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Season 2 is one of the greatest displays of art ever to be put on screen. Beautiful, thought provoking, powerful and intensely epic.
riseagainst109029 November 2015
Never before have I written a review on IMDb. Not a single one. Have been using this site since I was a young teenager (I am 25 now) and although I have been moved by and enthralled with television series and films in the past, never before has one compelled me this much to feel the need to formally post a review. That being said, The Leftovers made me write a review because it is one of the most criminally underrated, under watched and overlooked shows on television today (in America, at least). It is an absolute shame because this show is a true artistic and philosophical marvel. It forces you to truly think and truly feel while you are experiencing it, and that is something too few television shows and films do today. Nowadays, too many want a movie over a film; a show over a series. This masterpiece of a season, season 2, will be looked back upon one day as one of the greatest television seasons of any show all time. It is that rare new gem hidden amongst the knockoffs and hand me downs. Light years ahead of any competition.

Without giving any spoilers, I will tell you that this show is like absolutely none you've ever experienced before, even with any possible similarities it has to other shows one could possibly compare it to (maybe Twilight Zone, Lost, Twin Peaks or Black Mirrors). The Leftovers has completely its own style and tone through amazing production value and direction. Not to mention, the writing and acting are both phenomenal and mind blowing. The depth and range of the characters and the actors playing them are beyond remarkable. The way it is shot, edited and the way they incorporate both the show's AMAZING score (beautifully haunting beyond measure) and outside songs into it make it into one totally cohesive and extremely powerful piece of art. This show is special beyond any comparison and moves you upon its own merit.

The Leftovers deals with mystery, philosophy, spirituality, loss, pain, love, hate, truth and fiction and what it means to truly understand and deal with all of these things. Not to mention the supernatural and unexplainable elements of life, nature and humanity themselves. And it is a true marvel to watch.

Please watch this show and you will not be disappointed! ( Well, unless you have awful taste and don't know what art is or you just don't like things that make you think and feel and question ;P ) Great things ahead for this series! Love love love what Lindelof Perrotta Leder and co are doing. Truly special to see every Sunday! 10/10
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this is top British style drama straight from the USA
robchat23 July 2014
I am from England and I just so happen to be visiting some friends in the USA where this show has just come out and is presently on episode 4.

I have just watched all four episodes and came to IMDb to see what people have to say about it. I am really surprised that the reviews are so negative by so many people!

This show will do really well in Britain (that's England, Scotland and Wales - the UK includes Northern Ireland too) because British drama is often gritty, solemn, and very very dark. And so is this show.

No one in 'The Leftovers' is happy. Everyone is mourning the loss of their loved ones in the aftermath of a a global event in which 2% of the world's population inexplicably disappeared. They are also dealing with the pain caused by the subsequent suffering of people around them, and its consequences.

This show has top notch acting by all concerned and is driven by the development of the characters, and the unfolding of events that now follow the rapture.

Nothing is explained in the beginning and the viewer is supposed to attempt to piece together what is going to unfold as the season goes on and the events slowly start to make sense to us.

It seems to me that here in the US, many people do not like thinking when watching the television. That might sound harsh, but it is truly beyond me how a show like this can get so many poor reviews when a show like 'Teen Wolf' (which I also saw for the first time a few days ago) is praised to the hilt.

The episode of 'Teen Wolf' I watched cut between 4 separate scenes like a Latin American soap opera that consisted of a guy pointing a gun at two Mexicans who were trying to get him to say some words out loud, and a lacrosse game with an angry werewolf and some very shocking acting.

'The Leftovers', on the other hand, is fantastic captivating storytelling; rather than a show whose purpose is to dumb down a nation, it requires people to use their brains and think about the darker side of the reality we actually live in today.

As a side note, the British actor Christopher Eccleston loves this kind of material. Check out the original British version of 'Cracker' or 'The Second Coming' (in which he plays the return of the son of God) to see what I mean. British cinema is no different. Christopher Eccleston stars in both 'Shallow Grave' and 'Jude' - two excellent dark and depressing films that show the depths of human suffering that the values of society perpetuate.

