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A Diabolical Pregnancy Story
3xHCCH18 March 2014
Samantha and Zach get married. For their honeymoon, they went to visit the Dominican Republic. One night there, they were brought by their taxi driver to a mysterious place where they get drunk and drugged. Nevertheless, they still managed to get back home safe and sound.

Not long after, Samantha finds out she was with child. From there, the further along the pregnancy Samantha got, the more bizarre and more violent behavior she would display. As she nears her due date, can Zach still do anything to avert the diabolical fate that seems to await his wife and baby?

Like many current horror films, "Devil's Due" is told through camera footage. Aside from the cameras Zach and characters carried around, there was also footage from security cameras. The first thirty minutes were practically just needless wedding coverage.

When it got around to telling the story, the pace was also quite slow. Mundane daily events like going to the supermarket or the obstetrician were punctuated by some disgusting or violent scenes which would have been a big deal had it happened in real life. Here, they happened, but there seemed to have been no consequences that follow their occurrence.

The best moments of this film were those scenes showing Samantha's repulsive eating habits, her super-telekinetic powers, and her effect on Catholic priests. The rest of the film was unfortunately forgettable, all the way up to the predictable climax. 3/10.
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Don't waste your time.
conchur-mackey19 January 2014
Absolute Dogsh*t is a term that cannot be used enough to describe this movie. I hated the characters (especially the tw*t of a husband), the stupid shaky-cam, the "scares", the pathetic sub-plot of an ancient cult, the trailer that gave away absolutely everything, and did I mention the tw*t of a husband? No doubt there'll be a sequel, and another, and another. Remember when there were actually good horror found-footage films? Me neither. Hollywood is just saturated with them, none of them good. A complete and terrible rip-off of Rosemary's Baby. Just don't watch it. If I could give it a minus rating I would. Definitely in the category of one of the worst movies I've ever seen.
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Do not Waste Your Time with This Awful and Lame Rip-Off "Rosemary's Baby"
claudio_carvalho12 May 2014
The orphan Samantha (Allison Miller) gets married with Zach McCall (Zach Gilford) and they travel in honeymoon to Santo Domingo. In their last night in the Dominican Republic, the newlywed couple is invited by a taxi driver to go to a party in the outskirts of Santo Domingo. They drink too much and do not see that Sam is brought to a weird cult. They return to the United States and soon Sam discovers that she is pregnant. Along the pregnancy, Sam changes her behavior and becomes nervous and aggressive. On the night of the delivery, Zach witnesses weird events at home.

"Devil's Due" is a lame and cheap movie that uses the same storyline of "Rosemary's Baby". This rip-off could have the title "How to Destroy the Storyline of a Masterpiece with a Hand-held Camera and an Absurd Plot". Sam and Zach accepting to go to a slum in an unknown country with a stranger are among the greatest stupidities of the cinema industry. The new doctor uses the office of Dr. J. Ludka and no receptionist or nurse notices. The house of Sam and Zach is completely destroyed in a calm neighborhood and no neighbor observes. The use of camera as if it were Zach is nonsense in most of the situations. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "O Herdeiro do Diabo" ("Devil's Due")
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Anyone who worked on "Devil's Due" should never work again
whirrrrl19 January 2014
This was really deceptive marketing and hype that drew me into this movie. I am very sorry I went. The acting, directing, production design, continuity, editing and of course the story, screen writing and execution were just abysmal. There was nothing of quality in this film. The characters were stupid, the camera work was jarring "handheld reality TV" nonsense and on top of it all, the plot was told in a far superior manner by Roman Polanski in "Rosemary's Baby" forty years ago! It just shows that with some production money, a digital camera and some reality-TV "Blair Witch"/"Paranormal Activity"-type marketing approach, you can sell any kind of garbage to the American public. I urge you not to support this film, or any future endeavours of anyone involved with this project (cast, crew, director or screenwriters)....
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Hand-held horror fare without pretensions.
drownnnsoda22 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"Devil's Due" follows a young newlywed couple who find out they're expecting a child after returning home from their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Shortly into the pregnancy, mother-to-be Allison begins having unusual symptoms, and it appears that she and her husband are being watched by some sort of secret society who are awaiting the birth of one of the "many" antichrists.

