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Season 3

2 Sep. 2013
Home Invasion
Peter, who has spent the hiatus making big, broad strokes plans for a new, epic sci-fi short, tries to get Judy on board with production, but she has more than a few doubts about the scope of the project. Peter's pitch is unfortunately cut short when a home intruder barges in, and it's clear that the duo has bigger obstacles to worry about than just Peter's lack of proficiency with special effects.
9 Sep. 2013
This Deserves a Punishment
Peter struggles to get used to being under the tyrannical reign of his Grandma, who has severely limited his access to "her" laptop. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, she takes drastic action that threatens to derail his movie production: she confiscates the camera.
16 Sep. 2013
The Campaign
Peter continues to be interrupted by his Grandmother as he tries to get a Kickstarter campaign off the ground for his upcoming short. With frustration mounting, he and Judy take a walk to blow off steam while ironing out some of their production plans.
23 Sep. 2013
Blank Pages
Peter and Judy encounter everything from a classic Shakespearian actor to a performance artists when they hold auditions for Peter's yet untitled ... and unwritten film. But Peter's surprising romantic attraction to one hopeful - and his need for an actual camera - mean Peter's film pretty much casts itself.
30 Sep. 2013
Another Dimension
Having cast Eric in his film, and thus secured a 3D video camera, Peter boasts his small victory to Grandmother, who is, predictably, not impressed. But that doesn't deter Peter and Judy, on the night before their shoot, from running a few standard 3D motion tests.
7 Oct. 2013
Judy keeps Eric and Lana busy while Peter finishes his script on the day of production. Peter insists on keeping the plot under wraps, which poses problems when Judy tries to gather props and Eric and Lana try to learn their lines.
14 Oct. 2013
And ... Action!
While Peter constantly accuses Judy of being bossy and Lana continually nags everyone about needing to get to her piano lesson on time, Judy tries to wrangle the cast and film Peter's sci-fi epic, "The Battle for Creata Forest."
21 Oct. 2013
A Singular Vision
Peter cracks open iMovie and starts to cut together "The Battle for Creata Forest," but as usual, Grandma's unrelenting computer restrictions put pressure on Peter to get the movie done in time. Peter surprises Judy with his choice of soundtrack.
28 Oct. 2013
A Few Dollars Short
The evening of the premiere gets off to a bad start when Peter isn't impressed by the venue Judy picked out. As Eric's entourage - and Peter's Grandma - trickle in, the fate of Peter's Kickstarter is revealed.
4 Nov. 2013
Angry Guy at the Premiere
Peter has a furious tantrum when a surprise appearance by Matthew Saginoff derails the premiere of "The Battle for Creata Forest." Judy and Grandma try to console him in time to salvage the evening.
29 Nov. 2013
Battle for Creata Forest
Peter Bear's sci-fi epic chronicling the adventures of Tribeman and Judara, a peaceful forest tribe savagely attacked by a cruel general from a distant planet. The general mocks Tribeman and Judara at every turn, until he reveals a dark secret that permanently intertwines his fate with Judara and Tribeman's.

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