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not bad
sem-212 May 2013
From the cinematic point of view, this is a pretty good movie, and it shows excellent craftsmanship and directing skills. This is a showcase of capabilities of Russian filmmakers and production facilities that won't get unnoticed by international distribution and producing circles.

There are, however, numerous inconsistencies and illogical situations in the script that require a HUGE suspension of disbelief for people who are familiar with how the subway system functions.

Other than that, there are normal for this genre stereotyped characters, a love triangle, and, of course, a catastrophe itself that changes everything...
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MY REVIEW: A Nice Ride!!
saytosandeep18 May 2014
Metro. It's a Russian disaster movie based on the simple plot of how one day a metro train gets hit by the unexpected flood in a tunnel and how few key characters make themselves to see the sun light again despite all odds against them. What drives this metro are two key factors; technical finesse in showing the flood hitting the metro and few characters worth rooting for. The scene where water strikes the passengers in the compartments is a technical marvel. A small fresh love story, a broken marriage and a love triangle, all key connections and conflicts between the key characters are done nicely. Camera work and art direction in showing the haunting images of the disaster is astounding. However, acting wise there was ample possibility of improvement. I am going with good 7 out of 10 for Metro. It never reaches to the height of perfection but by doing few things up right, it makes you feel the experience of a disaster.
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Stunning visuals - awful screenplay
sjd91210 January 2014
It's like the Russian version of a typical Hollywood disaster movie. ("Daylight" is very similar to this one.) So the characters are clichéd, the escape at the end is quite unrealistic, there are no conflict between the characters, everybody just wants to survive. The acting is almost amateur.

On the contrary, the directing, the cinematography and the visual effects are amazing, they're even better than in many Hollywood movies. The main catastrophe and the immediate consequences are shown in a quite impressive way, almost better than in any other disaster movie before.

Because of this, I can recommend this one for watching, but don't expect anything better than a clichéd story.
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Russian masterpiece
kukutisq326 June 2013
Russians just proved that if they want a job done - they will do it at highest possible levels and beyond. I'm lucky - I know Russian language since I was a kid and I really enjoyed watching this movie on native language. Everything in this movie is interesting and sometimes very shocking, you will find yourself in doubt "how they managed to build a such amazing camera works or spec effects?". Trust me, there are plenty of them and some I have never seen before, not even in Hollywood movies. You can't spoil anything in this movie as the name of the movie says everything about it. It is movie about disaster, pain and a lot of fear and this is recorded at highest levels. Find a time and watch this masterpiece - you won't regret.
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Russians did a fine job
pa3040728 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Tonight I watched the movie "Metro" in Russian language. Though I do not understand a word of Russian; still I enjoyed the movie a lot. All the actors played their role perfectly; which shows their talent and experience in the field of acting. The running time of the movie was 131 minutes and as it was in 1080p Blu-ray, I did not took a single minute rest till the completion of the movie. I gave that 9 out of 10; as it looks so real and the direction and the photography was excellent. I really appreciate the cast for a job well done! The acting of the father the daughter and was commendable. The acting of the cheating wife and her repent in the end was really worth watching. I recommend this movie to those viewers who either understand or don't understand the Russian language.
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Very nice Russian disaster movie
siderite24 March 2014
In Metro, a breach in the old subway system of Moscow lets water pour in, trapping an entire rush hour subway train underground. The crash scenes are spectacular and the rest of the film follows a small group of survivors trying to get to the surface.

This is what Stallone's Daylight should have been. There is no heroic saviour that solves everyone's problems, but everybody for themselves. The tension, the interaction between the characters, the very beautiful Svetlana Khodchenkova and Katerina Shpitsa and a kind of over the top coincidence involving a love triangle, they all bring quality to the film.

At more than two hours long, I can say that I did not feel the desire to fast forward even once, which is very rare. The Russian references have that sad/funny feel about them. You could laugh at them if you didn't have to go through them yourself, and then it's kind of sad, but you appreciate the recognition.

Bottom line: get yourself a decent translation (unfortunately I did not have one) and watch Metro. Its flaws are minimal, mainly related to acting, and you can easily enjoy the film from start to end.
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I won't forget this movie soon
a-lyskawa29 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The movie has its mood. Great effects, simple, but nice story, some tension equally distributed between private and main disaster. I was engaged in watching, in the story. Also - great camera work, great pictures.

What I didn't like is the part where some passengers were electrocuted, well, I'm an electrician and I don't understand why did it happen WHEN it happened. The lights in cars were lit - so why nobody got electrocuted as soon as they started to get out and there was water all over? Then - the control crew tried to TURN OFF the power from the tracks, and it looked like they turned it on instead. It makes no sense, I haven't understood this part. I know, it probably was like they failed to turn off the power (due to some technical malfunction), but still it doesn't add up.

