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love it
juicemonster69130 March 2014
Please CBS give this show the chance it and the cast deserves. This is a real good action, scifi show with some good humor thrown in.The Actors are really settling in to their roles can't wait for finale Monday. Would love to see it back on after Unforgettable has finale cause we almost lost that too which woulda sucked. Good time slot and shows would compliment each other in my life for years to come. Love CBS shows don't hurt me by removing good shows. You managed to steal Josh Holloway before any one else did Do not give him up.You got Marge back out there. Just like you kept my man who started as a real awesome vampire and is now Hawaii 50 favorite actor Alex O'Loughlin. I REALLY HOPE THIS GETS TO THOSE WHO MATTER AND THEY DO NOT CANCEL!
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Know what your watching...
uh60blackhawk30 June 2014
After reading a very un-intelligent review on here, I'll just say this: The title "intelligence" wasn't about the guy's intelligence, it was about spying and collecting "intelligence" on "bad guys".

It wasn't supposed to be about a super-smart person, it was supposed to be about a person who had access to more data than anyone else, without the need of a computer.

That said, I loved the show. Seems like most of the ones I like get canceled these days...

I would like to know why it was canceled. Was it ratings? If so, was it mid-season ratings...when they only play re-runs? Pretty stupid reason to cancel a show, but it's happened before...
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i thought it was great
matty_lee9996 April 2014
i know that it has been done before, Jake 2.0 with nano-bots and chuck with the intersect. intelligence is with a micro-chip in the brain, there all similar, but you cannot say this one is poor because the others may be better, chuck is the best out of the 3 yes but this has different and exiting elements, the fight scenes are good, the plot is good, the acting is good, all round in my opinion this is a great show, you've just got to see it like it hasn't been done before and see it for how good it actually is, i think this show deserves a second series and i want to see the romance. once you get into the series, just like any good show you want to continue and see what happens next and i really do hope that what happened to Jake 2.0 does not happen to intelligence, it shouldn't be cancelled and there should be as many seasons as they can think of, for me its 10/10, great TV series. keep them coming. think about it guys if you love chuck or Jake 2.0 this is the closest thing you're going to get because they cancelled Jake 2,0 and they ran out of ideas for chuck.
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So Disappointed
OrbitalNoggin12 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to like this show. I really did. What a great concept! Sure it's been done before, but this had a pretty cool and unique aspect. A chip in the head with super fast internet access. But the first episode was so bad in so many ways that I can't bear to give it a second chance. Let me count the ways:

1) Bad location management: I don't have any issue with filming in Vancouver, but every scene from around the world being quintessential Vancouver is pretty lame. I'm only surprised that Grouse Mountain wasn't in the first episode "disguised" as Mt. Fuji.

2) Bad casting: Didn't really think about this one, but somebody else pointed out the overused pretty girl that kicks butt.

3) Bad acting: Marg. Oh Marg! I really liked you in CSI. Did you forget how to act or did you just phone this one in? I haven't seen you in anything but CSI, and now I'm not sure I want to. The rest of the ensemble was not quite as good as a community theater.

4) Bad writing: Such great potential to write a smart show. I guess you are going for the tween crowd.

5) Bad direction: The actors couldn't all be that bad by themselves. The action scenes were unbelievable and poorly done.

I wish CBS would pull this show, then do it right and bring it back.
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Spectacular lack of any "intelligence"
findingdevotion26 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Just when I was wondering what became of Marg Helgenberger in her post- CSI era and after finishing going again through Lost and wondering why I haven't seen Josh Holloway anywhere else, I came across the pilot of this TV series.

The premise has great potential: take army man, add The Internet and a load of acronyms (aka spy stuff) and see what happens. In the wake of the recent internal espionage scandals, it seems like a bold move with great promise.

Yet just as the shows starts off, it falls flat. Add pretty girl (as bodyguard) for forced sexual tension/frustration, cheap cockiness, loads and loads of senseless technobabble (really, in the age of ubiquitous internet access and technological literacy, Hollywood still tries to get away with this? insult!) and serve it cold.

As a sample, check this out: the chip, as described, should give Holloway's character instant access to information. Yet it also gains instant connectivity as well: when he's next to a phone, no matter what phone, the innocent little device suddenly turns on and gets connected to him. Is he a functional GSM antenna that somehow gives a data connection even to phones that don't normally have a data connection? Seems like that.

