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Awesome story with pathetic writing
sahildhull-9756116 October 2020
Perfect example of a show with amazing concept but very pathetic screenwriting. The story is so so so good. I mean it is outstanding. But screenwriting meh... Were the writers drunk during writing tue script. The characters written are so shallow. And Clarke.. She is the most irritating person in the group. She just degraded the show. Who the hell she thinks she is. From season 1, she acted like she is the boss of the 100. She is taking decisions. Only character worth applause is Raven. In every season it is only her who saved people in the end. And people are killing each other for no reason. The decisions taken by the leaders are so pointless. Seriously, this show would have done wonders if the character writing and the scripts were better. The story is so so so so good. Such a fresh and different concept. But writing. Oh my god. Save us. If you have already started watching the show, then you cant resist yourselves from watching because of the story. But the writing is very very very very bad.. Yuck. I mean there is no such thing as sepsis. People are pumping the pateints heart that too without any aseptic precautions. That was the funniest part of the show. No blood group matching before giving the blood. Wow. Hahahaha..
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nohomo-8265024 May 2018
I've never watched a tv show before where the writers literally make every single character bi polar its outrageous. One episode you like them and the next you don't. It's literally like this for EVERYONE they portray in this show. That being said it makes it damn near impossible to like a single character. The show has a ton of potential, but the writers do a GREAT JOB of ruining it. 5/10.
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Give it a chance
robinmosley-4781227 September 2020
This series is not flawless. It hasn't oscar-winnig performances, but solid actors who are not bad at all. Sometimes it's a little melodramatic, but hey, they're still teenagers. This series has good and likeable characters, a cool and unique style and really, i mean really good moments you shouldn't miss. I totally enjoy watching it. I would recommend it. Binge-worthy.
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Season 7 ruined the entire show
Splarke2224 September 2020
Seasons 1-4 were phenomenal. Seasons 5-6 weren't as good, but still really solid seasons with some fantastic episodes. Season 7 started out great with its first two episodes & a few other gems, but for the most part was downright horrendous. The 100's final season ruined the entire show arguably more than Game of Thrones' 8th season did for itself. It's as though everything that made The 100 what it was for the first 6 seasons got thrown out of the window in favor of spiteful, terrible writing. What was once my favorite show has no rewatchability after Season 7.
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Please bear with the first few episodes, season 2 is epic and bloodthirsty like game of thrones
toxinok-779145 March 2015
Seriously stick with this show. I watch a lot of TV and when I first started watching the 100 I found the dialogue/accuracy questionable and it seemed like just another CW show. I stayed with it mostly for the interesting concept.

And wow, the second season develops into one of the most exciting programs out there right now. The storyline moves around like lightening, the characters go on believable arcs which deliver amazing transformations in some cases, it's highly original and creates some fascinating dynamics between characters which you don't see anywhere else. OK it's not perfect (sometimes the science makes me frown) but it does so much right I barely pay attention to the increasingly rare blips now.

Heading towards the end of season 2, every scene is compelling and feels important and you care about what happens because they have built it in the right way. Don't expect the fluffy love stories CW is famous for, this is in no way a show just for teenagers, it's not afraid to kill people, and deaths are permanent (thank goodness). The way they bring up questions of morality and strategy, the ambiguity of the characters, the head on approach to the subject matter, all are fascinating. It's gritty and edgy with excellent production value and the only other program I'm getting the same level of epic from right now is Game of Thrones.

I've never written a review before but I just had to support this show and want it to get past any stigma it created in the initial episodes. Check out the ratings in season 2, those are earned and well-deserved.

Binge watch it people! You won't regret it.
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It's a teen drama, but it's good, very good
jaspersmit-1344728 May 2019
The 100 does something not many series can do, it gets better with every season, the character development is great and realistic. Honestly I don't know exactly what to say other than that this is a great series with an actually good story and writing that makes sense. There aren't huge plotholes which is extremely important for a sci-fi show.
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You have to accept it for what it is
mitzisgirl2222 April 2014
Before watching the 100 you have to accept the obvious: it is a drama put on by the CW (the same folks that brought you 90210) about a group of 100 teens left stranded on earth by a society that has been living in space for a century. It is needless to say that the show is going to ask viewers to suspend their disbelief for the 40 minutes it takes to watch an episode.

