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A Lot of Filler, Little Substance
TwistedContent20 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say, the most sensible reviews are those that doesn't say "10/10". It wasn't easy to rate it, I had to think long and hard about this one before I could give it a seemingly justified mark.

Sadly, "Bird Box" is nothing revolutionary in neither the horror genre & the apocalyptical movie isle. It has a great cast, a truly great performance by Sandra Bullock, real good looking, big-budget-all-over cinematography, visual FX, shooting locations, action, makeup, etc., etc. Many aspects of a masterful filmmaking are on a high enough level - my only complaint on this matter is that there wasn't enough horror in this horror movie. A few moments of gore, mayhem and suspense fits the genre, but overall I'd describe "Bird Box" as an r-rated apocalyptical adventure movie that could easily have a lot of teenagers in it's audience. I'm seeing a lot comparisons with the recent "A Quiet Place" among the reviews, yet I'd like to try and avoid comparing these two, but, to all those who compare them, I say - "A Quiet Place" was a better horror movie (emphasis on "horror").

So why only 6/10, you wonder? Let me tell you why: the plot. It is so lousy in so many ways. Note that I have not read the book, but if the story there is as unpolished as here, I will definitely never read it. "Bird Box" leaves the viewer with a lot of questions and plot points that doesn't make much sense. What are the entities? There are no origins, no explanation for how and why it struck the earth, it's shown as extremely powerful yet, for whatever reason, it can't enter any buildings etc. From the start of the movie to the end there is no development whatsoever regarding the reasons for the apocalypse and the process of it. Why are some people not killing themselves when exposed to the entities but are killing others? Well, I guess because they needed someone to kill the protagonists, when the entities couldn't.. There is never an explanation, not even a subtle hint. The entities can make you hear voices of close people, dead people, yet, 5 years into the apocalypse, it still comes as a surprise to the main charachters, what a climax, eh? In the end, after the long journey, our main character finds the place she was looking for - a school for the blind. In the middle of a rainforest. Very plausible indeed. Also, who calls their children girl and boy for 5 years, only to deliver the scene at the end where she names them after the two now dead charachters. I guess they had to wait until the father dies, otherwise there wouldn't be the sentimental reason to name the son after the father. Also, the character development is pretty predictable throughout the movie & the 2nd half gradually becomes more... generic.

It might sound like I'm thrashing the movie, but, mind you, 6/10 is a good mark & I enjoyed this movie for its high entertainment value, but the depth here is shallow & the setting is an unpolished excuse for a story of a charachter's survival which brings almost nothing new to the cinematic history. An underwhelming yet entertaining thriller that will successfully reach a big audience for its too mainstream to be called anything other than a popcorn horror.
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Not Understanding All The Hype
Marc_Action28 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was OK. Definitely better than the Happening, and that's not saying much, but the Bird Box certainly did not live up to the hype.

In a post-apocalyptic world where a supernatural entity is making people kill themselves once they see "it", Sandra Bullock's character must make it through the forest to a safe haven with two young children in tow, all while blindfolded - so she won't see "it". That's the premise and it's not too plausible. Walking through a dense forest blindfolded? Yeah, right. Hell, some people wouldn't be able to halfway walk through the woods without tripping over a log with full sight, yet we're expected to believe she can navigate blindfolded just fine with two children in tow?

Anyway, we do get to see how Bullock's character got to this point via flashbacks, and quite frankly, those are the better parts of this movie. I think the best scene in Bird Box was when the initial survivors at the house in the city ran out of food and had to make a trip to the grocery store. Without giving away any details, this sequence is one of the few bright spots in terms of originality that you will see in this film.

