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Fantastic Romantic Movie
MR-ODIN16 February 2020
Absolutely brilliant film. Those who criticise it for dealing with the subject of disabilty should look past the fact Will is disabled and look at the film in the light of what it aims to be, a touching, romance film. Emelia Clarke is great. Sam Claflin is brilliant. A definite must see film.
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Claflin and Clarke where to perfect
DarkVulcan2910 June 2016
This film is getting mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. A very bittersweet film that will leave you feeling happy and sad at the same time. I never read the book that which this film is based on. But sometimes movies are never has detailed has the books they are based on.

A beautifully well made story, it about Louisa(Emilia Clarke) a 26 year old who finds a job taking care of Will(Sam Claflin) a young billionaire who is permanently confined to wheel chair after an accident two years earlier, the use of his arms and legs are gone. At first Will does not want Louisia there, and she does her best to put up with him. But soon the form quite a friendship, she teaches him to enjoy life again, and he shows her to be adventurous in life. But the question is will this last?

I like the chemistry between Claflin and Clarke, at no point it feels forced. I really bought the affection they feel for one another. At times Clarkes performance feels overly cartoonish, but still good in most of it. Claflin is believable, and the question is how would you feel if you where in his shoes. I don't care what the critics say, this was a perfectly well made bittersweet film.
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A Most Beautiful Love Story
pattypiazza9 September 2016
At times I feel that humanity has forgotten, or never really knew, what it is to really love someone. Jojo Moyes obviously isn't one of those people. Love isn't the lust we feel at the beginning of a relationship. It's not the thoughtful vision we compile of what the future could be like or how compatible we are. It's not about how financially successful a prospective partner is. It's certainly not all about sex, although it would be hard to come to this conclusion when the media generally plays strongly to that idea. It's the undeniable, overwhelming pull from our hearts that grows only when we really let ourselves care about someone unselfishly.

Thank you Jojo for playing this out so beautifully. Thank you Emelia and Sam for either knowing this experience or fabulously, convincingly portraying it on screen. This movie is a treat to watch and a glimpse of what it feels like to be a person who lives their life with a moral conscience, an open mind, a respect for beliefs that are different than yours and a desire to see the best in the world.

I feel absolutely cleansed of negativity after watching this and my hope for the world is renewed. A glorious experience!
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Clarke is adorable and the critics get it wrong
whitbyscallyred3 June 2016
How can so many people get this this movie wrong, especially the critics? The high point of the film is the performance by Emelia Clarke. She is hair-brained, and scatty, completely adorable and wonderful.The camera-work is gorgeous and the soundtrack is second to none.

Lou (Emilia Clarke) gets a job as a carer to a man (William) who is paralyzed more or less from the neck down. A budding friendship/romance develops; and this is 90% a feel good movie.

The criticism of the movie that it depicts a life with profound disability as almost worthless is completely mistaken. The movie depicts William's life as worthwhile and precious. It is William's own judgment that his life cannot go on as it is, and that he would prefer to die.

With regard to this, the movie does tend to downplay the pain and suffering that William experiences. Instead it focuses on the good times and precious moments he spends will Lou. And as already stated, the character of Lou is completely adorable. I am in love.
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Live Boldly
ThomasDrufke4 June 2016
I wouldn't consider myself the target audience for these romantic dramas. In fact, I'm usually turned off by the overabundance of forced clichés and unnecessary plot devices. While Me Before You definitely falls victim to some of those unfortunate young adult tropes, there's far more charm than harm here.

The film stars Emilia Clarke (Lou) and Sam Claflin (Will) from Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games respectively. I've enjoyed both of their works in the past and they both make the most of the script that was given to them. Their budding charisma on screen is by far the highlight of the film. It's nice to see Clarke take on a lighter and more exuberant role than she has played in the past as it mirrors her off-screen personality as well.

Clarke's likability as Lou is put a test as she has to deal with the stern and far less cheerful, Will, who became paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. If you didn't guess it already, yes they do grow to live with each other's quirks and inconveniences and maybe even share some affection for each other. It's pretty much the basis for all of these romantic novels adapted for film, but if you're film has enough likable qualities to it, the overused plot points and clichés can be forgiven.

