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Season 2

15 Dec. 2013
Texas Terror
The Lone Star state harbors pockets of land where history, mystery, and terror prevail. Local residents will recount their encounters with the terrifying Lake Worth Monster, the legendary Chupacabra, and Zombie Soldiers.
22 Dec. 2013
New England
The Bridgewater Triangle is an area shrouded with inexplicable phenomena and UFO sightings. It is home to legendary stories of Alien Abductions, the mysterious Dover Demon, and the Native American troll-like creature called Pukwudgie.
29 Dec. 2013
Prarie Land
A vicious hairy beast, a giant winged creature, and shadow monsters terrify their witnesses - even plunging entire towns into panic and fear. Midwestern residents recount stories of MOMO, The Van Meter Visitor, and Shadow People.
5 Jan. 2014
Wendigo, Dogman, Wolfman
Detailed accounts of Wendigo, Dogman, Wolfman. Creature encounters from Michigan, Minnesota, and also Canada are explored.
12 Jan. 2014
California Monster Country
Much of inland California is remote wilderness. Within the Sierra Mountains, come legends of the Bigfoot Wars... and a terrifying Evil Gnome that stalks an innocent family. Further south, the legendary HellHound wreaks havoc in a desert neighborhood.
19 Jan. 2014
Southeast Gulf
Florida's Skunk Ape stalks and attacks a hunter in the swamp, evidence of the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is revealed, and a teenage boy in South Carolina survives an extraordinary alien abudction and lives to tell his story.
26 Jan. 2014
Black Swamp
A family's day hike turns to nightmare when the children run off on their own, only to encounter the monstrous Grassman. The Ohio River and the Big Muddy River in Illinois also harbor beasts: Green Clawed Beast & Big Muddy Monster.
14 Feb. 2014
Flying Creatures
No longer just the stuff of legend, flying monsters are raining down terror from above. These airborne attacks have sparked fear across communities. Witnesses tell of their harrowing encounters with a Flying Humanoid, Batsquatch, and the Jersey Devil.
21 Feb. 2014
Alien Abduction
Colorado authorities quickly hone in on a suspect after finding a name tag in a bloody sweatshirt near the scene of a young girl's murder - but are later stunned when DNA reveals they've got the wrong man.
28 Feb. 2014
Sykesville Monster, Lechuza, and The Rake
A towering nocturnal monster and an owl witch relentlessly stalk the young and innocent. Sightings of a wild man beast plunged a town into panic and may even have launched a secret government search. --- The Rake, Lechuza, and Sykesville Monster.
7 Mar. 2014
Across America, grotesque, angry, vicious mutant monsters are out for revenge. Victims of unexplained terror at the hands of Melon Heads, Devil Monkey, and the Blue Albino Woman come forward to share their horrifying stories.
14 Mar. 2014
Cajun Werewolf
Federal investigations involving a mysterious bigfoot from outer space; An aquatic mega monster viciously emerging from the depths; And a shape shifting werewolf summoned to protect the swamps. UFO Bigfoot, Lake Pepin Monster, Cajun Werewolf.

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