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Best Guest Appearance of the 24th Season,
FilmBuff199414 December 2013
Dangers on a Train is a fantastic Simpsons episode,a brilliant conclusion to the twenty fourth season with a very enjoyable and well written storyline with plenty of very funny scenes.Seth MacFarlane did a brilliant job in this episode,voicing Ben,he is without a doubt one of the most talented voice actors there is,I am a huge fan of him,I never expected him to be on this show because I believed in that Simpsons/Family Guy rivalry,but that obviously isn't real.He was without a doubt the best guest star of this season,they also made great use of his singing voice in one scene,I liked that they got him the play an original character for a full episode instead of just a small cameo as himself.Dangers on a Train is a great episode that wraps up the season nicely.

Coming up to their tenth wedding anniversary,Homer try's to recreate the train that they spent their first anniversary on.Meanwhile,Marge meets a man online that she starts to get along with over a mutual interest in a popular television series,but he wants a bit more than just a friendship.
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not bad, surprisingly!
p-nash-17-20190528 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I used to be a big Simpsons fan, but in later seasons, not so much. there is the odd good episode like brick like me but those episodes are few and far between. So when I saw the season 24 finale 'Danger's on a train' it gave me hope that the writer's and other creators might be weaving some of the story techniques that they used to use back into the new episodes. On their wedding anniversary homer tries to recreate a carnival ride that he and Marge rode when were young newly weds and parents but when home finds out that the ride is being disassembled he takes the parts and convinces, Lenny, Moe, Carl and Barney to help him reconstruct it. But when Homer goes out to Moe's every night Marge thinks he just going out to get drunk with his friends so she goes on a dating website for married people, she meets a depressed man on there and he becomes slightly obsessed with Marge and even wants to take there relationship to the next level! While I think going on a dating website for married people was a bit of an out of character thing for Marge to do, this is still easily the best episode of season 24 i've seen.
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