The main qualm for these characters are Will's questionable wishes about his future living as a quadriplegic and Lou's inability to fulfill her potential and aspirations due to her commitment as the breadwinner for her family. The way Lou effortlessly deals with these issues is what makes her so likable. It's also why you root for her and Will to become romantically involved as the film gives us compelling enough reasons to desire it. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised with how the romance is depicted. Everything is earned and not forced.

I think my only real complaints with the film involve its tendency to veer into clichéd territory. I'm not a fan of when romantic films play popular songs that tell you exactly how to feel as an audience member. Or when a certain character is written specifically to give us someone to dislike and is used a plot device more than anything else. On more than one occasion, Me Before You does that. But it's when the film attempts to take an original and realistic spin on the romance that the film really shines. It's because of the ladder that I think Me Before You is definitely worth a look.

+Clarke's undeniable likability

+Charm and chemistry with the Lou and Will dynamic

+Romance is earned not forced

-Popular songs tend to ruin the big moments

-A few clichéd characters and plot devices

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I don't like sappy movies, but I really liked this sappy movie. Clarke wins again.
dewittambassador2 July 2016
Emelia Clarke's work on Game of Thrones is the only reason I watched this movie in the first place. She is occasionally transcendent in that role, where she must keep her eyebrows restrained, and I wanted to see what would happen if her amazingly mobile brows were set free ... free as her dragons.

There are a lot of solid things about this movie. The story (of a young woman who cares for a quadriplegic young man) is strong, the direction and cinematography good though not exceptional, the screen writing also good-not-exceptional, the supporting cast (especially Janet McTeer and Charles Dance)and leading man (Sam C.) quite good, and the emotional notes it hits, though all predictable and often a bit overwrought (cue swelling, heartwarming music...), ring true enough for an unabashed romance.

So, not really my type of movie. But I am happy to say that I was (almost) completely taken by Clarke's performance. Her character here is nothing like her GoT role, but is in many ways an equally fantasy-based role (but with clumsy shyness and striped leggings instead of fireproof skin and dragons) -- and Clarke manages to pull this character out of romantic fantasy into believability as effectively as she brings to life her role as Mother of Dragons. She has the combination of charisma, physical beauty, character-acting chops, and inner luminosity to pull a fairly nice, 7-of-10 heartwarmer up to a 9-of-10 charmer.
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'You are pretty much the only thing that makes me wanna get up in the morning.'
gradyharp4 September 2016
This film is one of those rare instances where a novel (by JoJo Moyes) is adapted for the screen by the novelist and finds a sensitive director such as Thea Sharrock and the result is a story that could have been sanguine but instead is an enriching emotional journey. To discover this film among all the crime and killing and morbid vampire or other undead creatures stories and overblown CGI comic book/fairy tale adventures is a breath of fresh air.

The story takes place in England and in a very subtle way shares an insight between the wealthy and the poor – emphasizing that richness is truly in the spirit rather than the bank account. Lou Clark (Emilia Clarke) knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her long-term boyfriend Patrick (Matthew Lewis). Her family (Brendan Coyle, Jenna Coleman, Samantha Spiro and Alan Breck) needs money and insist Lou seek employment when Lou loses her job: it is out of pure fortitude that she finds one - as caretaker of a young wealthy quadriplegic – a job that ultimately keeps her sane. Will Traynor (excellent Sam Claflin) knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He is supported by his male nurse Nathan (the superb Stephen Peacocke) as well as his loving parents (Janet McTeer and Charles Dance). He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he's going to put a stop to that – a planned death after fulfilling his parent's plea for a six month reprise. What Will doesn't know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of color. And neither of them knows they're going to change each other for all time until Lou concocts a bucket list of events that brings light into her life as well as joy into Will's final days.

Without becoming morbid, the interplay between Lou and Will is a transformation and due to the splendid script and sensitive direction and a cast of superb actors in every part this little film makes a lasting impression, restoring our faith in what friendship and love can achieve. In short, this is a brilliant little film worthy of at least one watching- if not multiple! Highly recommended.
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Mamabird674 June 2016
The movie really was adorable! I knew exactly what to expect since I read the book, but I loved the adaptation.

