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The Show That Proves Life is Still Life
Sober-Friend13 May 2017
I am a little biased here. I am in recovery. Sober for 20 years now. Everyday I am very grateful that I survived. I don't take my life for granted anymore. So when I herd about this show I had to watch. As soon as I was done was episode 1 I was the shows #1 fan.

Now that the show has ended its fourth season I am happy to say "I am still it's #1 fan". I love the fact that the show takes many chances (Some chances work some don't). I love the fact that the people in recovery are shown as human and that they still make mistakes and "life is still life".

The shows first season was a little "hit and miss". The producers were trying to figure out what was working and what wasn't.

What was not working on the show was Christy's work life and dating life. Her friends (and mother) in recovery was comic gold.

In season 2 they added Jaime Pressly, Mimi Kennedy & Beth Hall. When all these women are together in one scene is when the show shines its brightest.

Again the show is not perfect but it least it takes more chances than most television shows. It is very funny and dare I say "Very Real".

To everyone that works on the show I just want to say "Bravo".
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Allison Janney is a genius
ggallegosgroupuk14 April 2017
Allison Janney made me do something I had never done before. To be devotedly attached to a sit-com. She has created a character in Mom that it's bloody irresistible. An awful mother that it's impossible not to love. That's only achievable if the actress playing her is a genius. Anna Faris playing her daughter is a total find for me. Wonderful and a perfect foil for Allison Janney who reminds me of some of my favorites from the past, Kay Kendall, Eve Arden, Mary Astor, Joyce Grenfell and at the same time, she's like nobody else. She had only one moment in Primary Colors but she's memorable and has an entrance in The Hours that took my breath away. I want to see her in a movie that showcases her extraordinary talents to the fullest. Is that too much to ask?
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This show is so funny!
CoolKid233 November 2013
I have to say first off I have always loved Anna Farris from the scary movie series and she does not disappoint in this sitcom at all. All these people saying that this show is negative and trashy are the same people that love two and a half men and watch it faithfully. I have laughed through every episode so far and can't wait to see how the whole series turns out. The woman who plays Anna Farris's mom is so funny and it kind of reminds you of the mother on two and half men. Don't listen to what other people say and watch for yourself before you make a judgment call. I see other shows that have a good rating like we're the millers which has no laughs in it whatsoever. We live in a generation where people see one thing they don't like an all of sudden everything about the show is bad.
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Absolutely fantastic
californiaaries8519 April 2015
I LOVE this show. A 7 rating overall is far too low for this great show. First of all, the gorgeous Allison Janney is BRILLIANT as Bonnie. She really never fails to make me laugh. Her character is so lovably messed up.

Secondly, this is one of my favorite role of Anna Farris's. I really like Anna Farris, but some of the roles she's done have missed the mark with me. In this show, I feel like Farris's acting style has really matured. She finds a good balance between the lovable, relatable lead and the goofball comic.

Thirdly, the chemistry between the two of them is really where it's at. Their mother-daughter relationship is hilarious and charming. It's also very relatable, at least for those of us who maybe didn't have picture perfect childhoods or families.

Fourthly, (yes, fourthly), the writing really is fantastic. The writers manage to address very real emotional issues with tenderness and wit. I really just can't praise it enough.

This show genuinely is fantastic, and I hope they win lots more Emmys! They deserve it!
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shaoyicheng15 April 2014
It's not just a comedy, it bears so much grief and pain as well as many great funny stories.

It gives hope to anyone who have doubts about their life.

Every episodes is well written. Especially the first episode.

The 22nd episode is the most touching one!

The cast is brilliant! Faris, Janny and Calveno are talented actresses. Even Rothenthal is funny and adorable.

This is a one of a kind TV show for people who truly understand what life is about and brave enough to appreciate it everyday.