To make the show 'better', every plot serves as a bit of pro-NSA propaganda that doesn't even bother trying to justify itself: they have the right to spy on everyone on a hunch, borders and international relations don't matter at all - as a super secret government spy agency they can do as they please all over the world. It goes without saying that being good guys, they don't need to bother with details or justification.

In the end, it comes off as lacking any 'intelligent' plot whatsoever, the dialogue is dry and bland with one liners flying around aimlessly.
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intelligence is not smart
agreeneyedcowboy27 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Despite what others have praised about this show, it simply isn't there. Watch it and decide for yourself. I love Sci-fi and unique shows but this simply does not have it. The handsome man and beautiful woman can't even cover up the ridiculous story line.

The acting is simply horrible, snap zoom is way to much and the cheesy lines are nothing but dead weights dragging this show into deeper water. Cop shows are cop shows with their own twist of action and technology. Pick and choose which one you prefer, but how this show made it to such a prime spot is beyond me.

Look, save the batteries in you remote and just stay away from this show.
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LOVE IT! I am always looking forward to the next episode!
aj_bama13 March 2014
I seriously enjoy this show. I love how lovable Gabriel is. I love the chemistry between he and Riley. And I think MH proves she's still one tough lady.

The premise is a stretch - kind of. BUT this is also what makes it so interesting. It *could* happen, and we don't know how far off that reality truly is. However, this shows keeps the humanity and humor that makes it all worthwhile.

The story lines might be a bit predictable, but it is fun to watch and I'm always waiting for the relationship to blossom between hero and heroine. (I love a good strong female lead.) It is a great show that I will really miss if they cancel/don't renew. I always looked forward to it every week.
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Great show and lot of potential
vivianafloca25 February 2014
I don't know why people complain about this show. It is an amazing show with lot of potential and great acting. It started out a little slow with the subject of Gabriel and his wife but the episodes are better and better each week, the sparks are coming out. Unfortunately, people now days enjoy only shallow TV shows with romance and no substance. The characters are really interesting and their interaction is becoming more appealing every week, so is the plot and the way that writers put it up together. I also enjoy Riley's character since I honestly miss some strong woman character in the most of the shows and she is more alluring every week. I still have confidence that intelligent people will see how great this show is.
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Good Show!!! Loads of Fun!!
Shan161110 February 2014
Sci-Fi is not a very easy genre to pull off and to mix that with CIA style espionage is a challenge all on its own. Intelligence dabs into both these genres in equal amounts and the end result is actually pretty good!!

There is enough story and pace to hook the audience in and there is a good amount of technology and graphics to credit the Sci-Fi part of the storyline.

I feel that comparing a TV series with another is never going to be productive, each show has its own appeal. Yes, there are few clichés but then again which TV series or movie doesn't have clichés these days.

The episodes so far were brilliant in its story, the action, technology, a joke here and there. Best part was it had it all in equal amounts. There is no overdoing of anything so far. Some shows go more deep into Sci-Fi and its concepts or have meaningless action sequences and explosions. Intelligence, thankfully has not gone into that loop, at least for now!

The Sci-Fi concept is quite intelligent too. The rendering of crime scenes is just brilliant and the manner in which the hero can manipulate technology is simple astonishing. Its like being in a video game, actually reminds me of the new splinter cell and Batman games. Its fun watching him do his magic. Team Intelligence have thought this well and executed it quite brilliantly.

Josh Holloway is Brilliant as ever! He gets to be this super cool Human version of Jarvis always plugged in, except he can fight too!! He is charming as ever, funny and deadly. Meghan Ory and rest of cast are brilliant too lending good support to Josh's character!

