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Episode #5.10

As wildfires threaten Los Angeles, Helen and Noah are forced to run for their lives and confront old wounds along the way.

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Episode #5.9

As controversy swirls around Noah, Helen and Whitney must decide where their allegiances lie.


20 Nov. 2016
Episode #3.1
Haunted by recent hardship, Noah struggles to navigate the challenges of his old life while attempting to adapt to a new one. A new love interest isn't enough to overcome a sense of dread. Someone is watching him.
20 Nov. 2016
Episode #3.2
Helen is devastated by Noah; various familial pressures cause Helen and Vik to reexamine their relationship; Alison's worst fears are realized.
4 Dec. 2016
Episode #3.3
Noah's stabbing leads to unease; Juliette worries about her life at home; Noah's time in prison begins to catch up with him.
11 Dec. 2016
Episode #3.4
Cole is put in an increasingly impossible situation by Alison's return to his life. Alison must contend with Luisa while attempting to reconnect with her daughter. Simultaneously, a dangerous passion threatens to wreck everything.
18 Dec. 2016
Episode #3.5
Alison is motivated to spend a memorable day with Noah on Block Island for an unusual reason. Noah is left wistful by their profound connection, until the problems from which he was escaping return with a shocking force.

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