In episode 3 of 'The Leftovers', his character the priest attempts to save his church with an idea that seems to come from supernatural inspiration. The underlying question in the episode is whether or not he is on a path of good or evil in the way he chooses to do so.

'The Leftovers' is intelligent and it is thought-provoking. The writing is excellent, and the quality of this show, to my mind, is indisputable.

Nevertheless, I don't think that the content of this show is for everyone. Episode 3 in particular was so sinister that it was tough viewing. And not everyone wants to deliberately delve into a world of misery once a week. Just don't watch something like 'Teen Wolf' instead!
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brilliant and truly original television.
anotherbombay10 August 2014
I am so disappointed to see the negative reviews on here. Damn it! I hope HBO isn't reading them, because I'm already hoping for season 2.

I have watched 5 episodes so far, and I am captivated by it all. The writing, the acting, the lack of easy answers.

The writers are screwing with our heads, making us squirm at every turn. Pushing us way past our comfort level. We have two choices when that happens, we can turn away or look. It is horribly confronting and painful to watch at times.

It is the saddest town in The world. No one catches a break in Mapleton. Nothing is working right. The question most of them do not want to ask is "Why". There are no heroes here. Or rather , there are no heroes that aren't complete villains as well. There is no black and white. Endless shades of grey and no easy answers. it's messy and complex and just like real life.

And just when I think I can't watch another second, it is so sad and painful, the writers give us a moment so beautiful and loving, so full of grace, I think I will cry.

The show isn't about where they went. The show is about our breaking point. We all have one, and this show makes us squirm and takes our breath away and confronts us with magic and nihilism and ask ourselves "what is MY breaking point"?

It's perfectly done.
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Don't let these naysayers persuade you
gorman24626 July 2014
I guess everyone on this site is an academy award winner. The writing is not terrible, and the story line is not cliché'd. There is a ton of potential with this series and I am excited to see what comes next. The characters are compelling, there is a lot of mystery surrounding what has happened and what is happening in the future. Weird groups start to form and prophets arise as people are seeking answers as to why 140 million people just disappear.

As for all the trolls bashing this series, I'd imagine they would say Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad are cliché'd as well. I felt compelled to defend this series and that's the only reason I am writing this review. Watch it, judge for yourself, not by what some self righteous wanna be writer has to say about it.
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Exceptionally nuanced showed
inwaryzero12 July 2014
The show's writers set out to do the audience what they did with the characters--to cause confusion and pile on questions.

This show demands you pay attention to the details and to try and sort out the irrelevant; to try and pick up clues that you think may lead to answers as to why 2% of the earth's population has disappeared.

Is the sheriff insane? Has the rest of the world gone mad? Is this divine intervention or something alien at work?

Do you want all the answers handed to you per episode? Go watch 24 or NCIS. If you want to think about what happened in The Leftovers and accept that the clues will come trickling in over time and then please watch this show. The former writer of Lost Damon Lindelof is not going to do his audience any favors except when the payoff comes.
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Good, no great, wait it's amazing.
mariusdekock2014 August 2014
If you enjoyed the mysteriousness of Lost (and who didn't) you will really enjoy The Leftovers. You can immediately recognize Damon Laurence Lindelof's work by viewing the 1st couple of episodes. What this series does so well is to create a different and very strange world that captures you from the start. The connection it creates with the viewer gives a sense of 'What if I was left' and leaves some questions as to how you would react or feel given the strange yet possible situation. I really enjoy the fact that the series takes it's time to reveal certain secrets or elements, which gives it so much more depth and keeps you wanting more. On the one side I'm so excited to see what happens next, but on the other side I don't want the series to reveal too much information early on, so don't mind being kept somewhat in the dark. The acting is suburb and Justin Theroux really does a superb job as lead actor. I definitely give it a 10 star for keeping me at the edge of my seat.
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I LOVE this show!
amerimama-50-47731828 July 2014
I will say that after watching the first episode I was on the fence about this series, but, now, after viewing 4-5 episodes, I am totally hooked and I think this is one of the most exciting new series from HBO in years. Justin Theroux is excellent in his role as the police chief (besides being extremely pleasant to look at!). I never realized he was such a great actor, but this role really stretches his ability. He has definitely not disappointed, running the full emotional gamut (father, husband, law enforcer) in his portrayal as Kevin Garvey. And the rest of the cast is great, too. This is must-see TV at its best, and I look forward to the new episode every Sunday. Bravo HBO, you have done it again!
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Many can't stand not understanding I guess
billypilgrim2322 July 2014
Lots of very negative reviews after 4 episodes so far. Strange, since this show started well. Seems to me many of the reviewers are having problems with not understanding everything yet- "what is this deal with the smokling guys in white? I don't get it".