Its fun, entertaining and also got a good plot. Its got a lot of potential this show, and it would only get better with each episode I hope. I am sold and I would suggest giving it a try, it just might surprise you!!
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Reincarnation of 1972's SEARCH... with the same problems
A_Different_Drummer10 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In 1972 there was a short-lived series called SEARCH starring Hugh Obrian about investigators who went into the field "wired" with state of the art tech such as remote mics, remote cameras and access to a central "computer" at their base. This was achieved via a giant pendant that hung around their necks because -- duh -- microprocessors had not been invented yet. The show was not successful mainly because (to this reviewer) the audience had trouble trying to figure out if they were rooting for the technology ... or the man? This update 40 years later, using a chip surgically implanted which has access to the entire "wired" world, is trying to avoid that pitfall from the getgo by giving Holloway's character personality to spare, along with a secret mission to find his missing wife. It also brings back to the big (flat?) screen Marg Helgenberger, a face an entire generation grew up watching weekly on CSI. (And, for the record, there are worse ways to grow up.) Channeling Judy Dench from the new Bond films, we see a clear feminine bias in high-level intelligence here, a far cry from the 60s when the only women in a spy story wore go-go boots and plastic skirts. (In the first episode, she meets her counterpart in Chinese intelligence who -- whoda guessed -- is also a woman. Whatta surprise!) Now this is the point in the review where I am supposed to tell you how wonderful this is to watch, and how interesting Holloway and Helgenberger are. But the fact is, the first episode was mediocre. The supporting cast was mainly recycled familiar faces from other TV shows, Holloway's boyish charms were lost on me, and, 4 decades later, I still could not determine if I was rooting for the man ... or the computer. Plus ca change...
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So disappointing...
greatescapes4 February 2014
I enjoyed the premise and I've given it 5 episodes to improve...but from the start, this show had severely poor writing issues. First episode, we are introduced to someone who is supposedly ex-Delta Force. Yet, knowing someone was implanted with a chip like his, he leaves her to "walk away." The other person is supposedly secret service. Constantly they do inanely stupid things and I just watched as this supposed super soldier couldn't take a shot with a sniper rifle (what…never heard of a disconnect shot?) Also, what is with this trend for supposed federal agents just putting their firearms down and allowing themselves to become hostages? What is with this trend on actors not speaking clearly…it is like they all have a lisp or a speech impediment. There are so many things wrong with this show, you would think that the producers would thank God they got even a chance to air mid-season…and blow it with just really crappy story lines. The writers for this show should be replaced immediately, but I think it is probably too late to save the show from cancellation.

I was hoping to enjoy this show, but now, I'll not watch it any longer.
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skip that propaganda piece
sin4211 January 2014
in the shadow of NSA scandals and the fear of the absolute transparent citizen, this series tries to numb your concerns by showing you how well meant and helpful the absolute access to every information in the world, to one guy can be even, in the hands of an unpredictable, mischievous sawyer guy, as long as he is American. skillfully dodging the questions like: "If he can read data, can he also write or change data, for example on your public record?" nah, not this guy, you can read it in his files. and "if he is a human computer, that can access remotely to every system he wants, why does he still have to do fieldwork? to get a look into your bathroom he only needs to think about it. who would know? nobody is monitoring what he is doing with his head." but nah, not that guy, look into his files. (files do not include facebook profiles btw.)

my next question however is: "when will they find the unusually large mass in his brain next to that constantly radiating chip?"

i liked sawyer in lost, because he fitted into that environment and his constant deceptions brought dynamic into the series. but these characteristics contradict the logic based, inhuman personality, that should be expected from someone who is basically a supercomputer. that is just bad writhing right there. you can't even route for the guy, because everything he knows, comes from a chip in his head and he is so full of him self at times, that you just want to pull out a powerful electromagnet and wipe it all.

do not waste your time is, what I want to say.
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Non Intelligence
christiank714 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First lets get the acting out of the way. Totally awful and spineless representations across the board. Terrible casting but then any real actor would have never allowed themself to be it in the first place. Secondly the script. Rehash of so many old clichés and terrible science too boot. What a joke. Thirdly the disgusting stupidity of the agents and the disgusting way that this show portrays our finest and dedicated agents. The so called top line protector female whose body weight is so little that a relatively simply trained brown belt with muscles could obliterate her. She is a joke and a bad actor as well. She did not take the shot. Not once but twice. She states she is a federal agent. What a joke. This terrorist is about to set off a major explosion and she wastes her precious moment by sticking to some TV stupid idea of the rules of engagement. I would sack this fool immediately. She should have taken the shot and bring the guy down immediately. If this is the protection we have then god help us all. It is high time that we seriously destroy shows like this - they are a travesty and insulting to our Intelligence. DO NOT WATCH THIS GARABGAE !!!
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Not impressed
tonyking3157 January 2014
A person with the intelligence of a computer should be more like Spock on Star Trak...I think that's his name,been a long time. I was expecting to see a person that was privileged with intellect over emotions. Yet we got a run down version of a cop show with still images from a macho man's mind. Example of a break down...he could not shot straight until a satellite came online, even though the targets were in plain sight. Plus if he has the value that is equal or surpasses the Presidents...then give him secrete service as part of his security, not another skinny, yet pretty lady that will beat up men that are three times her size and strength. Everyone is tired of that scenario.

Other then the still images from his mind (which were weak at best), there was not one thing that suggest this person has superior intelligence or ability.

