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Sex & Nudity

  • This series does contain moderate but infrequent sexual activity and partial nudity. Buttocks and partial breasts are seen, G strings, thongs and bras are visible, as well as partial male nudity within scenes of sexual activity.

Violence & Gore

  • This series contains a hefty amount of violence, especially in terms of slaying vampires and when vampires feed. Vampire blood is white and has the consistency of pudding along with worms. The specifics for each episode are below. The descriptions are as generic and spoiler-free as possible, but any spoilers will be marked as such.
  • A infected man forces a man to turn a gun to his head and shoot himself. Blood sprays on the window behind him as well as his chair when he slumps.
  • A man is seen drinking blood packets. When the man turns, we see him have a split tongue and blood covering his mouth and shirt. A fight occurs where something grows out of the man's mouth (think Resident Evil) and the tube-like object shoots out of his mouth when attacking people.
  • During the same procedure as before, someone grabs the tube like structure from the dead infected man and pulls it. The tube appears to pull out from the dead man's throat until it pulls out part of his insides and falls out; blood is seen on the end of the tube. Clear liquid then squirts from what appears to be his anus.
  • A man goes down in the basement of someone's house, bloody hand-prints and blood spray are seen covering all the walls, hung clothes, and furniture; one part of a wall has blood covering it. A group of infected men are seen huddled, while another infected man approaches the non-infected man. The normal man shoots the infected man with the modified nail-gun multiple times before swinging his sword and decapitating the infected man (the actual decapitation is prolonged while white liquid squirts from the neck and shows spasms before falling). Another infected man picks up the head of the first infected man and approaches the normal man with the other infected men following behind him. The old man shoots the modified nail-gun at all of them and burn when the sunlight hit them. The old man leaves a candle behind with the stove gas on.
  • A worm is seen partially inserting inside a man's hand as he tries to pull it out.
  • Episode 7 - For Services Rendered: At the beginning, two men are attacked by two infected men, one of the infected men is seen shot in the head while the other shoots his tube-like object towards the shooter.
  • An infected woman is seen with blood covering her mouth and clothes while the tube-like object comes from her mouth.
  • A man is shot point-blank in the head while another is beaten with a stick.
  • A man is seen near death on the ground with blood on his shirt.
  • An infected woman attacks two women with children, one gets bitten by the tube-like object.
  • A man attacks an infected man with a sword, but is choked in return. Before he is able to launch the tube from his mouth, he is shot.
  • A man shoots a crossbow at two infected people.
  • A human who was scratched by an infected person is shot through the eye with a crossbow. Blood is seen shooting out from the exit wound.
  • Episode 8 - Creatures of the Night: Throughout the episode a horde of infected men and women are decapitated, shot, burned, and beaten with a pole; a lot of white blood is seen.
  • A man gets attacked by the tentacle and dragged away.
  • An infected man's skin is burned away.
  • Three infected men attack their tentacles to a man.
  • A worm is seen crawling under a man's skin.
  • A man uses a box cutter to cut a slit in a man's cheek, we see the skin splitting. He then uses tweezers to pull the worm from the cut.
  • A man is shot in the head, while on the ground blood is seen from the entrance wound. He is shot offscreen two more times.
  • A turning man is shot in the head, the scene cuts before any blood is shown.
  • An infected person attacks a child, a man comes in and stabs him in the back. Using a shovel, the man beats the infected person until it ends on the ground. Although a table blocks the infected person, we assume the man places the edge of the shoved on his neck and stomps on it. We see clear liquid spurt and the head rolls, we see the decapitated head twice
  • An infected man attacks two people, a man uses a pickaxe to bash against his head, we see his dead corpse in detail with the clear liquid coming from his head with the worms.
  • During a flashback, we see 'the master' feed on men sleeping. A man tries to stab 'the master' but the creature pulls him to the ground while gripping his hands, 'the master' squeezes his hands while we hear the bones crack. When the man falls, we see his fingers completely broken where they were twisted backwards and sideways. In a later flashback sequence, the same man with the broken fingers has them straightened by another man.
  • An infected man attaches his tentacle mouth to a driver and causes him to crash.
  • A man with a gun is attacked by an infected prisoner, other prisoners are in danger. A prisoner gets loose and shoots the infected person in the head twice.
  • An infected man digs his finger into his wound and digs out a bullet, we see white liquid puss out.
  • At the end of the episode, we see what 'the master' looks like under his hood. 'the master' uses his sharp finger nail to slice a man's wrist open, blood is seen. A small worm inserts into his wound.
  • A worm crawls into the side of a person's eye, we see it in great detail. Blood surrounds the pupil in her eye.
  • We see an infected man with blood covering his mouth, he attacks someone in the distance.
  • An infected person latches it's tube like object to a young boy's neck before attacking a woman.
  • We briefly see the master.
  • We see a infected woman about to attack someone before being shot. A infected young boy then gets up, blood is seen on his neck. The young boy is shot offscreen.
  • An infected woman is seen with blood covering her neck.
  • We see a large group of infected people sleeping, most have blood covering their mouths.
  • An infected man has his head chopped off by a hatchet, we see his head roll down the stairs while white blood sprays everywhere.
  • An infected person is electrocuted for a prolonged time.
  • Two people are killed offscreen by an infected girl with blood covering most of her body, it's implied the infected girl was killed when the scene cuts.
  • A group of infected people are shot with guns and the modified nail-gun. A man proceeds to cut a bunch of them with a machete, most of their exposed necks are seen.
  • Among a group of another infected people, 'the master' is seen. "The Master' chokes a man, but is distracted before killing him
  • An infected person is seen with it's tube-like object attached to a woman's neck.
  • A group of infected people attack a group of normal people.
  • Two men shoot at a group of infected people, they then turn and shoot at each other.
  • A woman uses a machete to cut a woman's head off before she 'turned'.
  • 'The Master' appears and feeds a man his blood.
  • We briefly see a group of infected people, some burn under sunlight
  • We see a man throw a woman off a high building from a distance.
  • The later half of the episode involve a group of people using swords and guns to fight a large group of infected people, we see some decapitations and burning from silver. A child stabs one of the infected.
  • We see a small group of infected people, missing their noses and blood on their hands and mouths. A large puddle of blood on the ground in front of them.
  • A man is shown missing part of his head.
  • A vampire is showing eating part of a man's head.
  • A vampire bites a man by the throat and then projectiles a large amount of worms into his mouth from it's own.
  • A vampire is shown with half its face burned and charred severely.
  • A naked man is chained and being fed on by vampires. They feed and slash him as he screams in agonizing pain. (see "sex & nudity" for more)
  • A couple is attacked by vampires. The stingers aren't actually shown touching them, but the small and bloody wounds are shown afterwards.
  • Many vampires are shot and beheaded in this episode.
  • A vampire snaps the neck of a child vampire.
  • A boil on a vampire pops with pus and worms shooting out.
  • A vampire is beheaded and a man scoops up some of the blood along with scraping it out of the stump.
  • A vampire is shot, blood sprays everywhere.
  • A man liquefies a vampire worm and uses an eyedropper to put it in his eyes, he is later shown bleeding from his eyes.
  • Beheaded vampires are displayed as a warning to vampires by city council members.
  • A group of vampires are ambushed and burnt to death with ultraviolet lasers.


  • Some uses of shit, asshole, bastard and occasional uses of pussy etc very tame for an MA rated show.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drinking. A character smokes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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