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OK, but feels unnecessary
brynnharms-7088510 November 2018
Took the grandkids to this movie...they didn't think it was very good. It seems like something that was produced for the dollars it could make rather than a story that needed to be told.

The good: it was not very long. The colors are brilliant and visually stimulating. Max was remade with a little more of a fun personality.

The bad: Grinch somehow seemed wrong. I'm not sure if it was the voice, the artistic effects, or just a general un-Grinchiness. The story was a retelling that didn't need to be. The biggest negative is the feeling that this movie is forgettable.

I'm sure I'll never watch it again. I've watched the original about a billion times, and the Jim Carrey version nearly the same.

Bottom your money and rent it later.
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Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more. Lost it's message!
donna-marie-wilson18 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I just didn't like it. I love the book I read it from November onwards every year to my kids. I love both the older versions but this just got diluted down until it was a poor version of a Christmas movie. The odd funny moments but nothing else. There was nothing mean or awful about the grinch at all he was quite nice to begin with just a lonely sad man who needed friends
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Wrong voice, the most friendly Grinch I have ever seen
longstock6010 November 2018
They picked the absolute worst voice for the Grinch. Also the Grinch didn't even seem bad. In fact, its like a five year old would have considered this movie less than a G rating. The Grinch is known to have a hard stare and grin with a rough voice. They ruined this version.
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Did they even sing the song?
JosiReviews11 November 2018
When the movie ended, I looked over at my family and asked "did they even sing the grinch song?" which I was highly anticipating with a fun, new modern edge. my nephew responded with "it was a remix and not the whole song" what?! Jim Carey made an entire scene out of it! This movie was a let down. Can they stop remaking movies if they're going to be lazy and unoriginal about it? The Jim Carey one and the original Grinch are way better than this
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More or less EXACTLY what one would expect from Illumination's The Grinch.
Dwright121210 November 2018
Illumination is a studio known for producing gutless, boring, paint-by-numbers, mass appeal movies that focus more on cute gimmicks and marketing than they do on actual storytelling and character development. If you've seen anything else from Illumination, you practically don't need to see this movie, because you can probably just predict every scene in your head and just about get it right. While The Grinch isn't Illumination's worst, it's still a thoughtless and emotionless product only meant to sell toys and theater tickets before charm and charisma.

Benedict Cumberbatch's Grinch is boring. I do like Cumberbatch and I did think he'd be great to voice the Grinch, but he's terrible in this movie. His voice doesn't match the character whatsoever, and does nothing to bring the character more to life. At least Jim Carrey put energy and emotion into his performance, whereas Cumberbatch sounds like he's disappointed about the small paycheck he's just been given. The Grinch himself is written in a way that pulls all punches and has to cave in to cutesy kids logic instead of a clever way that tells a good story. Instead of making The Grinch actually funny or interesting, they make him the typical 2018 grumpy hipster who's a good guy at heart but just needs his morning coffee. Making him a mostly good character really undermines the climactic payoff of him finally understanding the meaning Christmas towards the end.

Sadly, both the character and the overall movie as a whole share the same problems; it's boring, uninspired, and vanilla. Much like the character, the movie sucks out anything interesting in favor for playing it safe and selling toys. The music is even done by rapper Tyler The Creator, and even as a moderate fan of his work, the music here is terribly uninspired and obviously an attempt to make the film more hip. Most of the jokes are entirely predictable. Actually, the entire movie is predictable. I don't mean we've seen the original movies, I mean the film follows every generic story you'll ever see in a kids movie. The film feels more like it was written by a computer and less like a team of engrossed screenwriters. One of the film's running gags is the ex-popular 'screaming goat' meme...seriously, I thought that meme stopped being funny in 2013.