Last but not least - I didn't like the acting of the actress playing Irina. She wasn't very convincing, especially running like hell with her stilettos. Is it even possible? If it is, she is a good runner ;) Andrey and Garin characters were very convincing. They did a great job. In my opinion their part was the main part. Though their story may look trivial, it's leaves some thoughts.

Not outstanding, but a very good movie worth watching.
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Even without a metro drama - still a decent drama.
topblock26 March 2015
A touching story all over the two hours, not just in the end. Intrigues - all over the movie, not just in the start. The end of the story - it may end at any moment, and it would still be great. No particular connection to Moscow, Russia, subterranean train - it can be anywhere, any time. People meet each other, struggle, about to die, struggle, survive, get to know each other on a new perspective.

It's a "must pause" every time you go to the bathroom. 'Cause even without the "subway drama", it's still a deepest drama, and it would rise your sentiments to a whole new level. 9 out of 10, but it starts from 9.
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Good 6.5p movie
cagatayvural4 November 2018
Good russian movie. worth of time. you should see. Not too much over exaggerated scene. well done
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Very good job
mohsennouroozi20 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I congradulate russian people for this movie, before I watch this it I had doubt whether it worth to spend my time but as it started I felt it is different.its story is very nice and attractive, the actress was very the end of the movie I cried much because of similarity of the story to mine. It showed russian society very well.and its government role and poletical's obligations to their people which still can be find traces of dictatorships , it can be understand from neglecting people by the government, regarding to not having good and standard services and value of their life, But at the end I appreciate again the direction and action of actors,visual effects and triangular love,dramatic,emtional story. Thanks
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The final stop
mishaa727 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Strangely enough, but this new domestic film has neither intrusive nor «productplacement' well, no mugger or special guest stars from the west (Delon, Trejo), who do not read the script, and look only at the amount of the fee. And even Russian critics, surveying the film gave him good reviews (17 positive reviews to 3 negative) In the three-dimensionality of negative criticism of the characters and as it turned out they did not exaggerate.

The main characters of the film. Garin (Sergei Puskepalis). Daughter father, a surgeon, a dedicated doctor, day and night is very busy in order to provide his family a decent living. Here we see how he saves the boy as he deals with his daughter, he is faithful to his family and to his wife even though her infidelity, it knows about (described below in more detail). Writers movie direct text called it "chode." Seriously. He comes into the car of the train, standing in front of the window and reads on the glass either scratched, or painted finger on the cold glass the word "nerd." To which our hero smirks looking down, as if resigned to the fact that it is about him, thinking, "Yes, yes, I am"

Irina. Garin's wife (Svetlana Khodchenkova). From the very beginning of the film we are shown her in bed with her lover. She has an orgasm and suddenly remembers that she has a daughter and a husband who loved her and wrong what she was doing. After that, she's forgotten all about it and lust takes its toll. In general this is all that can be said about the character Khodchenkova. Of course, in addition to that, she goes to work, too, brings money to the family, where she has a true "friend" (that's in quotes) which shares with her scrubs and face creams for the skin, and her friend informed her cheating husband, and details of its private life tells her directly what she flirt, a bad mother, and that word with the letter "N" on the heroine Khodchenkova offended, go away, but the cream and facial scrub takes in his arms.

Wife's lover Garin. Konstantinov (Anatoly Bely) just a wealthy young man with an uncertain activity with the expensive car, foreign car, wants her to be with him.

The most disgusting, that's all that can be said about the three main characters of the film "Underground", and further, these characters can not be explaining themselves. Other faces of the film they are either the same one-dimensional (a thief in the subway, a smiling policeman grim policeman, rescue officers, a drunkard and a subway worker two in one "Sergeeich") or just the extras half of which will be lost under the yelling and touching music.

As a result, disaster film frustrating not bad shots or unreality, a character who does not want to sympathize, because they no. There is truth young couple Dennis and Alice who ironically want to empathize, why they let the story line and not take up more screen time period pretty interesting.
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Surprisingly entertaining drama movie made in Russia
Luigi Di Pilla8 November 2015
I discovered this Russian subway drama thriller in a shopping site. I thought to give it a chance and I don't regret.

What I saw exceeded by far my expectations. There is a good balance between real action scenes and funny dialogs. Then the director mixed the dramatic countdown very well with the other mentioned ingredients. The result is an entertaining and solid drama thriller that can be set no doubt in line with many other Hollywood films of this genre. It was never boring and the pace just right,

Even my wife enjoyed it and thumbs up for all the actors who delivered a respectable performance,

If you like subway movies check out Unstoppable with Denzel Washington.

For all these reasons it merits a solid 7/10.
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