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Please bear with the first few episodes, season 2 is epic and bloodthirsty like game of thrones
toxinok-779145 March 2015
Seriously stick with this show. I watch a lot of TV and when I first started watching the 100 I found the dialogue/accuracy questionable and it seemed like just another CW show. I stayed with it mostly for the interesting concept.

And wow, the second season develops into one of the most exciting programs out there right now. The storyline moves around like lightening, the characters go on believable arcs which deliver amazing transformations in some cases, it's highly original and creates some fascinating dynamics between characters which you don't see anywhere else. OK it's not perfect (sometimes the science makes me frown) but it does so much right I barely pay attention to the increasingly rare blips now.

Heading towards the end of season 2, every scene is compelling and feels important and you care about what happens because they have built it in the right way. Don't expect the fluffy love stories CW is famous for, this is in no way a show just for teenagers, it's not afraid to kill people, and deaths are permanent (thank goodness). The way they bring up questions of morality and strategy, the ambiguity of the characters, the head on approach to the subject matter, all are fascinating. It's gritty and edgy with excellent production value and the only other program I'm getting the same level of epic from right now is Game of Thrones.

I've never written a review before but I just had to support this show and want it to get past any stigma it created in the initial episodes. Check out the ratings in season 2, those are earned and well-deserved.

Binge watch it people! You won't regret it.
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This is actually good
matlizotte224 June 2014
I started watching this because had nothing to do. First impression, low budget acting and mediocre scripters. But surprisingly, I got hooked. This show is actually good!

Now we do need to warn the nerdy, let's hang bugs Bunny for being historically inaccurate type of listener. A TV show is supposed to give you a break from reality so everything in it doesn't have to be perfect. This is a show, a make believe world made to entertain people. It does not have to be scientifically accurate to be good! Television shows are stories, not the real world, get over it for Pete's sake!

First couple of episodes will leave you with a weird feeling of watching a teen drama poorly written. But trust me, it gets better and becomes quickly interesting. Gives me the impression that the whole getting to earth episodes were not written by the same person. As soon as that passage is behind you, the show gets really interesting. Got me hooked!
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You have to accept it for what it is
mitzisgirl2222 April 2014
Before watching the 100 you have to accept the obvious: it is a drama put on by the CW (the same folks that brought you 90210) about a group of 100 teens left stranded on earth by a society that has been living in space for a century. It is needless to say that the show is going to ask viewers to suspend their disbelief for the 40 minutes it takes to watch an episode.

A lot of people tend to criticize the show for being unrealistic scientifically. The problem with this being that of course the show is going to be unrealistic. You have to accept that the premise of the show is that 100 teens get stranded on earth by their race of space people 100 years after a nuclear disaster.

Sometimes television programs don't abide by standard rules of physics, or any kind of science for that matter. Sometimes that's what television is there for - to give you a break from the believable.

If you are a stickler for scientific accuracy or a big fan of classic sci-fi the reality is that this might not be the show for you. If, however, you are someone looking for something exciting and (honestly) addicting to watch you might be in luck.

In regards to the script I can honestly say that I suffered through 90210 cringing all the way and while some of The 100's script might be a little cringe-worthy to start, it is certainly much better than most (if not all) of the teen dramas on television.

This is a good show! You just have to accept what you're getting yourself into.
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It's getting good!
gjustinj3 May 2014
The series was off to a slow start, but it is getting better and better. The premise is original and fun, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. There is no doubt about it that this show is one to keep an eye on, it seems it gets darker each episode, but with that said that could also end up killing the show as a lot of viewers have accepted its violence so far because it has been done tastefully, without too much gore. Most of the bloodier scenes take place in a dark place or is carefully done by camera angles to get the point across but to not upset the CW's typical viewers, and this is great in a world of The Walking Death and Game of Thrones, etc. It's a welcome method of delivering the same intensity without being overly grotesque.

