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WWE Clash of Champions Review

Liam Hoofe reviews WWE Clash of Champions…

WWE finished their calendar year off last night with Smackdown’s Clash of Champions. The company has had a reasonable year from a PPV standpoint but the Blue Brand has struggled for the latter half of the year, mostly because of Jinder Mahal’s title reign. Did they manage to close out the year in style with Clash of Champions? Let’s take a look back at each match and see.

Dolph Ziggler Defeated Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin To Win the United States Championship

What an opening bout this was! While hype for Clash of Champions has not exactly been through the roof, if this is the type of match-up we can expect throughout the night then things should be okay. Ziggler picking up the victory was a massive surprise and the finishing moments were very well executed. Roode and Corbin still
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Return of the Attitude Era in WWE? Vince’s Plans for Roman Reigns – watch today’s WrestleTalk News

In today’s WrestleTalk News, reports of Shane McMahon’s return heralding an ‘edgier’ WWE product, Vince McMahon’s plans for how long Roman Reigns will be their top guy, and an insight into Shinsuke Nakamura’s WWE deal… and how much he’s getting paid compared other Nxt talents.

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Return of the Attitude Era?

Our top story today is what Shane McMahon’s return to the WWE could potentially mean for the company’s PG programming. According to Bryan Alvarez, fans can expect an edgier product between now and Wrestlemania 32 as we build towards the Undertaker Hell in a Cell showdown. Which is probably why Vince McMahon dropped an F-Bomb on Monday Night Raw.

The Wrestling Observer claim Vince and Shane only reached a deal four weeks ago, after the former was “devastated” he had to drop the John Cena/Undertaker match. At the moment,
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WWE Fastlane 2016: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best


Fastlane brings us ever closer to the Grandaddy of Them All, but right now, it seems like many fans are more committed to getting #CancelWWENetwork trending on Twitter rather than riding the hype train to WrestleMania.

The build to WrestleMania has been extremely weak so far, and sadly Fastlane did it no favours, serving up arguably the worst WWE PPV in at least a year if not beyond that, full of questionable booking decisions and mediocre wrestling.

While a few matches rose to the top, on the whole it was a depressing show to watch, a reminder of how tone-deaf creative can be, and how under-served the talent can end up as a result.

Whether you’re going to cancel your WWE Network subscription or not, here are WWE Fastlane 2016’s matches ranked from worst to best…

8. R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel WWE.com

Result: Axel rolls up Truth
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Full preview for WWE Summerslam – John Cena vs. Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker, Arrow’s Stephen Amell and more

Airing this Sunday on PPV and the WWE Network, here’s the full preview for WWE Summerslam – hosted by Jon Stewart.

Ryback vs. The Big Show vs. The Miz for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

This will likely be the weakest match on the card. Ryback has been great as of late, but he’s going against a lumbering Big Show and a Miz who has been portrayed as a geek for the last year. Bear in mind, Ryback beat The Miz on last week’s Raw in 2-minutes. How can anyone take him as a title challenger seriously? Having said that, I expect Miz to pick up the win here. This won’t be pretty, but it probably won’t be very long either.

The Wyatts vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

This should be an insane amount of fun. Remember when The Wyatts faced The Shield a few years ago?
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10 Independent Stars WWE Should Sign To Nxt

Nxt has become a breeding ground for future WWE main event level talent. Over the past two years, WWE has developed talent that are now competing in main events all over the world. Performers like Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Paige and Aj Lee have all come through the Nxt development system and are on their respective ways to huge, long-term careers in WWE.

As talent continues to move up to the main roster, WWE must look to various outlets to refill their developmental system with up and coming talent. Not every performer that comes out of Nxt will be a main event level player on the roster. There needs to be a balance. They need to develop talent for every level of the card. For every Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, there is an Adam Rose, Xavier Woods and Bo Dallas.

With that being said,
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Orton Vs. Jericho And Reigns Vs. Rollins At WWE Night Of Champions


This Tuesday on WWE Main Event, two more matches were made official for WWE’s Night of Champions PPV on September 21 in Nashville. The two matches will see Randy Orton take on Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns will match up with Seth Rollins in a battle of former Shield members.

The Orton/Jericho rivalry is something that goes back many years, most notably when Jericho came back to WWE towards the end of 2007 with Orton in position as the top heel in the company. They’ve had several matches over the years. Most likely the reason they’re doing the feud is to give Orton a win over a big name after he lost to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. It was set up this week on Raw when Orton attacked Jericho in the trainer’s room. Jericho’s expected to be out of WWE after Night of Champions
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WWE Main Event Results – July 23, 2014


The WWE Main Event show is exclusively shown on WWE Network every Tuesday at 8pmET. If you miss the show live it’s easy to access in the WWE Network’s library by clicking on Shows, then In Ring and you’ll find it right there.

We plan on writing about it weekly here on WhatCulture in a one page post with a recap of the matches, key segments and thoughts on the characters involved as well. While it’s not a show with major segments or “can’t miss” moments that Raw has, we feel it’s worthwhile so we’re going to cover it.

