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Good light entertainment
elfinspace2327 December 2013
Firstly, Anyone who criticizes this series for bad dialogue, says it is a bad portrayal of Greek Mythology, or says the characters are bad and unrealistic. JUST ARE NOT GETTING IT.

This is really a fun parody of Greek Mythology, take Hercules (Mark Addy) who is an overweight womanising drunk who tells heroic stories of his deeds and they are all made up. Does this seriously sound like it should be taken seriously, I mean seriously (yes I used it three times) Mark Addy as Hercules.

Come on people enjoy the show for what it is and not what you expect it to be. To be honest I think the writers have really done a great job of making it such a light entertainment show, with touches of Mythology brought in for you to talk about.

I personally will be watching vividly and hoping the series runs for a few series. 9 out of 10 for taking me into a new world, and wonder what adventures Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules will get up to next.
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A fun romp through not-really history
catjudo24 December 2013
I wasn't initially thrilled by the premiere of Atlantis. I thought the script was a bit pedantic, and the artistic license of mythical Greek history to be a bit, well, too broad. After watching it for a bit, I turned it off, disappointed and expecting it to fall off my radar.

BUT... it turns out I was wrong! I happened to catch a slightly later episode when there was nothing else on, and lo and behold, I actually liked it. I started to notice how well the actors played their parts, how well they worked together, and how much fun they seem to be having. I also enjoyed the little details of the sets, and how the costumes the actors wear are well thought-out.

I also found the stories to be clever and fulfilling. To be sure, this isn't on the same par as I, Claudius, but it is entertaining and definitely above the spate of reality show drivel that permeates the airwaves these days. The characters grow more likable with each episode, and the show as a whole keeps gaining momentum.

In short, Atlantis is a hit with me. It's likable characters and engaging stories have me hooked and waiting for more. It may not be the historical take that I was anticipating, but it is a lot of fun just the same.
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I'm Enjoying It Very Much
dustie-18 December 2013
Anything that makes me laugh and "takes me away" for the 45 minute's it's playing rates a 9 in my book. I hope it stays on the air for many seasons! OK, so the acting is a bit hammy here and there, but that's what the script calls for. It's not a TV drama for heaven's sake. I like that the Actors ham it up a bit (does anyone other then me think the pairing of Mark Addy and Robert Emms came from the mind of a Laural and Hardy fan?) I think Jack Donnelly is very believable in the role as over the top good guy Jason (and very pleasing on the eyes). It's also good to see my old friend from Deep Space Nine, Alexander Siddig. Amazing how he's got to be 20 years distant from his role as the handsome doctor Bashier and yet, except for a bit of gray and the beard, he doesn't look any older. Wish I could say the same...

As for the plot of the show, I can hear my mom now, although, as the oracle would put it, she walks with the dead. She used to teach high school English and had an advanced class on Greek and Roman Mythology... she'd be loving this show, even as she would be picking it apart.

Modern man enters another realm by going through some sort of under the ocean portal and ends up in the legendary city of Atlantis. Freaky! And yet, once you get into the show, you find yourself believing that's exactly where you are and hoping that somehow Jason will be able to change their destiny and they won't end up all dead at the bottom of the sea someday. Well, at least I do, even though my mom would be laughing at me for thinking so about a TV show, for heaven's sakes.

God be with you mom! It's nice to be thinking about you while watching this fun new series.

BTW... set your DVR to tape all episodes and hopefully you'll be able to catch the first episode on rerun.. My DVR had the number's all messed up, but I did get 1, 2, and 3 and although I watched episode 2 first (as it was labeled 1) I went back and caught 1 and then watched 3 and enjoyed them all!
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I will definitely keep on watching
luane-hing12 October 2013
Frankly, I liked it a LOT! To enjoy this, you have to sit back and relax and not wait for something to criticize.

I think it has a lot of potential. There are funny scenes, action and suspense. An interesting spin on the Greek myths and I hope it continues.

The actors are quite good in my opinion. I was so excited for something to finally fill the gaping hole Merlin left and I feel this is the perfect solution.