For some of us, living with some mystery that we hope will be understood later is fun, not for everyone I guess.

Dialogue is good, acting is good. Characters have potential.

This show could be good, we wont know for a while, but don't let the negative reviewers scare you off, let's give it a chance and see where it takes us.
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Stop Comparing This To "LOST"
BlueCollarGoddess13 August 2014
I can't give this series (just renewed for a second season, by the way) a ten because nothing is perfect. If there was a rating for "As Perfect As Possible"? Hence the nine. The character development, the tight writing (without clichéd gimmicks or ridiculous dialog that only happens between fictional people) the phenomenal camera work and editing, the entire package, darn near perfect. This is an ineffable wonder of brilliant, barely controlled emotional chaos in a realistic world; not some fake island inhabited by a swirl of smoke.

The ONLY thing in common with "Lost" is the inability to identify anyone as "good" or "bad". You don't know who to love or hate. You don't know who to trust or what their motives are. The moment you begin to form an opinion of any character I can almost guarantee you'll change your mind (and then back again) within the frame work of a single episode.

You'll step into the lives of certain residents in an East Coast small town three years after an event referred to as "10/14" the way many of us refer to 9/11.

Is it paranormal? Supernatural? Spiritual? Was it a giant scientific blooper that the Illuminati Government started and refuses to acknowledge? An Alien encounter? Worm hole in the Universe? Should we call Doctor Who? Is it a very long dream by one of the characters?

Fasten your seat belts darlings ... I think it's going to be the best bumpy ride since Breaking Bad, and for the love of all things amazing and brilliant, stop comparing this to Lost. For those of you who do, you're ignoring the deeper meaning, the one we are all afraid to admit we know but won't acknowledge: sometimes you will never know what happened. How do you move forward without any closure at all?

The Leftovers is called THE LEFTOVERS. Not, "All will be revealed and make sense someday"
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Really captivating
dandiel121230 June 2014
I really don't understand why people are giving the pilot so many bad reviews.It gave enough information about the "rapture" to lure us in, but not completely to spoil it and leave no mystery for later. Its clearly related to Lost, but obviously has its own special elements. I think Lost was a great TV show and this TV show could end up being even better since the creators already know the things the audience dislikes and loves. I can seriously see this TV show becoming one of my favorites soon enough, and if it doesn't keep picked up for another season I will be greatly disappointed and to be honest a bit sad. To the people who disliked the pilot, I think you should wait for the second episode and give the show a second chance.
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Dreary "mystery" that will leave you wishing you were one of the 2%
Rob_Taylor9 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
So I gave it a try. I really did. Three episodes and a bit of the fourth. But it was to no avail. I just couldn't bring myself to watch any more of this drivel.

Drivel, you say? How so? Well, here's the thing. I watch TV and movies to be entertained. It can be simple entertainment, or it can be clever. But for me, at least, it can never be inane.

A mystery. A proper mystery, at any rate, demands that the writer devote some time to developing that mystery. It requires that the mystery be understood completely by its creator. In such a way, clues as to the nature of the mystery can be dropped at appropriate moments so that the audience - who do not know the nature of the mystery - can begin to understand what is going on.

That never happens here and, I suspect it never will. The reason for that is Damon Lindeloff. A man who believes the mystery is everything and has no care as to the causality behind the mystery. He throws things in your face without regard to reason or logic and expects you to sit back and ponder the meaning of it all, no doubt chuckling at your notion that "All will be revealed in the end!". Because it never will be.

