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Star Crossed, the Sad End
jaliisah13 March 2014
Once again the CW comes up with an exciting show with endless possibilities and characters for development - and just as it is developing a serious following, cancels it. At a time when networks are competing with a wide variety of new content providers, the CW cancels a show with the potential to go on for years and spin off movies.

WHAT? Does that make sense? Well, to the CW, it probably does. The CW has a target audience of young adult viewers, specifically young women 18-34*. Clearly they are underestimating the sophistication of their target audience, but Star Crossed went further. It also appeals to men and to an older audience. Does a show with an expanded demographic scare the CW? If it does, the cancellation makes sense. If it doesn't, a person with any business sense at all would be hard pressed to explain it.

Interestingly, the devoted fans are not giving up. They are writing and tweeting the CW by the thousands. There are petitions. There are campaigns to get SyFy, HBO or Netflix to pick up the show. If that were to occur, or if the CW would find the courage to expand its mission, the possibilities put in place by the visual at the end of finale showing a fleet of alien warships headed toward earth are endless!

*from the CW website
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Best Thing Since Roswell!!
theatrenfilms6 April 2014
Love this show from the PILOT episode I was hooked! It gets better every episode and seeing the story develop and if Roman and Emery manage to get together as humans versus aliens stand in there way!

Pilot had a great pace and as far as Roswell similarities I think they did it better. Heal scene was a lot more heart warming cause it saved the life of someone that Emery cared about. The music in the show is really good just like Roswell was!

Monday's 8pm on CW is the only place to be!! Can't wait for tomorrow's episode it's gonna be epic! :-)

Star-Crossed is the best show on TV!
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Please don't cancel this show! :-(
bazzlestreezleboyzle4 April 2014
This is a very addictive show with amazing chemistry among the characters (especially Matt Lanter's Roman and pretty much everyone he comes in contact with). The show shouldn't be made to suffer and get axed due to poor marketing. Shows like the Vampire Diaries had the same base in the first season (teenagers, high school, new 'beings' and all...) but because it was marketed well, it reached the target audience. Please market this show and give it a chance!! The show takes a very different approach to an alien/human plot. Though for teenagers, it is just as addictive for adults with a fondness for romance, sci-fi and an interest in a very relevant political problem in our society.
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Obligated to Write a Review
astralxromance19 February 2014
I'm not too into writing reviews for shows but when I see negative reviews on a show that is worth more than that, I feel it's my duty to write a positive one. I thought the pilot to be extremely exuberant and enticing. I love the chemistry between the two lead characters and find the story to be familiar in some ways but at the same time, I sincerely see it as a breath of fresh air. I think it is more original than many scifi-oriented shows out at the moment and I think people shouldn't judge it so harshly. I think this show has something for everyone and all should give it a watch. I hope it does well as I look forward to seeing more!
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I hope this show isn't another Romeo and Juliet - I like it too much
royalgypsy25 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
May contain spoilers.

First of all - I don't know what people are complaining about. I watched Roswell and the only real similarity is that there are alien teenagers on earth. Now, I liked Roswell, but it could be vapid and ridiculous. Star-crossed thus far has contained more depth.

I like the characters and also what the characters hint at becoming. I don't mean just the two leads, but the other characters like Drake, Grayson, Taylor, etc. Taylor is becoming a favorite. The Atrians situation reminds me of the poem about the tiger in the cage (I can't remember who wrote it). I am very interested to see more.

Who cares if it is similar to moments in our history and segregation, blah blah. Of course they are using that in their show and why shouldn't they? That is something that has been repeated in the history of the world since the beginning.

As to the Atrians not being that different.... Well, I find the idea more believable that there are other's similar to us out in the universe. What is believable about the rest of the sci-fi genre? That is why I liked Firefly so much. That is a more believable future than Aliens or Star Trek. And I like Star Trek.

My gut twists somewhat when this show is referenced as a Romeo and Juliet type situation. That's fine as long as it doesn't have the same ending.

Matt Lanter's performance in the second episode was right on. I could re-watch that scene in the hallway over and over.

