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Sex & Nudity

  • Adam's grandfather Pops, although a very nice person, is a ladies man womanizer
  • Sometimes his grandpa gives Adam suggestive advice
  • Kissing between couples shown in some episodes
  • Adam says "balls" a lot
  • Characters talk about making out but it's never really shown
  • Innuendos here and there, although not a lot, just on occasion
  • One episode has Beverly telling Erica to sing the song "Like a Virgin" because she says Erica is a virgin and then she says, "you are, right?" Before Erica can answer Beverly quickly says, "Don't answer that."
  • Some innuendos are more explicitly stated than others
  • In the "Dirty Dancing Dance" episode, many people begin to worry about the Dirty Dancing themed dance at school becoming too dirty. There are many suggestive conversations in this episode
  • At the end of the Spaceballs episode, Adam has a dream about having a light saber fight with Darth Helmet. They pull out their light sabers and Darth Helmet states, "I see your schwartz has grown." And Adam says, "yeah, I'm in high school now." Probably the most inappropriate thing you'll ever hear in the whole show
  • Adam in one episode makes a reference to a boner
  • Puberty is discussed and dealt with in some episodes
  • The word "boobs" is said in some episodes
  • In the weird science episode, Adam and his friend wear bras on their heads, just like the characters in the movie Weird Science did. They think they are an old grandmas bras, but they turn out to be Erica's. She comes in the room and takes the bras away from them
  • Barry has a friend named "Naked" Rob because he supposedly goes around places naked all the time. He is never actually shown naked except once, but his private parts are censored and cannot be seen
  • Murray is shown many times in his underwear.
  • Beverly walks in on Barry in the shower. She pulls back the curtain revealing Barry's bare chest and some buttocks. She says "don't forget to wash your behind and genitals, things can get stuck in that bush" (implying Barry has pubic hair) most of the Goldberg boys 'the father and the two sons 'are in loving relationships with a female character and it can at times be very affectionate 'al of them have had kisses and hugs from their wife dad 'girlfriend two boys ' at some point or talk about being romantic 'non explicit '
  • Erica is a teenage girl who often is shown wearing short skirts.

Violence & Gore

  • Occasional things are broken or thrown


  • Mild profanity (crap, jerk, sucks, ass, stupid, moron, hell damn, etc) and brief strong language like fuck or shit (censored) some episodes have alot more swearing than others

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In the "I Drank the Mold," episode, the main theme revolves around alcohol and underage drinking. It teaches a lesson about how it can get you into trouble
  • Alcohol is used in some episodes
  • It is usually implied that Erica (a teenage girl) drank beer, and sometimes it is shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • though they are usually a loving family there can be heated arguments that lead to some loud screaming and occasional fist fights 'played for the good of humor and enjoyment of the audience '

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