Truthfully, this film is not the worst thing to come out of Illumination. It may not be a good movie, but at least it doesn't completely bastardize and miseducate its message like The Lorax did, and at least it isn't as excruciatingly for-the-masses as Minions or The Secret Life Of Pets. The Grinch, as well as every single other Illumination Studios movie, is like a cute untamed puppy; it may urinate on your rug and chew up all of your shoes, but it's cute and looks at you with big puppy dog eyes and does silly things, so you don't punish it and let it slide when it really shouldn't be forgiven so easily. When are we as an audience going to stop letting these thoughtless movies slide solely because of their cuteness? Regardless, moms and kids alike will continue to enjoy these movies without the slightest care, simply because it's cute and nothing more.
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Very disappointed
moezya-3568113 November 2018
Worst adaptation of the grinch ever made. Stick to what you know and what people love....the original cartoon. Too much overacting.
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The trailer shows it all
jimmy_a-713989 November 2018
If you've seen the trailer you've seen the whole movie. It's funny, yes, but the trailer ruins it as it has included every single joke from the movie.
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The implementation of this film is scarier than Boris Karloff!...
AlsExGal8 December 2018
... and for anybody not alive 53 years ago, he was the voice of the original animated Grinch.

I am a very big fan of the Grinch, both the original and the Jim Carrey version, and if you're expecting those qualities in the slightest you will be very disappointed. First off the Grinch is not even that mean. He loves his dog Max and is overly affectionate, constantly telling him "You can do it Max, believe in yourself!" It is 2018 so animal cruelty is out. This is like "baby Grinch" or something with that high-pitched millennial voice. Boris Karloff also has such a sinister sounding voice, something that works perfect for the Grinch character. I can't say that Benedict Cumberbatch has that same quality.

Secondly they didn't even stick to the script of the classic Grinch we all grew up with. In this film, Cindy Lou is the older child of three with a overworked single mother whose only wish is that her mother had it way easier. Because in this Grinch movie Betty Lou is a strong independent woman and she needs no man. Finally the music of the movie was completely awful, not having one original song. Even after getting through the whole awful movie, you think to yourself - maybe just maybe I can hear one original "You're a mean one" at the credits .No, it's a weird rap song. So the only thing to do is run out of the movie theater and write this one off as a waste of money and, more importantly, time. If you're a Grinch fan don't, DON'T see this movie. The only thing you'll be doing is telling yourself "this couldn't get any worse", then be shocked as it gradually hits rock bottom.

I'll give it a three for at least getting the technical aspects of the movie correct. And even then I pull it down one star because technical aspects are part of the Star War films, but should not be part of The Grinch. The simplicity of the original Chuck Jones illustrations of the 1966 cartoon is one of my favorite aspects of the original. Who needs a complicated background? Just make the background blue, or yellow, or pink, etc. Everything these days is CGI'd to death, to the point where the CGI isn't even impressive anymore, it's just boring.
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I didn't like this movie. That means I'm wrong for not liking it???
CriticalOfEverything9 November 2018
I honestly do not get the impressionable casuals who say that any critic who dislikes a movie they like is wrong. Using that logic, YOU'RE wrong for liking it. But that's not true, because it's all subjective. With that out of the way, allow me to explain why I didn't like this movie:

It's dull and boring. It's not interesting, it's only funny in certain places and even then it only resulted in a small smile. If what's advertised to me as a comedy movie isn't that funny to me, I think it's failed as a movie. This could've had the potential to be a pretty decent movie and it's not the first time Illumination has done a Dr Seuss movie. Expectations weren't exactly through the roof, but I expected them to do so much better than this. The animation is pretty good, as expected for Illumination, but it can only dazzle me for about 5 minutes before I realise how dull and uninteresting this movie is.

Again, if you liked this then good for you, but I just can't enjoy this movie.
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Family oriented
lshalo12 November 2018
Very family oriented and clear cartoon, and got a deep idea about Christmas agenda- thanksgiving before presents. Recommended for everyone
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Don't listen to the grinches reviewing this movie!
benribble9 November 2018
Anyone who gave this a bad rating clearly is just upset because, they don't like a modern Grinch because they grew up with the original classic Grinch cartoon. This movie was one of the most adorable and fun feel-good animated movies I've seen in a long time. Benedict Cumberbatch killed it as the Grinch and, all the gadgets and grandeur of the grinches holiday heist scene is so creative and colourful and fantastical! This is one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time up there with Nightmare before Christmas. This movie was a joy to watch and if you couldn't find joy in this movie maybe, you're the Grinch.
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Nothing on Jim Carrey
shammaarb-4737928 November 2018
Took my two nieces aged 9 and 7 to see this today and they both disliked it. It wasn't funny...or even fun, for that matter. The scenes that had potential for laughter were all in the trailer.