There are too many negative comments on this website regarding this show, it's getting good! I expect to see this series renewed soon.
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There are holes, but it's an easy show to get addicted to, if you give it a chance.
funeral-inmybrain10 July 2014
I've read a couple of these reviews, both negative and positive. I agree with both. Yes, there are definitely holes and I too believe it has a slow start. That being said, it wasn't slow enough to make me not watch the second episode, or the one after that. You have to appreciate it for what it is. It has an allure, the concept is what makes it interesting. I can poke holes in every well liked show, as i'm sure many others can. I kept watching because I felt the show had potential, no matter what route it took. There are still things that irk me about this show, but the things i enjoy outweigh the things I don't.

I rated it a 10 because I went in watching it without huge expectations, and became hooked. I watched episode after episode and finished the first season in 3 days (this is watching back to back episodes after 10 hour work days).

I love this show because it left me wanting more and I enjoyed watching it. They made some bold choices by deciding to show certain things as well which made it more realistic (regarding human behavior). I can definitely say it gets more exciting. I felt myself predicting things that might happen, but expecting them not too because it seemed too daring for TV, but I was pleasantly surprised.

My overall advice is that you don't go in watching it with this grand idea of it (not to say it isn't grand, but romanticizing it in your head can easily turn into disappointment), and just give it the chance it deserves.
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A good science fiction television series...
ahmetkozan18 April 2016
First off, I enjoyed Season 1 of The 100. Season 3 was inferior compared to other seasons.

The 100 is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series. I love The 100 because it has a unique story line. 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse, 100 prisoners sent down to the earth to see if it is survivable for the ark and it's lacking resources.

This show is another amazing and intriguing apocalyptic show that has caught my attention. I was sceptical at first as I am not a huge fan of the CW's channel however I realised that this is an exception to that thought. I have so far really enjoyed watching it and am hooked. If you like The Walking Dead, Revolution or Lost then you will love this show! If you like apocalytic, intense, thrilling, quality dramas, this is your show. It has a nuclear and isolated feel to it and it has yet to disappoint me. If you like the show too, please spread the word as much as possible, the show can't survive without support and good ratings so encourage those around you.

There are so many cool sci fi themes and issues in the show that it really keeps you interested in watching. Characters are also very interesting and bring you in. I would highly recommend this show to any sci fi fan! You won't be disappointed. 8/10
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very impressed.
lexi-guiot17 April 2014
I have to say it started a bit weak, but now I am completely addicted! Yes there are some cringe worth moments, but give it a go... the last episode was a complete turning point, and I personally cannot wait for the next episode.

I remember how boring the vampire diaries was at the beginning and now it is one of the most addictive shows ever... who knows maybe the 100 will be the same.

I was quite surprised with the fact that a show like The tomorrow people is still on the air, and also that it got distributed to the UK. I started watching it, and I literary could not take it anymore after 6 or 7 episodes... horribly acted! The acting in this show its quite good.

I find the characters on this show a lot more interesting, probably because they are criminals, so you kinda want to know what each of them did.

It also have that element of uncertainty that shows like the vampire diaries, teen wolf or the originals have, where even the main characters can be killed off, which makes the show even more interesting.

So I hope it gets enough viewers to keep it going.
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Averaging 7/10 despite bad reviews? Hmmm...
OK, so I'm not going to waffle on about how bad the script is and how many plot holes there are to this show as I think from a run through of a number of reviews on this site... That bit is covered!

It's not great but what I am starting to see coming through is a fairly sincere interlacing storyline between what is happening on the Ark (the big space station with the last of the humans on it) and those dumped back on Earth.

Bottom line is that it's entertaining! And it is getting better too, there are even moments which remind me of Battlestar Galactica (the remade series, not the original) as resources on the Ark start to dwindle and decisions have to be made.

I'm enjoying it, and I think that anyone else who likes to watch throw away TV and just be entertained will enjoy it too!

If I have any concerns about this show it's that it's a little bit too "high school" to start with and I don't see how this is going to last beyond a single series as the current plot (barring any miracles) pretty much means anyone left in space after a few months is dead?