Leftovers has his hallmark all over it. Feral dogs, weird cult, inexplicable behaviour. All these things and more you will find in Leftovers. What you won't get, is a satisfactory answer to any of these "mysteries".

So if you ignore the "mystery" what is left of Leftovers? Not much. 2% of the world vanishes and, some time later, the story opens with everyone seemingly having lost someone dear to them. Really? Because 1 in 50 people vanishing means that, out of your family, friends and workmates, perhaps three people you knew are gone. And of those, probably only one was someone you actually cared about. Yet, years later, people are still upset about it and doing incomprehensible things in their daily lives, seemingly as a result.

It is all nonsense. Badly thought out and executed nonsense. I can't even recommend it as a "So bad it's good!" kind of deal. It's just bad.

Of course, some people seem to like it. So what do I know? I just hope they won't be too disappointed when the inevitable end comes to this "show" and nothing gets answered. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't Lindeloff's aim all along. Make weird crap up and then, when the show gets axed - and it will - blather on about how they had a really great ending planned etc. etc.

SUMMARY: Turgid and incomprehensible nonsense dressed up as a mystery. Depressing, boring and without any hope of resolution. Look elsewhere for your entertainment. Unless you are a masochist, of course, in which case...have at it!
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Hidden gem
aggelosandreou-178394 August 2018
People just want straight answers. They want everything to be explained to them. They want the mystery to have some sense of purpose and meaning.

I am - conveniently - talking about both the protagonists of the story AND the viewers of the Leftovers.

This is by far THE most profound, perplexed, underrated drama I have seen in the last decade.

It was ignored by the average audience and many people hated it because it didn't abide by the rules of the mainstream storytelling.

But for me, I was drawn into that world because it was the first show to reflect with so surgically the human need for answers.

Pure masterpiece.
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Undoubtedly, one of the best and most emotional dramas ever created...
juanpablo-6674511 December 2015
7,8 is so damn ridiculous, I understand that the first episodes of The Leftovers didn't achieve to catch everybody's attention, it started in some way, with a slow rhythm, trying to explain from the beginning the characters life three years after the departure of the 2% of the world's population. But after the third episode (spectacular as all the episodes focused on Matt Jaminson), all things initiate to clarify, all emotions started being explain,and the show took an amazing hype. You have to be blind for don't loving The Leftovers after all the events so wonderfully written by Damon Lindelof.

But if the first season was an artwork, the second season was by far, one of the best season's in television history. Every episode so full of madness, frustration, sadness, desperation, but with a clear difference from season one, it had a feeling that made this season more spectacular than ever, HOPE. From the demonstration of family's importance in life, to a different and blow-minding concept of death, all episodes are just impossible not to love. All of this, is caused by the application of hope, faith and love in every episode.

When I was searching for reasons of why The Leftovers didn't have as much rating as it deserve, I saw one reason that at the beginning for me, made sense, but after all, its absolutely wrong. Some people say that The Leftovers is not a show for everybody, that its only a show for intelligent and deep people, but I found this statement incorrect. For me, a drama that has so much humanism in its content, so much emotions that explains our reason of existing, so much concepts (religion, love, existence, death) that makes you wonder why television doesn't have more shows like this, its a series for all kind of people.

