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Netflix To The Rescue
michaelradny29 August 2015
Incidentally, I saw an ad for Narco on YouTube, and instead of skipping the ads like I normally do, I played this one out because I was genuinely excited for what I was watching. Instantly I jumped onto Netflix and I was not disappointed. This is a truly gripping show, one of the best I've seen this year. The characters and acting are done well and the storyline moves at a fast enough pace to get your adrenalin pumping for the whole episode. My only fear was that it would be too generic of a Crime drama, but those feelings were quickly swept away. This is truly an original and thoroughly planned out TV show with a whole lot of heart.

Maybe the best on Netflix at the moment. Narco doesn't disappoint with any aspect of the show. It's exciting and fast paced, but above all, it makes you want to keep coming back for more.
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Supermanfan-1329 March 2020
Narcos is such a great show it's hard to explain just how good it really is. Wagner Moura and Pedro Pescal lead an amazing cast who suck you right into the show. There have been a lot of shows about drug cartels but this is without a doubt the best and it's bit close! It really is addicting once you start watching and you get used the subtitles pretty quick.
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The Incredible Story of Pablo Escobar
ahmetkozan1 April 2016
Narcos is an intriguing and entertaining series. Netflix again done a very good job. Season 1 tells the true story of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine, while also focusing on Escobar's interactions with drug lords. This is a massive story.

Escobar's life has attracted my attention too. I watched many videos and read books about Escobar's life. The show educates you on the Medellin Cartel and it is a very interesting topic to learn about. Pablo Escobar had much more influence on the political system than i would expected. This series has added a lot to me about it. Wagner Moura is an excellent actor and he learned Spanish just for the Pablo Escobar's role. He was born for this role. The bilingual dialogue adds a new layer of authenticity to the project and shows it's commitment with the original story. The long and often complicated story of Pablo Escobar is portrayed simple and effective for viewers not to get lost in what is going on.

Congrats to Netflix for such a powerful, incredible production. I would recommend this show to all my friends and anyone looking for a great show to watch. This is one of the best shows I've seen in a while. Can't wait for the next season to come out! 10/10
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A dramatized account of the rise and fall of the Colombian drug cartels
Tweekums17 March 2020
This Netflix series charts the rise and fall of the Colombian drug lords as their power increases as they earn billions of US dollars supplying the United States with cocaine and the actions of the DEA as they try to bring them to justice. The first two seasons are centred on Pablo Escobar and his Medellin cartel and DEA Agents Steve Murphy and Javier Peña while the third sees Peña leading the hunt for the 'Gentlemen of Cali', the cartel which eventually took over from Escobar.

The story shown is based on reality but the makers never pretend that it is entirely true... a pre-title card informs us that some characters are entirely fictional. That doesn't stop it feeling real thanks to the way events are depicted. The characters are shown in a matter of fact way leaving it to the viewer to judge them... of course given what we see some of them do it isn't hard to condemn many of them. Even so surprisingly few characters are totally unsympathetic at all times. The cast does a really impressive job bringing their characters to life; most obviously Pedro Pascal as Javier Peña and Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar. Many people have commented about incorrect accents but I doubt this will be a problem for non-Spanish speakers; it was certainly better than having all characters speaking English. Overall I found the series really gripping; I'll certainly be watching 'Narcos: Mexico' soon.
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Fantastic production, we are living in the golden age of series
johmil-1837429 August 2015
This is such a quality production. Its cinema quality in every aspect. I've seen two episodes so far but if this show keep this up I give it an even higher grade. Netflix is now really starting to compete with HBO and this is much better than Netflix anchor House of Cards for example.

Now I don't like shows that glorify and make the criminals heroes, but I don't think this series does that. Escobar is a ruthless person but still his a family man in some ways. Whats good with Narcos is that it portrays both side of the law. If it would only show it from Pablos perspective it wouldn't be as interesting.