I'm just going to enjoy this for as long as it lasts and ignore the haters of which there appear to be many...
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Suffers from massive internal contradictions
diekiste23320 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The premise is already bad. It's post-apocalyptic SciFi getting the Young Adult treatment. The show is yet another attempt to cash in on the Twilight formula of taking what used to be nerd-fodder (fantasy, horror, sci-fi) and turning it into teenage/highschool drama nonsense.

In addition to that, the show asks us to ignore massive internal contradictions that turn the whole premise into a joke pretty much. It's bad writing in addition to bad acting.

1. We are supposed to believe that the powers-to-be that preside over the last remnants of humanity (4000 people) would willingly send a sizable number of healthy, attractive breeding age females to almost certain death. That does not appear to be a particularly good idea if the survival of the species is the goal.

2. We are supposed to believe that they would send their young and healthy to Earth, i.e. into mortal danger, because of resource constraints, rather than the old and sick or other non-essential persons.

3. We are supposed to believe that, unless you're a minor, even small infractions carry a death sentence, even though it would be highly likely that virtually everyone on such a space station would need to have very specific tasks requiring a very specific skill set - making such a scenario highly unlikely.

4. We are supposed to believe that, after 3 generations on a resource-constrained space station, there is still plenty of shaving supplies, eyeliner, mascara and so on so that everyone can look like a perfectly groomed fashion catalog model.

5. We are supposed to believe that out of a total population of 4000 there are 100 juvenile delinquents.

6. We are supposed to believe that they have the technology to monitor life signs in real-time from space but they don't even have a single Geiger counter to measure radioactive radiation.

7. We are supposed to believe that the "delinquents", after growing up in what one must assume to be a HIGHLY reglemented society, would go Lord of the Flies pretty much the very minute they touch down on Earth.

I could continue this list, but it's pointless. The whole thing is a complete mess.
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Along the Lines of Earth 2, Deserves a Chance
bartning27 March 2014
The first two episodes have piqued my interest so far and are good sci-fi. It's a best series out there right now, and it's the only current one I've watched lately. I just hope it doesn't have too many moral twists in it, but going back to watch ones that do is the norm too.

I'm also in my late 40s so that, contrary to those negative and even fallacious reviews of the show claiming it's a "90210 remake" or "reviews use poor grammar,' even "positive reviews are written by idiots or teenagers," _The 100_ has the potential to continue as good sci-fi, and good, positive reviews abound. You've got to populate your premise, and it's a new twist on an Adam and Eve or Genesis along the lines _Earth 2_, and it's a scenario that includes adult characters as well. Moreover, as at least one other review has said, _The 100_ even has some of the actors from _Lost_ in the cast.
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In one word Entertaining!
dyutijaha29 October 2014
I was not at all into this genre of TV shows/movies, more into the comedies. So I was randomly browsing Netflix and started watching The 100, and what can I say...I got hooked to it.

The show has a good plot to start with and now has multiple story lines (I'm talking about season 2 & I hope it's not a spoiler), which makes me more curious to know what's about to happen next.

It might seem like it's a teen thing...but once you realize how all the characters grow with time and how they blend with the plot it's pretty entertaining. And I personally think the makers did a good casting and most of them are doing good at acting their roles. Though I feel Raven overacts at times.