Keep up the good work, Chuck!
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Makes me laugh throughout the entire episode!!!
jenn_k8312 January 2014
I absolutely LOVE this show! The actors and actresses do a wonderful job at keeping you laughing! I admit, the first 2 episodes were slow on the laughs, but as the story progresses, it gets funnier and funnier. I recommend this show to anyone who loved Two and Half Men and love to laugh. Both Ana Faris and Allison Janney have great chemistry and it works for this show! They are easy to relate to. Being a single mom of a teen and a boy growing up, while working hard to pay the bills and turn around your life whilst having a crazy mom in the mix! The actors who play the teen and kid also do a great job. All in all the whole show is good. You have cameos that come in. Who doesn't miss French Stewart? He is in this show and he makes for even more laughs! All in all, this show is great and if you are looking for some laughs and see the awesome chemistry with everyone on this show, then this is the one for you!
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Clever, funny and smart!
skleid29 September 2015
It's not easy to make a story of a dysfunctional family truly funny without making the characters dumb and "over-the-top," but this show not only succeeds, it has gone through two seasons so far without losing any of its quality. It's a bit racy in spots but never gets crude (like 2-1/2 Men) or cheerfully dumb (Big Bang Theory and most other sitcoms), but even mixes in some pathos without affecting the basic humor. I haven't seen that ability since "Frasier". The cast, led by Anna Faris and Allison Janney, is uniformly excellent, with only French Stewart's chef being a bit too much of a caricature. Here's hoping the coming third season continues its excellent beginning.
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Two and a Half Women
fbcnova28 October 2013
OK so it's not what you want you children to model themselves after but then neither was producer Chuck Lorre's Two and a Half Men. This is sort of the female version of that great show and maybe it's because it's a mostly female cast that it seems to raise the ire of so many. I don't know or care, to me its funny. Anna Faris is well… Anna Faris and if you like her in things like the "Scary Movie" series then you will probably like her playing Christy who often innocently deadpans her way through raunchy or absurd situations with great comedic sensibility. Allison Janney plays Christy's Mom Bonnie who is the counterpart to Charley Harper's slutty mom Evelyn. The show probably could use a "Berta" but it has enough good characters to develop into the same sort of comedic juggernaut Two and a Half Men was, given some good writing. Time will tell.
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The show deserves a 2nd season
Christmas-Reviewer4 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I get very angry when people call this trashy. These people are normal! They are not living in a trailer selling meth!

The show also does not glorify "Teen Pregnancy". If you watch the show the mother knows she made mistakes. I love the fact she loved her daughter even more when her daughter needed her the most. She did not make her daughter feel shame! She did not like the fact her daughter was pregnant but she knows there is nothing she can do about it! The teen made a mistake. Her mother still loves her and that is an AWESOME MESSAGE. This is after all not the 1950's.

As a person in AA I find the AA aspect of the show very funny. The cast is able to bring out the best in the material.

Since this is a first year show the producers are still figuring out the voice of the show. Now there is 3 aspects if the show. Christy (the main character)

1)Her home life/relationship with her mother. She also happens to have a pregnant teen. Not to mention her dating life.

2) Her work life (She once dated her married boss)

3) AA Life

Now I suggest to the producers they focus on Christy and her relationship with her mother. Also there is plenty of millage they can get out of AA and the Marjorie character (An AA MEMBER)

The work life seems forced and its usually the weakest in the laugh department....

Just saying
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Good First Episode
drjgardner24 September 2013
"Mom" is a refreshing, in-your-face comedy with so many laughs you don't get much chance to settle down. For many people it will be too crude, but for those who don't mind the raunchier side of TV, this one is just fine (and never as crude as "Two and a Half Man" has become). Multiple Emmy winner ("West Wing") Alison Janney plays the mom to cute as a button Anna Faris ("Scary Movie") who in turn is the mom to relative newcomer Sadie Calvano. They all share problems with addiction and sexual appetites which make for lots of jokes as well as some touching emotional moments.

Rounding out the cast is a riotous French Stewart ("3rd Rock") as a chef, Nathan Corddry ("Harry's Law") as a philandering restaurant manager, and Matt Jones ("Breaking Bad") as Faris' out of work ex.

The creators include Eddie Gorodetsky and Chuck Lorre who gave us, among other things, "The Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men"

It's too early to tell if they can keep up the momentum, but the first episode certainly earns them a second look from me.
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Great realistic show!
joaos97 August 2017
Very good show!

It is a shame to watch some negative ratings on such a series. Are people worried about teenage pregnancy, alcoholics, single moms or free sex? Well, get real, that is how real life is.

The only thing I don't like, are the laugh tracks, but that is my problem.

The way characters have been developing is incredible.