This is a very classy production. Everything from the DEA-detective who is the narrative voice to the quality of the camera work. The actors are spot on and the scenes are amazing. I nearly feel that I'm in the Colombian jungle and the hot humid air touches me through the screen.

I just love series nowadays. You can transport you self to nearly every situation of life and follow character for a long time. And they really use the advantages of series if you compare it to film.
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Tomadour28 August 2015
Having seen all Padilha movies, I was anxious to see this new Netflix series and had great expectations. He did it again. I cannot stop watching. One episode after another. OK if the cast is not Colombian. But they are all good actors and play the parts very well. I will try to finish this weekend all the episodes but i think there will be more seasons. Best series of the year so far. The action is great. The scenarios are perfect. The 1980's atmosphere is awesome. 10 out 0f 10. I hope they will make more series like that in the future. Good real stories and perfect action and direction. I could not expect less from Padilha.
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How to do Television right.
winickj-797-8091528 August 2015
Since movies have become nothing but shoot-em-ups and comic books television has emerged as the way to get great drama to adults.

Narcos is a tale that everyone knows today, but the storytelling of this series is done with great visuals, interesting casting and a storytelling format which I love.

Using the protagonist as the voice over narrator gives this series the feel of Goodfellas or Casino (two of my favourite movies by the way).

Its extremely watchable and kept my attention the whole time. The scene with Pablo Escobar on the bridge was stunning.

A worthwhile watch, if you have interests in things other than comic books.
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Best series I've seen in a very long time!
E161TZ11 July 2019
Loved it from start to finish. I did not care that I spent most of the time reading English subtitles, this entire series left me wanting and wishing I could speak Spanish. It's simply superb! Not once was I bored, I did not want this to finish, I knew nothing about Pablo's life, but man, what a life he lived. You have to see this to believe it!
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Best show on TV!!
dblyth-468219 April 2019
Binged all 3 seasons and Mexico in 2 weeks. It's so good you just can't stop watching!
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A reason to subscribe to Netflix
paul_marston31 August 2015
There are very few series that deserve to be considered great. This could well be up there.

It's based on the true story of Pablo Escobar. I don't know how accurate it really is, but at the very least it FEELS 100% accurate.

The series hasn't gone down the English with columbian accents route, they have used Spanish with subtitles. For me it just adds to the authenticity of the series! Pablo's part is played effortlessly by the Brazillian actor Wagner Moura. He seems born to play the part! It has gone down the scorsese / goodfellas narrative approach. So if you don't like that style, you will be disappointed! If you are looking for a well researched authentic look into the life and deeds of the most notorious of the columbian drug lords - THIS IS IT! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (It get's a 9 because NO series can ever be perfect!)
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katysuarez30 August 2015
As a native Colombian, born and raised in Medellin (in 1975) and victim myself of the Pablo Escobar era, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the show!!! I thought it was going to be another bad gringo movie about Colombia with lots of mistakes and not even Colombian landscapes in the background but, I WAS WRONG!!!! Very good actors too, I didn't like Escobar accent since it's not real Paisa accent but it's OK; it will go unnoticed to non- native Colombians ;)

Good Job Netflix!! Sksjdjdjdufirjfjfifrior difjrirjfjfkririfrjrjrkf. That's all I had to say

Catalina Suárez
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It's going to be ''The Hit'' . Beautiful after 3 episodes .
ahmed7336729 August 2015
It's beautiful , this's the way TV-series should be directed and produced, i loved the fast pace of the series from the first minute till now i haven't skipped anything or felt bored.

The narration way of the story from the first beginning adds another depth to the story.

It shows you scenes from the future then gets to the present to elaborate how we reached that point .

The cast is great , probably you haven't seen anyone of them before , but sure as hell they can act , they are able to deliver the feeling they have so you can interact with them .

Simply , a masterpiece .