So in a nutshell, The 100 seems to be a on good start as they proceeded to season 2. I hope they will make their storyline more interesting and mature the characters further.
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It's not that bad
isabelle-frater22 May 2014
The reason why I'm writing this review is because I see so many negative ones. True, the first few episodes were odd, and had their problems, but the following episodes cleared things up a lot, and also developed the whole thing. This show didn't start out too well. Some concepts were odd. Like the technological inconsistencies. However, as you learn more about the Ark, it becomes obvious that the resource situation is hard. Make-up. Well, most shows suffer from everyone having make-up, when they shouldn't. It's a TV thing. What is important is the story. What I like about it is how the teens on Earth are still teens. They have their love life and general angst, but they are also trying to be adults. Sometimes it's almost "Lord of the Flies", but then the characters stiffen their spine and make the hard choices. In a way, it's like a study of society and people. Though times sometimes bring out the worst or the best in people. With all the hormones coursing through their young bodies, it's even worse. One thing is for sure with this show. It's not boring.
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this show is why IMDb needs an option for negative ratings
Reviewer74625 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show is unimaginably stupid. The only thing that amazes me more than the fact that it was renewed for a second season is the fact that some people actually consider this science fiction. With their laughable portrayal of conditional gravity in orbit and magic radiation on the surface of the planet, the writers appear to harbor not only ignorance but an active disdain for basic science. The list of plot holes in this show is unending. The writers seem to delight in throwing them out there just to see if the audience is even paying enough attention to catch them or is too distracted by Paige Turco's holographic eye mascara.

The character development can best be described as "schizophrenic". The writers' idea of depth of character is turning antagonists into protagonists and back again sometimes within the span of single episodes. Half the actors appear embarrassed to be part of such an illogical piece of teen-drama crap and the other half are just excited to have a job. But what more do you expect from CW?

There is nothing to like about this show. I fear for the intelligence of reviewers who advise turning a blind eye to plot holes and terrible writing. You have to be a certain type easily entertained simpleton to find The 100 a show worth watching.

For your benefit (and as a response to the naive positive reviews) I've listed just a few of the most glaring holes and general problems with the plot below. Unless you're particularly skilled at suspending disbelief to the point of completely shutting off your brain, this show is not for you.

1) Portions of the Ark are rotating presumably to provide artificial gravity, a concept the artists at least peripherally understood but the script writers do not. One scene in S2E8 even involves turning gravity on and off like a light bulb. 2) Solar radiation in low Earth orbit is not the same as nuclear radiation from thermonuclear weapons detonations. Nuclear radiation from weapons detonations dissipates over the course of weeks (which is why Nagasaki is currently inhabited by half a million people, for example). 3) Even with exposure to the most intense radiation at Chernobyl, the type of instantaneous tissue damage and death from fallout radiation shown in the series isn't even close to being realistic. It is apparent that the writers have absolutely no idea what radiation actually is. 4) Blood transfusions are not going to magically protect tissue from nuclear radiation. 5) 97 years is not long enough for natural selection to evolve a population of humans 4,000 strong which is 100% resistant to anything. 6) If there's still enough magic radiation on the surface to instantly kill people, why did the Ark decide to wait almost 100 years before sending people down since it wouldn't have made a difference either way? 7) They seem to do just fine consistently treating stab wounds, broken bones, concussions, etc. without any medical supplies or training to speak of and with a 100% success rate and an average recovery time of a day or so. 8) How could a nuclear war have succeeded in destroying not only all traces of technology but all traces of written language on the surface of the planet such that the majority of surviving humanity would be reverted some tens of thousands of years? That's right, tens of thousands. We've had agriculture for the last 12,000 years. 9) The 100 happens upon a cache of automatic weapons after having been on the ground for what, a week? Meanwhile, the people who've been living on the ground for the last century have given up on technology and are throwing spears at one another and riding horses around. 10) Why did the "grounders" (stupid name) bother to invent a new Pidgin English language if they all still speak common English fluently and without even so much as an accent?
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Worst SF on TV in a long time
aivas3321 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Whoever is writing this obviously has no clue how to write good SF, let alone a good story. The premise has merit, but the follow-through is worse than dreadful. Lets see, where do I start . . .

1. 4000 people left in civilization, and they are being executed right and left, for just about any reason. Works for me!

2. Dwindling resources and people, but let's kill off a doctor. Another great idea!

3. 4 months of resources left. Shouldn't this have been looked at somewhat earlier, and a rational approach arrived at as to possibly sending a team to the surface, assuming they don't have the capability to send a robotic probe of some kind to monitor current surface conditions?

