hands, not my eyes.

    Lumière : What if she is *the one*? The one who will break the spell?

    Belle : Hello? Who said that?

  • [last lines] 

    Prince : [dancing with her]  What? What is it?

    Belle : [smiles]  How would you feel about growing a beard?

    [He smirks and growls. They laugh] 

  • Belle : [finds the Beast reading in the garden]  What are you reading?

    Beast : [quickly closes the book]  Nothing.

    Belle : "Guinevere and Lancelot."

    Beast : [correcting her]  Well, actually..."King Arthur and the Round Table." Knights, and men, and swords and things...

    Belle : Still... It's a romance.

    Beast : Alright...

  • Belle : [to the Beast, about the library]  Have you really read every one of these books?

    Beast : [scoffs]  No, not all of them. Some of them are in Greek.

    Belle : [laughs]  Was that a joke? Are you making jokes now?

    Beast : [smirks]  Maybe.

    [He leaves, shaking his head and smiling. Belle giggles] 

  • Beast : [to Belle, opening the enchanted book]  A little gift from the Enchantress. A book that truly allows you to escape.

    [blows the dust off it and places it on the stand] 

    Belle : [fascinated]  How amazing!

    Beast : [sadly]  It was her cruelest trick of all. It was just another curse. Perhaps our world has no place for a creature like me. But it can for you.

    [He offers Belle his hand. Belle takes it and he places her hand on the book] 

    Beast : Think of the one place that you've always wanted to see. Now find it in your mind's eye and feel it in your heart.

  • Lumière : [to Belle, releasing her from her cell]  Forgive my intrusion, mademoiselle. But I have come to escort you to your room.

    Belle : [picks up a stool to use as a weapon, suspiciously]  My room? But I thought...

    Lumière : Oh, what?

    [imitates the Beast] 

    Lumière : 'That once this door closes, it will not open again!'


    Lumière : I know! He gets so dramatic.

    [Belle finally exits her cell and sees Lumiere for the first time] 

    Lumière : Hello!

    [a frightened Belle gasps and Lumiere falls. Belle hits him with her stool and shrieks] 

    Lumière : [recovers and relights his flames]  Oh, you are very strong! This is a great quality!

    Belle : [still frightened]  What are you?

    Lumière : I am Lumiere!

    Belle : [confused]  And... you can talk?

    Cogsworth : [appears]  Well, of course he can *talk*! It's all he ever does!


    Cogsworth : Now Lumiere, as head of the household, I demand that you put her back in her cell at once!

    Lumière : [whispers]  What do you want to be for the rest of your life, Cogsworth? A man or a mantle clock?

    Lumière : [to Belle]  Ready, miss?

    Lumière : [to Cogsworth]  Trust me.

  • Belle : [to a hairbrush]  What's your name?

    Cogsworth : That is a hairbrush.

  • Belle : [singing]  I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell... And for once it might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they've got planned!

  • Belle : [to the Beast]  I never thanked you for saving my life.

    Beast : Well, I never thanked *you* for not leaving me to be eaten by wolves.

    [Belle laughs] 

  • Belle : [to the Beast, after he's wounded during the wolf fight]  You have to help me. You have to stand.

  • Belle : [hears the servants laughing in the castle]  They know how to have a good time.

    Beast : [rolls his eyes]  Yes, but when I enter the room, the laughter dies.

    Belle : Me too.

    [the Beast looks at her in surprise] 

    Belle : The villagers say that I'm a funny girl. But I'm not sure they mean it as a compliment.

    Beast : I'm sorry. Your village sounds terrible.

    Belle : [sighs]  Almost as lonely as your castle.

    Beast : [inspired]  What do you say we run away?

  • Gaston : If I didn't know better, I'd say she even cares for him!

    Belle : He's not a monster, Gaston! You are!

  • Belle : [to Lumiere]  What happens when the last petal falls?

    Lumière : The master remains a beast forever and we become...

    Mrs. Potts : [sadly]  Antiques!

    Lumière : Knick-knacks.

    Plumette : Lightly-used housewares.

    Cogsworth : Rubbish. We become rubbish.

    Belle : I want to help you. There must be some way to break the curse.

    Cogsworth : Well, there is one.

    [Lumiere hits him] 

    Mrs. Potts : It's not for you to worry about, lamb. We've made our bed, and we must lie in it.

  • Père Robert : Ahh, if isn't the only bookworm in town! So, where did you run off to this week?

    Belle : Two cities in northern Italy. I didn't want to come back. Have you got any other places to go?

    Père Robert : I'm afraid not. But you may re-read any of the old ones that you'd like.

    Belle : Your library makes our small corner of the world feel big.

    Père Robert : Bon Voyage.

  • Beast : [roaring in pain as Belle cleans his wounds]  *Ow*! That hurts.

    Belle : If you held still, it wouldn't hurt as much.

    Beast : If you hadn't run away, none of this would have happened.

    Belle : Well, if you hadn't frightened me, I wouldn't have run away!

    Beast : Well, you shouldn't have been in the West Wing!

    Belle : Well, you should learn to control your temper!