Cleverly prefaced with scripture from John, "Devil's Due" sets out on a road oft-followed in the found footage sub genre of horror films, charting terrorized couples and Satanic magic wreaking havoc on suburbia. That said, the film has a few interesting aspects; first off, it's not really a "found footage" film. Although much of the narrative is dispensed through home video footage which is recorded by the couple themselves, the film also utilizes surveillance footage from public spaces as well as the cameras secretly placed in their home to help tell the story. In other words, it is not a film claiming to be a "true story" "discovered" as a cohesive piece of found footage. It's in all actuality a fairly standard horror movie that is told through the medium of hand-held video and surveillance without the claims of being real or "found", and for that, I found the film mildly refreshing. I roll my eyes every time I see a found footage horror film claiming to be reality ("The Devil Inside" comes to mind), but "Devil's Due" makes no bones about anything of the sort, and in that sense is very much aware of itself and doesn't rest solely on its pretensions.

Secondly, I can't not praise the acting in this film. The other downfall of most "found footage" films is that they star unknown actors who often have little experience and/or talent, and thus tend to have less-than-stellar acting, which just cheapens films that are already cheap to begin with. That's not the case with "Devil's Due". Zach Gilford plays the concerned husband role both behind and in front of the camera, and is convincing in the role; however, Allison Miller is the one who really carries the film. Her performance in this was wonderful in general, and especially wonderful in a film of this type. Very naturalistic and totally believable. My praise even goes for the minor roles; all of the acting in the film does feel genuine, which really elevates this above other hand-held horror fare.

Narratively, the film is definitely imperfect. Some people have claimed the film is boring, which, while it does take time to get going, the slow burn nature of it allows for some subtle scares to creep in over an extended period (also, there isn't much for jump scares here either, which I was really surprised by). That said, the film does lack steam at times, and propels itself into a conclusion that doesn't reveal as much excitement or surprise as the preceding 80 minutes would lead you to believe is coming. The finale is pretty weak, and follows a pattern that's been done before in other found footage genre films. That's not to say that a horror film requires a twist ending to be worthy (which this film surprisingly doesn't have), but there's not a whole lot of payoff in terms of anything truly shocking or nuanced occurring in the film's final act, and for that, it is predictable. There's a lot of build-up for a pretty mediocre ending.

All things considered, "Devil's Due" is an oddball in the sub genre in which it's been placed. The film doesn't make any claims to reality, doesn't ascribe to jump scares or a surprise ending, has shockingly worthwhile performances, and, most importantly, isn't actually a "found footage" movie at all. The references to "Paranormal Activity" and "Rosemary's Baby" are indubitable, and despite the film's burnout ending, I still was mildly happy with it, probably because it did the opposite of what I expected it to do in a lot of ways. The flip side of that is that the film doesn't have much in way of surprises, but the above-average performances and a handful of crafty scenes elevated it above any other hand-held and/or found footage horror film to come out in the past five years. 6/10.
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Total Snoozefest, But Good Acting By The Leads
Slasher_Lover2317 January 2014
During their honeymoon, newlyweds Samantha and Zach couldn't be happier, however upon waking up one morning, they have no recollection of what happened the night before. It isn't too long after returning home that the happy couple find out they are having a child. But during a time of what should be pure happiness soon turns into a nightmare as the couple find themselves being watched and Samantha begins exhibiting strange behavior.

Devil's Due is yet another entry in the found-footage genre. The film can be considered an almost younger generation and found-footage version of Rosemary's Baby. However, this film has no chance in hell (no pun intended) of reaching the status of the classic horror film. It doesn't even stand a chance of reaching Paranormal Activity status. The story may be interesting, but the film itself is just plain boring. There is no intensity and no atmosphere whatsoever. Throughout the film we just see Samantha becoming more and more hostile with random and clichéd jump scares thrown in. And a lot of the creepy moments end up being humorous than anything. By the time we reach the climax of the film where (as usual) all of the real action occurs, it's over before it even begins.

Despite the film's boring outer layer, we are given some pretty good performances by our two leads. Zach Gilford brings a lot of charm to the role of Zach, at the first of the film he's the goofball husband that everyone will seem to adore. But when things start getting serious we see Gilford switch gears into the concerned husband and he does a fairly good job of it. Allison Miller plays Zach's wife Samantha. Like Gilford, Miller shows the sweet and innocent side of her character and we ultimately love her too, but when she needs to show Samantha's gradual change of behavior, she has a few moments where she could have gave it more of a boost, but otherwise she gives it what she can and it's satisfactory enough. The two also have great chemistry together, which also helps the audience care for and root for the two characters.

Devil's Due may be a huge snooze fest and won't leave a mark on the found-footage genre, but it at least has two decent lead actors to keep it from being a total disaster.