I'm grateful for a series with a little culture and anyone who loves mythology in general will love this exciting new angle. I was not disappointed and can't wait for the next episode!
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Good, old fashioned fantasy adventure.
munchiehk28 September 2013
I watched this with some trepidation, as the show it is essentially replacing, Merlin, was a little silly for my tastes and the acting skills of several of the cast were not impressive, in my view. I am always delighted for my preconceptions to be proved inaccurate and in this instance, it has proved to be the case (touch wood). The show begins weakly, with minimal background on the lead character and we are thrown in (literally) at the deep end. Having watched the whole episode, I can understand now why this is so. Obviously, the mysteries of Jason's origins are destined to be revealed over the course of the series. The sets are gorgeous, especially the scenes filmed in Morocco. The acting is almost uniformly first rate, with Mark Addy (The Full Monty) and Robert Emms in particular standing out. The excellent Alexander Siddig (Deep Space Nine, Syriana) also appears, but his role in the first episode is small. I am sure that will change in future episodes. He is too good to waste on a minor part. This is good, old fashioned swords and monsters escapism done very well. Anyone looking for deeper meanings or historical accuracy will be sorely aggrieved, but that is very far from the point. This show could be everything that Merlin promised, but ultimately failed to deliver. If the rest of the series is anywhere as much fun, I will be watching Atlantis for a long time to come. Take a look and give it 15 minutes before you give up on it. It really picks up in a big way. Well done, BBC!
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Excellent and entertaining just like the haters
jkanot12330 November 2013
The haters of this show are making me laugh.

-They mention bad acting and poor dialogue but do not elucidate further. -They mention bad plots but do not elucidate further. -They mention bad characters but do elucidate further.

Then we come to what is really the problem:

Blasphemy to Greek Mythology.

Seriously? This show isn't meant to be true to Greek Mythology and doesn't need to be. We've read and seen the stories of Greek Mythology a thousand times over so a retelling (basing all of the great events and heroes in Atlantis) feels fresh.

My favorite review comes from beef-638-121436 who starts logically looking at how fast people drew lots once, estimating that it should have taken one full week for 1,000 people to do so as opposed to the day it took in the episode. He uses this as a basis for some of his hatred against the show.

This is hilarious. Wake up people. This is a family-orientated show. Obviously it's not going to be bloody A Game of Thrones. The last family-orientated show attempting to be simultaneously exclusive to children and adults (Dr.Who) ending up become a massive contradiction full of plot holes which took itself too seriously when it didn't need to.

The people wanting an accurate retelling of the Atlantis story can watch BBC's 2011 "Atlantis: End of a World, Birth of a Legend" which really was bad asides from the special effects.

This at least is entertaining.

It's a BBC drama. Just like Dr.Who, it's mindless fun. People taking this seriously really need to ask themselves what's important because nitpicking over little details such as how fast 1,000 are able to draw stones is very petty.

Are BBC programs mainly watched by people with anal retentiveness nowadays or what?
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Really Enjoy It!!
jaysalpatel29 December 2013
I have found Atlantis to be a very enjoyable piece of Saturday night entertainment. I am going under the impression that most of the hater reviews were written after the first episode. However i do not see it fit to base a show on just the begging, you wouldn't review a film after 1/12 the way through it. Yet, although the somewhat shaky start, i can fully say the show has massively improved in performance and storyline quality. After watching the full first series i can honestly say i was throughly impressed, it has nicely filled a gap left after the final season of Merlin. Finally, i hope it remains running and continues its good quality for many series to come.
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Stupid, but still fun
patrycja-miljevic10 January 2014
I decided to watch it because of Mark Addy, I didn't expect much, I suspected it would be as bad as "Robin Hood", and, well... Sometimes I come to think they spent all the funds for hiring him so they had nothing for special effects nor sets and locations.

The mythology in the show is only a loose base of names, sometimes some motives, but if you want to learn about the Greek mythology - then not from here. All the characters are just thrown into one place and time, sometimes they have something in common with the mythology, usually it's only a name. But hey, these are not historic facts, they are myths, so I guess they based an adventure fairytale on other fairy tales, right? Don't get uptight about it, it's not about truth anyway.

There's a lot of bad reviews here, I can see why, but most of these people haven't given the show a chance. The characters are actually not so idiotic as they seem, there's more to them than just the predictable stereotypes we get at the beginning, but they develop the way they are expected to develop, that's true. But in a world with movies like "Fast & Furious", "Twilight", countless crime series about good agents and bad terrorists, you really expect every medium budget production to be of great quality?

To sum it all up, it's definitely not anywhere near "Game of Thrones" and such, but it's not so annoyingly stupid as "Robin Hood". It's just average, mindless entertainment.
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an abomination
dr_films5 October 2013
This should be a good TV show... A story about an ancient, mythical city should be fairly easy to make interesting, with plenty of scope for solid characterisations, sub-plots, adventures and twists.

Unfortunately Atlantis fails to deliver on all fronts. In fact it doesn't even turn up.