I don't know who played the Grinch but his voice wasn't right. All high-pitched and nasally instead of deep, grumpy and menacing.

Great visuals though, and Max the dog brought some personality to an otherwise boring movie.


EDIT: I'm only now seeing that it was Benedict Cumberbatch! Never would have guessed by the voice alone. He's got one of the best voices in Hollywood so why did they make him speak like for The Grinch?
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AdrienneGrayceMusic11 November 2018
There is a reason I don't read critic reviews, and it is because I never ever agree with them. Usually when they say a movie is bad, I like it and vice versa. I like to leave reviews for movies and tv shows because I enjoy them, and I don't care about other people's views. I will give you my honest review as just a regular movie lover. Glad I didn't listen to critics on this film. It was great! A sold out theater. Kids and adults all laughed throughout the film. I went with my husband, sister, brother in law, and my niece and nephew. We all loved it equally. I enjoyed Jim Carey's version but I cannot compare them. I was wondering if I could like this without it having Jim Carey but I truly did. Heart-warming film with a slightly different take on it from the last film. To me, the dog, MAX stole the show! Great animation and effects. 3D is even better. To the people saying there was no storyline...ummm, there was! sheesh. Its about...well...THE GRINCH!! You don't take my advice, its just MY opinion, but I advise everyone to see this. Do not expect an Emmy winner, but it is still a great, warm and cozy holiday film.
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The Grinch Doesn't Disappoint
candice_givoli13 November 2018
I went to go see The Grinch with my daughter who is 8 years old and we both enjoyed it. I laughed a little more than she did but she loved it! It follows along the typical Grinch storyline but with some new characters. If you are a fan of the Grinch, this movie will not disappoint and it's especially great for the kids who seemed to all enjoy it. Overall, a great family movie that delivers a great message in the end.
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My favorite version!!
rudypen12169 November 2018
No matter how much worse the IMDb rating gets, watch the movie for yourself. I love the music, the animation, the voice talents and the storyline! Aside from from having a few goofy moments, the movie was a lot more dramatic and touching.
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Cute family Christmas movie.
agroneman11 November 2018
It is the classic story of The Grinch we all know so well. So yes its predictable, yes we know what's going to happen and how it ends, but even so it was a joy to watch and the kids really enjoyed it. This version of the grinch is a little less disgusting and you see a bit more kindness from him, which I liked. It had quite a few laughs and some very sweet moments. I personally liked it better than the Jim Carry version. But nothing beats the original.
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Beautiful looking and charming animated feature.
cinephile-2769011 November 2018
I'm going to keep this review short since you know the story most likely.

I was enchanted by this movie from the moment it started. It was a fun animated movie, with gorgeous animation, a lot of heart, and even some humor. The 90 minute run-time makes the movie fly by.

And the Grinch is evil but not scary. This has been ridiculed, but I like that the movie was trying to make it more comfortable for the little ones.

The ending, even though I knew it was coming, was very uplifting. The Grinch's heart grew 3 times bigger, but guess what? So did mine!

This is one of my favorite animated movies now, and my #1 Dr. Suess adaptation. This is the movie to see this holiday season!