It is very good to see that besides all the crap that may happen in our lives, it is always possible to correct ourselves. We can clearly see how Christy and Bonnie have a good and fair heart and always try to redeem themselves from mistakes (both of the past or present). Also, is lovely to see how their relationship develops, such as the relationships with their friends. They all may sound comically harsh to each others, but when something serious happens, we see them taking the right side and defending each other and that's what matters in life.

I understand there are many types of humor, but to say MOM is not good because of their topics, makes no sense. Only one who lives in a shell or denies the real life can say that. It is much more interesting to see this than another cliché storyline of some sort of normal family with a light tendency to be JUST funny.

I personally congratulate both Anna Faris and Allison Janney. I was not a fan of them, but I am now. Besides their wonderful acting skills, they show a very humanistic mindset.

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love this show!
bassgeetar24 January 2014
Oh my god this show has me laughing in so many ways. people talk bad about the first episode. It is like any show and you are just getting to know the characters. The content is a serious matter and is brought to light in a most hilarious way. After that it takes off like fire. Fantastic writing, clever funny lines and a great connection. I love the characters. I hardly ever laugh out loud while watching TV. I have had plenty of truly great laughs. People shouldn't be judging a show because they don't the matter of talking about teenage pregnancy, or alcoholism. Its great to see these topics discussed in a open way. A funny one. But at the same time these topics are taken seriously.
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Inappropriate Hilarity (spoilers)
davidsmith66699925 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I love shows that tell it like it is. Shows that don't sugarcoat awful situations, and that do it with unique style. This show pushes the envelope in family dysfunction. It's two steps further into the abyss than The Simpsons or Married With Children.

As much as people don't want to admit, we do turn out like our parents. Unfortunately this is a family of alcoholic, drug addict, sluts. Christy's (Faris)daughter Violet is keeping the family tradition alive by getting pregnant while still in high school. Christy who is trying to survive and stay sober has strained relationships with both Violet and her own mother Bonnie (Janney). Christy is a punching bag for both. The one-liners keep coming episode to episode, with punches so hard that you want to give Christy a drink and tell her to forget them. But, Christy can give as good as she takes. While not mean spirited, she's told Violet that having her ruined her life. It's hard to fathom, but hilarious to hear.

This is a show that's not for the delicate or faint of heart. It's raw on every level. There's adultery, sexual harassment, terrible parenting, teen pregnancy, and just about anything else that not's suitable for immature audiences. But, if you watch it for entertainment value and not for life lessons you'll be hooked at how hilarious this show is. Sometimes you're laughing so hard you miss a joke or two.

Great performances by all. Janney is a true stand out, she's nuts and spot on in her delivery and actions.

I hope this show makes it a few seasons, it's worth it.
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Pilot Episode
mrjsera29 September 2013
Mom depicts with humor a real-life single mother trying to survive in this 21st century social climate. The characters are believable and the situations are real. I found myself laughing out loud any number of times during the show. Anna Faris does a fine job of depicting Christy,a single-mom recovering from an addiction problem with two kids from different guys. Christy's mom Bonnie (Alison Janney) does and excellent job of portraying the typical 2013 cougar who lives for her own self-gratification and seem perfectly fine with having been a terrible mother. I hope with all sincerity that Mom gets picked-up by the network. Good luck Mom!
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Very interesting, funny show, but only if you get it.
otrohd1934 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was intrigued by the idea of a comedy show that portrays the horrors of addiction and its inevitable tragedies. As a long term survivor of the disease of alcoholism and an active participant in recovery, I began watching it to see how the show presented itself as relates to recovery. I have to say, after having watched all of the episodes so far that I find both the unfolding stories of the characters and the little slices of life at AA to be very well done. For those who say that the show is exploitative of human tragedy, I invite you to work hard, become a drug addict or alcoholic and come to a recovery program to see just how close to reality this show really is. In my time in recovery I have seen countless situations that were just as ridiculous and tragic as this one turn around and become stories of human triumph over adversity. One of the great joys of recovery is to be able to look back at the crazy things that happened in our lives and laugh because they are long gone and have been replaced by sanity. In my experience, early sobriety is often just as crazy as is presented here. I have never had anyone pull up to my house drunk in a fire truck as happened in the latest episode, but I have to say, if it did occur, I wouldn't be very surprised. Drunks are an imaginative lot and prone to bad decisions. People under the influence, both of substances and of substance abusers can do some very stupid things If you can't relate to the humor in this show, I understand. I probably couldn't either if I hadn't seen it played out over and over for years. Far too often, it ends tragically, but the joy that comes when it ends in triumph is wonderfully fulfilling. I have been so fortunate to have seen a good number of people come through things at least as crazy as this show and lead great lives, and then be able to look back and laugh at the folly that was their life under the yoke of addiction. I can't wait to see what happens to Christy and her mom! 9 Stars.
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Love it
Chloe-baconluver19 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I do not really understand how people do not appreciate this show. They are completely missing out on the plot. It talks about real life problems with some humour. It does not advocates any kind of lifestyle but just how people deal with those problems. There are not a lot of shows that talk about those topics and it is done really well.