Besides that, we just see survivors surviving and then getting killed off and not much else. If you're looking for: who, what, why, or how? Good luck, you won't find "it" here. Otherwise, decent cinematography and acting by Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes, and the little girl are the only things holding this movie together. It's worth a look. 5 stars.
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No Ending...
eric-9119024 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I have no complaints about the acting, production or story until it just ends. Far to many Sci-fi movies ending this way these days. I've even seen directors comments on these endings saying we wanted to leave it up to your imagination.... What... i paid you to tell me a story, not tell me 3/4 of a story and then it's up to me to imagine my own ending. If i wanted to imagine my own ending i'd just imagine the entire story!
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Loose ends
demetra_lira-122 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really can't stand loose ends. So many questions unanswered. Firstly, what everyone else has noted. What were the entities? Where did they come from and what did they want? Why some people could survive without a blindfold? What really bugged me, is how did they manage to change houses, blindfolded. How did they survive? What did they eat for 5 years? Electricity and water supply? Still working? Why did they give birth at the same time? What happened to the couple that stole the car? Did they make it? Did they crash? Show something!!!! The movie did keep me watching, but once it ended, I was left with too many questions.
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A 15 minute short film agonizingly stretched into full length.
danieltaller23 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
There are some fantastic short films out there that most mainstream viewers are never exposed to. That is what this should have been.

Instead, we are treated to a 15-minute story of content, stretched with filler of melodrama, useless over the top characters, and Sandra Bullock's very tired overacting like she's rehearsing in the shower.

This would have made a great short; instead it is bloated and just plain annoying.

Oh... and the end of the film - without spoiling it - there's not much to spoil. No answers are forthcoming, only that there's a temporary at best escape. It's called being in a small holed up community that's destined to eventually collapse. Not much of a happy ending. We don't find out a damned thing about anything.

Give this a pass, unless you enjoy wasting time watching 90% filler.
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suppoost29 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Why. Why. Why. Why. Just why?

Why do people find this film scary? I read on Twitter that people could not sleep for days after seeing this. Yah.

Why is there no explanation about the creatures or phenomenon, what they are, what are their intentions, origin? Or even ONE dialogue where people theorize about the situation?

Why can't the creatures or phenomemon enter houses while they are seemingly so powerfull? They can effectively dismantle society, forcing people to commit suïcide but you can not enter a building? Why is this even remotely believable?

Why are there infected people not comitting suïcide but, however, why are they malevolent to the uninfected?

Why use a genious actor such as John Malkovich and let him blatantly die in such a dull, anticlimactic and useless way? While he looks much bigger and stronger than Gary?

Why did John Malkovich even agree to that?

Why the arbitrary 5 years? Why not 3, 2, 1, 7, 10?

Why do they look exactly the same after 5 years?

Why do you only have the same pump action shotgun after 5 years and not at least a bit more arsenal? And even if you only kept the pump action shotgun, how did you upkeep and maintain an ammo supply for the rifle? While blindfolded?

Why is not shown how they eat, sleep, live, these 5 years? Only some arbitrary shots in a garden and a bed time story given by Tom.

Why is the overall situation outside not, or barely shown?

Why does the group which is roaming around outside have two identical grey cars? Why are they roaming around at all? Clearly they can look. So they can do whatever they want? Why bother going after harmless blindfolded people? And if this task is so important to them or the creatures controlling them, why is this not explained? Or even shown?

Why is Tom able to shoot and kill multiple targets while blindfolded while his enemies can all see clearly? He should have been dead in a matter of seconds.

Why do Malorie and Olympia give birth at the same day and at the exact same moment?? REALLY?!

Why has the choice been made to make flashbacks the whole time, effectively altering the pace?

Why does Malorie while she lost Girl, crawling in the wet mud while blindfolded is able to find the little bell Girl dropped? Do you know how small these odds are? Really? Who writes this stuff? The official 9/11 report is even more believable.

Why are there no injuries AT ALL after the boat capsizes in a clearly lethal rapid where there are sharp rocks, currents pulling you under water and so forth?

Why do these little birds survive all these years, being mangled in this tiny box?

Why is there no character development at all? All the characters introduced by the film die rapidly. You don't get to know them and get even remotely emotionally attached to them, what's the point of having them in the first place?

Why is there no symbolic explanation for all the events occurring? Not even a religious one?

