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Sex & Nudity

  • In season 1 there is a lot of underage sex especially in the first couple of episodes. Sometimes you can see characters in their underwear but it's often very briefly
  • Sexual content often involves older teens: sex scenes with undressing to underwear, and sometimes nude but nothing sensitive onscreen, nor actual sex (which is left offscreen). Same and opposite sex couples have intercourse and romantic relationships.
  • Season 1 A couple kiss passionately and take off their clothes. They start having sex. There is no nudity

Violence & Gore

  • A lot of times, characters will die in harsh and cruel ways. The show gets increasingly more violent.
  • In one scene, someone steps on a landmine resulting in a bloody aftermath. Body parts are seen scattered across the ground. (Very graphic)
  • Later seasons contain much more graphic violence than the first, with medium to large amounts of blood and gore.
  • Contains blood, gore, and violence.
  • Graphic violence, with violent activity in nearly every episode of the show. Show becomes increasingly more violent in later seasons.
  • Throughout the series, the most graphic scenes include throat-slitting, heavy beatings, people having their skin graphically melt/burn away due to radiation, a man's eyes being gouged, several instances of decapitation and dismemberment, a character graphically slitting their wrists and another character cutting their arm open on the corner of a table.
  • The violence can be quite ruthless and cold-blooded, including scenes of torture, already wounded people being killed on the ground, and defenseless people being killed.
  • There are multiple torture scenes over the course of the series, including a man being repeatedly whipped before having a nail driven through his palm and being shocked with an electric cord, a man having nails hammered through his hands before being hoisted into the air, and several people being cut and stabbed many times with knives and scalpels.
  • In one season 5 episode a man is stabbed in the stomach and then has his neck pretty brutally bitten out.
  • A man's tooth is pulled out with pliers.
  • In season 7, a woman ripped out a chunk of a man's neck with her mouth. Seconds later she scooped out his eye with a spoon. Probably one of the more graphic scenes of the season. There is a lot of blood.
  • Show progressively gets more and more violent with each season. Going from PG-13 style violence to Hard R violence with on screen dismemberment and blood
  • There is a lot of violence and gore scenes.
  • In Season 6 someone is burnt alive, could be disturbing for some.
  • The show uses blood and gore extremely often, even outside of violent scenes. People are shown covered in gore nearly every episode, and several plotlines are centered upon blood types and transfusions.


  • In season 1, we briefly hear someone say to someone else, "Your dad is a dick!"
  • Infrequent use of bastard, piss, pissed, ass, badass, dumbass, smartass, and bitch. Frequent use of hell, damn, and dammit.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There's a nut they found called jobi nuts that they eat and it makes them hallucinate
  • Alcohol is consumed on several occasions throughout the show, including a few characters who go through addiction.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the deaths may be extremely emotional and unhappy deaths. Main characters die by suicide, execution, murder, etc.
  • Constant scenes of slitting wrists, hangings, lighting self on fire, brutal executions, overdoses, etc.
  • A major theme of the show is abandonment and betrayal. Many characters will be abandoned or betrayed by friends, family, and allies. This goes as far as mothers torturing their daughters, and others murdering their lover in cold blood.
  • Teenagers are on a crash-landing space shuttle.
  • A character is being treated for a gunshot wound on an operating table in a hospital scene.
  • There are several mutated creatures shown throughout the show, including intestine eating worms, two headed deer, cannabalistic bugs, and others.
  • This show is extremely emotionally and morally dark, especially in seasons 3-7. Majority of the main characters consist of genocidists, murderers, drug addicts, dictators, and sociopaths.
  • A few torture scenes that may be distressing for viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Several main character deaths per season =S1: Wells, S2: Finn, Maya, Dante, S3: Lincoln, Sinclair, Lexa, Pike, S4: Jasper, Roan, Luna, S5: Monty, Jaha, Harper, S6: Kane, Abby, Shaw, S7: Bellamy, Gabriel, Diyoza.
  • In a Season 5 episode, people are forced at gunpoint to eat meat made from other humans. Some viewers may find this extremely disturbing. There are some other instances of cannibalism committed by monstrous characters in the show, but this scene is more disturbing than those ones.
  • Bloody and gritty violence throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Three major characters go through severe drug addictions in the series. One in season 2, another in season 4, and the last in season 5. Each one is more and more unnerving to watch, one of which resulting in a suicide.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The storyline of Jasper in seasons 3-4 is an extremely blunt portrayal of depression, and can be very unnerving to watch.
  • There were references and even portrayals of cannibalism in season 5. Also known as the Dark Year. Might be disturbing to some (or a lot) of viewers.
  • In a Season 5 episode, people are forced at gunpoint to eat meat made from other humans. Some viewers may find this extremely disturbing.
  • There will be one episode, S2:E7, with a young woman that's being tortured with radiation outside Mountweather. You can later see the body on a table inside of Mountweather.
  • Madi, a 14 year old girl becomes completely paralyzed resulting in her being completely unable to move. Her mother then has to debate mercy killing her, in an extremely unnerving and emotional scene.

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