My Rating: 3/10
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For a ridiculously overused and beaten genre...this one was actually pretty good
Robert_duder27 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Oh the irony. I am a true horror fan from way back. I love it all except for the rage of "found footage" "hand cam" horror. The Blair Witch Project was brilliant and since then film makers have been beating this style of film to death and beyond. I am sick of it quite frankly. I won't even go out of my way to watch one and usually when I find out a horror flick is "found footage" it gets shut off. But I wanted to see this one through. The irony is how poorly this is scored on IMDb. I thought this was world's better than the awful Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones and the truly unfortunate thing is if they had bothered to make this just a regular old horror film it could have been terrifying and thrilling and a possible ten because the performances in the movie border on excellent believe it or not. The story is stale...I will agree with many others. We have seen this story done again and again and again (thank you Rosemary's Baby and The Omen.) However, for being same old it is well written and follows the necessary predictable recipe. It actually got to the point where I was literally saying out loud what was going to happen next. This sounds like ear mark of a terrible movie but it wasn't terrible. I wanted to know where the story was going, what was going to happen with this young, formerly happy couple and I did feel some heart palpitations with some scenes so bravo to them for that. I am certain if you switch the lights out and sit back you'll be at least a little scared.

Part of the reason I think the film was so much better than it should have been was our lead cast and couple. Allison Miller is excellent as Samantha, the mother to be. We are introduced to her the night before her wedding so by the time the changes take effect we sort of see how different she is. She seems like such a happy and normal woman who you can relate to. She plays it very down to earth making her transformation terrifying and she really does a great job. Its a shame she's wasted on an uber-generic found footage horror. Not to be outdone in any way Zach Gilford is also very good as her doting husband. Gilford gets less scenes in front of the camera because he is often behind it filming (how irritatingly stupid.) He also does a terrific job and his intensity in the later scenes really holds the film together. The two of them have truly outstanding chemistry and it really gives this film a lot of credibility to have them in it. There isn't a big supporting cast and no one stands out amongst them but I will mention I love character actor Sam Anderson who has a small and very creepy role as Father Thomas.

Honestly, they could have made this one of the best horror films of 2014 if they just filmed it like your every day movie. Every scene I kept thinking this would be so much better, more terrifying and just more fun to watch if it weren't through the supposed eyes of a home movie camera. It shouldn't surprise me though that the directors behind this were also the people responsible for V/H/S a movie I gave a total of ten minutes too before I shut it off. This is superior to V/H/S but they also got a much bigger budget. The only other glaring issue with Devil's Due is it goes on too long. It is the average movie length but you begin to feel like the same thing is happening over and over again. Even during the climatic scenes when all hell breaks loose (pun fully intended) it seems to just keep going when it should get to the point. Still the ending is not disappointing and I found myself wide eyed more than once. Finally when the baby is born...well it's all kinds of messed up and the scene is more than disturbing. Devil's Due is different from something like Paranormal Activity because I don't think they're trying to make you feel like its real. There are some pretty outrageous scenes of telekinetic ability and devil possession that would have best suited a regular horror film (I'm never going to let it go.) Still if you are a fan of the found footage genre...first of all...I'm sorry that you are but this one is of a much better quality than the other junk out there. You could do far worse and while I would never watch it again I enjoyed my first viewing. 6.5/10
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mm-3920 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Another film where the camera tells the story! A cult looks for couples which the cult victimizes the couples with a nasty pregnancy. What works is the actors and director comes across as real life. I like how the characters' behaviour is detailed with little quirks. Devil's Due's strongest asset is the story's linear progression of events slowly getting worse. As usual the story's protagonist pieces together the bizarre event too little to late. Devil's due is another homage similar to Blair Witch and the Paranormal series. The originality of the camera telling the story genre is getting old. Still a watchable movie. I give Devil's Due a six or seven out of ten. Depending if you like horror movies. Does everyone always have to expire in these films?
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We are due for something better than this tediously unimaginative take on Rosemary's Baby.
theycallmemrglass16 January 2014
First of all, I am a big fan of the found footage supernatural/horror genre and love watching even the lesser acclaimed films. I am the type of viewer that draws the positives out of a very flawed film and enjoy it. So I expected to enjoy something out of this at the very least.

My god, what a tediously insufferable film this turned out to be.

There is absolutely no innovation or any attempt to try something new. It is so painfully boring.

The concept idea was very promising which is basically a found footage rendition of The Omen or Rosemary's baby. However, this film is so dire at engaging the audience due to the most irritable protagonist I have ever seen so far in a found footage type movie. For more than half of the movie, we are tortured with the sickly saccharine antics of a doting husband on his newly wed wife. There is no natural humour to ease the torment and worse for a film of this type, there were actually no scares until the last act.

