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Dull, Trite and Plot less
rickcadger-676352 November 2015
Visually, this low budget drama is nicely done with atmospheric location and lighting.

The performances aren't bad. The main problem is that the actors really had very little to work with, and I feel for them.

There is no real plot beyond a very shallow rehash of the besieged-by-nutters theme. The SF/alien aspect is completely superfluous and is in no way required by the travesty that masquerades as a storyline. The dialogue is dreadful, with thin chunks of cliché exposition and old-hat speculations about aliens who the budget will not allow us to see.

As is so often the case, the first reviews of this movie are implausibly glowing... and similar. Draw your own conclusions.
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Moody piece on the psychology of survival
peppersghost14 April 2016
As often, reviews and ratings on IMDb are completely wrong, as I found The Quiet Hour vastly underrated.

In gloom and at slow pace, accompanied by a very rich and touching score by Carlos José Alvarez, following Sarah and Tom through the hardships of survival is an intimate journey.

By avoiding an excess of action-driven plot points, as you would expect from your average alien invasion film, this one comes across far more evocative and tense.

It reminded me a bit of Testament by Lynne Littman, but The Quiet Hour is the better cinematic experience of the two, and I guess somewhat more positive. (Not that any of them could really be called cheerful to the slightest.)
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Not even B class movie
lamtara-9376327 October 2016
OK, a blind guy that looks at everything, A smoking chimney when no one stokes a fire, a fish that burns as there is no oil ???? hello, fish are full of oil and what was wrong with steaming it ?, food in short supply yet carrots and spud were peeled instead of being scrubbed, lock all the downstairs windows and leave the upstairs ones open,, no one heard the vehicle drive up outside, search for an intruder with a gun pointing at the floor, a cut on Sarahs face that got worse and then better and then worse again.....who the hell did the continuation ?? lousy computer graphics where alien craft go behind the mother ship, wooden actors, terrible story line and a director that needs to go back to school to learn his profession....Simply awful. I had to watch it all just to see how bad it really was
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Utterly, utterly dull.
paul-catanach27 October 2016
I really should learn to check reviews before watching these things. I could have gone out to the shed, got some paint, daubed it on a wall and sat down to watch that dry instead.

Described as "sci-fi" there was very little to merit that description apart from a few brief CGI shots of alien spaceships hanging from the clouds like haemorroids. At least that was all I saw of the sci-fi element in this film before I realised that its lack of pace was casting an air of gloom over me and switched off.

The plot is slow. I mean, glacial. It's also, how can I put this.........dull.

I tried really hard but gave up after 35 minutes.
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The director and his friends rated this movie... I guess
ovalles-6033627 April 2019
Simply a bad Movie with a so called plot. It´s not a sci fi movie. The worst for me was the acting, especially the blind guy that looks at everything. Overated film that deserves 3 or 2 in IMDb. I think It was rated for those who produce the movie or were part of the cast.
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Mad Straw Bogs
mahonyjohn-0219928 October 2016
As I watched this mixture of clichés,stereotypes and costume characters from assorted other films I was just thankful that I had not attended the various film festivals that had selected this film as an entry. If there is an independent film that gives the title "independent" a bad name it is this one. And the positive reviews ? One wonders if there is an attempt by friends or professional "others" to sell films like this via review systems . What film festival selection committee could select this film as sci fi ? Or as independent....the very nature of this kind of cinema is an attempt to produce cinema which is outside the mainstream, not just in production/distribution , but in cinematic styles and/or content/themes....but also offering an attempt at originality. The Quiet Hour offers none, and as such is horribly depressing in that so many festivals, and those who promote such a concoction of stereotypes, represent poor respect for the real wealth that cinema has to offer...
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Rather Good Independent existentialist Sci-Fi
t-dooley-69-3869168 November 2015
Aliens have invaded the World to plunder the Earth's mineral resources. It is one year on and all anyone seems to know about them is that for two hours a day they return to their Mother Ships and people can come out of hiding. If they are caught outside at any other time they are killed.

Sarah – Dakota Blue-Richards ('Skins') is living on a farm with her brother and father and they are managing to survive with their limited food stocks and solar panels for power. Others are not so fortunate and she knows that it is only a matter of time before other people turn up and find their idyll. She has had to grow up fast but does not know if she has the mettle that will be needed if such an event occurs; she does not have long to wait to be tested.

Now thus is an independent film with a sci-fi twist and for lovers of the genre this may well fall short of expectations. However, if- like me- you love existential films and the psychological elements then you may well be pleasantly surprised. The acting is al solid with a great sense of foreboding throughout. It is also engaging and the characters all manage to engender the right amount of chemistry to make you care about them. The action is done well too. This is a film I really enjoyed and hardly noticed as the time passed – which is always the sign of a god production. Another example of how independent does not mean done on the cheap – recommended viewing.
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Robust yet thoughtful sci-fi thriller which truly delivers
chuckcorrado12 July 2014
So often one sees hopeless work coming from a low budget — where the financial limitations of a production are translated into visible cracks in the films structure and production values. The same cannot be said of The Quiet Hour which imaginatively and creatively uses its financial limitations to its advantage and also deftly manages to work the things that count, such as decent camera equipment, locations, acting, CGI and narrative framework.