Suggestion: When making a show named or about intelligence, please write some of the dialog above an average IQ. Not all of the dialog, but again "SOME" should come across as "smart".

I'm an average guy, but I saw through this immediately.

I will watch one more episode...but this show has not proved it is for people with average intelligence so far.
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Insult to your Intelligence
wahoo888811 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Does anyone in Hollywood have an original idea anymore? It seems like the writers simply tried to take the best concepts from other successful shows and jam them together. You'd think they would have learned from the hundreds of previously failed attempts to do this, but I guess not. There are far too many ludicrous and laughable points to this story to mention, but, to name a few from the first couple of episodes:

1. They implanted a chip in the brain of a ex-special ops soldier that gives him access to all information and he can use cloud data to somehow visualize crime scenes. This makes him irreplaceable as an intelligence asset, yet he is sent into dangerous situations constantly with only one other agent (also couldn't a computer do all this with that chip). In Captain Phillips, we sent 2 Navy Destroyers, an Aircraft Carrier, and Navy Seals to rescue one person from four poor, uneducated Somali pirates, surely we can find a couple more soldiers to accompany this expensive asset into battle.

2. Of course the agent assigned to protect him (an ex-special ops soldier) is a young, hot, female agent (and surprise, the sexual tension ensues).

3. The ridiculous sexual banter between these two during gun fights, bomb blasts, etc. is excruciating to watch.

4. There is more discourse between the different government agencies than between the good guys and the bad guys.

5. All the employees in these special government operations seem to lack the necessary intelligence to even remotely be believable, no one seems to ever follow orders, no one is ever punished for not following orders, and Marge Helgenberger is the tortured female head of a cyber crimes division that can never seem to get any respect from anyone else, all the while she plots to undermine her fellow superiors.

And on and on. This show would have been better as a children's cartoon. But, as with most American television shows nowadays, it starts with an interesting concept, then quickly spirals to the dumbed-down, unimaginative, crap that inhabits the other 500 or so channels available.
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Six Million Dollar Man for the Information Age
JasonDanielBaker7 January 2014
Steve Austin meets Sherlock Holmes in a secret agent character (portrayed by Josh Holloway) and his adventures which capture the excitement of the very best of episodic television during its years before the medium became dominated by 'reality show' piffle.

This is a bold attempt at bringing back the kind of series which used to be a consistent ratings winner. This show, with stereotypical casting and solid (but unoriginal) writing touches all the bases adequately showing promise without reaching its full potential in its debut. It will get better via the ground laid by its premiere episode. The first episode is a field-goal. Touchdowns will follow.

Where it may grow tiresome is in the contrived relationship between hero Gabriel and his female partner which appears to be heading in the formulaic direction of so many other shows i.e. sexual tension interspersed with moments of grudging professional admiration and wisecracking camaraderie. Shows feature it because audiences still like it even though a lot of us have seen it so often.

High-minded viewers won't see the human insight of 'Game of Thrones', exploration of class consciousness in 'Downton Abbey' or sophisticated examination of power dynamics of 'the Borgias'. What they will get is a fun show they can watch with their kids.
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Interesting Action Show With a Good Cast
Jbtullisorder8 January 2014
Josh Holloway stars as Gabriel, an ex-Delta Force war veteran who has had a top-secret, super- chip surgically implanted in his brain. While he possesses no physical enhancements, mentally he becomes a walking router that can mentally pull and process data from other computers (exactly how isn't made clear). Obviously, the show's title "Intelligence" isn't meant to mean "superior intelligence," rather it means an enhanced ability to acquire and apply information.

Called a hero, yet deemed reckless and sometimes insubordinate by his boss, he is assigned a capable and attractive female partner to work as his bodyguard--since he's one of a kind the U.S. Cyber Command doesn't want anything happening to him because Gabriel has some pretty amazing abilities. He can look at people, do a facial recognition scan, and then retrieve all available data about that person by accessing computer databases. Video data appears like a holographic projection that he can walk through (what he calls cyber-rendering). Exactly how that works isn't fully explained either, but the concept and presentation are presented well. The good side of that is that the show doesn't wear you down with technical detail, while presenting an innovative presentation of using it.

Abiding by the time-tested formula for action partners--Gabriel and his new partner have their share of bantering, budding sexual tension, and bonding through crisis management. However, even though that aspect of the plot may seem predictable, the acting is solid, and the characters interesting and believable.