As I said, I am the type of film goer that draws the positives and try enjoy that. So are there any? Well, there is a dog that was amusing for 2 seconds but even he looked bored, thereafter. OK, there is a bit more positives. You do get a predictable climax in an attempt to "reward " us for our eternal patience which was efficiently executed but without any unique vision or flair, just the usual creep around corridors and..."boo" oh it was just the dog sort of thing. The actors do perform well but the material they have to work with is revolting.

At the end of the credits there is a piece of text explaining that this film created 200,000 jobs. Well that was nice to know and the only bit that made me feel good knowing that at least it gave a lot of people work but then I wonder if stating that was an indirect apology and their justification to make this dreadfully boring movie?

TO be fair, the film is as polished as it can be for a found footage genre but its all pointless if it fails to engage us in the narrative.

If you haven't seen many horror films or supernatural films such as Paranormal Activity etc, then perhaps you might enjoy this more as long as you can stomach the vomit inducing newly weds for half of the movie.

I give this a 3/10 rating, mostly for the dog that looked fairly convincing in not wanting to be in the movie. Get a new agent doggy, you deserve better.
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Creepier than it is scary but still really good.
krista-shaprio3 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you don't like "found footage" movies than this might not be for you but if you're okay with movies like Chronicle and Cloverfield then I think you'll really enjoy this movie. But it's more like a really sad love story than a crazy horror movie.

It made me laugh a little at first and then it made me really tense and nervous. It was creepy the whole time. And I felt for the couple all the way through. They were great actors.

Most people seem to write this off because it's "found footage" but the movie seems to flip that like Chronicle did and doesn't need the footage to have been found by anyone. I don't usually have a problem with "found footage" anyway and I respect the use of cameras in this because they always had cool ways to do it without explaining it to me over and over like I'm stupid, like they do in Chronicle. My friends I saw it with missed the hidden cameras getting installed and the lapel camera the husband wears and so they didn't like it but if you watch closely it's all pretty well explained.

This isn't the best movie I've ever seen but it's a lot better than people say.
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Eerie story about a wife's possession by the Devil...
dwpollar20 January 2014
1st watched 1/18/2014 – 4 out of 10(Dir:Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillet): Eerie story about a wife's possession by the Devil to attempt to produce one of his own thru her. The movie is filmed entirely in first person similar to the Blair Witch Project but more like Cloverfield --- but unfortunately the point of view changes which makes it kind of confusing. It starts as a newlywed couple vacation on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Nothing is really revealed abnormal about the couple except that the wife is a foster child with a supposed past hard life. They are having a typical good time, but then decide to take a detour to an underground party after being coaxed by a local taxi driver. After they get a little too toasted we see a brief glimpse of some footage at a strange religious ceremony, but then are taken back to footage of them arriving from their vacation back into their new home. We find out later that ceremony has much to do about what happens next. The wife becomes pregnant despite being on the pill, and immediately starts suspecting that there are problems with the baby. She then starts doing strange things like eating raw meat at a grocery store(despite being a vegetarian), causing preachers to cough up blood, and taking night walks into the wild to kill deer and munch of their innards…so naturally the husband starts questioning something awry is going on….you think?? The movie is scary at times but because it is so predictable you just wait for the eerie things to happen(and they do). There is eventually a story told here that makes some sense as to why things happened but there are a lot of holes to it as well. I will leave out a lot of the specifics just in case you want to watch this movie about an antichrist possession….i'm not sure why I wanted to watch it myself…I think I was just challenging myself…but overall this is just not that great of a movie, and the creepy feeling only lasted for a short while after the movie was over.
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Decent horror film!
vengeance2016 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I heard this was going to be a good film! Not big on the Found Footage horror genre but this was a great horror film!

Had some jump Scares here & there! Not to mention some weird moments! Like the part when Sam's eating raw meat in the supermarket! The part when Sam flips out at the car reversing smashing the windows with her fists! That was mental! The priest snapping suddenly in the hospital! The teens in the woods getting killed off by Sam whose eating animals insides! The cam SD card (containing the footage of Sam in the ritual) going missing!

The film it'self was dark & creepy! The man staring up at the house was creepy! Though the story-line didn't make sense in a way, though I didn't focus on that so much! It was bloody at the end! Had some gory moments! Bleeding noses etc! The part where Sam cuts into the womb! Ouch!

The ending was sad as Sam dies & this creepy old man & creepy black taxi driver take the baby away! Then him being questioned by officers! Then the ending where the creepy black taxi driver goes after another couple! Slightly typical ending!

