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A serious bullying scene to talk about
MaximeLoonatic7 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The part of this episode that really got my attention, besides the part that Ned has FINALLY hit Homer because his nerve, its the story of the new character: Ms. Cantwell. Many schools have one of this kind of teachers, who bullies the students; and It's already awful that the kids are bullying between them! This woman has been a jerk, cruel, mean, disgusting... All the words I can write in here without using the 'b', 'w' and 'f' words. Even tho this character seem to be gone for good, I wouldn't mind to see her back again with an episode about bullying or maybe about her getting a serious punishment for her actions.
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Two Mediocre Side Stories,
FilmBuff19942 December 2013
Black Eyed,Please is a decent Simpsons episode with an average story and side story that both just felt like side stories,they both seemed like good ideas but they didn't follow through with them all that well.Lisa having a substitute teacher that hates her definitely could have been so much more enjoyable and they could have giving a comedy star as big as Tina Fey some funny dialogue,also Ned punching Homer would have worked out better as a side story and could have been more enjoyable that way.The episode definitely has its moments,mainly anything Homer says in this episode is hilarious,but Black Eyed Please is certainly one of the weakest episodes of the twenty fourth season.

Flanders is riddled with guilt after punching Homer,and Lisa gets on the wrong side of her substitute teacher.
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The Simpsons Black-Eyed Please
dalydj-918-25517511 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Lisa somehow finds a teacher that does not like her and this new substitute teacher is voiced by non other then funny girl Tina Fey. The opening animation to the episode was very inventive and creative and I loved it very much. Back to the episode where Ned Flanders got violent with Homer punching him twice which was really out of character for him. Seeing Ned's parents be completely different was also funny how they are hippies compared to him being such a religious man. Back to Lisa and her bully teacher who was done so well by Tina it took me till the end of the episode to figure out it was her when she said that Lisa was pretty with her pearls.

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