P.S : Netflix has always been picky about its series, that''s why it's my favorite network.
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America vs. evil
paul2001sw-129 November 2018
'Narcos' tells the extraordinary story of Pablo Escobar, a Columbian who rose to the top of a massive drug smuggling enterprise. The series has been highly praised, but I didn't like it that much. Told from the perspective of U.S. government agents, it paints a picture where those agents are tough as hell but essentially heroic, and there's relatively little interest in the everyday lives of ordinary Columbians (or indeed, of Americans addicted to the drugs Escobar smuggled). Whereas series like 'The Wire' have shown us drug barons who, while grotesque, remain human, 'Narcos' is more about spectacle, and a story whose morality is fundamentally black and white. The details of Escobar's tale are amazing; but I didn't feel I got much in the way of deep insight by watching this show.
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Season 3: Again a Magnificent, Heart-Wrenching Production
escctrlshift1 September 2017
Many Colombians will object to this series, because it draws so much attention to an aspect of their culture of which most of them are not proud. The reality is, society-connected Colombians of a certain age all know someone personally that profited from the drug trade. Most folks I knew there brushed elbows with someone famous from Cali, at some point. It was a talking point back then, but maybe not now.

The first episode of season three should put things in perspective for everyone who might still feel beguiled by the relatively sanitary reputation of Cali's cartel. The final scenes of the episode drive home once again the basic point of the series, which is, these were brutal, deadly efficient criminals on a scale that utterly dwarfs anything ever seen in the U.S.

In Cali, they did it in style, as much as or more than any Stateside mafiosi ever did. And that, like it or not mis queridos amigos Colombianos, makes for an unforgettable story -- rich people with not much compassion and a lot of material pretense, but well-polished at some level, akin to the decent rich folks in the same social class, but much, much richer.

Thematically speaking, this is just another chapter in the history of American colonialism, but one that speaks powerfully to the personal experience of many. The scenes from this series powerfully evoke memories of what it was like to travel in Colombia in the 90's, when every airport lobby was haunted by one or two sicarios en route to their next job. They were not hard to spot.

The casting, locations, soundtrack, writing, acting, direction -- even the lighting, which captures so well the look and feel of Colombian home architecture -- are all superb. Te extrano Colombia -- but not your miseries. Folks should know Colombia now is, in a great many places, a booming middle-class haven of opportunity, as such a naturally wealthy country should be.
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A must watch - fact is stranger than fiction
phd_travel20 September 2015
This terrific series combines the high production values (beautifully shot in Colombia) and acting of a feature film with the clarity and thoroughness of a documentary. I enjoyed this more than some of those fictional drug war movies because the story of Pablo Escobar is stranger than fiction. I'm glad I knew who he was but I wasn't aware of the details his many crimes so watching them unfold in this series was completely mesmerizing. The story is narrated by a DEA agent. The DEA agent's activities aren't the main story. The struggles of the Colombian anti drug personnel from cops to politicians against the drug cartel is told in a clear and non confusing manner. This is a real accomplishment given the multitude of characters and complex events. So much happens each episode. Most of the dialog is in Spanish and subtitles are pretty clear.

The acting is better than it needs to be with so much going on. Brazilian actor Wagner Moura as Escobar has the benign look that the real Escobar had. He doesn't over act so things are more believable and not an exaggerated caricature of evil. Boyd Holbrook as the DEA agent looks right for the 80s part. The many excellent Spanish speaking actors who play the Colombians both drug traffickers and law enforcement and politicians are excellent and really carry the show with their believable earnestness.

Given that the war on drugs is still going on right now this series goes beyond historical interest. Hurry up Netflix can't wait for Season 2.
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Dark, Real Insight, Mesmerising performance from Wagner Moura.
hadjigeorgiou-8194228 August 2015
Alright so, when it comes to drug related TV Shows which almost always include the DEA, the first thing that comes to mind is Breaking Bad and The Wire.

Needless to say, while preparing to start up the pilot, I continuously tried to imagine how can this series give us something original or even something that will make us say "Hey, this isn't a cheap knock off of something." Well. I was profoundly surprised. Netflix has done it again.