The first ten minutes of the show rushes through what should normally take an entire episode - the result is that the viewer is left with the impression the scriptwriters do not actually want to tell the story or that they are too lazy to engage the viewer in any understanding the protagonist's character.

The dialogue is predictable and intellectually suited only to children. To anyone more mature it is an insult that the writers thought such banality would engage them. Clichéd and unimaginative.

The acting is distinctly average but then again the cast doesn't have much to work with. When the script is amateur the acting can only follow suit.

Mythology is unashamedly violated with heavyweight Greek characters coming out of the woodwork and wasted with stupid, stereotypical idiosyncrasies which dumb down these hero's actual contributions to history or culture. We've got a gambling, drunk Hercules and a triangle obsessed Pythagoras. Wow, good work guys! Just look at these goons and tell me you can take them seriously -

You can forget everything the books told you about Greek mythology because this show doesn't give a flying ****. It seems Homer, Plutarch and Pausanias' versions were simply not good enough for the writers.

If you are looking for the next "Game of Thrones", "The Borgias" or "Spartacus", you are in for a shocking disappointment. There is plenty of good TV out there - don't waste your time with this festering pile of nonsense unless you have 1 hour to kill and learn how NOT to do a TV series.
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Could be a kids' show is not for the historical and mythological references
Zubacz29 September 2013
Despite the unfavorable reviews I watched the pilot to the end. The script was terrible, for a prime time show. The amount of plot holes, senseless developments and ridiculous characters was way too much for any adult to accept. It could be a children's show since it did have a pleasant adventure feeling to it and the costumes were decently done. It's a shame though, that they put in so many names famous either from history or mythology. Evil god Poseidon, fat Hercules, wimpy Pythagoras all in a city called Atlantis? It seems wrong to see these characters in this setting; seeing history and mythology butchered this way, is destructive for kids in my opinion and downright insulting for adults.
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Queer and idiotic trip through twisted details of mythology
beef-638-12143629 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Out of curiosity I watched the first episode of this new fantasy series. Well, fantasy it is - just not very good fantasy. Firstly we see Jason survive an imploding bathyscaphe at great depth, and wake up on a beach. Then we get to watch his naked torso for about 19 seconds flat, with nothing else in view at all. I guess it must be to bait and hook teenager girls. Oh, is that what it's about? Fortunately there's a set of new, perfectly fitting clothing right next to him, so he gets dressed. Next he walks into a city (where of course all speak modern-day English) and gets attacked by a two-headed dragon (for trying to touch it) and right after, by guards. Luckily he escapes and meets Pythagoras, who is apparently in some way related to Hercules, coming in next bossing Pythagoras around.

This, to me, looks like a bad dream of a confused scriptwriter on acid. Patiently I wait for the moment, where all of this idiocy gets to make some sense.

And yes, as soon as the next scene develops, it all falls into place. Many worlds, great forces, the oracle who is probably his mother, and the hint that Jason is the son of a very important man, or perhaps-a god.

From here, I can dream up the rest of the story. Jason probably gets challenged a lot, meets the love of his life (which is bound to be a problematic relationship), battles the Minotaur and many other foes of ancient mythology.

The city has 20000 inhabitants. They are all summoned to the palace square, where they are addressed by king Minos, to draw a stone. However, there are at most 1000 persons in the square, and many of them seem to have copies all over the square. Then they line up to each take a stone. It is not very speedy, on average everybody takes 12 seconds. By this rate, it all will be over in... 20.000x12/3600= 67 hours. All attended by the king, so that would have to be stretched over 8-hour days, adding up to a full week of selecting 7 people. If I were that king, I would have thought of a somewhat shorter and less boring method to select 7 out of 20000. But hey, when the day is done all 20000 have magically passed.

This little insult to my intelligence is just one of many. Now, I really don't expect a series like this to be historically of mythologically correct, or scientifically accurate, but hell - the scriptwriters should know how to do basic math and not try to defy common sense. I'm feeling so much vicarious shame for them, it's almost unbearable.

Pythagoras gets selected, and spends a last supper with his best friends Hercules and Jason (who he has just met, so yesterday Hercules was his only friend) and for the second time Pythagoras gets stereotyped for being obsessed with triangles. Shame!

Ah, the princess doubts her father - clearly SHE will get to be the love interest of Jason.

More goofs: Jason draws a sword, and inspects it. It is clearly visible the sword has no sharp edges, just a sharp point. Still, it will do and he takes it to fight a monster. What's he gonna do, puncture the beast? All clothes and garments look unused, brand new. Nothing is dirty or worn. BBC and Urban Myth Films, why don't you go take a lesson from the original Star Wars movies.

