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Season 3

23 Jan. 2015
Mission from God
A group of Preachers' Daughters are on a mission trip to Cabo San Lucas and they quickly become divided over their different views on Christianity and the temptations surrounding them. Megan feels like the odd man out because of her choice not to drink and the drama escalates when Kristiana confesses something to which goes against everything Cierra believes in.
30 Jan. 2015
Hot as Hell
Things are getting spicy for the Preachers' daughters. Tori gets evicted from her apartment while Taylor films a music video. Kolby doesn't want to follow in her preacher parent's footsteps and Megan sneaks out to a lake party after learning her father is going to be a full time minister.
6 Feb. 2015
Jesus Went to the Club
Lolly continues to put the girls on edge when she refuses to go to the mission and goes to the beach instead; tensions flare when Lolly brings random guys back to the house and the other girls decide to kick them out and tell Lolly she needs to step up her game. Later, Lolly starts a big fight with Cierra and Kristiana.
13 Feb. 2015
Turnt Up Game
Jayde attempts to prove to her overprotective dad that she can handle responsibility by being mission team leader. But, the freedom goes to her head as she flirts with boys and gets drunk on a wild night out. Lolly gets reprimanded by her mother for not participating in the mission work and tries to make amends by buying toys for kids. Meanwhile, Kayla plots to throw Lolly out of the house.
20 Feb. 2015
Evil Eye for an Eye
Lolly volunteers to be mission team leader but gets annoyed with Kayla when she refuses to participate. When Kayla declines to donate her cereal to the poor, the girls turn against her and she contemplates leaving the mission. Later, sparks fly when Lolly finds out about Kayla's plot to kick her out of the house. Meanwhile, Jayde continues to push boundaries.
27 Feb. 2015
A House Divided
Kayla decides to stay in Cabo, but later winds up getting in a huge fight with Lolly at the mission. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls are tired of Lolly's antics and decide to take action which causes her to blow up--and then face the consequences.

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