So, you don't have to be a smart-ass to love The Leftovers, you just need a little patience and let the rest happen. If you let it, this show is going to enter into your mind and heart, and it's not going to leave in a good time.
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Next level. Every scene packed with esoteric symbolism.
sclafunk8 June 2018
It's hilarous watching idiots review this show after they celery watched only one Episode in this matter of fact tone: they could not be farther away from the point or the plot hahaha. It makes me wish I could reply directly to other reviewers. One person honestly called this a "zombie show with no zombies" hahahahahaha. This show is about the uncertainty of life. I can't even put into words how amazing it is. If you like cerebral storytelling with layers upon layers to dissect and discuss, this is for you. The acting and writing are some of the best to ever grace a screen. The first season, while great, is definitely a little heavy but stick with it Bc 2-3 are the peak of the golden age of television. Season 2 ep 8 is straight up the best hour I've ever spent in front of a tv in my life. If you don't like to think, you won't enjoy this show. If spirituality and the occult scare you you won't like this show. If you don't like being challenged and assumed to be intelligent by your storytelling, you won't like this(which explains my first sentence in this review lol). Regardless. You have to respect what was done here, every single Facet of the leftovers is done with passion and mastery, from the acting to the sound to the crew. One of the singular best and most unique television series of all time.
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Defending the indefensible
bobkaminski20057 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I assume that any positive review of this drivel must be from either one of the writers or their immediate family. Please stop saying that the negative reviews are from dense people who don't appreciate the show's subtle brilliance. Bullsh*t!!! Don't kid yourself, the viewers are not the problem; they're the victims of grossly incompetent writing.

The most fundamental rule of writing is to start strong. Like the old cliché says, you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression. The pilot was an absolute disaster. The opening scene was a dud. Each and every one of he characters we met in the pilot were profoundly uninteresting and/or annoying. I can't remember the name of any character from the pilot and I literally just finished watching it 10 minutes ago.

Just for comparison sake on good writing vs bad writing, go watch the opening scene of the Breaking Bad pilot episode. Walter White, wearing a gas mask and tighty whiteys, is racing through the desert in an RV with 3 unconscious passengers and police sirens in the background. He crashes the RV, finds a gun and camcorder, records a frantic farewell to his family, then walks on the road gun in hand for a final showdown. WOW! I want to know more!

Leftovers Pilot- starts with annoying baby crying while mom is on phone discussing something mundane (can't even hear over baby's crying). Baby disappears mysteriously from back seat and crying replaced by mother's annoying screaming. We then proceed to meet a bunch of bland characters doing boring things. No clues or insights as to what happened. I am checking the clock to see how much longer this thing is going to be.

Look, I have nothing against slow pacing (I loved True Detective) but you have to give the viewer SOMETHING to hook him in. An intriguing premise simply isn't enough.
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Mediocre Wild Goose Chase
The Leftovers has gotten so many one star and nine or ten star votes, but it really isn't such a great flop nor a great success either. It is mediocre, but still interesting and entertaining enough to watch, if you are into this sort of thing, and have some spare time. That said, it's not a great loss if you don't watch it either. We've seen all this before. Just like Lost, this series leaves the viewer unsatisfied, as her questions are answered only with more questions. After introducing an absurd sci-fi mystery, it turns out to be more of a bland psychological drama instead, and the pace is quite slow, yet without the tension needed to fully maintain interest.

I wonder why people write reviews after seeing just the first episode? I sat through both the first and the second season before reading any reviews here, and I must say that most reviews based on only one or two episodes are utterly useless for people who are trying to decide if they should start watching the show or not.
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Wasted Potential
alternate-dm22 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show has a good concept. What if a significant amount of people suddenly vanish? What kind of possibilities could cause this? How does it change the world?

However, this is NOT a Sci-Fi show...not even a mystery drama...just straight up drama about some random individuals. This show is very far from 'Lost'. There are not, and never will be, any answers or insight into the disappearance. Not any additional footage or examples about the disappearance beyond the pilot. Here is the gist: a bunch of people disappear, but don't think too much about how that happened, now watch the lives of some certain ordinary people go up and down years later. Unlike 'Lost' there is no balance between the main characters and the central mystery, and no sense of how the character's fate, past/present lives, and the central mystery are intertwined.

If there was some sort of unraveling mystery surrounding the circumstances of the disappearance, this show would be much better. Maybe follow someone trying to find the truth, and encountering ever more interesting and perplexing mysteries and conspiracies. Mix it up every now and then with some others things or circumstances that are not possible in the normal world.

But this show just focuses on society, and the lives of just a few people. And the show gets 1 star because those people are just downright boring and uninteresting; there is no sense of connection with the characters. You don't really sympathize with any, outright hate any, or really understand the perspective of any of them. Any connection you might have had with the characters must have disappeared with the 2% of the population in the pilot - never to return again.
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Uh, no ...
Payne72214 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I realize that much of what has been presented in the first three episodes of The Leftovers is meant to disturb, to perplex, pull us in, make us want to watch for eventual connections and answers.