At the start of the show they advertised Rusev vs. Jack Swagger. On Raw they said it was going to be Rusev against Sheamus. It just shows how quick they are to change their mind.

Seth Rollins defeated Fandango

It was a
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WWE: The Shield Not Expected To Receive New 3rd Member


The decision to turn Seth Rollins heel was apparently made at the last minute, according to this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer.

That fits with what we reported last week that the Rollins turn wasn’t in the Raw script that most people saw. It was WWE’s way of keeping it top secret from their own employees so that nobody could leak it out to the internet wrestling community.

The report goes on to note that it’s expected that Rollins will be getting new ring gear. This past Tuesday on WWE Main Event he was still wearing the same black vest that he wore when he was in The Shield. He wore a suit on Raw and Main Event when he wasn’t wrestling, though, so the transition is in place. It seems likely that Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose will
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WWE Payback: Updated Card & Rumoured Matches


The next WWE PPV is Payback from Chicago on June 1st and after this week’s Raw as well as Smackdown taping the lineup is starting to take shape.

Two rematches from Extreme Rules have been confirmed: Evolution vs. The Shield and John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.

Evolution’s rivalry with The Shield was the main focus on Raw. It seems like they’re going to build to something other than a regular 3 on 3 tag match. Perhaps a Chicago Street Fight is what they’ll go with. It could also be a 3 on 3 elimination style tag.

The Wyatt/Cena match became official at the Smackdown tapings with the expectation that it will be a Last Man Standing match. They set it up two weeks ago with Cena saying he was still standing, then Wyatt fired back on Raw mentioning the stipulation and Cena has agreed to it. It
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WWE Showing Signs Of Desperation With Network?


WWE is doing yet another promotional offer on the WWE Network, just a day after firing Executive Vice President of Programming Matt Singerman (who had been responsible for all programming on WWE Network).

These two moves could be seen as a worrying indication of panic over the Network’s sign-up numbers. Added to this is another worrying indicator of possible desperation in getting people to sign up – John Cena failed to appear on Monday Night Raw last night, with WWE instead opting to use his presence on WWE Main Event on the WWE Network.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio stated the Cena Network appearance is significant. Meltzer rightly points out that it’s quite remarkable for Cena to lose on PPV and then not follow up with a strong reply the next night on Raw. WWE have sacrificed the chance for Cena to get his heat back on TV,
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Divas Championship: Paige Vs Tamina Snuka Official For Extreme Rules

Paige will defend her Diva Championship against Tamina Snuka at Extreme Rules. The match was made official on WWE Main Event, Snuka won a number one contender battle royal, elevating her to the position of being Paige’s first big WWE feud.

This makes the Extreme Rules card as follows: The Shield vs Evolution, John Cena vs Bray Wyatt in a steel cage, Paige vs Tamina. Also expected to be added is Daniel Bryan defending his WWE title against Kane, and Cesaro winning the Raw Intercontinental title tournament to take on Big E for the belt at the PPV. That will probably be the main card right there.

The booking of Paige has so far left a lot to be desired. She got a great debut reaction owing to her being something different from the same old act we see every week, but beyond that the creative made absolutely no sense.
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WWE WrestleMania 30 – Multiple Divas Title Match Expected?


Last night on WWE Main Event on the WWE Network, the Divas Champion Aj Lee successfully defended her title against Natalya.

Prior to the match, there was speculation via PWInsider that Aj could lose the title as a way to punish her due to the actions of her boyfriend Cm Punk. Instead Aj came out on top thanks to Tamina’s interference in a very competitive match that went nearly 15 minutes.

Regarding a possible Divas Title match at WrestleMania, the speculation is that it would be a match involving several divas. The most likely contenders are stars from Total Divas such as Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Natalya, Naomi (if she’s healthy) and Cameron. It’s just a question of how many women they want to include in the match. It’s unlikely that they’re going to have a battle royal due to the other battle royal on the card,
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WWE: 5 Ways To Continue Roman Reigns’ Big Push


Roman Reigns is one of the most talked about young talents in the entire WWE. He has everything Vince McMahon looks for in a star. He has the in-ring ability, he has some charisma, he has the look, he has the “it” factor and even comes from a wrestling family dynasty. Roman Reigns was given a major push starting back at Survivor Series where he dominated his match and eliminated 4 men on his own. He went on to beat Punk on Raw in singles competition as well. At the Royal Rumble he would break Kane’s 13 year record of 11 eliminations in the Rumble.

The Shield breakup is obvious and it’s going to happen sooner rather then later. Right now there is talks of having Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Reigns face off in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania 30 but
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WWE: 5 Things Daniel Bryan Must Do To Save Main Event Career

The 2013 year has belonged to Daniel Bryan. Whether it was a comedy promo with Kane or a match of the year contender with John Cena, the talented wrestler has always delivered. Momentum has followed Bryan all year, all types of fan have got behind the likable underdog character. No one can boast the loud reactions and chants that Bryan has inspired whenever he has appeared in a WWE ring. Chanting “Yes” in unison with 10,000 people is now one of the most enjoyable aspects of attending WWE live.

