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  • Looking for the truth about Juan's disappearance, Briggs and Mike play a dangerous game of cat and mouse- forcing Briggs to make a major decision about his future.

  • Brigs had no choice but admit to Mike that he killed supervisor Juan Badillo 'accidentally', claiming he mistook him for cartel killer Jangles, but plans to destroy the only evidence, a recording hidden in a car missing car. He confides into Jakes, who agrees to track down the stolen car in a barrio and attempt to help by distracting Mike, but he's true with trusting colleagues. Meanwhile Mexican 'federale' Rafael Cortes slowly wins Charlie's confidence, they even overcome Johnny's due mistrust, but it looks like he's out to eliminate her.


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  • "Graceland" - "Happy Endings" - Sept. 5, 2013

    Briggs lies in bed in contemplation at 2:30 a.m. He hops on his laptop and looks at the "missing" poster for Juan Badillo. He notes the address and heads out. In the living room he chats with Mike who's pretending to be asleep Briggs goes back to the kitchen and abandons his plan to leave. For now.

    He goes to Jakes and wakes him up and asks for his help, calling in a favor he owes him. He says he needs a car to disappear across the border in the way only a customs agent knows how. But not now, tomorrow.

    Mike and Paige put a tracker on Briggs' car. They both feel bad but still do it.

    Johnny makes shaped pancakes. He won't make a special one for Jakes. He asks for help on closing down his bird smuggling operation. Briggs volunteers. Mike asks about Badillo and Briggs says he's staying far away and that if anyone can find the car it's Mike. He heads out with Jakes and they take his car, thus avoiding the tracker.

    Mike watches the tracker and there's no movement and realize they took Jakes' truck. Paige tells them to focus on what they can control and that's finding Juan's car.

    Turns out Jakes wasn't lying about the birds, it wasn't just an alibi. Jakes tells Briggs about running into Cassandra and how bad it went and that's why it went down with Johnny. And that Johnny will get over it. Briggs tells Jakes to let her go, since it's impossible with the job.

    Charlie and Rafael dress to meet. He also gets his "Jangles" doctor bag and keys ready to go.

    Charlie and Johnny argue about how she ruined the bouncy house. They then argue about how no one is helping with her case against Odin.

    Jakes and Briggs head to look for the car. Briggs says he needs to get something from the car. They think it got jacked.

    Simultaneously, Paige and Mike find the guy who jacked it online at a gas station surveillance camera in Long Beach.

    Charlie and Cortez meet at a bar and talk about their respective quests: her for Odin and him for "Jangles" -- which is of course him. He asks if anyone knows she's working with him. She says no. He says maybe he can track Odin, who she thinks is an FBI agent and she doesn't want to give up his name yet.

    Jakes and Briggs keep looking for the car, thinking a gangbanger took it. Briggs gets very upset and pounds the dashboard. Jakes pulls over and asks him what's really up, "what's in the car?" He admits it's a recording. Jakes demands more answers. Briggs tells him he killed an FBI agent. He explains the whole scenario, Jangles, the struggle, the gun. He thought he'd gotten Jangles but it was an FBI agent Juan Badillo who wanted him to incriminate himself with the Caza cartel. Jakes can't believe it but says he will help.

    Briggs and Charlie head to a hotel room and she's drunk and Jangles wants to do her in, but Johnny calls her just as they're going in. Charlie says they have to take a raincheck. Jangles is not happy.

    Mike and Paige go to church to speak to the mother of the guy who jacked the car. She wouldn't talk to FBI agents so they pretend she is pregnant and hope to appeal to her motherly side. She asks to find him but the mother is bitchy and rude shuts her down and thinks she's trashy. But she gives up the address.

    Just then Briggs and Jakes show up at the guy's front, a donut shop. Briggs brings in one of the exotic birds as a gift. Clayton, the smash and grab guy, is grateful for the bird for his evil mom. Briggs claims that he's looking for work, says he's trying to get a girl back quickly. Clayton says he has a job but needs two guys. he calls in Jakes.

    Paige and Mike show up at the donut shop and see Jakes in the truck. He tells him Briggs is inside. Just then Briggs' texts him to come in. Instead Mike walks in. Briggs is shocked to say the least but he covers. Clayton gives them a smash and grab job for the next day. They walk out and argue, Briggs claims he was lying and of course he's looking for the car. He lies again and says he never heard of the guy. Briggs says clearly Mike has doubts too. Mike says he'll believe what he hears on the tape in Juan's car.

    Charlie and Johnny figure out how to work on Quinn, the evil drug dealer who worked for Odin. She normally worked with Briggs but since she thinks Briggs is Odin, she can't do that so she tells Johnny she's going to work with "another" partner but won't tell him Cortez' name.

    Paige and Mike mull over whether Briggs is trustworthy. Jakes and Briggs try to work out how he can get the tape during the mission the next day. He asks Jakes to bust Mike first when the tack team moves in so he can get the recording.

    The next day Mike and Briggs and wait on the corner and Paige and Jakes wait with the tack team. Clayton shows up in a fancy car, the wrong one. They go with him after they confirm that he has the Crown Vic.

    Charlie goes to Cortez for help to work on Quinn. She claims it should be an easy in and out. Johnny shows up and busts Cortez's balls. Cortez says he's not corrupt and he's on Charlie's side. Johnny says he's in. Jangles is not happy.

    Clayton and the gang head to Koreatown to do the smash-and-grab. They put on ski masks, grab guns, and plan to knock off a "massage" parlor. Jakes and Paige and the tack team follow and wait for it to play out. Jakes and Paige bicker a bit knowing that they are on opposing "sides." Although Jakes claims he isn't on a specific side.

    The gang, including Mike and Briggs, rampage through the parlor and busts the johns and grab their wallets. As they are about to jam, Mike handcuffs Briggs to a structure in the massage parlor. Briggs pulls his gun on him and threatens to shoot him. Mike begs him to let him prove him innocent and jumps into the getaway car.

    Jakes comes in and uncuffs Briggs and asks him what he wants to do next since Mike knows where the car is and Briggs doesn't. Briggs says Mike beat him with a suckerpunch and that the game is over and he needs to go get a head start. Jakes asks a head start on what. Briggs says the rest of his life.

    Charlie and Cortez go to see Quinn. Cortez is nervous. They try to convince Quinn to get him to text Odin and dangle Jangles. Quinn and Cortez get into it and Charlie says she'll take it from there. Quinn hits on her and she hits him.. They fight. She throws him into a table and starts beating his face in, remembering Whistler, her informant.

    Clayton and the smash and grab gang arrive at the Crown Vic. Mike pulls his gun and announces he's a federal agent.

    Briggs heads home to Graceland. It's empty.

    The tack team arrives with Paige to the Crown Vic. Jakes is not with them.

    Briggs moves aside an altar in Gracelnad and punches a hole in the wall. He pulls out a bag with money and passports.

    Paige and Mike open the Crown Vic but the recorder is gone.

    Briggs gives Graceland one last look and walks out.

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