A lot of people tend to criticize the show for being unrealistic scientifically. The problem with this being that of course the show is going to be unrealistic. You have to accept that the premise of the show is that 100 teens get stranded on earth by their race of space people 100 years after a nuclear disaster.

Sometimes television programs don't abide by standard rules of physics, or any kind of science for that matter. Sometimes that's what television is there for - to give you a break from the believable.

If you are a stickler for scientific accuracy or a big fan of classic sci-fi the reality is that this might not be the show for you. If, however, you are someone looking for something exciting and (honestly) addicting to watch you might be in luck.

In regards to the script I can honestly say that I suffered through 90210 cringing all the way and while some of The 100's script might be a little cringe-worthy to start, it is certainly much better than most (if not all) of the teen dramas on television.

This is a good show! You just have to accept what you're getting yourself into.
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This is actually good
matlizotte224 June 2014
I started watching this because had nothing to do. First impression, low budget acting and mediocre scripters. But surprisingly, I got hooked. This show is actually good!

Now we do need to warn the nerdy, let's hang bugs Bunny for being historically inaccurate type of listener. A TV show is supposed to give you a break from reality so everything in it doesn't have to be perfect. This is a show, a make believe world made to entertain people. It does not have to be scientifically accurate to be good! Television shows are stories, not the real world, get over it for Pete's sake!

First couple of episodes will leave you with a weird feeling of watching a teen drama poorly written. But trust me, it gets better and becomes quickly interesting. Gives me the impression that the whole getting to earth episodes were not written by the same person. As soon as that passage is behind you, the show gets really interesting. Got me hooked!
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One of my favorite shows
lousi-183066 May 2019
Watched seasons 1-5 three times love this show. I learn something new every time I watch it. Love the characters, can't wait for the season
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Poor and predictable
koga-judo31 October 2020
Poor content, poor backdrops, scenes without a meaning, predictable outcomes and a plot that is a recycled loop. If it's gonna be one of the first series you will ever see it might look good. Otherwise naaaaah!
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Terrible do not waste your time
ideznaby23 October 2020
It is a terrible series with a lot of logic holes! Its like they tried to include every cheesy science fiction cliché in one tv series. Do not waste your time.
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Season 2 was it's peak. Now it just feels meaningless and repetitive because of the bad writing
Halopalo12 January 2019
(A science-fiction series about teenagers sent on Earth to examine if it's finally livable again after a nuclear apocalypse that happened almost 100 years ago and forced the survivors to live in space stations.)

In the beginning of season 1, the 100 was basically a cheesy teen show, but then at some point the tone changed. And season 2 was what it could have been as its best: a show that explores what is morally right and wrong when you are desperate to survive. How far can you go and still be deserving of surviving? There was still unintended melodramatic tackiness in it, but it was going to the right direction.

But instead of continuing with this tone and enhancing and deepening the morality aspect, they decided in season 3 to go for a shock value road. Traumatic things just happen now to characters but they are never really explored. They build up tension, there's a shocking moment and then the story line is done, ignored. Viewers don't get a satisfying emotional payoff for the suspense.

It's like the writers are fixated serving "unexpected" shock value moments after another. I write "unexpected", because in reality they are just repeating story lines from a slightly different ankle. Unexpected deaths become expected deaths. Especially if you are a love interest for one of the main characters.

The writers don't seem to care that much, what these traumatic moments and hardships would actually do to a person and how that should affect the writing of these characters in the long run. It's forgotten or it's explained away with an off screen development. Or you can just write that chip in the character's head made the character do it, so does it even matter what they did previously?

Things just happen because they happen. Because it's "shocking", because "you don't see it coming", because it's "surprising". And whatever the characters do, they just write them to parrot: it's us against them, I had to do it, you had to do it, my people, our people, for our people.

No deeper push or a meaning is needed for a genocide. No deeper meaning is needed for wanting someone close to you suddenly to die, no deeper meaning is needed to torture someone etc. Even child abuse is presented simply as a way to protect that child, because the child is "my people, us against them, I torture my child, so no one else can use her etc.". And then it's ignored. Everything is fine again. It's very cheap writing. Characters become soulless plot devices who never stop to think, feel or reflect what's happening and what are they doing. They just do whatever they have to while repeating those same old lines like brain-dead robots.