I like this show. It is hard right now because of so many unanswered questions, but I also count down the days until Monday. That is always a good sign.
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Relax its just a good fiction story!!!
nikkistone7718 March 2014
This show is probably one of the best sci-fi fantasy shows on television. But as for the nit pickers ... I grew up in the 80s which means I grew up watching 70s and 80s TV shows corny doesn't even begin to describe most of the television fantasy shows back then but I loved them, they were entertainment and sometimes they had a really good story line. In other words I just enjoyed them actually I didn't spend time trying to tear apart the actors/actresses if I didn't like a show I didn't watch them plain and simple!... Considering that reality TV shows are taking over the air waves these days having a good fiction story like this to play out on our TV screens is a whole lot better than having to deal with some of the cheap nonsense that most reality TV shows are about. I just so happened up on this wonderful show on hulu and was instantly hooked and oh by the way I am in the 30 something crowd so as for the reviewer who called people my age "old" LOL yea I may be old age wise but I know a good show when I see one and this is a good show! So relax its just a good fiction story and as for the acting I have to say they have some really good actors on the set ... Keep up the good work Star-Cross Crew!!!
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Such a great show!
snowangel7877456 April 2014
When the trailers for this show first came out, I thought it looked pretty good so I gave it a shot. Wow! I had no idea this show would turn out to be so complex!

Are relationships a big part of the show? Yes. HOWEVER: there is such a compelling storyline going on with the Red Hawks, the Trags and the Atrians and none of those story lines involve romance! There's action, drama and romance here. All of the female characters are strong women and there isn't a single character that feels useless. All of the characters are interesting which is extremely rare these days. Star- Crossed also deals with real-life issues such as integration and prejudice. The acting is amazing and the show is very well made. I highly recommend this show!!
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So far pretty good
XIFlickaIX19 February 2014
So everyone is bitching about this being Another alien series and looking like crap etc etc etc... On the flip side, I did love the pilot episode, it has a good story line, it was made very nice, it kept my attention. The only annoying thing in the whole episode was the bleeping sound, i thought first it was something else but its in the series itself. quite annoying but other then that it was a very great episode can't wait for the rest of the episodes.

I don't understand why people saying such a bad things about it, it isn't Roswell or any other alien themed series and honestly I love the idea of human like aliens with tats, its sexy. Its not really sci-FY but its no drama either, to me i would put it under a modern fairy tale with maybe or maybe not a happy ending.
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My favorite new show!
Trish-smith-2015511 March 2014
The pilot was wonderful and both my teenager and I are really enjoying the show so far and find ourselves counting the days until Monday! We, of course, TIVo the episodes so we can watch our favorite parts again. The CW is my go-to network for entertainment. True, the actors portraying teens are quite a bit older, but I'm sure when they were casting the show, they chose the BEST actors rather than those who "looked" the part. I, for one, applaud the decision and look forward to many happy hours of viewing...once Grayson is out of the picture! 😜. Can't wait to see Teri's character develop. Drake is another one that I think will surprise me. Quite a few twists and turns to the plot that we're enjoying. Kinda surprised to read reviews that seem to think the show is predictable. So far, I don't think so.
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officially hooked!
e-lolis18 March 2014
What's not to love? You're getting a romance, adventure, action show and history lesson rolled into one! The parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and Star Crossed is absolutely genius, and you've given me a specific plot to get into. Not only that, but I suspect from all the instagram photos of Atrian-esque tattoos that there's quite a "fandom" brewing. I've introduced this show to my friends and they find themselves getting more and more sucked in as time goes by. I should also point out that, for me personally, I was hooked, wide-eyed and slack jawed, within the first 8 minutes of the pilot. I love the cast, love the acting, love the plot, and continue to rave about this show. A must-see for people who are getting a little tired of all the mainstream/reality/vampire shows out there. Well done, CW!
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One of my favorite shows on CW
tikobiaji27 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I must say, normally, i don't write reviews.But when i saw these negative ones, i was disappointed. I think, it's too early to judge this show. What do we know about it? That's why it is interesting. Wait a little bit. In my opinion, this show is nice. It's my favorite show already. I am a girl, i like romantic stories, good looking people and the chemistry between two characters. I've watched two series and i found what i was looking for, what i really like in TV series. So, you say that it is not intellectual, there is no logic in it, well, it's OK. we like it, it isn't the first one. I am big fan of The originals, I adore supernatural and i love star-crossed! Hopefully, there will be another season. I'm tired of The vampire diaries, I want something new.
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Looking forward to more episodes!
scott-green-student21 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first episode kicked off with an introduction of the alien race and how they came to the position they are currently in with humans. Emphasis has not yet been placed on the major differentiation between this species and the human race as of yet. In saying this, there is friction between the human race and this new species (an apparent fear response) and it would appear there are differences yet to come to light between the human race on the one hand and the new species. It would appear the alien race is hiding differences they wish not to share with humanity (probably because our race seems to exploit everything), such as when Roman (one of the lead characters) uses a plant of all things to heal a cancer patient after expressing the plant did not have healing properties.