Overall I'd say a 8.5/10 for this one! A decent horror film!
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Ignore the haters!
Hellmant18 April 2014
'DEVIL'S DUE': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Another low-budget supernatural horror 'found footage' flick. The story is about a recently wed woman who unexpectedly becomes pregnant, with the Antichrist. It's an homage to the classic Roman Polanski thriller 'ROSEMARY'S BABY' but it's presented in a style that's a lot more similar to the 'PARANORMAL ACTIVITY' franchise. It was written by Lindsay Devlin (who's only other film writing credit is the 2013 documentary 'IN SO MANY WORDS') and directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett are part of a collective filmmakers group called 'Radio Silence'; they previously co-directed, co-wrote and co-starred in a segment of the 2012 'found footage' horror anthology 'V/H/S'. I think the filmmaking duo did an exceptional job on this (their debut feature film) and found it to be much better than a lot of critics (and 'found footage' movie haters) have made it out to be.

The story revolves around a newly wed couple, named Samantha and Zach McCall (played by Allison Miller and Zach Gilford), that go on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. After Samantha gets a weird reading from a fortune teller the two are led to a remote bar (outside the city) by a persistent cab driver (Roger Payano). They both get wasted (on shots) and pass out. It then appears that Samantha is taken to a room, beneath the club, where some kind of ritual is performed on her. When they return home they find out she's pregnant, despite the fact that Samantha has always regularly taken her birth control pills. The two decide to keep the child and then things really get strange. It's of course all caught on video and compiled (from many different sources) for the viewer.

The film (like I said) got mostly bad reviews from critics and horror fans (that hate the 'found footage' genre). It did get a few good reviews (though) from some scary movie aficionados (like director Eli Roth and the popular horror website 'Bloody Disgusting'). I enjoyed the movie; I love the horror genre and like 'found footage' flicks, when they're done right. I think this one was done right; it's scary, funny and just a lot of fun to watch. The rookie directors did a great job and the script is smart and clever as well. The two leads were also adequate enough (for a film like this); the lead woman is very beautiful too and the lead guy reminds me a lot of a political radio and internet talk show host (I watch) named David Pakman. It's just an all around good fright flick, especially if you like the genre. Ignore the haters!

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Pretty decent horror film
lumiesar19 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer and the plot attracted me to it and I went to the movies with low expectations as it is a fact that from all the horror films just a few are good; yes, it is another one in the wave of cam-on-hand films,so if you don't like them avoid this one. The length of the movie is appropriate and it even feels slow during the first 40 min but then the last 30 min are pure entertainment...good visual effects, good scares, great sound and a pessimistic and horrible feeling on how things will end. Both of the main characters are well in their parts, good connection with the audience, you really feel bad for the poor guy. Also, if you search for something original search somewhere else, this formula has been repeated endless times but for me it works just fine.
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I don't Know how these films get published(tiny spoiler)
chris_rowe-881-16882017 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm going to be generous here and give a 2! mainly because I hate giving 1's unless I walk out. This film came out about 3 weeks after paranormal 5, and I was one of the rare people who loved that film.

I'm a big horror fan but this wasn't a horror in the slightest! the acting is beyond terrible, the lead two were absolutely awful. I'm not sure how this film got made as its just so bad. No body in this cinema jumped even once, and this is the type of film you should jump at.

The effects at the end were cool but literally you could walk into this film about 45 minutes through and you wouldn't have missed anything. The plot wasn't explained very well either which was a big let down as I though the idea for the film was good.

The "enemy" in this film weren't really explained either, nobody new who they were or why they did it they just thought we would assume they are in some form of cult. The characters were lame to be honest and weren't likable in the slightest. I didn't care why or how stuff was happening, I just new everything that was going to happen as I feel I've watched this movie 400 times, you go into a shop and there are at least 4 paranormal films a week that come out for £3 or more! its been done to much so if you are doing another it has to stand out! There were a few massive issues! firstly as you watch them in the car at the start of the movie they have there camera pointed at a guy on the bike, as they pass the camera scrolls to the wing mirror and the dudes disappeared! he was there and poof had gone, clearly poor editing.

Next! the woman carved stuff into the floor and the man who worked a lot in that room building furniture at no point noticed! even though it was a room he did work in! secondly with this point is that she carved sawdust! I find it laughable that this stuff gets cleaned up whilst someone is in a demonic state! surely the sawdust would be there the next day? it wasn't! she is a very tidy demon..

Last massive flaw! she ate 2 alive deer's! and showed super powers, that was the only time she did cool things and even then there was no follow up! surely someone would say on the news crazy woman eats dear or in the other scene at the market she opened and ate raw mince meat! but no! overlooked again.