They managed to present the show in a way that includes every positive aspect of the two aforementioned series. It has the darkness of Breaking Bad, the intensity and the smart writing while also maintaining the thoroughness of The Wire in the sense that we get to see both sides of the drug trade, the clichés and even the everyday life that surrounds it.

The narrative style also gives it a different aspect which helps the viewer engage in a more positive way. The cast seems to be very specifically chosen since the roles don't even make you question the legitimacy of the actors.

I would say that this looks promising although I am yet to finish the series to be able to give my final word.

Definitely a series you should watch if you are into this kind of thing.

Kudos again, Netflix.
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best ever
metintomas-6382221 February 2020
This is netflix's most elite and uncompromising show ever. The show did not change because of money netflix should hold on to this kinda shows
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Just the facts mam
Ed-Shullivan17 May 2020
The countryside of Colombia where the majority of cocaine was produced and eventually distributed in to the United States, initially in Miami Florida, New York, and Chicago, and gradually throughout the North American continent, was mainly fact based and held Mrs. Shullivan and my own attention.

The inordinate wealth that the drug distribution empire brought to the Columbian drug kingpins such as Pablo Escobar, Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, along with his brother Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela, and Judy Moncada was unprecedented. The TV series actually downplayed the vast wealth and extravagant spending of these drug lords (buying and owning soccer teams and dozens of homes around the world) and focused more on the effort required to maintain their control of their respective drug distribution empires.

I liked the series for the way they avoided and minimalized the extreme violence and executions of many innocent victims such as in the many bombings and focused mainly on Pablo Escobar for the first two seasons, then switched over to Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, along with his brother Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela for season 3.

The involvement of U.S. drug enforcement agents (DEA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) allowed the North American audience to listen to their conversations without having to completely rely on the otherwise prominent English sub titles whenever the Colombians were talking to one another. The English sub titles required the audience not to take their eyes off of their TV screen or you may miss some significant dialogue and story line.

I rated this crime/drama series an entertaining 9 out of 10 IMDB rating as it remained true to most of the historical facts although I am sure some of the intense so called "close calls" between the drug lords and the DEA agents were embellished for dramatic purposes.
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razfast26 April 2020
What a show, must say this is a top top show and a proper insight of how things went on the drug's end, but my favourite season has to be season 3, all action non stop, just epic!
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Revisionist history with a side order of self justification
s32761694 September 2015
I've read a few books on Pablo Escobar, Columbian drug trafficker. Narco's is a US take on the Escobar drug empire, which falls short of the mark.

Its revisionist history with a side order of self justification that kicks in from the get go. There's an admission the US had a role in placing dictator Augusto Pinochet in power in Chile. The stated justification is Pinochet hated Communists. The real reason Pinochet was, in fact, placed in power, was because the democratically elected, Socialist (not Communist) leader of the country Salvador Allende, planned to nationalize resources the US had an "interest" in.

Narcos also has its own "take" on the US role in drug enforcement in Columbia. The enforcement role of the US in Columbia is somewhat skewed. Its mostly painted as following international laws and norms, when, in fact, much of what took place was highly questionable, to say the least.

The depiction of the drugs Escobar smuggled into the US is in my view overblown too. Cocaine, for example, is, arguably, no more addictive or damaging to ones health than tobacco.

By contrast, the presentation of Escobar is not too far from the mark. The man really did more or less own Columbia for a time. He did intimidate, he did terrorize and he did murder. The business he was involved in was hardly a good one either. That said, in a poor country like Columbia, the illegal drug industry was a way of life for ordinary people as well as criminal gangs.

The standard of acting in Narcos is good and the pace for this series is on the mark. Certainly, this is by no means a boring watch but then Escobar was a larger than life figure.