There is no reason to trust any character development you think you see on screen, because the writers seem to get fed up easily with previously written arcs. Characters and relationships are basically rewritten in every season. It's also odd that relationships mostly form off screen, as a surprise. It's like the writers think it would be boring for viewers to see relationships developing on screen.

But anyways, by season 5 you don't even recognize the characters anymore. Maybe it's fun for the writers and the actors, as they get to do something new and play a different character every season, but this leads viewers to feel detached. There is no continuation or coherence in the storytelling. The characters don't learn anything. It's like they forget what they have experienced. They repeat the same things or are continuously unable to see the other side, even though they have self experienced that other side! And when viewers become more and more detached because of this poor and lazy writing, it leads to a realization that you don't even care who survives anymore. Which is pretty bad if you are watching a survival show.

The choice to mix up relationships, dynamics and even personalities and writing the characters to betray someone just because suddenly "my people" is different than previously, makes all their bonds seem meaningless. One moment they are friends and the next moment they torture each other, betray each other, leave each other to die etc. Then they just write a fast and easy fix to start a new plot with new dynamics. It's very hard to sell these relationships as something true and deep because they keep ruining them again and again like nothing.

For some reason the writers don't even want to let their own main characters, who are supposedly best friends, directly talk to each other. It's so odd it becomes extremely funny when characters have their most "meaningful" discussions through middle hands. They use for example the other one's child or the other one's significant other as messengers. Or even a dead person who talks through a third person! Whatever it takes to avoid an actual conversation.

So it's a very plot driven show. Which is kind of ironic, because there are also many plot holes in it. And because the writers have such an urge to invent something new all the time (it's predictable, repetitive nonsense mostly) and reinvent the characters, all the twists and turns and shock moments feel very forced. So in the end even a plot driven viewer needs to ignore quite a lot of stuff to enjoy it. When the pace is quick enough, I guess ignoring is possible. But when there's time to reflect what actually was shown, you probably start to feel like someone thinks you are a very stupid viewer to write something like this and thinking it's good enough.

For a viewer who enjoys watching the development of the characters, it becomes a very frustrating show. If you like to understand the characters, get to know how they think and feel, and how situations effect them, this is definitely not a show for you.
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It's getting good!
gjustinj3 May 2014
The series was off to a slow start, but it is getting better and better. The premise is original and fun, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. There is no doubt about it that this show is one to keep an eye on, it seems it gets darker each episode, but with that said that could also end up killing the show as a lot of viewers have accepted its violence so far because it has been done tastefully, without too much gore. Most of the bloodier scenes take place in a dark place or is carefully done by camera angles to get the point across but to not upset the CW's typical viewers, and this is great in a world of The Walking Death and Game of Thrones, etc. It's a welcome method of delivering the same intensity without being overly grotesque.

There are too many negative comments on this website regarding this show, it's getting good! I expect to see this series renewed soon.
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The more things change the more they stay the same.
barbya1530 May 2018
It started out ok, got interesting and then every season is the same thing... over and over again....
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It's good enough.
edriannilopangilinan1 October 2020
I gotta say Season 1-Season 5 are very great, but Season 6-Season 7 is not as good as the first 5 Seasons but it's still watchable. I even thought this series is gonna end like GoT, but I'm glad it didn't, it doesn't have an amazing ending, but the ending is still nice and acceptable.
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There are holes, but it's an easy show to get addicted to, if you give it a chance.
funeral-inmybrain10 July 2014
I've read a couple of these reviews, both negative and positive. I agree with both. Yes, there are definitely holes and I too believe it has a slow start. That being said, it wasn't slow enough to make me not watch the second episode, or the one after that. You have to appreciate it for what it is. It has an allure, the concept is what makes it interesting. I can poke holes in every well liked show, as i'm sure many others can. I kept watching because I felt the show had potential, no matter what route it took. There are still things that irk me about this show, but the things i enjoy outweigh the things I don't.

I rated it a 10 because I went in watching it without huge expectations, and became hooked. I watched episode after episode and finished the first season in 3 days (this is watching back to back episodes after 10 hour work days).

I love this show because it left me wanting more and I enjoyed watching it. They made some bold choices by deciding to show certain things as well which made it more realistic (regarding human behavior). I can definitely say it gets more exciting. I felt myself predicting things that might happen, but expecting them not too because it seemed too daring for TV, but I was pleasantly surprised.