This film is terrible, i'm a fan of the genre but please god stop throwing hundreds of these films out and focus on making a few good ones.

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Why they record everything when they don't watch anything?
ivaylo-pif1 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I know how important is to me to watch what I have been recorded after visiting a fascinating place but this couple didn't watch the video from their honeymoon for 8 months?! If they did they would find out that something would went wrong.

If they don't watch the recordings why the man carries a camera all the time?

Every woman has a gynecologist who visit regularly. I think the woman in the movie sees a gynecologist for the first time in her life.

For me this weak scenario would be better if the couple found earlier the mystery and start investigation the situation.
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Devils Due is an atmospheric, well paced horror
ClaireDaley-Won11 May 2014
On the last day of holiday, happy honeymooners Samantha (Allison Miller) and Zach's (Zach Gilford) life, takes an unexpected course when a spontaneous decision to experience one last night of Caribbean life, goes wrong.

After their taxi driver vehemently coerces the couple to attend an underground party, they are lead to a mysterious location. They pull up at the venue, where the possibility of a party seems far-fetched and even the faintest sound of music is undetectable. When Samantha gets nervous and decides to change her mind we feel a sense of fear and anticipation for what might happen. The storyline alludes to the possibility that the driver has other intentions, however tucked away in the most unlikeliest venue is a live and vibrant rave. The couple relax and party the night away, however, the plot thickens.

When the Samantha and Zach get so drunk that they lose track of their belongings, the camera cuts away to reveal clips of muffled voices, a religious cult and what seems to be Samantha on a sacrificial altar.

The next morning they both wake up in their hotel room, with a hangover which they put down to their wild night out.

They suspect no foul play. Shortly after returning home, despite being on the pill, Samantha announces that she is pregnant. We begin to watch her becoming increasingly hostile and strange things begin to happen.

I watched this movie with no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. Zach Mcall journals their life using a homemade video camera, the majority of the film is shot from the first person. The movie looks low budget, as though executed by amateur producers, which is the point. Only after, did I discover that the movie actually had a $7,000,000 budget, and was produced by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. The natural, unforced acting, was so realistic and effective that it will make you question every reality television show that you have ever watched.

Devils Due is a peek at what a horror should be. It was atmospheric without the need to jump us. Frightening without cheap scares. Spooky, without the use of excessive sound effects. It was well paced with a flawless storyline. The movie was unhurried and builds a rapport between the viewer and the characters. We get to meet their inner social circle and we learn about the characters background. This window seat glimpse into Samantha and Zach's life allows us to feel a connection with both characters and we are won over by Zach's charm and Samantha's innocence. We are drawn in by the subsequent changes in Samantha's personality. This is why the film works so well because we witness the nightmarish languish of this sweet and loved up couple.

Many people will argue that the storyline was not original and whilst I agree there were many parallels between The Last Exorcism, The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, by taking what was lacking in similar movies, Devils Due has put its own unique stamp on this reality horror genre.

I was only slightly disappointed by the ending as there was a lot of build up for a pretty predictable ending, but overall I was still impressed. This film does not feel the need to rely on gore and sound effects to win the audience over, just good old-fashioned creativity. All in all Devils Due was kept me on edge the whole way through and is well worth a watch.
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Another solid FF film
LiamBlackburn18 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Why Why Why? Does this have a 3.9 rating lulz. Couple goes on honeymoon where the woman and the video camera is cursed by some Satanic cult, then calamity slowly ensues. But I'm not sure if she was already destined to give birth a demon child or whether she was cursed. She was born by being ripped out of her Mom's dying body in a car crash. So maybe she was supposed to die then and a demon took over her soul. Any way the movie doesn't take long to get going which is good. You are waiting in anticipation to see how it will end. I like the acting, the good part is that they play a couple well. She never wanted to have the baby in the first place and she gets angry that she is having it because she was on the pill. The parts where she breaks the car window and eats the raw meat in the grocery store are memorable. This isn't a bad movie at all.
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Found footage Rosemary's Baby clone
Stevieboy66615 November 2017
When a newly wed young couple accept an invitation to a club from a very suspicious looking taxi driver whilst on their honeymoon they fall prey to some unclear Satanic cult & she then becomes pregnant with the Devil's child. There's a lesson to be learned! This is basically a Rosemary's Baby clone but for the modern age. Filmed in the found footage style, a sub genre that has been frankly done to death, and although I felt that it wasn't entirely necessary for this movie they did at least do a reasonable job. Acting is good & there are a few decent special effects thrown in but on the downside it is fairly slow for most part, the shaky camera work does become annoying at times & plot wise it doesn't offer much.
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A Really Good Fun Movie.
amberjulian16 January 2014
Finally a found footage movie that doesn't think the audience is stupid. This is an inspired, unique and fun little bizarre movie that is pretty much unlike anything I've ever seen. It's a thriller and a supernatural horror and a great love story all in one. The best parts are the small moments between the characters. Lots of little intentional honest laughs from me. And the scares get under your skin, not just a bunch of jump scares. But there are those too of course. I love that they don't pretend it's tapes for the police or some weird framing device trying to trick us, it's just a cool style of movie not even really found footage. I could go on but really it's just a good, scary, fun movie. And it's so nice to actually care about the characters (Sam and Zach played by Allison Miller and Zach Gilford) for a change. People are going to stuff this in the PA box but they shouldn't. It's not that kind of movie at all. Good stuff!
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Unappreciated and unfairly reviewed..
flitz3517 April 2014
I've said it once and I'll say it again there are way to many low budget straight to DVD horror movies that lose your interest within the first 10 minutes. Devils Due entertained me the whole time and made me always wanting more. In today's day and age there are many found footage movies and I've learned to accept and enjoy them.