I get it ... it's intelligent television. Cerebral. DARK.

I get that the dogs might be being manipulated by some 'other' force. I understand that the white-clad, 'we aren't a cult' cult members probably have a reason for smoking, smoking, smoking. And I know that the police chief finding that missing bagel suggests that there is indeed hope if you don't give up.

If you ...

Don't ...

Give ...

Up ...

But I just can't .... This show is that awful. Truly the worst writing I have ever seen on HBO.

And I sat through Looking!

Though the cast has the deck stacked against them, they are uniformly terrible as well, particularly Justin Theroux who, for my money, is the most not-hot 'hot cop' to saunter across the TV screen since ever.

I'm guessing that this show is meant as some kind of Under the Dome/Lost meets Twin Peaks thing ... but honestly, in one episode (I've forgotten which) two of the cult leaders follow Liv Tyler's character around for weeks, literally stalking her and clearly trying to recruit her, and then when she finally does join, they DON'T EVEN KNOW HER NAME.

"What's your name?"


I mean, seriously? This is the level of stupidity, of lazy writing that we are talking about here.

Honestly, everything about this show is just wrong.

Uh-uh, no HBO, sorry, but on this endeavor I must throw in the towel.
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Rubbery and Tasteless
wyvern0884 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The very appropriately titled The Leftovers, is like digging through my fridge, finding the same old bland crap that I didn't like enough to finish the first time, and wondering if it will still be palatable after scrape the mold off, and stuff it in the microwave, in a half baked attempt to fill a craving.

The Pilot of The Leftovers disappoints in every way possible. The characters are bland and forgettable; I had forgotten their names by the time the credits rolled. The drunkard sheriff, who I assume is supposed to be our main character, spends the majority of the episode moping around, swearing at people, and ranting about cultists. Chainsmoking cultists who always remain silent, so they could be paid as extras. They follow people around and... blankly stare at them. Public menace.

Sadly they are by far the most interesting part in this train wreck simply because you are left wondering how a group of mute, nicotine-addicted, cleanfreaks is able to function. They NEVER stop smoking, making me wonder how no one has keeled over from any number of horrible cancers. How do the get their cigarettes? do the just walk into a 7-11 and just, blankly stare at the cashier until he guesses right? How do they pay for the smokes? They all spend their time doing culty things, so where does the money for an endless supply come from?

Beyond that we have, drunk sheriff's slut daughter, who's defining moments were elbowing a teammate in a field hockey practice, and choking some stoner idiot while he jerked himself off. Drunk sheriffs son, who works for a self proclaimed Jesus figure in another cult. And finally some bald guy who runs around shooting dogs, which apparently have gone nutso because some people disappeared.

Oh, did I forget to mention that? Probably because this SHOW FORGETS TO MENTION THAT! The 'Rapture' happens in the opening scene and is hardly brought up again for another hour, when someone who I assume is the mayor, unveils a memorial of a baby getting vacuumed up into the sky!

There are infinitely better ways to spend an hour and a half; watching paint dry or hammering nails into your own eyes. The Leftovers is a bland forgettable wast of time. Avoid it.
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There might me something there, they just have to be willing to share more.
face-819-93372630 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Strong start for this new show right out of the gate. You have another twist on the what if some folks just disappeared one day, and all the folks left behind are still wondering 3 years later why not them.

I personally get a strong The Stand vibe from this show so far, people are having visions of sorts that they do not yet understand, and who knows if the missing folks could ever still come back. There are the usual militia groups, and cults that you would expect to have in a situation like this, but there is something special going on with these "Silent Witnesses" who are chain smoking fools that may in fact know something that of course they are not telling. The cast is very broody, even Liv Tyler seems dry as all of the people feel as though they have been in morning for a long time, and there is still much to be determined as we learn that people we would think are gone are not, just drifting apart, and the dogs...