    [the Beast turns away, too tired to argue. Belle finishes cleaning his wounds; he doesn't protest this time] 

    Belle : Try to get some rest.

  • Gaston : Good morning, Belle! Well, wonderful book you have there?

    Belle : Have you read it?

    Gaston : Well, not that one. But, you know books.

    [laughs and shows her flowers] 

    Gaston : For your dinner table. Shall I join you this evening?

    Belle : Sorry, not this evening.

    Gaston : Busy?

    Belle : No.

    [Belle walks away for him] 

  • Belle : [sees the Beast's silhouette in an upper part of the tower]  Who's there? Who are you?

    Beast : [angrily]  Who are *you*?

    Belle : I've come for my father!

    Beast : Your father... is a thief!

    Belle : Liar!

    Beast : He stole a rose.

    Belle : I asked for the rose. Punish ME, not him.

    Maurice : No, he means forever. Apparently, that's what happens around here when you pick a flower!

    Belle : [to the Beast]  A life sentence for a rose?

    Beast : [leaps down to her section of the tower, but remains hidden in the shadows]  I received eternal damnation for one. I'm merely locking him away. Now, do you still wish to take your father's place?

    Belle : Come into the light.

    [the Beast doesn't move. Belle grabs Lumiere and holds him up to his face. Seeing the Beast's intimidating appearance, she gasps in fear] 

    Beast : [irked]  Choose.

  • Gaston : [notices her]  Belle?

    Belle : [breaks his arrows]  Where is he?

    Gaston : [drops his bow and reaches for his gun]  When we return to the village, you will marry me. And the Beast's head will hang on our wall!

    Belle : *Never*!

    [She tries to grab his gun, struggling] 

  • Maurice : I love you, Belle. Don't be afraid.

    Belle : I love you, too, Papa. I'm not afraid.

    [hugs Maurice] 

    Belle : And I will escape. I promise.

  • Belle : [singing]  New and a bit alarming / Who'd have ever thought this could be? True that he's no Prince Charming / but there's something in him that I simply didn't see.

  • Beast : [to Belle, who is in the West Wing admiring the enchanted rose; furiously]  What are you doing here? What did you do to it?

    Belle : [frightened]  Nothing!

    Beast : Do you realize what you could have done? You could have damned us all! Get out of here! *Go*!

  • Belle : [singing]  There goes the baker with his tray like always, the same old bread and rolls to sell! Every morning just the same, since the morning that we came... to this poor provincial town.

    Jean the Potter : Good morning, Belle!

    Belle : Morning, Monsieur Jean. Have you lost something again?

    Jean the Potter : Well, I believe I have. Problem is, I can't remember what.

    [Belle laughs] 

    Jean the Potter : Oh, well. I'm sure it'll come to me. Where are you off to?

    Belle : To return this book to Pere Robert... It's about two lovers in fair Verona.

    Jean the Potter : Sounds boring.

  • Belle : [to the servants, about the Beast]  Why do you care about him so much?

    Mrs. Potts : We've looked after him all his life.

    Belle : But he's cursed you somehow. Why? You did nothing.

    Mrs. Potts : [ashamed]  You're quite right there, dear. You see, when the master lost his mother and his cruel father took that sweet, innocent lad and twisted him up to be just like him, we did nothing.

  • Belle : [reciting lines from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as the Beast rests]  "Love can transpose to form and dignity. Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind..."

    Beast : [recites the rest of the line with her]  "... and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind."

    Belle : [surprised]  You know Shakespeare.

    Beast : [rolls over]  I had an expensive education.

    Belle : Actually, "Romeo and Juliet"'s my favorite play.

    Beast : [groans exasperatedly]  Ugh, why is that not a surprise?

    Belle : [taken aback]  I'm sorry?

    Beast : Well, all that heartache, and pining, and...

    [shudders and sticks out his tongue] 

    Beast : So many better things to read.

    Belle : [shocked]  Like what?

    [Cut to the Beast leading Belle into the castle library] 

    Beast : Well, there are a couple of things in here you could start with...

  • Belle : Papa, is that you?

    Maurice : Belle. How did you find me?

    Belle : You're hands are ice. We need to get you home.

    Maurice : Belle. Belle, you must leave here at once. This castle is alive. Now go before he finds you!

    Belle : Who?

    [They both turn to the same direction where they heard the Beast] 

  • Belle : How in the midst of all this sorrow can so much hope and love endure? / I was innocent and certain, Now I'm wiser but unsure...

  • Belle : Papa, do you think I'm odd?

    Maurice : Odd? My daughter, odd? Where did you get an idea like that?

    Belle : I don't know. People talk.

  • Belle : [watching Gaston chase the Beast on the castle rooftop]  *No*!

    Beast : Belle?

    [He climbs up the tower and sees her] 

    Beast : *Belle*! You came back!

    Belle : I tried to stop them!

    Beast : Stay there! I'm coming!

  • Beast : [to Belle, gruffly]  You'll join me for dinner. That's not a request.

    Mrs. Potts : Gently, Master. The girl lost her father *and* her freedom in one day.