problem is with all th bad reviews too much attention was paid on how the movie was directed how the movie was shot and how the movie was written instead of just losing yourself for 90 minutes and let yourself be entertained by a mainstream horror flick that was in the theaters. Bad reviews are like a domino effect, one bad review leads other people to also to be negative on the movie and instead of enjoying it the viewer will pick on every little thing you think is wrong with the movie.
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A little premature......
FlashCallahan1 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A newlywed couple go on their Honeymoon, and like the responsible adults they. Are,go to a weird nightclub as advised by a shady cab driver......all the while filming it.

They get home and soon they discover that they are pregnant.....all the while filming it.

Soon the wife's hormones are everywhere and she starts eating raw meat, causing priests to have strokes, and generally being abhorrent.....all the while being filmed.

Call it what you want, horror, misunderstood love story, macabre romance, nothing can hide the fact that it's just another found footage movie, albeit with different uses of the medium, but it still isn't anything to write home about.

Its Rosemary's Baby for the ADHD generation, and if you've seen the more popular found footage movies (aka, the first ones were quite good, so the makers decided to cash in on them big time), you've seen everything on offer here.

On the plus side,the acting isn't too bad, and the scares are kept to a minimum, concentrating more on the dissolving relationship of the couple.

Eli Roth apparently loved it, but sewer rats like sewage, so it's really nothing to put on the poster.

And the ending is ridiculous.
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Horrible Movie
g-sandhar8424 April 2014
I can not explain how bad this movie is. You call this a horror film? I have never been so disappointed in my life. The movie had no story. It was not even scary. I sat throughout the whole movie thinking something is going to happen, but no. I spent the whole time in suspense, hoping something will happen. This movie is a complete knock off of Paranormal Activity. I will not recommend this movie to anyone. I think one star is a compliment for this film. I want my time back that I wasted watching it. The whole film was predictable. Nothing exciting. I was so mad when the film was over. This movie is a disgrace to all horror films.... no hold up, This film is a disgrace to the whole film industry. Please, do not watch this film. You will just waste your time and money. Don't say I didn't warn you!!
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Typical January horror movie failure
liamjones1718 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Before I went into the movie I knew that this film had a score of 4.8, so I chose to lower my expectations and hope that there would be some enjoyable moments, I have never been so wrong.

I'll start off with the positives...the two main characters, Zach and Sam, are both reasonably well played by Allison Miller and Zach Gilford. That is the only positive in the whole movie. The movie is very cliché and has no originality to it. I have no idea why someone would fund the making of this movie, due to the fact that the script was probably written in 10 minutes.

The film overall was boring, and some scenes were just embarrassing to watch, such as the scene in the forest and the scene (which you probably seen in the trailer) where there is a large movement in Sam's stomach.

I have seen a lot of comparisons to Paranormal Activity, which are known for building the atmosphere for a climatic ending, Devil's Due fails at this as the ending feels rushed and is over very quickly. (SPOILER ALERT) It then closes to a couple in France, who are then picked up by the same cab driver who took Sam and Zach to the party which leads to the ritual. I have no idea who he is, or who any of the other people on his side are. This means we learn nothing about why they do what they do. (SPOILER END)

This film is up there as one of the worst films I have ever seen; it is unoriginal and not scary in the slightest. As a large fan of the genre, I have been left disappointed, and I'd like to apologise to movie lovers for giving money to the creators as they will probably go on to make an horrendous sequel.
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A painfully boring pregnancy documentary
liam-austen18 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When Eli Roth tweeted that Devil's Due is "so smart, creative, inventive, and fun. Very very scary", I felt an urge to believe him. However, this was before I remembered the franchise Roth is behind; Hostel, a series of horror films infamous for their gory, obscene content that has divided fans of the genre, to say the least. I have a feeling that Devil's Due may lead to the same result. I for one, strongly oppose this "horror" film.