So HBO's new take on fantasy/drama, and I Enjoyed it, so I say if you like twisted up mysteries with a little bit of fantasy to really mess you about; then here we may have an interesting interruption from the norm.

Really not big cinema, or high end art, but the showing is strong, and the performances are worth checking out.

Edit Oct 2015: Really loving the second season. Solid changes to the story, and the addition of "Miracle" backdrop really make the story lighter but still edgy, and full of questions and mystery. Even a new opening sequence. They really freshened things up without taking too much away from what was good.

Jesse of
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Obfuscation leading to nothing
sorchasinclair3338 July 2014
Yet another sub-par show that's following the trend of being "deep" and confusing for no reason other than to lead viewers down the garden path, hoping for a complex and (this is key) *satisfying* plot line.

I love a good mystery, and I looked forward to the premier of this show, so it's really a shame to cultivate a pre-audience like this and then drop the ball so completely.

I gave this show a try - hated the pilot, but watched the 2nd episode to be fair. Nope. If I don't care about ANY of the characters by the end of a 2 hour investment, and if the story makes NO sense whatsoever after 2 episodes..... Not wasting further valuable time. Guess what folks - you can watch this drek for 6 seasons and your reward will be the sucker punch of a lame finale, just like Lost.
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I really wanted to like this show but...
lancewgordon1 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I want to start by saying that this show made me want to slap someone in their ear hole. The concept of the show (I've never read the books) sounded like something I would be into. It's a story that could've been something great. The two main problems I see with The Leftovers is that none of the characters are memorable and the show doesn't reward you for your time. You want to cheer for the main character, the police chief, because he lost his wife, until you realize that he's not doing much for you to care about him. You assume his wife disappeared during the "rapture," only to find out she has joined a cult of silent protesters. Why did she leave her family? Her husband, son, and daughter did not disappear. Her family, unlike many depicted in the show, are still around.

But anyway, these cult members do not speak, not even to each other unless someone new is joining the group. Which doesn't happen until the last few minutes of the pilot. They communicate by writing on notepads. Why? What purpose does that serve? And what's with the cigarettes? These cult members do nothing but follow people around and smoke all the time. A fight scene broke out during a protest and the cult didn't fight back. They took a beating from an angry crowd and left viewers pondering "what the hell is the point of this cult?"

Now on to the daughter. I understand her mother left, for absolutely no reason I can think of. Therefore, the daughter is stressed out. Her and her father curse at each other and argue in every scene together. So what does she do to let off steam? She goes to a party and chokes a guy while he masturbates; due to a variation of the game "Spin the bottle." She's silently crying while doing this and staring up toward the ceiling. I was hoping she would get attacked by the dogs. That would've made me smile at least once during this episode. But I'll get to the dogs shortly.

Next, the son of the police chief is off working as a driver for some mysterious man, presumably someone dangerous. Every time his father tries to call him, the son doesn't answer. Kind a of a d*** move, considering the son should be helping his father take care of the younger sister. With a little effort, maybe she wouldn't end up on the pole right after high school. But when your father curses all the time, doesn't try to hold the family together, and just comes off as a generally unlikable person, I don't really blame the kid. But the son brings absolutely nothing to the table. He's a coward. He too left his family. Why? So he could skinny dip at his bosses house at night? Yes, he did that after a stern talking to from the boss man.

Back to the mother. In the end of the episode, the police chief is begging for her to come home. She doesn't say anything of course. She just stands there crying. The world has lost 2% of its population, still has her family, and she leaves for no reason. Mother of the year right there. No wonder her daughter is doing drugs and playing slap and tickle at a party with some random guy.

Then there's the bald guy from Jericho shooting dogs. He drives around town, spots a dog, then shoots it.

Now on to the dogs. Apparently, majority of the town's dogs have gone rogue and form packs. Why? I'll tell you why. Because chasing down deer and tearing into them like some wanna be wolves is a lot more fun than chasing sticks and licking their b**** all day. But we have no answer as to why they are doing this.