The film focuses on the story of Sarah, a nineteen year old ex-veterinary student who has to defend her farm, blind younger brother and livestock not so much from the unseen alien predators that have arrived to pillage the earth of its natural resources as from a gang of bad guys who want to take over her farm.

The action largely takes place in the house and surrounding grounds where director Stéphanie Joalland (in her feature debut) strikes a fine balance between building dramatic tension and fleshing out the characters.

Given that this is primarily a slice of genre cinema it is refreshing that so much effort has gone into character development and performance. Also the backdrop of the alien apocalypse has been carefully considered, rendering the picture refreshingly devoid of plot holes. Highly recommended.
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Tight short indie movie aimed at late teens
robertemerald6 January 2019
The actors are good, the filming is good and the production is good. If this was a meal I'd describe it as good vegetarian. There's nothing really original, there are other movies with a very similar theme out there. It's power is its youth, our heroes, honestly portrayed when faced with loss and other far more aggressive stranger adults, whom happen to outnumber them. The youngest is immature and has a disability, all wrong steps stem from this innocence. From that point of view this is well crafted, and an engaging experience. The plot has several moments of true creativity and forethought. It ends well, which was satisfying. For me, being much older than the cast, I tended to see many missed opportunities. Sometimes the camera captured nature or sky with real flare, but there could have been much more of this. The Quiet Hour could have been peppered with symbolic natural image, on both small and grand scale. I liked the location, but it wasn't invested with enough for me. Then there is the aliens. I'm assuming a truly tight budget, because a bit more of that creativity could have brought this movie into a more contemporary horror. We enjoy a new age of computer graphics, and we should delight in possibilities. Overall though, as the movie wasn't long, I'm happy to recommend it.
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Ery good
mary-laking28 December 2019
I really enjoyed this - I kept thinking I should go to bed but couldn't stop watching. Whether you like it or not depends on whether you prefer action over thoughtful plots - I like both and wasn't disappointed with this. I didn't need aliens to be engaged.
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I Recommend You Check this One Out
markkbranson20 November 2017
OK: if you have been following my reviews, I typically am seeing second or third rate films that I often tell you up front to avoid. This one is different in several ways: acting, directing, and cinematography. If one of all of these aspects interest you, then definitely check "The Quiet Hour" out!

The acting is above the typical indie or even main stream feature. Dakota Blue Richards is compelling as the girl/woman who drives this film. Her survival strength is unbelievable--whether it is burying her dead father or surviving a rape attempt. She is worth watching.

Also compelling is Karl Davies. I do not have HBO so I have not seen him in "Games of Thrones"; however, his skills is emerging: he enters as a questionable character, he wins out hearts (see particularly is teary time with Richards--his tears really look real!), and he leaves the film with a question mark. His talent is emerging and he, too, deserves your interest in tracking his career.

The director is Stephanie Joalland and certainly she needs your attention. I saw in an interview with the "Austin Chronicle" that she is influenced by Daphne do Maurier novella, "The Birds," NOT the Hitchcock film. Indeed, the pacing and the horror is not in things beyond us, but things that are within us. Joalland paces the film in an careful manner where we can reflect on what horror really is. She directs her cast in a thoughtful manner and frames shots that capture the beauty of the country-side OR build anxiety as the plot moves. Certainly this director is one I want to see more from.

I do have one complaint: the ending is hurried and is not earned. I would have preferred something more ambiguous (I don't want to say any more because I don't want to post a spoiler here.)Some may appreciate this ending, but you see my caution. The ending, however, does not ruin the experience of this film.

So check out "The Quiet Hour." If you like a hybrid of sci-fi and post-apocalypse survival with solid acting and directing, this film is for you!
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An ambitious first feature that delivers the goods
stu-harrison13 February 2015
This is a clever sci-fi movie set in the obligatory post-apocalyptic world -- where humans must fight to survive in the midst of an alien invasion. However, it's a surprisingly original and thoughtful first feature by director Stephanie Joalland.

Plot summary: teenager Sarah and her brother Tom, who is blind, must defend their lonely farm house against marauding strangers while staying hidden from alien invaders.

The Quiet Hour's tiny budget was allocated well. There's a minimal cast and basic sets, yet this little film matches bigger productions with its well paced storyline and polished editing. Definitely recommended.
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Simple but good movie about a brother and a sister trying to survive
fandomfatale24 May 2021
I can't understand the 4.7 rating. This movie may not stand out in any particular way but it doesn't have any of the hallmarks of a bad movie. The acting is good, it looks good, it has a simple story but one that is compelling and a good atmosphere. I enjoyed watching it.

