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  • There does not seem to be any location on Earth that meets all the criteria given in the program.

    *The pilot episode claims it is north of the 83rd parallel somewhere in the Arctic and that anything above the 83rd parallel is international territory. It also shows the 170th east and west meridians which are near Russia while the northern tip of Greenland is at the 32nd. There are no pieces of land near Alaska/Siberia north of 83rd parallel.

    *A snowmobile can make it to Juneau Alaska traveling ice the whole way in 8 days. There are no paths along ice that don't cross mountains or forests from the Arctic ice pack to Juneau on the southern coast of Alaska.

    *The images show the base set into a flat iceberg, an ice shelf or glacier. Ice shelfs flow over the years and break off and drop into the ocean.

    *Base is built on top of a Russian base from 1870's.

    *Base has an underground bunker built for 'earthquakes'.

    *Sergio places his finger on the map near the north pole. No land exists there.

    There have been temporary research bases (ALDIS research station on Fletcher's Ice Island) built onto 400 foot thick icebergs that float around the Arctic ocean with the rest of the sea ice but even the multi-year ice moves with currents so no underground bunker to avoid earthquakes could be built and an iceberg would not even experience earthquakes. An iceberg would eventually float out to the Atlantic after 50 to 70 years so a Russian base from 1870 could not be located there.

    Cape Morris Jesup [link]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/60/Greenland.A2004208.1810.250m.jpg[/link] is above the 83rd parallel in Peary Land of the Northeast Greenland National Park. This area is under the dominion of Greenland which is a part of Denmark. The area is a northern desert with such little snow fall that much of it is not covered in ice. They might have built on some ice flows off the side of the mountains in the area but the premise that they are in international territory would fail as they would clearly be in a national park of Denmark/Greenland. It has flowers, lichen in the summer and some other plant and wildlife.

    Kaffeklubben Island [link]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaffeklubben_Island[/link] is the most northern piece of land that is not just a gravel bar but it is not covered in ice in the warmer months and even has flowers in the summer.

    Maybe the research base is on a fictional small island north of Alaska but the ice in this area melts over the summer leaving the base surrounded by ocean water, not ice. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Since the station is supposedly in international territory, the CDC has no real authority. It is there only under advisory position. In the pilot episode, Dr Hatake mentions to Major Balleseros that the CDC's presence was not his choice. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • They all could have headsets and use smartphone's built-in wi-fi/hotspot technology to use the stations wi-fi for person to person communications or even use regular radio based walkie-talkies, but are not. The reason why they are not using this simple and expected technology is unknown. In contrast, the Ilaria Corp COO Sutton is seen using a headset communicator of unknown type to communicate with her security forces. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Not exactly. HELIX is a sci-fi thriller about the outbreak of two unknown viral strains. While the first strain (NARVIK A) simply kills the host, the second strain (NARVIK B) seem to take control of its host. Just like any other virus, its primal objective is to spread. By literally controlling the host's body, the behavior of the host does resemble zombie behavior during the first stages of infection. The infected (called "vectors") do not feed, are quicker and much more agile than humans and spread the virus with a black substance they vomit, which seems identical to their blood. As the infection becomes older, the virus shows signs of intelligence. Vectors can cooperate under the guidance of an alpha vector (the oldest infected) and can use intelligent tactics to lure humans. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • NARVIK is the name of two mysterious viral strains.

    NARVIK A was made by ARCTIC BIOSYSTEMS for ILARIA corporation. One of ILARIA's board members, Constance, mentioned that they want the virus to reduce Earth's population and Hiroshi added "to rule" the rest, probably with ILARIA's power and owned resources after the pandemic period.

    NARVIK B seems to be Hiroshi Hatake's creation and it presumably is a mutated strain of NARVIK A. Constance mentioned that NARVIK B is "the Willis hypothesis". Willis hypothesis' main thesis implies that new forms arise by mutation rather than natural selection. It seems Hiroshi wanted to create a virus to "evolute" humanity, possibly because he thinks that ILARIA may as well exterminate all of humanity to keep the whole world for the "immortals". Constance added that "ILARIA said NO then, nothing has changed". That means Hiroshi's fears may have a solid ground. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "Immortals" are mysterious, perfectly humanoid creatures that do not age, have accelerated healing and silver eyes. High chances are that they also do not need to feed and can't procreate. They comprise the governing board of a corporation based in Paris, France called ILARIA. Hiroshi Hatake is one of the "immortals" and claims to be more than 500 years old. While the "immortality" cause is unknown, it seems that it can spread with body fluids. After Hatake turned Julia into an "immortal" with a syringe shot, Julia turned Sarah when she donated cerebrospinal fluid to her. The upcoming season will hopefully shed some light to the "immortals". Edit (Coming Soon)


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