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Clichéd Love Story, Rough Prod
sim-richmond16 March 2013
By reading the plot alone, you can defy that the storyline is not that substantial in anyway. The crisis of the movie wasn't that heavy enough to raise the audience's feelings (well, except for the fact that Filipinos love to watch romantic movies).

On the first part of the movie, you can clearly recognize the very exact scenes repeating. Also, some of the scenes from the beginning were once again repeated before the end. Although they wanted to portray that the characters were reminiscing the past, they could have shown the eye-view prospective since the characters were reminiscing what they saw, not what the audience saw in the screen.

The switching of scenes also was not that good. The cuts are very obvious, as if the producers were too lazy to repeat shooting the lines, so they just trimmed and pasted the two video clips. If that was the case, they could have changed the angle of the camera projection so that the flow would be as smooth as it could be.

Many scenes also were just a copycat of the traditional romantic Filipino films. One is the boy-bumps-girl scene where the things of the girl scatter on the floor and the boy helps him out and they develop. Another example is the girl-wants-boy-but-boy-likes-another girl. Although these formula for movies are still effective for some viewers, the fact remains that viewers are already bored of seeing these kind of scenes over and over again.

The ending also wasn't that clear. They only focused on one element and left behind other developments from the plot. The question "What happened to the other half of the story?" reigned my mind. Also, the computer generated effect of the fireworks in the end was very obvious.

There were several plus points for the movie, though. The heavy lines brought out by Patchot (Kathryn Bernardo) were somehow better than before. On the other hand, the role of Ivan (Daniel Padilla) was able to lift up the romantic theme in the movie through the punch lines.

It is also good that the character of Ivan gives acronym and defines it afterwards, so the audience can relate to.

The injection of some comedic lines also was a good idea to change emotions of the audience every now and then. It is also good to think that they did it not forcibly, for it seems to be very in line with the plot.

Some of the scenes featuring the sky while the two main characters were having romance also was quite good. The cinematography was undeniably leveled up, although it was present only at few scenes.

It could have been improved in many ways. So, I give a score of 4/10.
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It was a very good movie!
zennvelardo31 March 2013
I think this movie is great for all ages! I't's not just a Filipino Romantic Comedy.. it's quite original. Although they used some old scenes from other movies based like this story, they acted it differently.And they did a very great job! This story is telling us that beauty is not how you dress, how you look, its whats inside. I think thats very great for teenage girls to watch this because a lot of teenage girls now have a lot of insecurities about them, and yes I'm pretty sure a lot of people can relate to this story. You know, that been-bestfriends since we were kids- start to like the one another- fall in love- kind of story. In my opinion this is a MUST-WATCH movie!
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A film that almost fell apart because of the poorly written script.
green_ice232 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Warning: This review contains spoiler.

I have been looking forward to watching this film because of the hype and the good reaction that I've heard so far. After a while I finally was able to catch and watch this film.

First of all, I thought that the plot of the movie itself was good. it suited it's targeted audience, I was pleased that the plot includes the theme that appearance does not matter if you are ugly inside and the integral part of the movie which I like the most was when the guy Ivan (played by Daniel Padilla) after spending sometime with his girlfriend came to realize that he wanted someone like his best friend and finally came to the point where he saw Kathryn Bernardo's Character as someone who he truly loves.

I especially love that part because Kathryn Bernardo's character was in her usual-self not in a beautiful dress or on make-up.

Because it is true that some people are so used to having special people that they do not realize the impact the other person has on them until something happens for them to notice or realize this. it takes time to realize that you indeed love someone.

I actually like the film because of the plot but the problem was it has a poorly written script, the lines were laughable at times but good thing that acting saved it, but not quite. i was especially impressed by Kathryn Bernardo's Acting, she really did a good job despite having such terrible lines.

and since I myself is an Enrique Gil fan. I was very pleased by the cameo.

The negative sides of this film are the tons of cheesy, mushy and corny lines mostly because of the Abbreviation lines that I did not like and couldn't tolerate and the editing was quite awful.

Meanwhile, the positives are the film having a good lead. The two of them has so much chemistry that I myself pretend to not hear the bad lines that came out of their mouth and just watch their flaming charisma. Kudos to Kathryn Bernardo who actually almost brought me to tears by her acting, Daniel Padilla on the other hand was good as well but i still think that he still needs to prove that he is a strong lead. Perhaps it's because Kathryn is such a good actress that she outshines Daniel.

I will be watching these two for the next couple of years and wish to see them do well in all aspects of their craft.

Good Plot. Poor Script but great acting.

That's all. Thank you for reading my review.
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