Why are there no other animals? Like cats, dogs and so forth. There is merely one useless shot of a horse.

Why is nothing really shocking? Jessica is hit by a truck. Malkovich dying instantly cause of two hits with a scissors not even close to his heart or lungs. Sure. Cheryl dying of sticking a scissors in the side of her neck twice. Olympia making a fall out of the window, and that's.... about it. Tom shooting himself in the head and the director cuts it off, too lazy to show it. If Stanley Kubrick can do it with Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket, why not here? It is supposed to be a horror film, right?

Why are people, in the first place, even able to navigate with blindfolds on? Really? Finding a resort in a huge forest while blindfolded only by following bird sounds. REALLY? People should watch Blair Witch Project again.

Why is the bottom line of this plot that blind people and birds will survive? People should go and see Blindness again. Now THAT is a shocking film. Not this crap here. People should go and watch Coherence.

I can go on but I won't. 5/10 because I am a kind person. The film made me watch it through untill the end because the music and sound design was great, the cinematography was great and I kept hoping for some kind of symbolism or at least some clue about what the heck was going on. Maybe I am getting to old for this stuff, like Bullock.
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What movie are you people watching?
zach030827 December 2018
If you have seen The Happening, you have LITERALLY seen the exact same movie. Irrational, annoying and irrelevant characters you never care about. The fact that people are giving this a 10 put of 10 makes me realize that we truly are living in the dumbest timeline. 2018 cant end soon enough.
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For those who don't understand the bad reviews
richi-gonda8 January 2019
I mean come on people, really?

This movie wasn't bad because it has unanswered questions, I'll give you that. I'm okay with not having answers - especially because why shoud we? Do people think if something like this ever happened (which I know it won't, but still), we would have answers? That is definitely not the problem. Without any answers, there still could have been scary or shocking moments, action, character development.

The problem is this movie is just pointless. There are no interesting characters, there are no scary or shocking moments, there is limited and dumb action, no character development, nothing. I'ts really just 2 hours of nothing.

I have seen reviews here before watching, but I thought there is so much hype, it can't be that bad. IT IS. I mean should this be a horror movie? Drama? Sc-Fi? I just couldn't tell, becuase it is none of those. It's just a bad movie.

To anyone with a little sense for the genre or movies in general, just don't waste 2 hours of your valuable time.

Also, I don't care that it's based on a book. It's either a bad adaptation or a really bad book. Maybe both. But after this movie, I'm definitely not reading the book.
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A Waste of Time
brandongusa23 December 2018
The plot is scattered. The characters are generic and cheesy.

It's one of those films where you're constantly waiting for it to get good, and then the credits roll.

Sitting through this made me realize how lucky I am to have a normal job. It must be hard for people who live off of giving movie reviews if they have to encounter a movie like this on a regular basis.
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Don't Believe The Hype
MickeyTheConstant28 December 2018
After reading numerous, positive reviews, the wife and I tuned into this one, eager to see what the hype was all about. We were expecting something really scary and suspenseful but were very disappointed. To me it seemed like a rip off, of the vastly superior 'A Quiet Place'. In that movie we were really rooting for the family involved but in Bird Box I didn't really care. I normally like Bullock but in this movie I found her really unlikable and felt sorry for the two kids and others stuck with her. She shouts, winges and gives everyone pretty much a hard time. There is a point in the movie when the ever reliable John Malkovich is holding a gun or something and I just want him to actually finish most of those with him off and let the apocalypse take its course. They are all in his house moaning at him and the wife was very much 'it's his house and he let you in to save you so stop giving him grief or do one'. I had to agree with her. I really do like an apocalyptic movie but there are so many better movies out there that offer more scares and suspense. Worth a watch but don't expect too much originality or satisfaction at the end of it.
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Pretty good
BabyIDontCare25 December 2018
I enjoyed this movie. It kept me from looking at my phone for two hours. What I don't understand is the griping from reviewers here that nothing was explained. Why do you need it explained? The characters don't know what the presence is, so why should we? The characters don't know why it happened, so why should we? Ignore the 5 star and under reviews and give the film a chance.
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Some people don't mind the mystery.
SkittlesButterface30 December 2018
The most common complaint I'm reading from user critics here is the lack of answers at the end of the movie. However, if we're meant to be seeing everything unfold from Malorie's point of view, it makes perfect sense that we would know as little as she does. I thought the ending was lovely. Not every single film needs to give answers to every little thing.
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Full of Cliches, a variation of an old and tired theme, but watchable
parkerrodney22 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Bird Box Bird Box is a suspense-drama with a touch of supernatural horror, however, the format is simple and full of the usual clichés. In this case a group of individuals are holding out in a house trying to ride out an invisible evil threat that is making people all over the world, violently kill themselves for no apparent reason. The movie is shot in flashback format where the main character, Molly, played by Sandra Bullock, is on the final leg of a trip where she is attempting to escape with two children. She is taking them by row boat down a river. During this trip she reflects on the sequence of events which got her to this point.