But most of all, it is so wrong to have Greek mythology take place in Atlantis, first of all because Atlantis is not even a myth, it is mentioned in ONE old story which got propagated in modern times. This series feed our youth with twisted and confused stories that pretend to be the real myths. I can't help feeling a bit sick of this. I feel sad for how mythology gets violated and replaced by this crap.

Sadly, the series is bound to get popular.
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Just Terrible
shedmcnee29 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I miss Merlin on Saturday nights and this new show was supposed to fill the void. It failed big time. Most of the acting was awful but that was most probably down to the appalling script. Mark Addy was good but the main actor left a lot to be desired. Most of it was childish claptrap yet they put it on in the evening. Might have been better putting it on at teatime - kids may have liked it. For adults it was tame to say the least. What was so unrealistic was Jason's reaction to arriving in an ancient world - he hardly turned a hair. Very weird. Everything was predictable - especially when his new 'best friend' picked out the black stone. Hmmmm didn't know that was coming! Ha! We watched about half of the programme before turning it off. You can only take so much drivel.
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Began taking on water in the first scene
sebpopcorn1 October 2013
Welcome to Atlantis where, in early antiquity, all the inhabitants speak English and look like extras waiting for a better show to start. You'll probably spot a few of them in the background of the coming season of Doctor Who. Where they belong to be honest.

The music is over the top, the script is full of jarring anachronisms such as exasperated characters saying "Really?" and the CGI is crap too. The rushed cuts just go to prove what an amateurish, or rather careless, production this is. In the same vein as shows like Zena this all takes place in a vague "long ago" period of history that doesn't even make proper use of the mythology and everything feels forced and rushed.

This is for BBC America (who were involved in the production), I'm surprised they even bothered showing it here. I doubt it will be a big hit abroad though because this is so poorly put together.

The only positive review of it you'll find in the media is from the Sunday Times who declared it "an action packed buddy movie" having presumably copy pasted their review from the wrong press release.

In short, very disappointed.
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Zeus would have been ashamed! Warning: Spoilers
First I want to say that I'm a big fan of any TV series or movie where the action takes place in the area of Ancient Greece, Rome and so on.

However this ... let's call TV Show wannabe, proved to be such a disappointment. I know it's mythology and all, but a drop of realism won't hurt.

From the first episode when I said: "ok maybe maybe it will be worth it", but on the second episode I was: Damn ... this sucks.

Sorry to be so harsh, but some things just scream bad ideas. For one, making a fool out of a legendary hero like Hercules. Second since when an old woman is faster than Jason. Then the cult of woman for Dionysus, two of them holding a full grown man like he's a child. I understand amazons, but that wasn't it.

I will definitely not waste time in watching this series as things only go from bad to worse. I that's too bad, since I wanted a good Atlantis show.
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filmtvwatcher1 October 2013
I actually created an account as I felt I had to review this piece of tripe. I wrote quite a long review, detailing how rubbish this show is in every respect:

-Illogical story.

-Groan-worthy dialogue.

-Appalling acting.(Dis)honourable mention going to the insipid "hero".

-Pathetic fighting that's been sanitised and made bloodless so the kiddies won't be scared.

-Complete lack of drama/tension. Again, gotta keep those kids safe from anything that could be scary or... good.

-None of the swearing or nudity we'd have seen in that era. Yet again, that could traumatise the poor kids or turn them into serial killers. We can't have that. Noooo.