Directed by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, half of the filmmaking collective Radio Silence, the supernatural horror film focuses on a nauseating newlywed couple, Sam (Allison Miller) and Zach (Zach Gilford), receiving the joyful surprise that Sam has fallen pregnant after a mysterious lost night on their honeymoon. Even here there are many frustrating aspects of the film; the couple are so naive that even after Sam's palms are read and the psychic begins urging, "they're waiting for you", complete with piercing red eyes, they allow a seemingly unlicensed taxi driver to take them for some "divertido" in the backstreets of Santo Domingo. From here they are led through some shoddy red doors into an underground cave/party of some sort, where Sam remarks that there are men watching her from the other side of the venue - one of them being the taxi driver - before the camera cuts out and opens in yet another dark cave, where a Satanic ritual takes place with an unconscious Sam and Zach. This may sound like a vague description, but unfortunately Devil's Due is a vague film - in their struggles to try and make the found- footage style seem authentic, the directors instead create a frustratingly weak and boring storyline that meanders through ninety minutes of nothingness.

Although classified as a horror film, the attempts to scare the audience or even make them uncomfortable are non-existent. Instead of watching a horror film this genuinely feels like a documentary on pregnancy, with more time spent focusing on Sam feeling tired or in pain than anything else. There are a few scenes that begin to feel uncomfortable, yet they result in absolutely nothing; for example, during a surprise party held at Sam and Zach's house, Sam claims that she needs a rest. The many security cameras placed in various hidden areas of the house by an unknown clan (these plot holes are left completely unexplained) show her make her way upstairs, before entering the nursery ready for the baby and beginning to carve a large symbol into the floor. A young girl, presumably a member of the family, begins playing hide and seek with a friend/sibling/cousin/relative/boyfriend/acquaintance, complete with a video camera set to night vision. She meanders around the house in darkness for a few minutes, before entering the nursery, where she is welcomed by a demonic Sam screaming for her to get out. Surely this would lead to the family investigating the strange behaviour, right? No. Instead, we cut to the young girl's first communion at the local church, where she seems unfazed by the previous events, and when the priest in the church begins bleeding profusely in the presence of demonic Sam, nobody seems to react to her red eyes, her vacant stare, and her death grip on Zach's wrist.

Everything seems to lack a resolution - whether we witness Sam eating raw meat from the butcher's aisle through supermarket CCTV, or we follow a trio of unknown teenagers as they find Sam devouring a dead animal in the woods before being telepathically murdered by an unseen force, none of these scenes lead into the next with a clear cause-and-effect storyline, making the film seem frustratingly disjointed and clunky. The events never escalate into the true horror form until the very last five minutes, during which we revisit a house touched upon extremely briefly earlier in the film, where the cult (which remains unexplained) gather to summon something I have no idea about. It isn't explained at all. I learnt more about ultrasound than the demonic offspring, which is what the film is supposed to be about. And after a rather entertaining sequence during which Zach returns home to find many mysterious members of the cult surrounding him, and his wife's labour causing the house to shake, rumble and almost self- destruct, the birth of the devil child is so underwhelming it actually infuriated me. I endured what seemed like hours upon hours of throwaway home movie footage to reach the climax of the film, during which Sam kills Zach's sister off-camera, Zach returns home to find the furniture flying across the home and his sister slumped in the corner of a bedroom with her insides laid next to her, and tries to comfort Sam which obviously doesn't work. Instead, she throws him across the room a few times (he still goes back to her) before pinning him to the wall in a crucifix pose and cutting open her stomach, before falling on the floor and dying. Zach cries over her bleeding body, telling her that she's fine, as the taxi driver enters the house, reaches into Sam's stomach and takes a perfectly normal crying baby, before leaving.

That's it. That is the film.

Actually, no, it isn't. Before the audience gets the sheer delight of the end credits, we see another sickly sweet newlywed couple bounce about the streets of central Paris, before hailing a taxi driven only by the taxi driver, who asks if they want to go somewhere fun. So whether the directors' intentions were to create plenty of questions for a sequel or if they simply forgot about half of the purely awful story they tried to create, Devil's Due is definitely an experience I never want to relive. I think I would rather have the offspring of Satan growing inside of me than watch this film again.

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