Note: If you found this review helpful, please click on cinephile-27690 to read my other reviews!
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My fiancé, who is the biggest Grinch of them all, loved this move
dvjones-2725911 November 2018
You'llbe laughing from the time you sit down until the credits start rolling. Heart warming and fun, it's a great movie for the whole family. And it doesn't have the terrible jokes and weird feeling of the Jim Carrey version...
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So funny and heart warming
stephanie-r10 November 2018
I have absolutely no idea why this movie is not getting good reviews. I'm often extremely critical of kid movies but really enjoyed every bit of this one! I loved that it taught about love and kindness and the need for people without trying to shove any political correctness down our throats. Just a really funny, really good movie! Kids laughed trough the whole thing too!
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Your a bland one ,Illumination's The Grinch
extinctionanimation18 November 2018
This is the prim example of a kid's movie that takes 0 risks. It doesn't do anything note worthy. I can say the movie looks good. I can say the voice acting is okay. As far as flaws go , the story is ungodly predictable and bland. This film just has no personality. By Illumination standards this is probably one of there better films , which says a lot about there movies. I thought all the designs were okay , with the exception of the Grinch himself. He doesn't look very evil or nasty. He just kind of looks annoyed.

If you have small child , there probably going to enjoy this so if you want to see a movie with them this is a fine choice. However I can't talk about this movie without mentioning how bad Tyler the Creator's remix is. It is ungodly bad and so stupid.

I can see people liking this film and that's fine. Me on the other hand , I would rather watch the Jim Carry version. At least that film took risks.
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One word, LAME
irishboy1419 November 2018
This is another film by illumination animation, a company known for their very cheap animation, generic cookie cutter plots, low brow humor, Pop music, and those annoying minions. Yet despite this list of grievances they are highly successful, because they make lowest common denominator movies anyone between 1 month and 100 years old could watch.

This brings us to the Grinch, a needless remake that no one asked for or wanted. After the Lorax's dreadful adaptation, the quality of this trash should come as no surprise. Yet it represents almost everything wrong with entertainment; it doesn't exist because an artist was inspired to craft a loving adaptation telling a story he/she wanted to tell. It exists because it's a Dr. Seuss property and a Dr. Seuss movie prints the money itself.

Anyway this movie is as lame and as generic as you could possibly imagine. The Grinch is comically sympathetic, but isn't likeable. I'm stunned that the filmmakers managed to suck out all character, nuance, and personality of the Grinch and leave him as a hollow shell who acts like an A**hole. Also the Grinch who should be a foul/gross weirdo looks too clean and basic thanks to the simplicity of the cheap animation.

The townsfolk are either comically evil, ignorant, or innocent. The setting is awful and feels empty, the music sucks, and the pop music REALLY makes your ears bleed in this one folks!

One positive is the color pallet, very Christmas-y and very easy on the eyes. But again the animation is so basic and simplistic that each character looks so bland and unmemorable I can't even remember more than 4 character designs.

Ultimately the quality doesn't matter (the studio knows this, which is why they sold this movie out to any company that would advertise it), people will see this and it'll make over $500 million at least. If somehow you like illumination animation movies, you'll like this one. if you don't then you'll hate this.
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Great fun!!
rbastille9 November 2018
Your smaller kids will love it! Incredible animation, had fun watching it in dbox.
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Beautiful Christmas movie
bigbro-7381612 November 2018
Look I'm probably not the target audience for this movie but I gotta say I smiled I. Laughed I felt flat out joy one of the best of the year simple sweet and fall down funny for once instead of a movie being about war it was about peice and love and joy nothing I regret about seeing this movie
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Great family movie!
megangcr12 November 2018
I went to this movie today with my 3 and 7 year old kids and we all enjoyed it! This movie is an easy classic that will be in our Christmas movie rotation every year. It's so nice to see a take on the story that sticks pretty close to the original without doing what kids movies do so often these days - create over the top sad and heartbreaking back stories. Visually the movie looks great and the story moved along quickly enough to keep my 3 year olds attention. The characters are adorable and had everyone in the theatre laughing. If you're looking for a good easy going kids movie this one is great for the whole family.
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Heartwarming, funny, and family friendly.
lawndalesmith11 November 2018
They did a great job expanding upon the story. It's a beautifully animated movie, and safe for the whole family. I also appreciated the combination of classic Christmas carols, modern music, and orchestral score. This is a new annual Christmas movie for us!
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