So far, the only issue, which I would raise and is somewhat picky, is the fact that 10 years post landing, the ship that the aliens came in was still located at the landing point. I doubt any government would allow this and would promptly remove the ship to a more suitable location. Other than this, this is a show worth the wait to watch and any criticism would be far too early to provide. I award 10/10 so far from the first episode and am excited to see the next!

I'm sure this is going to be a very popular show amongst people of all ages. And how can I not finish without saying Roman is a super cute "alien"!

My vote is for the aliens!
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best new show I've seen in awhile (small spoilers here, nothing major)
kittieblack7 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show so far. When I saw the pilot I thought best new show I've seen in quite awhile. I love the parallels to our history of integrating black students into white schools. After watching 3 episodes I am fascinated with the alien plants and what they can do with them. The potential romance between the two main characters has me waiting eagerly for each episode. I love the bond they formed as small kids just by her act of kindness to a stranger and his attempt to protect her when they were found.

I really liked the mix of new technology in the school and throughout the show.

I know people are upset that older actors are hired to play teenagers but this happens in many TV shows. Hiring actors with experience actually makes the show more dramatic for me. I also think older/adult themes are also allowed if the actors are older and makes the show more interesting.

This is the first review I have written but I wanted my opinions to be added to here because of all the negative ones. I like this show better than The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Supernatural all put together.
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Absolutely 100% in love with this show!
michaela_robertson984 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Alright so I'm not afraid to admit that I love TV shows. I love shows like Supernatural, The Originals, and sometimes I like to watch an episode of Glee. So when I saw a commercial for Star-Crossed I thought that it looked interesting enough to check out but I wasn't going in with high expectations. But as it turns out I was wrong!

I loved that show within the first episode and I could see that it had great potential! I wasn't into all the Sci-Fi stuff until I watched this! I loved it even more as the show progressed! The characters are great and I love the fact that they aren't all the same old and boring "cookie- cutter" characters we get in every single other teenage TV show you see nowadays. Plus the story lines are great! It keeps me interested every week. I think this show has the whole package but yet it's not receiving the credit it deserves. Let's give the show a chance! I personally believe that this show is one of CW's best and they definitely should renew it for a second season despite some of the hate it is getting. Just give it a chance to prove itself!
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LOVE this show!!
hzarur15 April 2014
This show is SO much fun!! I really hope they keep it on! It's practically the ONLY show I actually look forward to watching every Monday and it is just getting better! The characters are well-constructed and the story is interesting enough to keep you engaged, episode after episode. The show has depth, in that it tries to convey a message of integration rather than discrimination. The acting is good, and the show is overall very, very well-written. I like that for once, the aliens look like humans but have some differences (such as being able to breathe through their skin). It is conceivable that there is life on other planets that have similar atmospheres as earth that would look similar to us. I also love that there is so much race mixing going on! Awesome show! :)
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An insult to Sci-Fi
larrytate-927-65651618 February 2014
This show is complete and utter garbage.

Aliens that can only be differentiated because they arrive wearing sky blue pyjamas and henna tattoos on their faces, seriously?

After the first two minutes I could tell that little to no effort was going to be put into the differentiation of 'alien'.

After 10 minutes I could tell the storyline was a poorly veiled attempt to milk the audiences emotions towards bigotry and discrimination, to its credit 'District 9' already achieved that with the burden of aliens that looked like prawns rather than using some pretty faces that look like they come from the cast of glee.