    Lumière : Yes, the poor thing is probably in there scared to death.

    Belle : [Unbeknownst to them, Belle has turned her pink gown into a rope so she can escape. The Beast knocks on her bedroom door again, softly this time; nervously]  Just a minute.

    Lumière : You see? There she is. Now remember: Be gentle.

    Mrs. Potts : Kind.

    Plumette : Mmm, charming.

    Cogsworth : Sweet!

    Lumière : And when she opens the door, give her a dashing, debonaire smile! Come, come, show me the smile!

    Cogsworth : [the Beast gives a wide smile, showing his monstrous teeth. The servants react in fright]  Oh, dear!

    Plumette : Oh, no!

    Beast : [his smile vanishes; graciously]  Will you join me for dinner?

    [He turns away and shakes his head at the servants as if to say, "This'll never work"] 

    Belle : You've taken me as your prisoner, and now you want to have dinner with me? Are you insane?

    Plumette : [the Beast becomes visibly enraged; the servants back away in fear]  Uh-oh! He's losing it!

    Cogsworth : Oh, dear!

    Beast : [pounds on Belle's door, yelling]  I told you to join me for dinner!

    Belle : And I told you no!

    Madame Garderobe : [awakens startled]  Oh, what time is it? What's happening?

    Belle : I'd *starve* before I ever ate with you!

    Beast : [roaring]  Well, be my guest! Go ahead and starve!

    [to Lumiere] 

    Beast : If she doesn't eat with me, then she doesn't eat *at all*!

    [storms off] 

    Beast : Idiots!

  • Maurice : So, what can I bring you from the market?

    Belle : A rose; like the one in the painting.

    Maurice : You ask for that every year.

    Belle : And every year, you bring it.

    Maurice : Then I shall bring you another. You have my word.

    Belle : Goodbye, Papa.

  • Maurice : Belle, listen to me. It's alright. Now go. Live your life. And forget me.

    Belle : Forget you? Everything I am is because of you.

  • Beast : You could stay here. You could be happy.

    Belle : Can anyone be happy if they aren't free?

  • Belle : [singing]  "This is the Paris of my childhood/These were the borders of my life/In this crumbling, dusty attic/Where an artist loved his wife/Easy to remember/Harder to move on/Knowing the Paris of my childhood/Is gone"

    [she sits on the bed as the Beast walks around to the other side of the room] 

    Beast : What happened to your mother?

    Belle : It was the one story Papa could never bring himself to tell me. I knew better than to ask.

    Beast : [he looks to the chair and gasps softly]  A doctor's mask...

    [he pauses] 

    Beast : Plague.

    [flashback to a plague doctor closing his medicine case. Belle's mother lays sick on the bed behind him] 

    Plague Doctor : We have to leave. Now.

    Belle's Mother : [to Young Maurice]  Go, before it takes her too.

    [he picks up a crying infant Belle as her mother kisses the rose he left behind. Back to present, Belle clutching her crib] 

    Beast : I'm sorry I ever called your father a thief.

    Belle : [whispers]  Let's go home.

  • Madame Garderobe : [meeting Belle]  Pretty eyes, proud face, perfect canvas! Yes! I will find you something worthy of a princess!

    Belle : [awkwardly]  Oh, I'm not a princess...

    Madame Garderobe : Nonsense! Now let's see what I've got in my drawers!

    [She opens one of her drawers and moths fly out] 

    Madame Garderobe : Oh, how embarrassing!

  • Belle : Let him out! He's hurt!

    Monsieur D'arque : We can't do that, miss. But, we'll take very good care of him.

    Belle : My father's not crazy!

  • Beast : [breathing heavily]  You came back.

    Belle : Of course I came back. I'll never leave you again.

    Beast : I believe it's my time to leave.

    Belle : We're together now. It's gonna be fine.

    Beast : At least I got to see you one last time.

    [the last petal falls; the Beast dies] 

    Belle : No! Please, no.


    Belle : Come back. Come back. Please, don't leave me. I love you.

  • Maurice : [Belle hands Rose rattle to Maurice]  Where did you...?

    Belle : He took me there.


    Belle : I know what happened to Mama.

    Maurice : Then you know why I had to leave her there. I had to protect you. I-I've always tried to protect my little girl. Probably too much.

    Belle : I understand.

    [kisses his hand] 

    Belle : Will you help me now?

    Maurice : It's dangerous.

    Belle : Yes. Yes it is.

  • Belle : [looking for Maurice in the Beast's castle]  Papa?

  • Belle : [sees Gaston fighting the Beast]  Gaston! *No*!

  • Maurice : Belle, I won't let you do this. I lost your mother. I won't lose you, too. Now go. Go!


    Belle : All right, Papa. I'll leave.

  • Belle : [to the magic mirror]  Show me the beast.

  • Belle : Please, just tell me one more thing about her.

    Maurice : Your mother was... fearless.


    Maurice : Fearless.

  • Lumière : You must forgive first impressions. I hope you are not too startled.

    Belle : Why would I be startled? I'm talking to a candle.

    Lumière : Candelabra, please. Enormous difference.

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