But you know what? I deleted that long review as I realised this show doesn't deserve so many words. 1 word sums up Atlantis perfectly: crap.
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englishbobcooke29 September 2013
I'll waste as little words as is takes to give my review. I have read others posted, one actually says give the programme 15 minutes before you judge it.....unfortunately I did. Both myself and my wife reached for the remote just after 15 minutes, no spoiler here, but when the scene where Pythagorus giving a camp wave of hands with "reeeaaally" spoken like an eleven year old girl drifted in, enough was enough. Sorry. I need to have ten lines of text for my review. I should engage one of the script writers. Are there any 8 year old literary students awake at this time. You could do a better job, believe me!!! Atlantis should be re-edited for CBBees. I have know wasted more time than I thought and there is a good possibility that this very honest opinion may never be published.
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What????? (Possible Spoilers)
alexpts29 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Jason, Pythagoras, Hercules a drunk and a gambler, the Minotaur, King Minos all of them in Atlantis just the first minutes of the first episode, who else will follow? As an Oracle myself I can see Leonidas, Theseus, Alexander the Great, Nebuchadnezzar and Julius Ceasar joining the fold, everybody sunbathing in Mykonos... Where do they get all these things??? Why can't they write a script without messing everything, why isn't there anybody that can make fiction thing with just simply fictional characters without dragging bits and bobs of history and mythology. It looks like it will be even worse than the Hercules series, the one with Kevin Sorbo. I remember watching an episode there with a guy named Parenthesis... Maybe this one has one named Colon...
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Don't take it so seriously.
mb-1551 November 2013
I also actually like this take on ancient affairs. Like another reviewer I believe this is a very easy to watch fantasy. It has good humour. It sets out to be so improbable that it is actually fun to view and a bit like but in mo way as good as a Red Dwarf version of Star Trek. The acting is not wooden at all. A lovely variety of actors and Mark Addy as Hercules sums it up really. Unlike other programmes that set out to portray their own take on books or events, like the new yet hopelessly unreal version of Dracula, this knock about drama is not a serious look at Greek mythology. We have watched all the episodes and will continue to do so while the would be pundits that knock this program go and look at Dracula - now that is a 'serious' take on Draclua yet so unlike the book!
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Brilliant So Far!
groovyjazzychick8895 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I had been looking forward to watching Atlantis, with the lack of thrilling action/adventure shows on weekend television, I was eager to try this brand new series to replace Merlin (which is my favourite show).

Judging by the first episode, Atlantis looks promising enough to make my Saturday nights interesting and something to look forward to. The mystery of the strange disappearance of the father of the main character: Jason, is intriguing and the special effects used to create the legendary minotaur is perfect.

It is easy to tell that this series has been produced by the same people who produced Merlin, but so far it has linked well with the beloved Greek myths and has introduced a fresh story to give families something to enjoy.
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katie-gail14 November 2013
I love this show! Okay, it may not be historically accurate, but who cares? Isn't Atlantis a myth anyway? The acting is first class as are the locations. I was actually surprised to find out it was British as it is so well produced I thought it was American. Sorry British programme makers but some of them don't have the same polish as the American series. Although lately British television dramas are improving and I look forward to more excellent series to come.

Back to Atlantis. The plots are at times exciting and at others humorous especially Hercules. I studied ancient history and enjoy the mention of mythical and historical characters. Quite often it is only a tip of the hat to them but I like it and don't care whether they appeared in the same period of history or not - this is fiction.

Jack Donnelly is a good looking hero and plays his part well with a mixture of courage and vulnerability. He is backed up by other strong actors especially Hercules and Pythagoras - sorry don't know the actors' names.

I have enjoyed every episode so far and hope it goes on for a long time to come.
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A great new show for a Saturday night.
eaton_2129 September 2013
I didn't know anything about this show until I was flicking through channels and saw this so I thought I'd give it a go and set it to record. I'm glad I did. It wasn't perfect but either was Merlin, I really enjoyed Merlin and I can tell I am going to enjoy this. I hope it doesn't go off course like Sinbad did last year. I watched a few episodes and stopped after boredom. Overall the acting was brilliant but it was fun and the sets were gorgeous. Something for the whole family. It may start off a little slow but give it the first episode and you will wont be able to wait for the next episode. A few good show to fit in Merlins place.
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Not a great start.....
markjohnevans7929 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard of this show I was intrigued. I've always been fascinated with the legend of Atlantis and being a sci-fi/ fantasy fan the marrying of the two got me excited. However having watched the first episode I'm left feeling rather underwhelmed. I must admit I came into this with some preconceptions but something about this show just didn't quite gel. Don't get me wrong it wasn't terrible but a lot of it either didn't work or was just unnecessary. The writing was average and I'm not convinced yet of the lead actors ability to carry a series. Certain parts of it got me worried as it immediately got me thinking about where the series would ultimately go and the place I imagine (if I'm correct) would be a total let down. Hopefully I'm wrong (all will become evident at the end of this review). Firstly I'm not entirely sure what the point of Jason coming from modern times was as, after he had arrived in Atlantis, it seemed immediately forgotten. There's taking things in your stride but after 5 minutes he acted like this was totally normal. As I said before it just didn't gel. Then there's throwing into the mix mythological Greek characters that have never before been connected with Atlantis. I mean, was it really necessary for Mark Addy to be Hercules as he shared none of the traits of the mythological hero (he could have just been a totally new character and it would have worked within the framework of the story)? What was the point of the Minotaur when any monster would have done? When I learned of the time travel aspect of the show I had hoped that the character of Jason would have been some kind of "fish out of water" genius, thrown back in time by unknown forces and using his intelligence to acclimate to this strange world whilst developing technologies that would eventually lead to Atlantis becoming the advanced pre-history civilisation legend says it was. I thought that would have been a nice twist to the story but hey ho. And I'm also guessing the Oracle turns out to be Jason's mother but I hope I'm wrong as that would be a pretty lame twist that most would see coming from a mile away. I'm going to stick with it as this was only the first episode and perhaps it needs some time to bed in. Perhaps the things I had hoped to see will appear further down the line and this episode simply did not set that up well. My prime concern however, based on the reactions (or lack thereof) of Jason and the mish mash of legends, is that it doesn't end up being some kind of Jacobs Ladder scenario where this is all happening in the mind of the main character in the sub. Only time will tell.

