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Season 3

1 Sep. 2017
The Kingpin Strategy
The Gentlemen of Cali gather their associates together for a big surprise announcement about the future of their business.
1 Sep. 2017
The Cali KGB
A gas incident threatens to destroy the agreement between Cali and the government and requires Jorge's help. Peña has problems with his old contact in Los Pepes.
1 Sep. 2017
Follow the Money
The Rodríguez brothers are hiding during the negotiations. Pacho meets the Lord of the Heavens in Mexico. Peña's new DEA team visits Cali.
1 Sep. 2017
Peña hatches a plan to try to capture Cali leader Gilberto Rodriguez. Amado proposes a business idea to Pacho.
1 Sep. 2017
Paranoid about leaks, Miguel cracks down on his security. Pacho makes a decision about his new offer. Peña works on cultivating a witness.
1 Sep. 2017
Best Laid Plans
Jorge takes a dangerous risk. An accident in New York threatens to expose Chepe. Peña travels to Curacao to arrest a potential witness.
1 Sep. 2017
Sin Salida
Peña plans another secret operation to topple a member of the Cali cartel but may run out of time while looking for him.
1 Sep. 2017
David seeks revenge on behalf of his father and puts Enrique in danger. Peña asks Don Berna for help on a rescue mission.
1 Sep. 2017
Todos Los Hombres del Presidente
David follows his suspicions. Peña is shocked to discover the depth of corruption in the Colombian government. Miguel is sought after once again.
1 Sep. 2017
Going Back to Cali
David and Peña are in a race against each other to find Pallomari. Peña makes a serious decision about the future of his career.

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