Sarah and her blind brother Tom are trying to survive after an alien invasion has ended life as they knew it and wiped out most of the Earth's population. (She's described as "feisty" officially but not that's not the word I would have used. She's just trying to get by, like everyone else.) When a stranger, Jude, pursued by a violent gang, disturbs Sarah and Tom's home, they have to decide whether or not to trust him and figure out how to stop the threat of the gang.

It doesn't have sci-fi action, it's a "quiet" film with a background sci-fi setting but still some interesting alien images and ideas.
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All-round outstanding production
Favri13 February 2015
I had the great pleasure of seeing The Quiet Hour at the Raindance screening in London and was hugely impressed. Everything about it is worthy of note - interesting original concept, great script, fantastic direction, top notch performances by the cast and fantastic production value.

This sci-fi, post apocalyptic thriller tells the story of a young girl and her blind brother who do their best to survive in a world that has been torn apart by an invasion of mysterious aliens who kill all humans in sight. Their routine is interrupted by a wandering stranger, who may or may not have the best intentions...

I couldn't believe this film was done on a low budget, the production value is absolutely excellent, it looks and feels like a very sophisticated production. This is what independent films should aspire to be like!

Dakota Blue Richards delivers a truly superb performance as the lead, showing us just what she is capable of, and Karl Davies and Jack McMullen are equally convincing and excellent. Zeb Moore and Brigitte Millar are also worthy of note, absolutely rock their parts. Stephanie Joalland is clearly a very talented director, every shot is carefully and cleverly put together and, as a fan of post apocalyptic films in general, her use of the landscape and scenery is brilliant. I can't remember the last time I've seen such a good directorial debut! I am sure we will be seeing a lot more from her.

Gripping from beginning to end and beautifully shot, I cannot praise and recommend this film enough - watch out for it because people will talk about it once it's released. Very much looking forward to Frenzy Films' next production!!
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SImple, tense, brilliant
benimdbthebest12 July 2014
I just had the pleasure of watching Stephanie Joalland's directorial feature debut and came away feeling inspired. Without giving away the film, Dakota Blue Richards, Karl Davies and Jack McMullen all give sterling performances in this tense sci-fi thriller. I loved the locations (think it was Ireland) the enigmatic score and elegantly paced unveiling of this gripping story. Having watched many indie films, one thing that is apparent is that execution of story is not always a major success for most first time film makers, however Joalland manages to keep my attention for the whole 85 minutes. I'm not sure what the budget was here, but it's really quiet irrelevant and inspiring to know that good storytelling relies first and foremost on a good idea executed by talented actors and film makers. Hope this will get a UK release and deserves to be seen by all indie-film lovers, filmmakers and anyone with a love of genre.
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So Slow...
bhsfacebook6 May 2020
... it seems more like a quiet three hours. Snoozy.
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Well crafted and gripping post apocalyptic sci-fi drama
brigitte_millar15 July 2014
This is a well scripted and emotionally powerful post apocalyptic sci-fi drama, with strong performances from an excellent cast. In a remote part of rural, post-apocalyptic England, now occupied by unseen alien invaders, a feisty teenage girl sets out on a desperate attempt to fight back a group of bandits and defend her parents' farm, their remaining livestock, and the solar panels that keep them safe from extraterrestrials. If she doesn't succeed, she will lose her only source of food and shelter; if she resists, she and her helpless blind sibling will be killed. Shot in Ireland/Tipperary and starring Dakota Blue Richards (Golden Compass), Karl Davies (Emmerdale), Jack McMullan (Waterloo Road) and Brigitte Millar (Harry Potter) Directed by Stephanie Joalland Produced by Sean McConville Well worth watching! Rating: 9 out of 10
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Superb Film
Flanagan_304 September 2014
Had the great pleasure of seeing this film at the Galway Film Festival, And was not disappointing one bit. The film has everything for an entertaining viewing. Superb location,sensitive score, believable performances and excellent camera work. Hard to believe this is a directors debut," who needs a big budget" with gems like this filmed on a shoestring. The Fantastic Tipperary Ireland landscape proved more than equal to set the scene for this story of a battle against the odds.

Hopefully this film will get the cinematic release it truly deserves and needs. Lets hope the reviews from the Raindance festival move this film into gear .
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Boring and no aliens
andypugh7 December 2020
Watched the first 10 minutes and bored with the poor acting. I ran the video forward till the end and saw no aliens. So glad I didn't watch it from beginning to end.
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Excellent acting and high quality production
ben-good8 October 2014
As a non sci-fi fan I was very impressed with this film. The acting and production was superb and the drama felt like an event that really could and did happen. I did not need to use too much imagination. The film felt 'expensive' even if the budget was not. The setting (a remote house in woodland/forest) was perfect and there was a dark charm to the location. I'd quite like to live there despite the nature of the events that took place. The editing, acting and story came together to make an excellent film - and I genuinely feel invested in the lives of the characters and wonder what happened to them next. Dakota Blue Richards who was brought to the big screen in The Golden Compass was impressive as where the rest of the cast. The look and feel of this film was of a much higher quality than even BBC Dr Who or other mainstream sci-fi manages to produce.
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