My overall advice is that you don't go in watching it with this grand idea of it (not to say it isn't grand, but romanticizing it in your head can easily turn into disappointment), and just give it the chance it deserves.
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Not really a fan of this character.
kisada-4791115 June 2019
Personally, really annoyed with Clark's character. No expertise what so ever except medical and constantly making excuse for every overly stupid decision and still be accepted and obeyed from others.

Ps. The show is good fun though, may be with some annoyed characters.
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I like this show, I wish I liked it more...But it is a MESS
walleye-4253718 May 2017
I like the premise, the acting is mostly decent, better than most low budget Sci-Fi. Make no mistake, this is very low budget. You just don't see it as much because they don't use the "Normal" scenes you might see in an Apocalyptic show. They rely more on character confrontations/relations and old fashioned "Good vs.Evil Drama. In reality, you cannot afford to make a TV show like this, UNLESS you turn it to more of the "Low Budget" direction.

I say it is a MESS because you can't really figure out who or what the characters are and represent. I anticipate they are doing this on purpose to keep the viewers on their toes, but in many instances, the Characters are acting or doing things completely out of their "Norm". Most people don't do that. In one episode Peace will be a Huge driving point for a character and in the next episode, not so much as they Easily kill or call for the killing of others.

Not to mention, the "World" that they live in is derived of Clans, Coalitions, and Friendships, but they are easily thrown out the window at the drop of a hat or any certain event. Like I said, I am sure this is done on purpose to keep you on your toes and not being able to say, "I saw that coming, or I knew that would happen".

In small amounts, this is a good strategy for a show, but on the epic level this show does it on, it is becoming "Routine". You can almost assume now that any plan or goal will NOT happen as that is how the whole show is written. If a character says they are going "Left", you KNOW for sure they aren't and will end up going "Right" instead. Same with the plot and story lines.

Overall, I like this show, it is entertaining and I like this Genre... BUT... they take the "Tortured Soul" plot of many of these types of shows too far and it actually drags it down in the end. They have the main characters not only Battle with their own "Darkness" and sometimes following it when needed, but they do it when NOT needed as well.

If you can't rely on the Main Characters of a show to be true to at least one Positive aspect of their Personality, then you question the ability of anyone else "Living" on the show. Perhaps LUNA was on to something?

This sadly leads to another issue with viewers. With myself, to be honest, if they killed the two main characters off, Clarke and Bellamy, I wouldn't really care all that much. Because THEY AND THE SHOW are a MESS, you really can't "get in the corner" of the main characters anymore like you once could. This is NOT how a show should make you want to feel or act towards the main characters.

Because of all I have written, I give "The 100" one more year, (Season 5) and then it will be canceled. UNLESS, by some miracle, they "Clean Up" the mess they have created in the show and the Characters, mainly the main characters during the 5th season.

One additional thing, I won't say what it is otherwise I have to report this review as a "Spoiler", but if you have been watching the show, you know what big event is supposed to be happening. They have been prepping for it the entire 4th season. IF THEY ALLOW THIS EVENT TO HAPPEN.....

it will take the show down a BAD ROAD that it surely will NEVER recover from. It will guarantee the show doesn't have a 6th Season. Nobody will be entertained with the same plot lines happening week after week for the next "5 years". That is what will happen if the "Event" is allowed to become part of the show. There is just too little epic plot lines that can be established when the show is confined to a "Small Area" of Environment.

The only option if they "do the event" is to fast forward "Past" it when its effects are no longer part of the story for the 5th Season. But then, we also won't know what the motivation of the characters are any longer. Essentially, we will have to learn about them as if they are new characters. The whole show and Characters will "Shift" and essentially "Reset" to Season 1 of this show. While it was fun the First time around, it would be repetitive and lame a 2nd time around. It will also become a disastrous move by the Writers and will guarantee the show gets canceled after Season 5.

I think the show started going "South" when they destroyed the ability to use the Mount Weather angle back in Season 2. Season 3 had a good plot line with a formidable opponent as did Season 4, but they tend to "Drag" it all out a bit. When you look at it, the Season 4 "Problem" is the ULTIMATE problem. How do you top that for a Season 5 "problem" without "Jumping the Shark"?

Like many shows these days, they don't have a problem "killing off" second tier main cast members. Although, this show does it to Epic proportions unlike we have ever seen. It really makes it so you don't want to get to "involved" with any other characters in the show outside of Clarke or Bellamy.