This just another poorly written teen soapy and they have the audacity to try and pass it off as Sci-Fi. If you must produce this sort of drivel then please do us a favour and have the courtesy to stay away to the Sci-Fi genre.
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Crash and burned
johnny-handsome-891-113021 February 2014
Star crossed First impression Another one of those high school teen dramas, with kids that look waay too old to be in high school.. Only difference from the rest of these teen shows is, this one is with aliens instead of vampire's werewolf, or just humans And off course every one of the leads look handsome, just so teen girls everywhere will sigh to the picture of them. In short it's just another teen high school drama. A couple of funny things though. The only alien thing about the aliens so far, is a couple of tattoos, which look more like a cross between getting hit with paint ball and a tribal tattoo. Those a side, they look just like you and me

One thing, they have weary fancy new state of the art cell phone. And lunch machines in the cafeteria, yet they still write on paper. You also have the standard run of the mill school captain/capt. of the football team etc vs. the new guy clashes. Over the regular innocent, but could be a model, looking girl (good god, that recipe is older than the dinosaurs) and off course the new boy/alien gets blamed for their first fight (Just like all these high school shows, with the new kid on the block recipe) But I do find it funny that Americans are protesting outside of the school, with slogans like; this school for Americans or stuff like that, I find it quite funny indeed, considering they are protesting in a country the stole from the people who lived there. Fore a people who have traveled half way through the galaxy, they didn't seem weary advanced either. But they do fight like girls, and bleed red just like the humans. I felt like I was watching a mix between Alien Nation, Roswell The OC and a couple of dozen other shows Short version: it's a mixture of every other teen show you have seen before, only added a dash of It's neither smart nor brilliant. Just your average run of the mill high school show
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Starcrossed must be renewed
chiaradagostino946 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK, let's start. Apparently, viewers of this show are divided into lovers and haters, and that's pretty much all. I should probably starts saying that i like it a lot. I'm not saying it's perfect, because it wouldn't be realistic, wouldn't it? Very few shows are perfect from the beginning, and perfection does not exist anyway. I'm saying that Starcrossed has a potential who really, really shouldn't get wasted. I'm saying that it's different from other CW'shows and -as twenty-years-old TV Series Freak who has watched A LOT of things so far- i can tell it also is different from other networks'shows. Funny thing is, it should be a story about aliens; turns out it's not. It's a story about humans. It deals with racism and integration, people who have faith in a better world and people who have lost any hope, so that they decided to stand up for their rights in the worst possible ways. I know there's a lot of viewers who hate the Teenage Side of shows, but i have to say -and i'm not a romantic person- that we always need a little bit of that in ANY show, and i must admit this show does it pretty well: there's the epic couple who kind of run the show, but there's also the more physical not-yet-couple, always back-and-forth and so funny to watch, who -in my opinion- could keep stealing the scene forever. That's not all of it, though: we just learned all the Atrians (the aliens, basically) are potentially pansexual, which i think is a great way to introduce a very important current topic of discussion. So: war, death, pain,racism and intolerance, family, friendship and love (in all is different ways),hope and fear, secrets and mystery, politics ... and a brand new community with its very own traditions, dreams and an all new amazing language (which, by the way, was created by the same guy who brought to life Game of Thrones' Dothraki). Does Starcrossed deserve to be renewed? HELL YES IT DOES, because it will just keep getting better and better!
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Please market this show so it won't get cancelled
gothamite6665 April 2014
Please market this show so it won't get cancelled. I truly believe that I'm not alone when it comes to the power of marketing. If marketed and promoted well, this show can reach its target audience as many are still to be aware of this show. It is a fun, light-hearted show with real-world problems such as segregation and political power. It has the utmost potential to becoming 'the next big sci-fi' show among teens and adults alike - if only the CW and anyone else associated with the show would step-up their marketing budget. Please don't make the fans of the show suffer because of this negligence. Being a long-time viewer of the CW, I believe that they are making the same mistake as they made with shows like 'The Cult' and 'Hellcats' :(

help spread the word, everyone! Let's make sure we do our part and help promote it as much as we can from our side :)
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EXCELLENT story, beautiful friendship-romance, nice science-fiction elements.
michaeljustgreat18 February 2014
I basically never give a 10 out of 10 when I review a TV series unless it is so good as to deserve a 10 out of 10. But this first episode deserves praise. It has an excellent story, a beautiful friendship-romance between the young alien and the girl who tried to save him when they were both very young children. There are a few elements of science-fiction and a few questions on who are these aliens and what are the special abilities that they might have. In a few words, you really want to see the next episodes, no doubt about that. The actors are nothing short of excellent, extremely well suited for their respective roles.

