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No real point to this movie
Leofwine_draca2 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
DV is one of those horror films about a serial killer documenting his life and work via his own personal video camera. I've seen a few such films and I'm not really a fan, finding them a bit too close to torture porn to be effective, but you needn't go into this film worrying about what you might see, because the upshot is that you don't see anything.

That's right, it's a serial killer film without any actual killing. There's no gore here, no incident, just some sad sack bald bloke moping around and talking about his angst in the camera. The only recommendation I can make is that this film is realistic, because it is, well, real. That is until the silly twist ending which adds an unneeded supernatural aspect to the story. The rest of it is just a chore to sit through, and rather depressing. Incredibly, two sequels were to follow...
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Good Lead Performance But That's About It
Michael_Elliott17 October 2016
Dv (2013)

* (out of 4)

Evan Jacobs wrote, directs and plays the lead in this film, which was originally planned as a three hour movie but it was then cut down into three different films. This first film has Jacobs playing a serial killer who goes around with a camera recording himself so that he can learn from what he's doing.

DV clocks in at just over a hour and it's pretty hard to sit through. I will say that I thought Jacobs was a fine actor and his good performance is the only thing that kept the film from becoming a complete disaster. I also respect what he was going for but sadly it just doesn't work. This is meant to get inside the mind of a serial killer but the film just never does that and there's certainly no psychological suspense to be had here. I also thought the camera-work was quite ugly and there are a few times where the screen goes to black and this here wasn't the greatest idea.

I am interested to see what other films Jacobs has in him. Even though I really didn't like this movie there was still enough in it to make me seek out the sequels as well as the director's other films.
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