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Death/Client Sparkles ****
edwagreen24 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Highest rating ever is to be given to this particular episode. So many interesting things were happening at a political dinner where Peter gave his Republican opponent exactly what he deserved for starting a rumor about Jake's alleged drug addiction. He told this to the cardinal in attendance no less.

If this weren't enough, Pete informed Diane that he was nominating her for a vacancy on the state supreme court if he were to be elected governor. Of course, Diane would have to cut all ties with the law firm if she accepts. This will be most interesting to see. I hope that this is not a way for Christine Baranski to leave this excellent show.

As if all this was not enough, Alicia was summoned by the police when one of her clients, a person constantly suing others, in shot to death on the street. When it's learned that the killer is headed to Alicia's apartment, she quickly calls her children and tells them to flee the apartment. Her mother, the wonderful Stockard Channing, is there and brings the kids to a bar where she reveals that Alicia was pregnant before she married. Alicia has to explain to her daughter that she is loved in any case.

Flashbacks were effectively used to show Alicia in scenes with the dead client and her love affair with Will.

A totally juicy episode not to be missed.
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The Good Wife Death of a Client
dalydj-918-25517525 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
From the great guest stars to the heart felt flashbacks Good Wife was able to create another great hour of drama television. The setting at the police station with Alicia remembering Matthew (John Noble) the client we saw get killed on a security tape as well as seeing him and Alicia have some good times talking cases and listening to Bach. Then there was Matthew Perry finally returning to the show and seeing him fight with Peter for a hug from the cardinal. Perry was delightful as usual creating funny moments and having great chemistry with nearly every other actor. Stockard Channing also returned as Alicia's mother Veronica and she was just as impressive as these men especially in the bar with the kids telling all Alicia's secrets which were all greatly delivered by Channing. The regular cast where also given some great written moments and Alicia letting Will go was just as impressive as their fight weeks ago also being well played by Margulies who knows how to be emotional in her voice without letting her strong character become weak. Great writing and performances made for one of the show's best episodes in a long time.

EPISODE GRADE: A (MVP: Julianna Margulies)
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If you love the sound of nails scraping down a blackboard then this is the episode for YOU!
darkness_visible25 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I do enjoy the series The Good Wife, and thank Robert and Michelle King for creating it, but there were several times during this episode (written and directed by Robert King) when I was so intensely irritated that I thought I was going to start screaming. King apparently believes irritants make good drama, but I'm only 20 minutes in and I'm starting to feel I'll never watch the show again. Irritation 1 was the client who insisted on playing loud (faux) Bach over the top of dialogue. Irritation 2 was chicken-brained Stockard Channing giggling maniacally while operating a loud remote control toy car while Alicia was trying to explain to her that she and the children were in danger. Irritation 3 - the old man at the police station who kept coming closer to Alicia and singing while she was on the phone or in conversation with someone else. Irritation 4 Stockard Channing disregards Alicia's advice and takes Zach and Grace to wait in a bar. I'll finish the episode for the sake of giving King a chance, but this really could be the moment when the show jumps the shark.
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