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Colors of Florence
Join the modern day gladiators of Calcio Storico, an ancient sport that is a mix of football, soccer, wrestling and boxing. This year's final features Rodrigue Koumgan, a Cameroonian immigrant, who has become a hugely popular player and used the sport as a way to integrate into Italian culture. But standing in his path to victory is Alessio Giorgerini, a legendary player in his 17th and final Calcio Storico season.
Lightning in a Bottle
Deep in the woods of Southern California a movement is underway - every year thousands gather to celebrate life through the universal language of art, music, movement and dance. Lightning in a Bottle is produced by The Do Lab; a creative event company founded by brothers Josh, Jesse, and Dede Flemming. Over the course of a few days the brothers and an army of volunteers and professional designers must transform an empty peninsula into one of the world's premier art and sustainability festivals. This year's festival will play host to more than 15,000 attendees, the ...
A World Beneath the Waves
Artist Jason deCaines Taylor creates amazing sculptures that he installs on the ocean floor, creating a breathtaking museum beneath the waves. These pieces evolve with the changing conditions of the seas in which they are embedded - functioning as both a living coral reef for sea life and as an underwater gallery accessible to adventurous scuba divers. We follow Jason as he takes on the biggest challenge of his career, a gigantic four part mullite tone installation of human figures. Complicating matters, Jason's plan requires that he create and submerge these gigantic...
In Search of Blue Gold
British vintage clothing dealer David White is on a mission to find Blue Gold - the rarest and most valuable denim on the planet. As a vintage clothing dealer for the last 11 years, David has become one of Europe's leading vendors of high-end American vintage clothing, specializing in rare denim. We'll join him as he heads from London to Colorado descending into 18th century gold mines and cold calling at remote dust bowl farms hoping to strike gold in the form of denim left behind since the 1940's. David will guide us through the trials and tribulations of a true ...
Hardware Couture
Danish designer Anouk Wipprecht creates amazing wearable artworks that live at the intersection of fashion and technology. At first glance, the audience at her shows may react to the aesthetic of the design, but for Anouk fabric itself is an interface. As her "fashiontech" dresses move down the runway they may begin to smoke, bleed dye, or sprout mechanized spider limbs. Indeed Anouk's creations are very much unique objet d'art in and of themselves. A scooter accident has left Anouk with a broken leg - but that should not slow her down as she tackles her biggest ...
Waves of Promise
The tough streets of Durban South Africa are home to a very special surf school. The Umthombo surf program is designed to transition underprivileged children out of street life and glue sniffing by giving them a stable alternative and physical outlet. We follow seventeen year old Sfiso Ngcobo as he prepares to enter his first major competition, the Hurley Junior Championships. South Africa is more than two decades removed from the Apartheid era, but racial tensions remain an ongoing social issue and for Sfiso, making friends among his peers in the often insular world ...
Red Ape Rescue
Dr. Karmele Llano Sanchez runs the International Animal Rescue's Indonesian operation, attempting to rehabilitate endangered Bornean orangutans at a remote outpost in West Kalimantan. These primates hold an important place in Bornean culture, the name Orangutan derives from the Indonesian and Malay words for "person" and "forest" - therefore Orangutan means "person of the forest". Yet these respected creatures are in serious danger: many are displaced from their habitats by deforestation, while others are taken as pets by local families or poached by black market ...
The Face of the City
Contemporary artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada's works are created on a vast scale, covering several acres of land and are only visible from a considerable height. The message in these colossal sized projects reveals itself only when one takes a significant step back from the details and observes the big picture. Jorge is now preparing to embark on his biggest challenge to date, a huge urban art piece covering eight acres that will open Northern Ireland's Belfast Festival. The Belfast Festival is deeply rooted in a community eager to improve its image following decades of...
Yuja Wang: Dresses Up Chopin
Yuja Wang is known as much for her tiny, tight dresses and high, high heels as for her warm tone, energy and estimable technique. Her distinct playing style and sexy outfits, have made her the provocative enfant terrible of the classical music scene as this young pianist has set the classical world on fire. We follow Yuja as a public and private persona in her adopted hometown of New York City as she prepares for an exhilarating recital of works at New York City's famed Carnegie Hall. Yuja's program includes pieces from Prokofiev and Chopin and features Stravinsky's ...
Unknown Champion
He's a nine-time world champion with rugged good looks and the body of an elite athlete - so why haven't you heard of Iñaki Osa Goikoetxea? Because "Goiko" is the reigning champ of the all-but-forgotten sport of jai alai. In another time and place, he might be as famous as Kelly Slater or Michael Jordan. Instead, he's happy to keep the sport of his ancestral homeland alive in Southern Florida. In this episode of Bullit the Documentary, we journey to the beaches of Miami to spend a few days in the life of this superstar athlete. Goiko grew up in Zumaia, a small fishing...

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