The acting is really good compared to other shows out there, it's better than two and a half man.

I could not stop laughing during the E and hearty breakfast and the zombies and Cobb Salad made me laugh but it was touching at the same time.

I would recommend watching at least 6-7 episodes, you will understand the characters better.
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hemril19 November 2013
Once in while, it is good to be reminded that we live in a male centric society. The drinking and womanizing of Charlie Harper was quite acceptable and cute. But try to make a comedy about the realities of life for the women who have been dumped by the Charlie Harpers of this world and you get comments about the values this sitcom is carrying. Isn't that a little hypocritical at best, and plainly sexist at worst? I simply love Anna Faris (I hope she reads this) This lady is talented and able to carry this show with the fabulous Allison Janey. "Mom" is certainly not perfect, but it has the unique quality of portraying something true. It is honest and doesn't try to be anything else. It is refreshing, and in my opinion, deserve an 8.
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Cindy Campbell and Juno's stepmother = the perfect comedy duo!
grim_fandango230 September 2013
I've loved Anna Faris since the first time i saw her in the Scary Movie franchise. She's one of the most hilarious actress, she makes those faces you cannot not laugh at. I've discovered Allison Janney in Juno and thought she was just amazing! And the chemistry of them together is really great! The jokes are well placed through the episodes, they deal with important subject and are able to treat them with comedy and tact and that is a great quality. The grand-mother/mother/daughter relationship is fantastic! The kid actors and also pretty funny.

It might be a useless detail but the thing that bothered me were the "In the last episode of Mom": where they spent one entire minute remembering us what we never forgot from last week episode, it feels like a waste of time.

Also, as much as i love Anna Faris, we can feel some stress and/or nervosity in her act, it might be because she's not use to the audience or something, but its like there is a little something missing to make it more real, i don't know what though. But she is a great actress and can deal with awkward physical comedy so well.

To sum up, great cast, good jokes, gorgeous sets and a beautiful chemistry between the main actress! 9/10
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Chuck Lorre channels Norman Lear without the cute catch phrases
fredwhite-8774414 March 2016
This show is very much like a Norman Lear show of the '70s and I don't mean that an insult.

It's a show that is not afraid to have cutting issues, while still remain funny. Unlike many shows on today, the characters face consequences that do not reset in the next episode.

Our country currently has a drug problem, so I am glad that they don't sugar-coat the characters and give them just a drinking addiction, which has been done over and over again.

Anna Faris is also very funny and talented. She can make you laugh with just a look.
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Anna and Alison shine!
GoTGeEk82780928 January 2014
I honestly started watching this show because I am a huge fan of Anna Faris, I have loved her in everything she's been in! She is hilarious and absolutely one of my favorite actresses. That being said, I actually wasn't expecting to like this show at all, but boy was I wrong! I'm hooked! I think it's hilarious! Anna and Alison, who plays her mother, absolutely shine together! Alison is a phenomenal actresses, I love how she says what's on her mind! Yes, sometimes I can see how some comments on the show could be offensive... but isn't every show like that!? Life is like that! You're not going to like everything. I think it's unfair to say this is a terrible show unless you go in open-minded & really give it a shot! It's a winner in my book!!!
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7, if not for laugh track
grnhair200129 September 2017
What a laugh track says to me is this: it says you don't trust your own writing, actors, or show. It says you think I am stupid and wouldn't know where to laugh. It weakens your effort.