This is an action show, so there is a fair amount of fighting and shooting, however its not over- the-top, and isn't too graphic. The Pilot presents the characters, provides an initial storyline, and although slightly confusing at first, eventually explains the capabilities that we see Gabriel using.

All in all, I thought it was a pretty good show worth watching again. The overall theme is original, but the biggest challenge for the writers will be to keep the show from becoming a stereotype of action shows. Given the great cast and judging by the Pilot, I think something good is being delivered to television audiences that will keep people watching.
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simiacillus8 January 2014
Intelligence is unintelligent. No thanks...It was so unbelievable by even Hollywood standards. Just the usual clichéd nonsense. A hunk with a chip installed, a lady secret service agent with a past. As always, the new bad guys are the Chinese, who surprises surprises operate from Chinatown. Fat nerdy looking guys who are techies. This show is for low IQ people with low scores in science in high school. Use a few fancy, science-y words here and there. At least, with shows like NCIS where two smart people and two cops, in Numb3rs, it was a math genius, whose premise is everything math and science, but still it takes real police work to solve crimes. But this show is just Bizarre. How this show any better than Hostages, to boost CBS ratings on Monday remains to be seen.
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Intelligence in short supply
kbell73317 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you can suspend all disbelief and suffer through mediocre acting and script writing absurdity then this show is for you. I wanted to like it and then when that became impossible, I was hoping that it might become a "so bad that it's good" type of show - but it's just all around terrible. I haven't seen every episode but I've already seen the hot secret service girl save the main character twice from bullets and once from a bomb explosion. I understand that you have to justify her characters' existence on the show, but shouldn't this special forces tough guy already know how to get in a shootout without constantly standing in the line of fire and needing rescue? He does seem dumb inspite of the chip in his head, but in stress situations he acts like a clueless bullet magnet. The episode where the Mexican drug dealer wanted to hold up a vote in the U.S. congress was the last straw for me. I was angry with myself for giving the show another chance - why didn't I wash the dishes, read a book or just stare at the wall instead of completely wasting an hour of my life. Back to the show's jaunt South of the Border...first of all, who would possibly believe that we were selling a satellite to the Mexican government which would allow them to stop drug smuggling over the U.S. border? Mexico isn't trying to stop the flow of drugs - we are. So it's unclear why the Mexicans want to buy and launch this expensive border policing satellite. The shenanigans while the team is south of the border were epic. They're running around waving pistols and wearing their Cyber Command combat suits and body armor as if this mini-invasion of Mexico is actually authorized. At one point a hostage is tied in a chair and made to hold a hand grenade with a missing pin. The idea being that she can only stay awake for so long and when she falls asleep her hand will relax, she'll drop the grenade and it'll go boom. This is the classic Batman scenario where the crooks put someone in a deadly situation and then leave without verifying the outcome. Never fear though, our heroes arrive just as the girl has fallen asleep and dropped the grenade which thunks ominously on the floor and bounces a few times. The tough guy sees the grenade fall, kicks open the door, runs across the room, does a nice combat roll, grabs the grenade and then tosses it into the next room - thank heaven for really long grenade fuses. Meanwhile the secret service hottie tackles the sleeping girl down onto the floor where even after being thrown to the ground and having the grenade go off she appears to still be asleep - much like the writers of this show. They had a decent idea to work with but the plot lines and script are so lame that they have given it no chance to succeed.
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Amazing!!! Chuck meets James Bond
geosave19 January 2014
When I first read the reviews here I really thought this was going to be a waste of my time to watch this series, but after two episodes I am really hooked up! The action scenes are impressive and the stories are really believable, not like some other sci-fi series that just don't feel right. The actors are also really good and the plot gets even better in the second episode. I'm really looking forward for the next episodes! I am glad that I ignored the bad reviews and watched it anyways. I know there are several other "real spy series" out there, but this spy is like how Chuck would be in real life. I highly recommend this series for any spy and sci-fi affictionates like myself!
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So Far Just a Bad Chuck Ripoff
ben-798-60475827 January 2014
So basically the premise of the show is, the government put an iphone in a dudes head so that makes him some kind of secret weapon. This is one of those shows that says screw logic, who needs an entire swat team to stop a terrorist when you have one man and a glorified smartphone.

