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Season 1

18 Jan. 2015
Star Comes to Earth/Party with a Pony
An interstellar princess is exiled to earth and teams up with a teenage boy to battle villains from her universe.
30 Mar. 2015
Match Maker/School Spirit
After failing a math test, Star tries to convince her teacher to change her grade. Star misunderstands when she hears that the school football team is going to "get slaughtered".
6 Apr. 2015
Monster Arm/The Other Exchange Student
Monster Arm: Star accidentally turns Marco's arm into a monster arm when he has to do karate. The Other Exchange Student: Star is jealous when the family's best friend shows up.
13 Apr. 2015
Cheer Up Star/Quest Buy
Marco tries to cheer up Star and ends up summoning Ludo and an army of monsters! Star and Marco venture to Quest Buy to get a new wand charger before Star's wand dies...forever.
20 Apr. 2015
Diaz Family Vacation/Brittney's Party
Star forgets to get the Diazes an anniversary present, so she invites them on a trip to Mewni. Star crashes a birthday party but has to fight off Ludo's monsters.
15 Jun. 2015
Star starts sprouting hearts all over her body, the telltale sign of "Mewberty." Marco and his friends travel to a dimension of pixies and are forced to work in the Shard Mines.
22 Jun. 2015
Lobster Claws/Sleep Spells
Star and Marco attempt to help Lobster Claws adjust to life on Earth. When Star "sleep spells," Marco tries to use psychology to cure her.
20 Jul. 2015
Blood Moon Ball/Fortune Cookies
When Star attends Demon Prom with her ex-boyfriend, Marco follows to prevent Star from getting into trouble. Marco convinces Star that fortune cookies contain magical prophecies.
27 Jul. 2015
Freeze Day/Royal Pain
Star must travel to the Plains of Time to convince Father Time to get back on his time wheel. Star's dad unexpectedly shows up at the Diaz house looking for a place to crash.
10 Aug. 2015
St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses
Star must face her greatest fear and travel to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses to bust out Flying Princess Pony Head for her birthday.
17 Aug. 2015
Mewnipendence Day/The Banagic Incident
Star leads a battle reenactment as part of a Mewni Independence Day celebration. Star sees a commercial for a "magical" Earth product and sets off on her own to buy it.
14 Sep. 2015
Interdimensional Field Trip/Marco Grows A Beard
Star leads a class field trip to a museum in another dimension. Star uses magic to help Marco grow a beard, but messes up the spell and causes it to grow out of control.
21 Sep. 2015
Storm the Castle
When Marco gets kidnapped by Toffee and held as wand-ransom, Star enters into an unlikely alliance with Ludo: she'll help Ludo get his castle back, if he helps her save Marco.

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