What helps the movie most is that the novelist, Jojo Moyees, wrote her own screenplay. She did a great job transitioning the story from paper to screen. Little things that were left out of the novel weren't really needed to move the story along.

Both Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin were excellent. Her facial expressions were amazing and her insane eyebrows deserve some type of award all on their own.

I thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack as well.

Don't listen to critics and go see this movie.
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A sweet love story for those who wants to get lost in the moment.
aimee-837-2437574 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I admit that I have read the book and so when the movie came out, I just HAD to go see it. So I drag my poor husband and we went to watch a late show that was relatively full. I didn't tell him anything about the movie and I watched him watching it. He actually really enjoyed it. The movie was lovely. The movie itself was beautiful. The scenery was set somewhere is rural England. There are green pastures, a castle and beautiful stone walkways.

We first meet Lou, a beautiful,charming, bubbly girly girl who is a strong character but maybe a little too comfortable with her current life and then we have Will. Dashing Will! Sarcastic, funny, a little mean at first. They are world apart but through fate ( and Will disabilities) they met and slowly realize what one possessed, the other needs. Even if they never really knew it.

As the movie progress, they falls for each other and we all fall for them. I loved Emily as Lou and Sam as Will. They played their roles perfectly and the chemistry between then was undeniable. I think everyone should go and watch this movie if you love romantic comedy. It is hilarious at times and yet sweet. I assure you that you'll feel every emotion out there with this movie. It's so beautiful.

Go watch it and judge yourself. For me, this is an amazingly beautiful love story.
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Gets me crying Everytime
anaisverny_ploypailin14 October 2018
Cried the first time I watched it. Now it's the 6th time I've seen it ,and I noticed that the more times I watch it, the earlier into the film I cry. Lou's character is so beautiful and so is their relationship, which makes me cry because I know how it ends.

Would recommend if you want a good cry, and if you're a fan of Emilia Clarke. She's so cute in this.
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Please don't take this personally
hawkinsk-1642225 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Coming from the perspective of a disabled person, I hated it. I feel like it's easy for a random Ableist person to watch it and decide that if they were disabled in the way William is that they wouldn't want to live, either, or that their life wouldn't be worth living. But William's life is one worth living and the ending just really disappointed me when he decided it wasn't. I know that that's not how most of the people here interpreted the movie but it just didn't sit well with me. It's not necessarily a Bad Movie, I just personally did not like it.
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Adorable Dramatic Romance
claudio_carvalho9 May 2018
The twenty-six year-old waitress of a cafe Louisa "Lou" Clark (Emilia Clarke) is a charming woman that lives with her parents Bernard (Brendan Coyle) and Josie Clark (Samantha Spiro), her sister Katrina "Treena" Clark (Jenna Coleman) and her grandfather (Alan Breck) in a small town in the United Kingdom. Lou supports the whole family since Bernard is unemployed and Treena is a student. When she loses her job, she applies to the position of caregiver of the wealthy banker Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), who was hit by a motorcycle two years ago and became tetraplegic. Will´s mother Camilla Traynor (Janet McTeer), supported by her husband Stephen Traynor (Charles Dance), hires the unexperienced but happy Lou to take care of her son together with his nurse Nathan (Stephen Peacocke). When Lou meets Will, she finds a bitter, cynical and depressed young man that had lost the will to live. Further, she learns that the handsome Will was a successful athlete and banker. Will she lift his spirit?