4. The future of humanity is in the balance, but let's send 100 kids with no training or tools to assess the situation, let alone request volunteers and impress upon them just how important the mission is to the future of humanity. Oh, and assume they'll land exactly where they've been pointed, and walk right in the front door of Mt Weather.

5. Also, let's not have them check the atmosphere and radiation levels before leaving the lander, and then have them run around like a bunch of college kids at Ft Liquordale once they're outside, with no concern that there might be something toxic or lethal out there.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. The concept has a lot of merit, but the writing and details are horrible. Kill this series off ASAP!
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High school drama that wants to be a Sci-fi show
citrus-istari19 March 2014
The premise for the show is actually good, a great idea that could have been a great show, but "The 100" completely fails with the execution. It is nothing but a hormone infested high school drama masked as a Sci-fi show. 100 kids are sent to a previous radioactive unlivable Earth to determine if the planet is suitable for life again, great idea right? But what's the first thing these kids do when they get there? Separate into groups of who's cool and who isn't, while anyone speaking reason that they need to find shelter/food/anything else required to survive, are just bullied and threatened with their life. As well as the normal pointless "girl likes class clown guy who likes the girl that is serious and won't pay attention to him." It's a joke how silly this is, you're the first people to step foot on Earth in 100 years and you just want to fight amongst yourselves about who's cool and who gets the girl? Save yourself an hour and don't watch it.
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why, why, why?
mirtillomagico21 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If even one hundred years locked up in a space station cannot pull out a better script, well, maybe it is true that the human race does not deserve to survive! The embarrassment reigns in front of The 100, all minors, who have never been under Earth's gravity and yet they dance like in a rave; the one that has lived under the floor for 16 years, but flawlessly jumps into the first river ever seen by 4 generations; the much-more-than-minor who becomes the leader of the so-bad-that-nastier-you-cannot in 30 seconds; the class conflicts thrown here and there because in 2014 we are all politically committed; the blondest and most known-it-all main character of all times, the short-sighted politician who wants to save the human race, but perhaps does not know what the gene pool is, etc etc ... the list could be infinite . I'm tempted to write that the problem is the age of the protagonists and the target, but recent unfortunate events (see Terra Nova or Revolution) have shown that even if adults are added, the result does not change. It is not that I'm claiming a Doctor Who all days, but really you, you Hollywood screenwriter cannot do anything better than The 100? Do you really think that teenagers from all over the world were not capable of appreciating a well-written and credible sci-fi story?
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irrational garbage
gorbig20 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
*spoilers ahead* Yet another show with a "good idea" that doesn't hold up due to terrible writing.

1. The MOST precious resource in space is breathable air. They are running out of breathable air. Yet they execute people by "floating" them - aka ejecting them into space. And what are they ejecting with them? by the look of the airlocks, about 7-10 cubic meters of breathable air.

2. They didn't send any radio or other form of communication device with the 100?

3. no Geiger counters are available to them?

4. the radiation storms look pretty large, yet they can't see them from the space station?

5. have they been using the same razors to shave for 97 years? or maybe someone brought a few thousand with them initially....

6. the "flares" they launch to let the people in orbit know they are alive. No way those fly in any sort of a strait trajectory. Ever launch a model rocket without fins?!?!?

7. a re-entry craft capable of holding 100 people was available?

8. After the radiation storm passes, which appeared to last for hours, none of the vegetation was harmed? And a 100 year old car was adequate shielding?

I can't go on, and hopefully neither does this show.
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high-school teen "drama" for brainless idiots
pitikuss-726-72862720 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
..first words from human landing on earth after 100 years of watching from orbit: "We're back bitcheeeeees!" ..that says it all..'s so brainless it hurts... is probably the intended audience... ..idiotic, egocentric, hormone-driven - overall brainless ...