There is nothing new about this movie, as it embraces the usual clichés of searching for provisions, dealing with conflicts within the group, and watching fellow group members die, sometimes in a somewhat slapstick horror comedic sort of way. We've seen this so many times it's almost insulting to point it out. I bring it up because I consider this to be the first fatal flaw of the movie, lack of originality.

Matters only get worse as the movie is packed with the usual stereotypical supporting characters such as the gay guy, the obnoxious white guy, and the comedic chubby black guy. Also, there is the low esteem overweight and pregnant young white women, the old lady, and the black male protector who carries out his duties faithfully, but who also has an intimacy agenda as it relates to Bullock. These characters are what I would call disposable stereotyped characters because they're all temporary props, easily replaced vessels which carry the movie along to each subsequent bland cinematic destination. We know that for them, the future is as bleak as their lines and that each one will die at the prescribed time. This type of casting is insulting and easily reveals the shallowness of the script. These 2 additional fatal flaws ensure an anti-climactic end, because we have known since the opening of the film, that Bullock will live, and all we're doing at this point is watching to see how everyone else dies and if the ending gives us a sigh of relief knowing that we didn't waste our time watching it.

After an hour into the movie, it's five years later, we still have no idea as to the origin and the nature of the threat, and the group is whittled down to Bullock, two children and the protector, who is now her love interest (mission accomplished). They are just barely making it, when they receive an invitation for safe harbor at a compound. The climax comes however, when their safe house is invaded by the infected, and the protector lays down his life (as anticipated) allowing Bullock to flee down the river blindfolded heading to the compound.

The use of the supernatural bogey man of unknown origin and purpose is the ultimate fatal flaw because It no longer works. People can relate to fear, but supernatural fear which is randomly killing people for no apparent reason are not compelling plots anymore. Although there is a twist at the end, the twist does not make up for the structural flaws. Those flaws are self-inflicted by lazy and unimaginative script writing.

If we search for redeeming qualities of this film, it is the fact that it is well shot. It's not a cheesy B rated movie, and it has a few popular name actors who deliver quality performances. The scenes where Bullock must scold or caution her children are compelling and quite good, delivering the desired emotion one could relate to.