I have no doubt that this TV series will be nothing short of excellent, and just after seeing only the first episode. That tells you all about the potential for this TV series to be excellent as it moves to the next episodes.

I read the negative and often plainly stupid reviews of quite a few people and I can assure you that these reviews are completely unfounded and unjustified and they must come from people who have no taste for quality TV series that have excellent stories as well as excellent actors.

Update: After having seen episodes 2 and 3 after episode 1, I confirm that Star-crossed is excellent with a good story and excellent actors. I have read quite a few negative reviews but they are completely dishonest and unfounded. What the negative reviewers have against Star-crossed is probably because there is a romance and friendship between a girl and an alien teenager in Star-crossed. Guess what, friendship-romance stories between a man and a woman are universal and they should appeal to any normal person who values love and friendship between a man and a woman.

Update: Only one season despite the fact that it was really very interesting!

Here are mostly TV series and a few movies that I highly recommend, as I watched them and enjoyed them a lot.


There are a few classics in science-fiction TV series:


---Star Trek: Enterprise

---Babylon 5

---Earth: Final Conflict

---Battlestar Galactica

---Star Wars (6 movies so far and counting)

---Jupiter Ascending (a movie)

all deserving 15 out of 10 because they are all very special TV series for the quality of their stories and for the amazing actors that they have. Are these TV series perfect? No, as they sometimes have "filler" episodes that are not too great and they also sometimes have "holes", illogical elements in the main story or in the individual stories of particular episodes. Despite sometimes the presence of these very few shortcomings, these TV series are really unique and special in many ways that you will nevertheless enjoy them greatly.

Other TV series that are excellent but not necessarily science-fiction? Here is my list of other excellent TV series that you will appreciate a lot:

--A few more science-fiction:

---Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (it is science-fiction)

---Caprica (it is science-fiction)

---Babylon 5: Thirdspace (it is science-fiction)

---Space: Above and Beyond (it is science-fiction)

---Defying Gravity (it is science-fiction)

---The Tomorrow People (it is science-fiction)

---The 100 (it is science-fiction)

---Almost Human (it is science-fiction)

--Non-science fiction:


---24: Live Another Day


---The Vampire Diaries (it is fantasy I could call it)

---Breaking Bad

---Kyle XY (it is slightly science-fiction)



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Simplistic garbage!!
bellab197223 February 2014
Where do I start!! An alien ship crashes into earth and of course America, where the typical reaction is to kill anything that moves even a child!!!!

As the army is killing the aliens and there is mayhem occurring, a family with a sick little girl watches the event on TV while the little girl goes outside by herself in the dark and finds an alien child that gets killed by the army the following day!

10 years later it seems the Americans have placed the aliens in a camp and hatred for the aliens has generated over the decade with no explanation why! I suppose this is an attempt to emulate black suppression and racism! There is a scheme to allow some alien teens, who look like they are in their 30's, attend the local school!

The school the aliens are allowed to attend seems to have extremely slow students as they all look like they are in their late 20's early 30's!!

The sick little girl who grows up to look like Elena Gilbert from Vampire Diaries, attends the school,for the first time as she has been in hospital for 4 years and of course the "hot" alien likes the sick girl!! I assume that in future episodes the "hot" alien cures the sick Elena lookalike with magical alien powers and they become an item!!!

This show is so simplistic and poorly written with a really pathetic storyline! I enjoy a few teen shows but this one is just way too idiotic and predictable! It's obvious the producers are counting on teens liking the "hot" alien and the Elena Gilbert lookalike but they didn't count on peoples dislike for her in the vampire diaries!!!

I will watch a few more episodes just to see how idiotic this show gets!!!

Now that I have endured a season of this show my initial impressions were correct except a different sick girl was "cured" by the aliens!

How stupid do the creators of this show think kids are these days? I'm shocked that viewers don't demand a more intelligent and congruent show even if the show is aimed at the young!