Enjoy Season 5 as there probably won't be a Season 6.
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Where are the continuity experts?
smellslikeangels24 February 2016
This show is so full of continuity errors it's painful to watch. Wounds that heal in seconds, moss that grows on metal, nobody ever gets a concussion, people don't drink water after being lost in a desert, clean shaven men with no razors, "paralyzed" legs suddenly able to move and feel pain, fractures being healed by cauterization, Western Red Cedar found on the Eastern United States, mutations being nothing like what radiation actually does to biological systems, etc., etc., etc. etc. etc etc etc. I count at least 20 continuity errors every episode. I don't get why this show got a better rating than Zoo, which is as campy as this show but with better attention to detail, better acting, better writing, and better CGI.
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Pretty good show up until this last season (which is terrible)!
DiCaprio-HardyFan18 September 2020
I thought The 100 was a show that was only going to be directed towards teens but I was so wrong. I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would, except for this last season (which isn't good at all)! They completely destroyed Bellamy's character, I don't get it at all! Everything these characters are doing this last season goes completely against what we learned about them for the first 6 seasons. Eliza Taylor (Clarke) & Bob Morley (Bellamy) Have both been great throughout the series and have led an all around amazing cast!
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It was a very good series up until the last season (horrible and i felt it was rushed and this ended the series )
briyanikaki13 October 2020
I love all seasons (except for last season) and once i started watching it on netlix i just could not wait to find out what wil happen and was really looking foward to the last season and BOOM !! what a downer and a really sad ass ending to the show what a bummer !! suddenly i felt it was such a waste of time watching all the very very good seasons before the last season just was total bs ..very very dissapointed !!! nothing i say here can spoil what the last season did not do ..haha..
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A really great show
aeneaskokkelmans7 May 2020
Yes it is true, the show started a bit slow, but it only goes uphill from there! I really recommend this show, the story is great, the characters are all great and I cant wait for Season 7. Just go watch it, you wont regret it!
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Nonsense characters
skipionut29 March 2021
The most awful TV series with toooo much bipolarity in it guys.

To much nerves created by this TV series...and the character "O" from it, speaking about bipolarity, for God sake, I've never hated an actress so much till now. The writers really screwed up.
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A Post Apocalyptic Soap Opera
allanwallace-171-66934510 November 2018
The basic idea is good, so i struggled through the first few episodes, mainly due to boredom, and the promise of IMDB that it would get better, and it does, at least a little bit. The issue is that its tremendously American and so is everyone in it (despite the main characters descending from 12 International Space Stations) and because we all know everyone from that country is tall, thin and attractive, so is the entire cast. Then we get to the 100 themselves, a group of "juvenile delinquents" abandoned to their fate on the Earths surface in a bid to a) see if the ground is habitable again and b) to buy a dying space station a few extra weeks of supplies. Seriously, these people are in a survival of the species situation, so they decide to get rid of a hundred "kids"? Brilliant idea. Fortunately though, due to the complete lack of actual teenage actors in the US, these "kids" are all about 25 so handle themselves just fine. Now it does get better, or at least the action does with a visible increase in gore, which im led to believe makes it better, but the acting stays poor, the dialogue not much better and general writing quite week. But its a soap opera, and can therefor be quite addictive despite its obvious faults, so be wary, you may end up watching it all , despite knowing your wasting your time......a solid 6
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very impressed.
lexi-guiot17 April 2014
I have to say it started a bit weak, but now I am completely addicted! Yes there are some cringe worth moments, but give it a go... the last episode was a complete turning point, and I personally cannot wait for the next episode.

I remember how boring the vampire diaries was at the beginning and now it is one of the most addictive shows ever... who knows maybe the 100 will be the same.

I was quite surprised with the fact that a show like The tomorrow people is still on the air, and also that it got distributed to the UK. I started watching it, and I literary could not take it anymore after 6 or 7 episodes... horribly acted! The acting in this show its quite good.

I find the characters on this show a lot more interesting, probably because they are criminals, so you kinda want to know what each of them did.

It also have that element of uncertainty that shows like the vampire diaries, teen wolf or the originals have, where even the main characters can be killed off, which makes the show even more interesting.

So I hope it gets enough viewers to keep it going.
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