The show is fine. The acting is good, and I really enjoy seeing middle aged people in a show. I am not a great fan of family sitcoms, but this one is much better than most. I enjoyed the 12-step background.

But I cannot forgive a laugh track. When did MASH give up its laugh track? 1984? That is getting to be quite sometime ago. So TV, quit doing it. It tells me that your show is aimed at far stupider people than me. If it isn't, then trust your writers and actors.
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One of the few decent sitcoms on TV
Simply-Red2 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sitcoms these days seem to mostly be about agenda driven virtue signaling, or they are the new style fast paced Larry David style works that just presses the accelerator the whole episode...just too much.

Mom is a rare gem in the sea of terrible sitcoms. It really has that old feel of the sitcoms in the good ole days, except with modern content and issues. It's a very "adult" sitcom, which I like. There is a content age rating system for a reason and web sites for parents to check on maturity ratings like "Common Sense Media" who rates Mom as an age 15+ program. I recommend people actually do a little research and maybe look for the rating that often shows when a program starts on TV. The reviewers here complaining that it's not for kids are responsible for any kids they allowed to view the show.

It's also interesting to see the recovering or ex addicts criticize the show. Whats really interesting is that there are some positive addicts...most sober addicts are sticks in the mud who think none of us should be allowed to watch a program that is about alcoholism and even some pot smoking and other drugs in the content. I'm an alcoholic who has struggled off and on for years, this show deals with it in reality...people do fail and have to start all over. I've never been an AA fan, its corny to me, but there are a LOT of people helped very much by AA. Whatever works is what people should do.

This show is quirky, funny, serious and sometimes sad. There is always a life lesson in every episode. At least in most of the earlier seasons this show doesn't get in to social political correctness, politics, doesn't insert LGBT agenda (although reading that Rosie O'donnel is in season 6, this concerns me as she lives and breathes this agenda)...

I read the negative reviews about the quality of the show, etc., and I wonder what some people are expecting tuning in to a sitcom. I watch sitcoms for low mental commitment superficial entertainment. Mom delivers that with some serious life lesson points sprinkled all of the classics do.
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FAS/FAE nowhere to be found.
gomois6 February 2018
While the show does attempt to develop a blueprint of consequences to the behavior being exhibited, there is a glaring aspect of drinking and pregnancies. All the recovery and apologies and acceptance and bail money shouldn't be allowed to paper over the consequences of fetal alcohol syndrome from drinking while pregnant. It adds to the surreal atmosphere of real world behavior and hollywood trying to develop a meaningful dialogue. Would that be too much harshing one's mellow in a comedy series? It's difficult to have it both ways - addressing real consequences while trying to be entertaining. That said, the acting and production is well within the parameters for succeeding as a long running series.
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Hawkeye6412 October 2017
I love this series for lots of reasons, but does the Violet character have to be so ungrateful and disrespectful toward her Mom and Grandmother? I get it that she's been raised in a dysfunctional family, but who hasn't? I REALLY don't like the way she talks to her Mom. The script is SO funny and the actors' delivery of their lines is right on. I get why Allison Janney got an Emmy, but Anna Farris should have gotten one also!
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A relatable show
dangitsbethany-418-32989525 November 2013
I honestly think the people leaving negative reviews about this show really just don't understand the direction of the show. While this show demonstrates taboo topics such as teen pregnancy, it is by no means demonstrating it in a way that says "Hey girls, you should totally have a baby when you're a teenager because it will make your life all roses and good times for all of eternity!" This show is about a single mom who has admittedly made one bad decision after the next, and is now trying to piece it together in her mid 30's while dealing with a teenager, a younger child and his dead beat drug addict father, while battling her own struggles of alcohol and the never-ending life of living paycheck to paycheck. This girl has made so many bad decisions, that she has become accustomed to things in life never going her way, so she is able to laugh at the constant roadblocks and mishaps that occur. I think this is refreshing and a really great combat to the shows out there that do actually glorify teen pregnancy such as Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant. So even if you were never a teenage mother, everyone has made mistakes that affected them for the rest of their lives, and that's why I feel this show is relatable. Everyone reaches the point where they think things can't get worse, then they do, and all you can do is laugh. That's what this show is about, and I think it's good.
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