As I posted preciously, the American government has nothing to do with the aliens and the only people who seem to be involved are the so called 'students" (in their 20's) and an undercover teacher who knows about the healing powers of "sither", but she is gone now because the only people intelligent enough to suspect anything are kids!! Even that storyline was idiotic! They found out that the 'sither" needed Atrian blood to work and the only solution wasn't to get a sample of blood, it was to drain an alien until they were dead! kids must be really stupid to believe this dribble!

I could go on and on about specific flaws in the plot that insult the viewers to the point where I am convinced kids have written the show, but it would be as boring as the show!

If, and I say if this show has a second season, I hope the story line isn't as idiotic and juvenile but I doubt they can resurrect this show to a reasonable level!!

Just a note to the producers, kids are not the only viewers of these simplistic shows and I would suggest they put more effort into the plots and stop treating the viewers as morons!
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Best Show on Television
ehatverizon-com30 April 2014
Star-Crossed is the best show currently on TV. The characters have great chemistry and each show gets better as we learn more about them. The acting is terrific as well as the directing and writing. It is a very intelligent show. It is not only a show about "romance" and each episode has me on the edge of my seat. I have a very hard time waiting from week to week for a new episode. One thing I find unique about Star-Crossed is the strength of its female characters. The lead character is wise beyond her years which is very refreshing. I'm hoping the CW will use the summer to reshow the entire series thus far so more people have the chance to join the audience. If you are looking for something different to watch, you are cheating yourself if you don't give Star-Crossed a chance. You won't be sorry!
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Another lame, unlogical, and dumbing teen drama
skorolev1318 February 2014
I must say, nice graphics and sci-fi feeling whatsoever.. But that's about it. Sorry for the rather poor English.

So, let us look at the opening scene where the alien ship crashlands in America.

If they're that technologically capable, of travelling distances of 10 or more lightyears, i.e. travelling at least a lot faster than the speed of light, which must place them at least a thousand years ahead of earth civilisation. This is looking at it very optimistic.. Probably it's tens of thousands of years, BUT WHATEVER.

Assuming that they lived in a planet, and they are like humans, then they needed an atmosphere on the planet, i.e. they should know that when a ship returns to solid ground from space, it's going to burn up.


2. Radio.

If they can travel between stars, they must at least have developed radio, right? The human disregard these aliens because that they saw this as an invasion, they weren't warned by their coming.

So let me get this straight; Aliens aren't capable of sending a radio message to earth telling: Hey, we want to land here! ??? If they have been travelling for at least 10-50 years assuming they can travel much faster than the speed of light, they should at least have a little time to warn the earths population once inside this solar system??

Nope; screw logic.

I know this is very pessimistic, but that is really the way it is.

Has none of the qualities of the other shows of CW, like Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, or the Originals.

And the actors.. Melissa Jow is a good actor, but the rest, ugh..

Lame sentences, for example: (While trying to open the locker, and a boy approaches her to tell her how to open it): "I swear i'm not usually this technologically inapt."

Come on.. Who would ever use such words? Especially for a teenager in high-school??

I'm going to watch the next episode to see where this goes; but so far the least logical show i've ever seen.

If you're in for a sci-fi treat with amazing actors and storyline, go for Continuum...
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Please help us keep this show!
hgsteeves3 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This new series is more interesting than any other show out there. The writing is brilliant, and it has more plot twists that one can keep up with. Please help us save this show. The "ratings" are showing that it could be cancelled, but I am totally in love with this series, which is the first science-fiction series to catch my full attention in years. The show literally makes me anticipate Mondays, which was a dreaded day of the week before. How are other people feeling about this show? The acting is genuine, and the set design and editing make it fast-paced and excited to watch. It almost reminds me of Nikita (the original series) in a weird way. I definitely give it an A+ and hope that others will give the show a chance.
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A refreshing take on Romeo and Juliet
scgmama15 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love the CW after they revamped the entire franchise. So when I read that a new show called Star-Crossed was going to be on, I was eager to give it a try. The plot of Star-Crossed is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet - two "star crossed" teenagers fighting to be together but opposing families and situations keep them away. Although the two main characters, Emery and Roman are from two completely different worlds, the show is more about how their opposite worlds collide rather than a family feud as in Shakespeare's version. This show has lots of drama, teen angst, and good solid romance. So far no love triangles (thank goodness!) and just clean, good old fashioned good guys versus bad guys but with an alien twist!
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