..seriously..after 100 years of forced barely survival in space station the humans are not able to invent technology to check on earth status (but they have bracelets which they can track on earth without issues) ? Did you check how much we progressed in last 50 years ? How come (and why)they still have "old style" projectile-based guns ? ...looks like they all generally lost ability to think logically..strange...considering the few last humans saved on space stations must have been "the best earth wanted to save"...

Hope they improve the show very fast, as the idea itself is not bad.

If they don't, it will not last for new session.
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The 100 Reasons Not to Watch This Show
wahoo888821 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Actually there are probably far more than 100 reasons and I'm not going to list them all here. I'm sure many more will follow in other reviews. But, just to get started, the setup for this show is so preposterous I don't know where to begin. The survivors of a future apocalypse escape an irradiated Earth and live in space stations, where the punishment for any crime "no matter how small" is death (apparently mostly Republicans survived the Apocalypse). Except if you are under 18, then you get to live in prison until you are 18, then reviewed, and then presumably, put to death. However, the compassionate adults of the future have decided to send 100 teenagers approaching 18 to the Earth as guinea pigs to monitor their survival. If they die, so what, they were going to be killed anyway. And, as we all know, teenagers would certainly represent the best option for the survival of humanity. So as not to disappoint, the teenagers are self-centered, arrogant, idiots who are completely unaware of what is going on; and completely incapable of any kindness or compassion (who knows, maybe this will change as time goes by, but, this group does not give me any hope for the future). Immediately the kids start to bicker and congregate into uncooperative groups (a sure sign of maturity). So far, the show seems to be about a typical trip to the mall. On the bright side, the adults in this show do not fare much better. Apparently there are no schools on that space station (and from the feel of it, maybe just mind-numbing reruns of reality shows as entertainment). Apparently, and according to all TV shows and movies, the future human race no longer evolves, but devolves into a species of ultra-violent racists, hellbent on annihilation. It does make sense though, that spending a couple years in prison as a teenager would prepare you for immediate expulsion to the surface of a planet that was recently decimated by nuclear war. Oh, and there must be great hair stylists in that prison because The 100 all look like they just stepped out of a salon.
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From Ugly Duckling to a Battlestar quality
apostnik21 February 2015
I was forced to watch first two episodes by my teenage child. I was disgusted by plot holes and teenagers wearing make up after a week in the woods. I suffered through the first season thinking why on earth I'm wasting my time. I'm a big Firefly and Battlestar Galactica fan. The 100 was nothing like it.

Then the last episode of the first season came. There was this moment - WAIT WHAT. Something very dramatic was revealed that actually turned the show into SciFi. Almost in an instant things started making sense, teenagers lost nightclub makeup and acquired dirt and blood on their faces. It's almost like once the real story began and the visuals matched it. That was an extreme turn of both the events and cinematography.

Some recent episodes in my mind rival Battlestar darkness and depth. Characters lost their stupid one-liners, internal consistency checks out, all kind of characters are well developed and then horrible things happen to them. And the earth based SciFi aspect is holding it all together unlike that space Ark joke in the beginning.

If you bother to look at the individual episode ratings you will see this dramatic jump at the end of first season. Some episodes go above 9.0 for all the right reasons.

In summary I recommend skimming through first half of the first season to get some backstory and start really watching second half. You will not be disappointed once you meet some interesting characters and technology of the second season.
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Hard to watch. Teenager/high school drama, bad acting, bad writing + lack of common sense and scientific legitimacy.
danielle191120 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I may recommend this show for a 12 year old who doesn't notice things as well as an adult who knows a good TV Show when she/he sees it.

There is too much focus on teenage/high school drama and not enough on the actual situation of the characters. It also has a Lord of the Flies feel as many of the teenagers become close to savages. It doesn't work here because these kids are much to old to behave the way they do. I feel as though I am constantly shaking my head left and right holding one hand to my forehead asking myself what am I watching.

I have been trying to give the show a chance as some of my friends have recommended it to me and it seems to have decent reviews but I must say I will no longer take recommendations from those friends. We clearly have different expectations and opinions of what a good show is.

