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While thrills are mitigated by convoluted plotting and suspect character behavior, the film’s uniquely bleak twist on classic noir conventions is enlivening.
Slant Magazine
The film seems more interested in its art design then in fully developing the story's underlying sexual ethics.
There’s too much that’s intriguing in this film to ignore it, and although the third act shows signs of strain, the first two acts more than justify the film’s existence.
As its quickly stumbles through its crimes and clues, A Kind of Murder leaves you with the uneasy feeling that a promising mystery has simply been designed to death.
The story remains an academic argument, struggling to pierce the handsome surface.
The fine cinematography, set design and costumes only serve as a distraction from the sparsely drawn story and uninteresting characters.
A handsome period piece that plays more like a scant-clues mystery than like the psychological thriller it intends to be, Andy Goddard's A Kind of Murder turns to the work of Patricia Highsmith but finds little of what made Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr. Ripley such nail-biters.

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