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Sex & Nudity

  • As the title of the series implies, the main premise involves an affair - sexual and emotional infidelity. Thus throughout the series there are sexual encounters, occasional nudity, discussions of sexual activities and sexual references.
  • The sex scenes are usually fairly short - usually lasting from 5 seconds to less than a minute. Some are relatively tame with kissing, groping, and thrusting with little nudity. There are a few sex scenes in some of the episodes are a little more explicit with more nudity, (very occasional breasts, butts) interaction, and indications of completion or orgasm by the characters. One scene has a woman begging for a man to ejaculate on her face

Violence & Gore

  • There's a rape scene that is brief but which may be unsettling to survivors.
  • As with the sex/nudity there is occasional violence throughout the series. Some episodes have no violence while others may have a few fight scenes.
  • Much of the violence follows a similar pattern - two people are arguing, it escalates to yelling, and a punch or two are thrown.
  • In one scene a man points a gun at another man in front of his wife and daughter and threatens to kill him. This scene is shown twice from 2 different perspectives.
  • I would guess that about 40% of the episodes have some form of arguing or fighting in them.


  • The main protagonist sure likes to use the F-word, usually in some form of exclamation that things have gone wrong or in a form of self pity. This of course carries over occasionally to his wife and oldest daughter.
  • Most episodes have some profanity ranging from the mild (damn), medium (shit), and the occasional cruder profanity words (F@%#, c&#@, etc.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Talks of a teenage girl being high and smoking pot.
  • Throughout the series there is drinking in bars, at parties, and social drinking over dinner. Occasionally one or more of the characters appears drunk, and several times these drunk people are seen getting behind the wheel of a car. In one instance a woman had several glasses of wine and knowingly consumed a pot laced food product and then picked up children from school and got into a minor accident.
  • Smoking pot occurs occasionally throughout the series.
  • There is talk of dealing drugs by several of the characters in one of the families.
  • In season 2 there is a particular long party scene where people are drinking, smoking pot, and snorting cocaine. At least two characters are shown doing lines of coke. several are shown smoking what appears to be pot.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A kid is shown hanging from the ceiling in an apparent suicide attempt.

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