Bryan has achieved his success with a level of high consistency. He has wrestled more than any other man this year, and it has more often than not been a match of night performance. Feuds with The Shield, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton and John Cena have all produced some brilliant matches. Comedy promos with Kane and intense verbal jousts with Cena have also
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WWE Main Event & Nxt Review: Are B Level Show Better Than The Flagship This Week?

Today in the modern world, time is our scarcest resource as a WWE fan. There is way too much content out there. Between the main shows, the B shows, and YouTube content the fan has become a little more discerning with their viewing patterns. Truth be told, not many people even watch Smackdown on Fridays. And It’s a shame that on Monday, WWE gave you a three-hour Raw show that in reality did not mean as much as the one-hour show Main Event or Nxt.

Manchester, England played host on the more important episodes on Main Event in quite some time. As previously announced on Raw, Natalya following the win in a tag match against Aj and Tamina received a Divas title shot against the Black Widow. It was really a great match. They played up the drama a little bit with having her husband Tyson Kidd looking on
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WWE Main Event and Nxt Review: Did Dolph Steal The Show This Week?

First off, let me apologize for no Raw thoughts this week. I haven’t been feeling that well lately. That’s no excuse for not having content up. But I just want to let you know what’s going on.

Raw definitely saw a lot of interesting things. We saw interactions between Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels setting up Hell in a Cell. Punk beat the clock and put himself in a handicap match with Ryback and Paul Heyman in Satan’s structure. Plus, we got great matches from Daniel Bryan and Alberto del Rio and a great tag team title match between the Rhodes family against Rollins and Reigns of the Shield.

The title change this past Monday definitely shook up the landscape of WWE. The tag division is getting focused on once again as the Usos are looking for their shot against the new gatekeepers. Along with that

WWE Main Event & Nxt Review: Can Leo Kruger Hunt The Big Game Of Becoming A Babyface?

When the Main Event was relaunched last year, reports were that Ion Television , specifically said they didn’t want it to become another Superstars. Apparently one year later, that plan has gone we have to wonder if the Wednesday night program will go the way of the dodo? Remember when they would build matches on Main Event with video packages having one featured contest? Now, it just seems like another show. If you need any illustration that this happened, check out this week’s episode from Columbus, Ohio.

We begin the night with Josh Matthews and Alex Riley at the announce desk. Riley’s arm is in a sling apparently after having shoulder surgery. I guess the Miz isn’t coming back anytime soon.

The action begins with a three on two handicap match with Tons of Funk versus 3Mb. The match is nothing really special. Although seeing Brodus Clay

WWE Main Event & Nxt Review: Why WWE Must Handle Wrestlers With Care

It’s been one of those weeks in WWE where things haven’t been looking the greatest. The Raw rating was the the lowest since December, and maybe the powers that be might want to rethink their strategy.

People in Stamford may tell you that it’s due to one person’s inability to get over, but it’s much, much deeper than that. Instead of going into a long diatribe, I will show you what the problem is and how in the same company things are done better. Let’s look at this week’s editions of WWE Main Event and Nxt.

WWE Main Event

We begin the night on Main Event, with Santino Marella power-walking to the ring as Josh Matthews and Alex Riley welcome us to the show.

Soon after, Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring and says that in the land of the idiot,

WWE Main Event And Nxt Review: Is Wednesday Night The New Freaky Friday?

After Monday’s Raw, the corporate machine has really made an impact on the WWE roster. With the breakdown of the world’s largest athlete and the firing of Cody Rhodes, it definitely seems to be a theme of the wrong place wrong time with the new regime. And that carried over strangely to Main Event and Nxt as weird booking was in effect.

Josh Matthews welcomes us to Minneapolis, Minnesota alongside the returning Alex Riley. I love Riley in this role. He really does a great job in getting the sports analogies much like Jim Ross. We actually get a double dose this week as he commentates Nxt as well.

The night begins as Fandango goes against Justin Gabriel. The match itself was nothing spectacular not like Gabriel’s brand-new shirt that looks like the spokesman for Jack’s Links Beef Jerky Other than a dive to the outside

WWE Main Event And Nxt Review: Is WWE Finding That Magic Of Making Great Characters Again?

With all the over-the-top McMahon craziness from Monday night, people may gloss over the Wednesday night offering of the Main Event and Nxt. But in reality it is still without a doubt the best one-two punch of WWE produced programming all week. Especially this week as we get a double dose of crazy, sexy and cool with Divas Champion Aj Lee. Plus, we see an awesome two out of three falls match with Antonio Césaro and Sami Zayn. Let us begin with this week’s Main Event.

The show begins with a solid six man tag with the Usos and Kofi Kingston versus The Shield. Everybody was on point as both trios gave it their all. At one point, the babyfaces did an amazing triple dive on the Hounds of Justice. The match had great back-and-forth between the two sides. Kofi Kingston definitely looks the best since his return to the WWE.
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