Edit added on 6th October 2013

Well, I've just watched episode two and it unfortunately wasn't an improvement. Ten minutes in and my attention began to wander and I started instead to read the news on my phone. It was only after twenty minutes that I realised I'd completely lost track of what was happening and I simply didn't care enough to rewind it back to find it. To me that's a show's death knell. Disinterest in anything is almost worse than outright hatred toward it (as to hate something means you at least have invested some kind of emotional attachment in it). I think my time with Atlantis is over. I gave it a fair shot but my series link has just been cancelled!!!
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Most of the reviews
dc019 October 2013
Most of the reviews here were speedily written after the first episode. Although whilst I agree the first episode was only slightly satisfying and the acting was not great. I do not believe a review should be able to be written without watching the first season. You do not review a movie only seeing 1/12 of it do you?

Other than that so far this show has been picking up in speed and entertainment.

Anyone who has watched BBC Robin Hood will probably agree it had bad acting and effects in the first season but quickly took off. That is what I would compare it too.

So far having watched episode 1 to 3 they have given an good performance. I see myself looking for the next episode after the last one was done. Maybe not with the tenacity I would for a show such as Merlin or Doctor Who, but by no means is it not entertaining for me.

The story and lore of Atlantis, Hercules, Pythagoras, and another lady without giving away any spoilers is much different than what you would have learned from books.

So as the writers took the story of many other legends and made it there own, they are also doing with Greek mythology. This is entertaining in itself to see what they change next.
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Reminded Me Why I Never Watch BBC Drama
Sandy-804-10103328 September 2013
Ten minutes in, I had to turn this rubbish off.

The acting isn't so bad, though the actors lack charisma. The main culprit is REALLY BAD DIRECTING. I knew within 10 seconds of the first scene this was going to be bad. The editing is ridiculously jarring. Every cut is painfully visible. There's no sense of pace. No sustained shots for the characters to EMOTE. How can I put this without sounding over the top? Suffice to say, it's THAT bad.

There's a painfully bad attempt to capture Bond-style action with a chase sequence while on a 'bridge' just after the protagonist has been shot by an arrow, which is not only VERY BADLY DONE but also RIDICULOUSLY INAPPROPRIATE. This guy is an oceanographer of something - not James Bond.

What amazes me is that there's a committee called the BBC that backs these decisions. If I were there, this kind of tripe would never get past first base. It angers me because I see it again and again. The Survivors was another example of very badly executed drama by the BBC. And there's been loads more since.

After ten minutes, I turned it off. The TV flicked over to an episode of Criminal Minds. Not the best of American drama, but the sudden shift in production values was like a giant slap in the face. Atlantis made Criminal Minds look like priceless modern art.

It's disgraceful that the BBC can keep kicking out such rubbish and actually believe they're making something worthwhile. God forbid they should ever find someone who actually knows what they're doing and make a commercial drama that's actually not an insult to decent television.
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Huge disappointment
HL-UK5 October 2013
Had seen so much publicity about it and always been fascinated by the legend, so I decided to tune in. From the very start you can tell there has been a lot of money invested in it but it simply comes across as so....plastic.....The wardrobe, to start with, is so clinical, so obviously taylor-made and impeccable. Even the spots are tidy and is the set. Completely artificial. Some of the swords are so brand new that you cannot help but try and see if you can spot the price tag. That is all really secondary because the acting is amateur at best....The characters sound so colloquial and modern, so posed.....I would only save Juliet Stevenson and bin the rest! Mark Addy is a mythological Del Boy and his comedy-like performance is completely inappropriate for this genre....
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