"Me Before You" is an adorable dramatic romance in the directorial debut of director Thea Sharrock. The central subject, euthanasia, is not discussed but it is easy to understand Will´s attitude based on his athletic and sexual performances before the accident. The chemistry of Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin and the beautiful locations in the United Kingdom are enough to grant a wonderful entertainment. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Como Eu Era Antes de Você" ("How I Was Before You")
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Doasnow953 July 2016
I loved this movie. It stayed very true to the book and I love the book. I think Emilia Clarke was born to play her. I feel like she was just playing herself cause she has a personality like that in real life. It was pure joy to watch her play Lou. The expressions she makes, the way she talks and most of all, her amazing clothes! I loved every single outfit she wore. This film made me laugh and it made me very emotional, just like the book. I think Sam Claflin was also born to play Will. They had an amazing chemistry throughout the entire film and the rest of the cast is also spot on. There are of course some parts from the book that were left out but nonetheless, this film was still amazing. I also want to point out that the soundtrack of the movie is amazing as well.
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Pretty good movie, with occasional shots at greatness
Horst_In_Translation2 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Me Before You" is a definite contender for the most known romantic drama of 2016. But first things first: This one here runs for 110 minutes and was directed by Thea Sharrock while Jojo Moyes adapted her own novel for the screen here. And the result isn't shabby at all as this one scored a decent deal of awards recognition that turned the film into by far the most known work for both writer and director. And while male lead actor Sam Claflin has already starred next to the likes of Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp and other pretty big names from Hollywood, there is no denying that he plays only second fiddle here to female lead Emilia Clarke. The latter is of course known to millions, if not billions, from Game of Thrones, but good news is that thanks to the different hair color, it is very easy to not see her Daenarys character this time which may have hurt the film overall. I think she did a very good job. Her energetic, sparkling presence was one of the best aspects about the film and makes it easy to forgive her for occasional moments of "overthetopness", for example when her boyfriend arrives on her birthday and she tells everybody that somebody rang the doorbell. They also really tried to make her look not as gorgeous as she is, which was a huge challenge as even in these strange clothes she was obviously still a huge stunner. Claflin did a very good job too and he had the difficult task that really all his acting had to take place above his neck because of the character's disability. I found him memorable. Other known names include Charles Dance, Oscar nominee McTeer or Matt Lewis from Harry Potter, but honestly those were just in the shadows of the two protagonists because their material simply wasn't on the same level in terms of both quality and quantity.

As a whole, I thought this was a really good film. The writing was smart on many occasions and it is always a success for films closer to 120 minutes than to 90 minutes if they drag as little as this one here. It also manages to stay away from the pretentious side and there was the danger it could enter this area on several occasions. But it managed nicely. The film is also not trying to make any political statements as it really is all about the tragic(?) story of the two protagonists here. Some scenes stay in mind especially like when he reveals his suicide plans to her because his body was a cage. Or also the scene in which she is watching an old video of him before the accident. The film included exactly the right approach to romance too in my opinion. They did not have to go for a huge love story or anything in order to have the tragedy work here. If you enjoyed this film as much as I did, then let me recommend you "A Walk to Remember" or "Griffin and Phoenix" or "The Notebook" although I am sure you have at least seen the latter already. Back to this one here, I do share the praise and I think it is an achievement that feels both real and touching. Maybe it is generally more for women, but definitely not exclusively if you manage to open yourself up here to the fate of the two protagonists. I also quite like the title. I am not a Game of Thrones fan at all, so I guess this makes up for a slight Emilia Clarke fanboy tendency and turns me into a neutral observer. A good, no a great watch for people curious about Game of Thrones stars in other projects. And actually for everybody else too. This film is among 2016's very finest and I highly recommend checking out.
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ronamari-8436230 November 2020
YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. If you're into romance just as much as I am, then this would definitely be a priority to watch this movie before you die. Maybe an overstatement but I am SO glad that I watched this. It's one of those good girl tried to save the "broken" guy type of plots but this one by far, has to be one of the most well directed and heartwarming movies out there in the movie industry. Titanic is my favorite movie and this definitely comes a close second. Not many romance movies make me tear up but this one had me sobbing into my blankets. Overall, just watch the darn movie. It's amazing for all the right reasons.
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This movie is one of the things wrong with the world today.
TheOneThatYouWanted4 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So you can tell I'm not a fan of this film just by my title and score. The movie itself is okay at best. Emilia Clarke does a well enough job with the role because the character she is playing is pretty much who she is in real life; in other words, this role didn't require Emilia acting much and that is a good thing because people are slowly figuring out that she has a very limited range when it comes to acting. Towards the end of the movie is when her limited acting range becomes apparent thanks to the crying scenes, most of the scenes she does with tearless crying which help to take you out of the movie. Don't get me wrong, her acting isn't bad until the end when she is forced to show another emotion other than bubbly. I should note the director does an excellent job of hiding a good amount of Emilia's emotional scenes by having her hug someone and then showing mostly the other person's face. I can write a whole book on Emilia's overrated acting chops but I'm not here to do that so let me carry on with this review. If it wasn't for the ending, where we finally learn the real message of the film I would have ranked the film about a 6 out of 10. But halfway into the film we learn the quadriplegic character made a deal with his parents that he will end his life after 6 months. During the film we learn this guy is smart and etc, etc. Someone even points out that he could go back to work if he wanted to but this guy is hell bent on killing himself for the simple reason of which happens to be that he misses his old life so he is giving up on this life. And apparently that is a good enough reason to let the man kill himself. Great message to put out there into the world. We recently lost Muhammad Ali. We all know about Muhammad Ali's condition and we all saw the impact he had on the world both before and in spite of his condition. He fought until the bitter end and became more of a legend because of it. This movie encourages people to take the easy way out. Now, I can understand how depression can play a role in all of this but this character is a pretty boy with a sh!t load of money.. and on top of that he found the love of his life and she is more than ready to be with him forever. But his reasoning is that he would only be a burden on her living her life. So yeah, this movie pretty much matches the materialistic and self- absorbed nature of what these modern times have transformed into. Whatever, the movie is a chick flick at best so I don't care. Apparently suicide isn't frowned upon when a quadriplegic is concerned. Moral of the story, you have nothing to contribute to society once you become paralyzed. Maybe this movie was funded by the government as a way of reducing the cost of people with disabilities on healthcare. Euthanasia for the win! Frankly, a disgusting message and an even more disgusting movie.
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Cruel message
orangelifer6 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Was interested in seeing the film until I read how it ends. I realize you should watch a film before reviewing it but I honestly don't see how anything in the story could make the finale okay. I cannot fathom why so many people loved this film and say it is about loving and living against all odds. The male lead found love but then kills himself anyway. This is the exact opposite of living life despite obstacles. The message of this story seems to be that life is not worth living if you are paralyzed and you should kill yourself to save yourself and people who love you from agony. This a cruel, horrific, dangerous message.
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A touching story
Gordon-119 August 2016
This film tells the story of a young woman from a socially disadvantaged family, who gets a job as a carer for a wealthy young man who suffers from quadriplegia after a traffic accident. They develop an unlikely bond, until things take a terrible turn.