The uber-pedestrian understanding of technology is somewhat embarrassing, downright childish. Its full of "i just want to sound cool" moments that end up sounding silly, especially to anyone who understands the first thing about computers. When i saw the commercial for this i thought it might be cool because it used the same point cloud crime scene playback i've seen before in shows like continuum, but after seeing it in action its not quite as eloquently done, supposedly "rendering" even the areas behind peoples heads or places out of camera shot. There's a lot of dumbed down smart talk, with at one point the writers mistaking what exactly a zero day exploit was, and unintentionally making them sound like just horrible programmers, or talking about the brain metabolizing a piece of technology, its one of those "write what you know" scenarios and they obviously didn't pick writers who knew the first thing about what they were writing about. Also their perception of government and law enforcement is very unrealistic and very CSI-esque, with no creativity or character depth beyond drawn out clichés. The director chick, whatever her name is, is a horrible actress, and possibly the worst part of the show. The VFX are actually alright, i like the still frame effect especially with explosions, its pretty cool.

Another thing they did right: mentioning MKULTRA. Another thing they did wrong: apparently condoning MKULTRA, or at least similar operations.

As far as the premise of this show its already been done before, only better, funnier, and with smarter writing in Chuck, which basically has everything but the renders and wifi plus ninja skills and also continuum, which has all the same tech plus some cool bulletproof invisibility cloaks, time travel and and emp guns. Basically, don't watch this show, watch chuck or continuum.

But hey, maybe i'm jumping the gun a bit posting this after the first few episodes. The show is still young. I'll give it a chance to prove me wrong.
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In it's infancy, but has amazing potential!
williammarktaylor28 January 2014
Although only 4 episodes have been released thus far, it is easy to see the potential this show will rapidly grow into, although there are many closed minded people complaining about the acting etc, i feel that it should be pointed out that this is a new show, with people still finding their niche in their roles, once they have their characters nailed down and are into the swing of things, the show will rapidly become less raw. You need to look beyond the actors current understanding of their roles and see who they will one day grow them into. For me it is already worth the wait. By the end of 4 episodes I can see the characters warming up and adding some flare to the show. Even Star Trek, arguably one of the most successful series franchises, had raw acting in it's first season. Good story, great potential. Just needs time to get it's roots. People need to open their minds, give it a chance, and wait for more then the pilot before crying online.
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Needs a 2nd series AT LEAST!
sharon-pritchard8128 June 2014
Series 1 has just finished over here in the UK and all i can say is WHY is their only 1 series!!! Can't believe CBS has canceled, with such an awesome concept of what current life and technology could achieve. Is this a bad habit of canceling gripping story lines and rather than pouring more into improving what they see the problems being (in my opinion their is none!) and stop showing more TV chat shows and re runs that have been on numerous times and surely not getting any views? Revolution being another example of pure class TV being axed after 3 series and leaving followers completely lost with questions. Personally I'm no longer going to attempt to watch any CBS series anymore after this last disgrace of poor judgment of what should and should not be continued. In short CBS need to rethink a lot of their series decisions and put more into new shows rather than just re-runs.
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They may have finally done it here.
face-819-93372621 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For years the people who make TV have been trying to make a show that was like this. The basic idea is you take the Six Million Dollar man, and you add the Internet. They have tried this, and failed in quite a few ways, Lightning strikes, and invisibility, and other far less memorable versions of this whole Idea. Josh Holliway really needed a new platform that was not him being a total ass. Well in this he is still an ass, but just the cocky know it all kind, and he does know most of all there is. Of course there are flaws, the Cast is not perfect,Though mostly very good actors, there are a lot of Canadian faces in there just because they have to be, (thank you CRTC, but no think you) and they really are trying way too hard to make Vancouver look like the rest of the world. (but they all do that) I have found that I am Enjoying this newest attempt at a superhuman, and I like that it (so far) is the chip, and that he needs the chip, it is the part that keeps him human. So I do recommend that people give Intelligence a real chance, and I think that it will actually be around for a wile. (Hey if crap like Falling skies can have 3 seasons why not better shows like this?)
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Intelligence is Intelligently done
castro-mzizi22 January 2014
Wow!!!! Its been a while since I've seen something so coolly done. Its a wonderful storyline... Hope it won't be taken off air...It looks like an interesting plot, The theme is straight to the point. The action is realistic, the graphics are compact and well engineered. The cast is full of energy and vibrancy. I wish production of other episodes can move at a faster rate so that we watch the great act of science. The good about the plot is that it is straight to the point. Not too many curves and subplots. Reminds me of the Series 24 (Jack Bauer) but this one adds a little more in-tel to the terrorists. The characters are realist and they fit the scenario so naturally!! keep up the good work production team.
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