There are many holes in the show that make it ridiculous and make the characters seem irrational and forgive me, but dumb. For one, they send 100 teenagers down with only wristbands to detect if they survive the radiation on earth so that they can recolonize it. They could build a massive spacecraft but never thought of building a probe that could detect the level of radiation on earth. Not only that but they don't send any communication devices with the teenagers, only the metal bracelets which aren't even reliable since they can take them off and signal a fake death.

I realize that all of this would eliminate the show entirely from being possible but they should cover those grounds to make it seem more realistic to an audience that don't have potatoes as brains.

Also, they have been on this space craft for 100 years and they still have plenty of space for non essential materials such as beauty products so that they can look like models. It's actually obnoxious and adds to the teenage/twilight appeal.

This show should be targeted to young teens and I am a little disappointed that this show received a 7.9.
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100 epic fails
seularts21 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What a great way to take a smart idea and stain it with rubbish from 100 underage kids that have no clue how to act. First of all, the future of the human race should not stay in American hands, since They American culture and mentality is the worst in the world.

While watching this catastrophe of an episode, I did see between the lines a book concept, but whoever stole that idea executed it miserably. Having 3rd grade actors from other Sci-FY series won't make this any better.

There are so many flaws that it would take an entire season to describe them all. Radiation goes away after at least 50.000 years and not just after 100. The rest of the episode stands out in cheap CGI, lots of flares and retarded dialogues.

The only hope this series have, is if they reboot the pilot and add experience and mature actors and then rewrite the entire script dialogues. I can survive with the 90's CGI and other pathetic effects, but with ugly college kids that have apples for brains, I can't look at this series ever again! Avoid this garbage at all cost, it is a waste of time and intellect. I rate only 1 star out of respect for the main stolen concept that stands behind this atrocity.
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Great Show
Sabrina10829 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I am quite personally a fan of most of the cw shows (past and present) and I love this show. It fits perfectly with the rest of their shows. Theirs been a lot of comments on here about it being another stupid teen drama. A) it's not really that stupid. It has a great idea focusing on a post nuclear war radiation soaked earth. And B) the cw has often catered to teen drama style shows (the vampire diaries, gossip girl, & 90210 were all teen dramas on the channel and all huge successes) so I don't get why people are complaining. It has a strong female lead and the characters in the show are often at odds with each other on what they think the best course of action is. But then they all pull together and typically most come out OK. Their is a high level of violence but it's not gory or scary or anything like that. This is one of those shows that almost anyone could watch as long as you can make it through the first episode or so because it does start off somewhat slow, but then again most shows do.
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best show
giuliageus5 December 2014
I've read a lot of negative and positive reviews, a lot of people mentioned holes, which a lot of them are answered in the show! just watch it first, then write a review!

this is one of the best shows to come out, i watched the first season in one day! i was hooked! don't judge it by the first episode, you got to give it time for the story to unfold.

i look forward to Wednesday so i can watch a new episode, i think this show is great, its got a bit of everything, action,romance, attractive characters, and a good storyline, i do think that end of season 1 and season 2 is the best, but overall this show is great

give it a chance! 10/10
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Bad teen angst dreck
ons-641-31943920 March 2014
What an awful waste of my viewing time and the production company's money. Made for the CW 'Network', The 100 is a dreadful teen sci-fi drama set on a post-apocalyptic future Earth. But I am perplexed -- how did this script pass muster? Is there an expectation that anything with overly hormonal, stoopid teens will get some eyeballs? I was hoping that this would be an interesting new sci-fi show, but it is just a poorly scripted high school drama with all the clichés, pitting mean girls, bullies, cheerleaders, jocks, nerds and other one-dimensional characters against each other, but this time set in the future.

The only reason I would watch another episode is if I were assured a large number of the obnoxious brats and bullies that were landed on earth would be quickly killed off -- and killed in some especially gruesome manner!
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