"Me Before You" is rather strange because the main character, Clarke, is rather strange. She has a very unusual fashion sense, yet she wants to study fashion. Fortunately, the guy, Will, is very amicable and likable. Their acquaintance and the subsequent bond is actually quite convincing and engaging. It has a touching plot, and it made my eyes well up. I enjoyed watching it.
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Hokey, manipulative and overdone
hdavis-295 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong. I like a weepy, romantic chick-flick as much as the next guy. But this one is so manipulative and over-the-top that I felt myself getting hostile about a third the way through. It took self-control not to make rude comments at the screen.

Part of the problem is Emilia Clarke. He character is modeled after the Brigit Jones style of self-consciously, klutzy, heart on her sleeve heroine that holds appeal to many viewers. Clarke's acting is filled with so many facial tics it almost becomes unintentionally comic. If you shaved Ms. Clarke's eyebrows, she'd convey no emotional range. But with them, she'd be a natural silent movie actress. Her eyebrows literally stole every scene they were in.

The music, especially the segments used between scenes goes beyond intrusive. It is downright offensive. If a character is about to die and is falling in love, do we really need an overwrought vocalist singing "Oh poor me, I'm falling in love, yet I'm about to die." This is like a Greek chorus with one eye on the AM playlist. I'm exaggerating here, but the point is real. We don't need treacly vocal music to mimic what we've just seen. Most of us got it the first time. You need a break between scenes? Instrumental segues would work just fine, thank you.

I've given this a "2" out of 10. In every way this big budget film deserves a rock bottom "1" for its manipulative and overdone approach. I've given it the extra point for the lovely location shooting. At least the castles don't have eyebrows.
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for the hanky-loving crowd
ferguson-63 June 2016
Greetings again from the darkness. Who doesn't enjoy a good cry in a dark movie theatre? The first feature film from director Thea Sharrock is taken directly from the tear-jerker novel by Jojo Meyes (who also wrote the screenplay). Although I try to avoid using the term very often, it's very much a by-the-numbers chick flick … complete with the heart-of-gold working class girl trying her best to "save" the handsome rich guy to whom life has dealt a tough hand. For fans of the book and the genre, it should deliver the desired effect … the studio even provided movie logo tissues for the screening.