In summary, I'd say Narcos is a mixed series. Its interesting and engaging, especially for those who come to this subject matter with fresh eyes. That said, I think it could have been more historically accurate and objective and still offered up a worthwhile watch. Six out of ten from me.
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Wow what a great show!
deloudelouvain25 September 2015
This is by far the best thing I ever saw about the life of Pablo Escobar and the Colombian crisis. Everything in this show is perfect. The actors are sublime, every actor is very believable in his role. The narrating voice through the whole series works really well to me. Also the real video fragments from the news in that time between the fiction works really well. I was completely addicted to this show after the first episode. I saw the whole season in a couple days. Can't wait for season two honestly. If all series would be at the same level as this one I would probably never set a foot outside anymore and just watch television all day. Narcos will definitely be the show of the year. Great job from Netflix!
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One of the best series ever!
martinraggett182-564-3124617 September 2019
10/10 for acting, filming, sticking to the true facts. Series 1 and 2 are a must watch.
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Engaging throughout
gibbs-1817215 February 2020
Very difficult to get a docudrama that's multilingual and has several series that keeps you fully engaged to the very end. Dare I say "Addicted" to but Narcos leaves you wanting your next fix after every episode and ultimately every series.

Original Narcos runs for 3 series, as at 2020 some call Mexico series 4 & 5 but whatever.

I enjoyed the extra story telling and news throwbacks in the earlier series but the other series don't suffer.

I waited in anticipation for Cali to be the focus as they made Escobar look 4th division. Once again I wasn't disappointed.

You don't have to be a Escobar fan to watch this, it's just damn good viewing.

A perfect 10
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Better than ever.
bola_de_pu2 September 2017
OK, I need to write these review because I see a lot of people complaining about "No More Escobar", hell what you expect? These show is based on Narcos = Drug Kingpins; and the course that take the drug when the most powerful drug kingpin on the world bite the dust for the first time in his life. "I miss Escobar", "The show isn't the same without Escobar", "Cali Cartel is boring"; I guess these people never hear of character development and the assumption that the drug kingpins don't have the same methods, because they evolve and learn from the mistakes of their opponents. I see other people saying that these show is the same as the others narcos shows like: El Cartel De Los Sapos, El Patrón Del Mal, Bloque De Búsqueda, Alias JJ, El Señor De Los Cielos and the list goes on and goes on. Wrong, AGAIN. The quality of the music in these show, the actors used to represent all the characters (especially the role of Jorge Salcedo personified by Martín Varela was the best of the 3 Narcos seasons so far, even better than the recognized Pedro Pascal as Peña, Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar and Damián Alcázar as Gilberto Rodríguez) and the beauty of the setting make these show the best TV show in history when the 95% of the actors speak in the Spanish language.And I feel very proud of that as puertorican, because a lot of the music used in the show by the genre of "Salsa" comes from my island like: Héctor Lavoe, Ismael Rivera, Cheo Feliciano, Angel Canales and the list goes and goes on and bring an unique caribbean flavor to the show. Of course, I'm not proud of the actions committed by all those narcos, but it's important to know the history of our brother country, Colombia. My only complaint is some of the actor accents, but what the ****, if you want quality actors you need to let that triviality pass. Hell, I expect that the next season will be based in the ruthless empire of Orlando Henao Montoya and the Cartel del Norte Del Valle and I assume by the popularity of these show the producers will continue these show with the mexicans drug kingpins that rise after the destruction of Cali Cartel, Medellín Cartel and Norte Del Valle Cartel. Can't wait for season 4!!!
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Narcos - the Truth is Out There and Here it is.
ajkbiotech13 July 2021
Our Government, the USA, instituted a narcotics war against Pablo Escobar in Colombia for two decades that resulted not just in his death, but in driving the cocaine trade north to Mexico and making our border far more dangerous.

The Reagan era policies of criminalizing drug use at home and hunting drug dealers abroad had counterintuitive effects that reverberate to this day.

Narcos tells the story of Pablo Escobar and the US War on drugs and Colombian State Sovereignty effectively by putting the shoe on the other foot, letting us walk a mile in the moccasins of the other guy.

This series is so brilliantly conceived and executed that it is more than a TV show, it is a living breathing seminar on US imperialism and military overreach.

Terrifying and true.

A must watch.
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