If you have insomnia, or nothing better to do, of if you're a Bullock fan, check it out. I stumbled across this and kind of wish I hadn't.
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Worst dialogue and storyline for one of the best story ideas of 2018
xara-5970017 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The whole movie is a spoiler in itself. You know who will die and how they will die, if you've ever watched any b-rated movies in the 90's. All characters are empty stereotypes and there are too many holes in the story to not be noticed. I am surprised how none of the people had ever heard of blind people before in their lives. One of the characters gasps "we're not going to survive if we can't see!" and all of them have trouble navigating without sight but yet REFUSE to use a blind stick for navigating... apparently they don't exist in this world. What does exist are invisible gyms and protein bars seeing as the handsome black fella (the pretty boy in the club who naturally gets to "boink" the pretty girl in the club and is- you know, the one who is not funny because he's pretty and therefore must be heroic) seeing as his muscle tone is equally pumped up after 5 years of no training in a world where food is scears.. (or maybe he steals all the food from the kids, who knows...). If Macauley Culkin is not getting any royalties for the copied dialogue he ought to. It was as funny then as it is today.
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Questions but no answers.
waffle24722 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Lot's of questions raised that never get answered, characters act without motivation or cause. Random nutters making the situation worse just because they can. I sat through it just because the performances are really good & I hoped that there would eventually be some kind of explanation. There are no answers, only more questions & plot holes. Really this is just a very lazy horror story that borrows heavily from horror tropes, cliches & it's current peers. The lack of proper explanation really detracts from the performances of such a great cast.
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Too much stupidity
itaylor-5066517 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I just could not buy the idea that people could drive a car with totally blacked out windows in a debris filled town. Or that someone could row a boat blindfolded in a rough river. Ot wander through a dense forest blindfolded, leading two tint children, also blindfolded. Just too ridiculous.

And the ending was extremely weak.
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Too long
billythewizard21 December 2018
Started off with a great premise, but dragged on far too long for such a weak finish.
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Too long and pointless.
Amyth4724 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
My Rating : 2/10

The buildup of tension in the first half is pretty nice however why is there no explanation of the creatures?! That's a real dealbreaker for me. As a viewer we are not given any closure what it is EXACTLY that the characters are running from or staying blindfolded from.

At 2 hours it's much too long and boring. I don't recommend this movie to anyone.
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Excellent all-around film that's refreshing for this genre
TheTopDawgCritic17 December 2018
Can't believe some of the negative comments from these wannabe critics. This film was amazing in every aspect; directing was perfect, acting was outstanding - especially from the all star cast, and the writing was great!

Comparing this to "A Quiet Place" is just plain dumb. This film is based on a novel, and is in its own category. Sure the ending may have been a little underwhelming and not "Hollywood enough", but I still enjoyed it, and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Those who question the ending, or have issue with unanswered questions (that really is an entire 2nd film), or what was the 'entity', use your imagination, or read the book if anyone wants to split hairs and know every detail.

The score was perfect, the pacing was excellent, the flashback scenes were well spaced out, and the length just right.

Ignore all the negative reviews, this film is perfectly produced based on a book adaptation. A well deserved 8/10 from me.
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What a piece of crap
spgounaris23 December 2018
The only thing good with this movie is that it is on Netflix and you don't have to pay (extra) as you can watch it in your standard subscription suffering only the wast of your time!! Had I paid to watch this I would feel totally stupid
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Apparently, I can't vote 0
jeffreytschaefer29 December 2018
I'm sorry for the director? This movie is visually appealing. That is it. The dialog is appalling. The characters are not relatable. I wanted to give this movie a chance and kind of want my 2 hours back...
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(Mostly) A Bore
ianwarefilms28 December 2018
After hearing about Bird Box being terrifying, I had to check it out. Unfortunately, I feel pretty let down. I wouldn't say it's a "bad" film - the acting is great and the premise is cool(even if it borrows heavily from The Happening). It's just that it never really reaches its potential.
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Horror make-up
manuelportioli28 December 2018
Well, at least everyone had a fair share of make-up on their faces throughout this dreadfully exhausted post-apocalyptic nonsense.
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Anybody ever see The Happening???
tinhorse21 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Some people are comparing this movie to 'a quiet place' I get that since The enemy is never truly see in the movie. Also you do have to cover your eyes here, and of course the premises and a quiet place was you couldn't speak. But I was wondering if anyone ever seen 'the happenings' with Mark Wahlberg. This movie was generally the same premise, but much better executed and at a much better pace. Very enjoyable, and worth watching.
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Some things you can't un-see
bpthom-135-46147222 December 2018
Plot makes no sense.. so many plot holes and blindfolds..

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