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Sex & Nudity

  • Two sex scene show in the movie,both of the them woman topless nudity show. A nude woman lay down in a bed,her nudity briefly visible from side. Few sexual references.
  • Plenty of dead bodies seen covered with blood. Some dying people seen covered in blood. A creature feeding on entrails.
  • Bethany and Dunning have sex, her bare breasts and partial rear seen. He later gets out of bed, showing his bare rear. Later in the film is a flashback showing them again.
  • Ann and Ryan seen in the shower, mostly seen from the shoulders up, briefly seen from the waist up, she is pressed against him and arms hide any upper nudity.
  • Bethany and Ryan have sex, her breasts and partial rear seen. A later flashback has a few frames where his partial rear is seen.
  • Ella seen nude reclining on a bad, partial bare rear seen, frontal nudity blocked by arms and leg.
  • Slang term for sex act.

Violence & Gore

  • A gunfight, people shot. A guy punched. Several people stabbed. A person chocked. A throat slashed.


  • About 30 "f-words," 12 uses of "hell," 6 "s-words," "damn,: and 2 uses of "bitch" respectively. Slang terms for anatomy.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A person has frightening dreams and flashbacks. A person seen bound and gagged to a gurney. Numerous dead bodies seen. Scary creatures seen.

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