For most of us, the effectiveness of this type of movie comes down to the characters. Luisa is the effervescent working class girl hired as a personal assistant to the extremely wealthy quadriplegic Will Traynor. Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones") does everything in her power to make us (and Will Traynor) like Luisa. To describe her as optimistic is like saying Eric Clapton can play guitar. Calling her perky would be like saying Donald Trump has hair. Both statements are true, but hardly capture the totality of reality. In stark contrast, Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay) purposefully underplays Will … the one time cliff-diving, James Bond birthday video type now confined to a wheelchair.

Lu is a constant toothy smile complemented by expressive and active eyebrows that somehow overshadow her chatty bedside manner, and kaleidoscopic and geometric clothes and shoes … all encompassed with an ever-bouncy step that would make Tigger envious. Lu mostly shares the screen with Will and the personal nurse and therapist Nathan, played by Stephen Peacocke. The camera certainly loves all three of these faces, and director Sharrock wisely adds Janet McTeer and Charles Dance as Will's parents. They bring a regal presence to what otherwise could have played a bit too cutesy.

Despite the heavy dose of "awww", the story deserves credit for touching on the "right to die" or "dying with dignity" debate. While those closest to Will selfishly proclaim they don't understand his plan to head to Switzerland, it's Nathan who says it best … 'who am I to judge'. While a full on discussion of the topic would be out of place here, the film does a nice job of not shying away from the process.

Other recognizable faces in the cast include Jenna Coleman ("Doctor Who") as Lu's sister and confidante, and Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter series) as Lu's fitness freak boyfriend who isn't very understanding … of either Lu or her job. There's also an odd but welcome wedding cameo from Joanna Lumley. My biggest issue with the story is that I just never understood how or when Lu fell so deeply in love with Will. Sure, I get the appeal of the castle, the concertos, and the tropical vacations, but where was the real personal connection? Was it simply that she thought she could charm Will into changing his mind on the big decision? That's not really love. Another piece that's difficult to take … the numerous musical interludes seemingly designed to make sure viewers are in the proper state of melancholy. There was another segment that I found not just ironic, but actually annoying; however, discussion of the "Live boldly" advice would give away the film's ending … something I'm not sure even matters since it's made pretty clear throughout, but it still goes against my movie code.
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lynansaysingle5 September 2018
A beautiful and unforgettable love story, great acting, great chemistry between the lead actors. I love this movie. One movie you just cant watch once. You want to relieve the experience over and over again as sad as it is. Cant watch it without the tissues. There is one other love story very similar to this that I found as beautiful which was "Dying Young" (Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott). This is definitely a must see.
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Proved Me Wrong
jchen-0723716 March 2019
When my mother clicked on this movie on our TV, I was more than unwelcome. Oh, great. Another sappy love story. But as soon as I started watching it, I was hooked. It gave me another idea of love. Clark made me laugh and Traynor made me agree and nod in reason. This quirky, heartbreaking movie is something special.
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A Fine Romance Film
socrates419 April 2019
ME BEFORE YOU is a pretty good take on the romance film. It's not a romantic comedy by any stretch, but more of a sort of drama that has something to say. And whichever way you feel about the issues presented here (even the main characters share conflicting and ambiguous views about them) you will certainly enjoy this.

What makes it good is that it's not too cheesy, like so many other films of its kind. Admittedly, it feels a little cheesy toward the start, but it never crosses the line. There are some good laughs and you may even cry too. The acting is great, as is the script and the directing. I feel like the roles were perfectly cast. It's hard to imagine another group of actors would do as good of a job. Recommend.
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It was a pretty cute
jbam_461 June 2016
Felt very derivative of Intouchables I did however really enjoy the romance that was in this film.

Emilia Clark has the most expressive face I have ever seen on camera.

Watch her eyebrows! That's all I have to say. You could almost watch this entire movie just staring at her eyebrows… I had a hard time not doing that.

I really enjoyed her character. She is a silly, eccentric, perpetually happy girl. With a pretty eclectic sense of style.