I almost forgot Liv Tyler. Throughout the entire episode, she is being followed by cult members. They show up everywhere. Her driveway, when she's out to dinner with her man. They even wait for her to come home so they can smoke cigarettes and stare at her until she smacks one of them. Which of course gets no response from the cult member. So after Liv Tyler gets tired of all these people stalking her, guess what she does? You guessed it, she joins the cult! What the? Why would? Are you kidding me? But the old saying rings true I suppose. If you can't beat 'em...

Did I confuse you? Did I give you any insight into what this show is about? No? That's because I have no clue myself as to what is going on. There's too many questions and zero answers. After an hour the only things I know is that the cast is a bunch of douche bags, 2% of the population is gone, and that I wasted over an hour of my life that could have been spent doing something productive, like dropping a deuce.

In closing, I would just like to say, come on HBO. You gave us Band of Brothers, The Wire, The Sopranos, Generation Kill, The Pacific, The Game of Thrones, Entourage, Deadwood, and OZ. How can a network do something so brilliant as those shows and then toss a turd at us in The Leftovers. Give the viewers something to sink their teeth into. Give us a reason to tune in again. Give me a sliver of hope that this show is going somewhere. Give us something! If you asked me to describe this show in only one word, I couldn't. I would just stare at you and smoke a cigarette.
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We liked it- intriguing, and it's not supposed to give it all away
juliascott605 July 2014
It's a series people- get over it! I'm continually amazed by folks who want to be spoon fed all of the answers to a series in the first 60 minutes. At any rate we found the first episode thought provoking. Yes, it is a little confusing and I truly hope it doesn't go down the path of LOST in which I lost interest rather quickly (because of the things in it that made no sense and never would. I mean, really, how did the heavy guy not lose any weight in the first season?!). That said, I have high hopes for this drama as I love these sorts of human stories that make you think for yourself and don't try to shove an agenda down your throat.

I'm reading the book right now and as in all books that turn into a movie or show, there are the expected differences, however it seems to be following along nicely with the spirit of the original story.

Give it a try and decide for yourself, and don't be dissuaded by the many reviews that are so negative and in my opinion premature.
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Absolute Cocamamy nonsense
alichaiagain21 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this show a 3, for employing Christopher Eccleston, (it's only saving grace) and then knock it down to a 2 for forcing him to do the most entirely ludicrous "mysterious" bottle episode, while faking a horrific American accent.

For those who are telling people to wait, and to not be so uneducated and close-minded about the magically mystery tour, and want ANSWERS all the time - that is not the problem. The problem is a horribly conceived script with zero characters to care about, and an entire jumble of enigmatic blabble with no reason to believe that there IS any actual sense behind it.

If there truly is a reason for the way every person on this show is behaving after a very minor tragedy, then it better be something absolutely mind-blowing - because so far the Smoking Nuns who steal churches and bother the living crap out of everyone, and the regular people, are acting equally absurd. "Save your breath. Don't speak. Save it for smoking?" And these giant conventions for people who just can't DEAL? It's been three years. People die all the time. I want to smack every person on the show and tell them to grow up and get over it! And so far, after 7-8 episodes.. I think I'd rather they all jumped off their roofs.

It's not too "clever", or slow-building for ordinary folks; It's a bunch of completely random trumped-up jibber-jabber, filled with horrible people and nobody to dream for.
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Much ado about nothing...
equatortravel9 July 2015
I can't begin to list all of the annoying things this show has to offer. So much work for so little result. It has weird religious overtones and I really don't feel like trying to connect dots that don't really exist. It's the Emperor's New Clothes...everyone here seems to see the Emperor dressed but to me, he's stark naked. They want ten lines for me to submit my little I'll tell you about a psychology experiment I did when I was in College: I had a pile of forks and a pile of squares of tissue paper. The volunteers were asked to take some forks and some paper and wrap them. Then they were to bring then to me and take some more. When they gave them to me I would simply unwrap the forks and dump them back in the pile. The object of the experiment - much like the Leftovers - was to see how long they would stick with this useless task. While many of them left some stayed all day...and I imagine they would still be there now wrapping forks. That's how I feel about The Leftovers.
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