Emilia Clarke was perfectly cast for this role.

She ventures far from her intense power house character the Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones.

At times it was hard to tell if Emilia Clarke the actress is just extremely expressive with her face, or if it was something she was doing for the role… which I suppose speaks to how well she did.

Because I'm thinking she was exaggerating it, therefore she played the part marvellously.

The male lead is Sam Claflin, who you will more than likely recognize but not be able to place. His largest role as of late is the water proficient fighter from the Hunger Games.

I also feel he played the part very well. No complaints, He has a great smile, or smirk, that he does through out, which allows us to empathize with him a little more when he seeming unlikable.

There are a lot of light moments, actually the whole movie has a very light tone to it… it's a serious topic, but with Clarke's character it's hard for anything to be too serious or solemn. There are those sombre moments, which is, I'm sure, why I was given a tissue box at the advance screening.

There were only a few editing aspects I didn't enjoy. There were far too many cuts in certain scenes… Emilia walking up to the mansion for the first time and her conversation on the bench with her boyfriend. They were distracting. This was sprinkled throughout the film to greater or lesser degrees.

I think the film looked pretty, great locations. And a wonderful set, really. The house Claflin's character lives in looks very nice. I loved all the walls that opened when pushed on. Very modern, and expensive I'm sure.

There is a little treat for any Harry Potter fans! Neville Longbottom, all grown up and looking fit, he plays the part of Emilia Clarke's boyfriend. I hope to see him in more roles, maybe even a lead one day.

As for family friendliness, this movie is a G, it is good to go. In the opening scene Claflin is presumably being intimate with his girlfriend, they are obviously naked, but nothing is shown, they are under sheets.

There is no cursing or obscenities in this movie worth mentioning.
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Enjoyable, funny, sad
malpasc-391-91538012 July 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I've watched Me Before You twice and both times I've really enjoyed it. Its funny, uplifting but also sad.

As I'm not disabled, and don't know anyone in the situation the character Will is in I can't and don't want to question the motives of him wishing to end his life.

The story is not hugely complicated. Wealthy young Will two years previous to most of the events in this film was involved in a road traffic accident with a motorcycle which caused him to become quadriplegic and he has moved back to his wealthy family (in Wales, although I don't think the location is specifically mentioned in the movie) to be cared for by his family and a nurse. Lou has always lived in the town and has never left. She's cheerful and upbeat, but has a boyfriend who doesn't really pay her much attention, focusing mainly on his running. Lou doesn't come from a wealthy family and is the main breadwinner for part of the movie. After becoming unemployed from her job in a cafe she gets a job as a carer for Will - someone to help feed him and carry out things he cannot do, as well as be a companion and a friend for him, as most of the friends from his old life have drifted away since the accident. This is something that can happen in real life when someone goes through something as traumatic and life changing as his accident was.

At first Will is bitter and unfriendly towards Lou, always finding her positivity and upbeat outlook annoying and intrusive. As time goes on he begins to enjoy having Lou in his life as she begins to broaden his horizons, going out for fresh air, visiting different places, meeting her family and even going to the wedding of his ex girlfriend and his old best friend.

The story is kind of predictable in the way these romantic comedy dramas usually are - people who seem mis-matched learn to accept and embrace what previously annoyed them about the other.

Eventually Lou learns that Will wants to end his life in Switzerland as he doesn't feel his life is worth living anymore (again, I'm not going to go into this as I don't feel in any way best placed to). On this discovery she at first tries to make Will see that his life can be fulfilling and worth living regardless of his disability. They begin to fall for one another. In the end Lou doesn't manage to persuade Will. But does quite late come to accept his decision. What she doesn't realise is that in the meantime he has changed his will in order to allow Lou to live her best life, go and see things and broaden her horizons. He makes her see that her life is worth more than the small town she has always stayed in.

This film will make you laugh, cry, and genuinely love and root for this couple. Both leads are completely convincing in portraying a couple who not only love one another but bring out the best in each other. The ending whilst incredibly sad - I cry at several points in this movie, is actually very uplifting.

I know critics and some disability activists did not like how this movie played out, and of course their views are valid, but for me it doesn't take away from the overall enjoyment.
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