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  • When Drew Thompson asks to change his deal to provide safety for Ellen Mae, the race on to see which side can get to her first.


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  • Raylan calls a very pregnant Winona who reveals that she and Raylan will be having a baby girl. Raylan's worried, because he doesn't know anything about girls. "That is so sweet," Winona sighs," sayin' it like I don't already know."

    The other good news: Raylan is being applauded by everyone at the marshals' HQ for capturing Drew Thompson. "Congratulations, you're being suspended," Art says with a smile. Raylan has done great work, but his list of sins is a bit longer. Before Raylan can leave on his forced vacation, however, Drew begins to make demands to hold up his conair transfer to a supermax. He tells Raylan, Art and Assistant U.S. Attorney David Vasquez (Rick Gomez) that he won't say a word about the Tonin clan until Ellen May is out of Limehouse's hands and safe. Art tells him, "Sit in GenPop 'til Tonin's men filet you like a perch," but Drew has made her safety a condition of his cooperation: law enforcement needs to find her for him to play ball while the various alliances of criminals need to find her so he wouldn't.

    In Noble's Holler Limehouse talks with Ellen May, and the sweet little whore is resigned, even fatalistic about her prospects for survival whether she remains there or is cut loose.

    Boyd, meanwhile, is in a bad place. Last he knew, Ellen May was held hostage by Limehouse. Drew Thompson is in custody. Tonin will likely soon send his goons. Colton and Jimmy are sent out of the room so Boyd can have a heart-to-heart with Ava. "Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles," the Ralph Waldo Emerson-quoting philosopher outlaw says as he decides to go after Limehouse.

    At the marshals' offices, Art wonders, "What do you think it is with him and that Audry's whore? Does he think she's Julia Roberts and he's ol' what's-his-name with the white limo?" "She ain't no Julia Roberts," Raylan counters, and suggests that Drew might be "taking a parting shot at Boyd." Raylan asks Art for a delay on that suspension... "Don't take away the one thing I know how to do," he implores so he can go retrieve Ellen May in order to leverage Drew to talk. "You know, suspendees don't get to choose when they get suspended," Art tells him, "that would be called a vacation." Raylan lays out his case, concluding "Let me finish what I started." Art reluctantly agrees, but Raylan must take Rachel and Tim.

    Johnny is still holed up at his bar with Nicky Augustine and Picker. "Do you want to keep helping or not?" asks Nicky, explaining, "your uncle Theo has ears everywhere, literally." He says that Tonin sources have revealed that Drew isn't talking because of "some trailer park bunk bunny he once protected. Has some tragic Southern name I've forgotten." "Ellen May," Johnny says knowingly.

    So Johnny calls Limehouse and offers $300,000 for the young woman. Limehouse refuses to cooperate and, telling Johnny to never call him again and hangs up.

    "Wow!," Nicky Augustine says sarcastically, "that sounded fantastic." "Something's not right," Johnny tells Nicky. To Johnny it sounds as if Limehouse has already made a deal for Ellen May -- possibly with Boyd.

    Boyd outlines his plan of attack on Noble's Holler to Colton, Jimmy and Ava. Once there, he tells the skeptical Ava, "I'm gonna stick a gun in Limehouse's mouth, tell him we have emulex tucked under three houses in his holler ... he doesn't give us Ellen May I'm gonna have Jimmy here push a button. Come Thanksgiving he can serve all the dark meat he wants." (The White Supremacy vein is still just below the surface.)

    Boyd's cell' 'phone rings; he see it's from Johnny. But it's actually Nicky Augustine with an offer: he'll front the money for Boyd to pay Limehouse for Ellen May and throw in cousin Johnny for free. "Well, that's what I call one sweet deal," Boyd says, chuckling at the irony.

    Guns drawn, Boyd, backed by Colton, Jimmy and Ava, enters Johnny's bar. There is a brief stand-off until Nicky Augustine saunters in, hands raised, and calms the tension. "It's 'Everybody Wins Day' here at Johnny's bar. Everybody except Johnny," he says, gesturing toward the trusted-up Johnny. Boyd demands that the Detroit gangster apologize to Ava for his many, many unkind words about her character. Nicky apologizes with what seems like sincerity. Ava accepts with a quick nod, and guns are lowered as Augustine and Boyd sit with a $300,000 metal case on the barroom table between them. Boyd lays out the currents facts as he sees them, and says Augustine's offer "is opaque to me." Augustine stares at him a moment, then says, "I'm gonna need Google Translate on my phone if I'm gonna keep talking to you." Clearer talk is offered on both sides as Augustine, quoting Boyd, explains why he's thrown "this duplicitous piece if sh-t" into the deal, nodding toward Johnny, who blurts out "Shelby won't testify unless she's saved. They want to leverage...." He is quickly silenced by a powerful right hand punch from Picker. "Why cousin Johnny," Boyd notes, "you haven't even had a chance to enjoy the fruits of your betrayal." The outlaw has one final question for Augustine: "What do you plan on doing with Ellen May once she serves her purpose?" "Take her to Six Flags," the gangster ripostes.

    Ava jumps in and tells Augustine that Limehouse won't respond well to gangsters and Boyd, so she will need to make the deal herself. Nicky doesn't like it, but agrees if Boyd stays at the bar as collateral.

    Raylan, Tim and Rachel shows up at Limehouse's place with asking for Ellen May. Limehouse is somewhat distracted by Rachel's presence, and tries to get chummy with the woman of color, calling her "li'l sista" and refers to her as "li'l ol' Aunt Jemima taking orders from the man." This does not sit well with Rachel who fires right back at him. "Reow!' Limehouses says, greatly amused before getting serious. "I don't want you here... I don't want none of you here. Your presence gives me the fidgets." He goes on about all the people who've come to him asking bothersome questions. Tim pipes up, "Yeah? Like who?" and Limehouse tells him "None of your business, that's who!" Raylan tries to calm the waters, "Ellstin, just give us what we want and never see us again." But Limehouse rather play cagey with the marshals, question the who and why of their quest. When Tim pipes up again, Limehouse demands, "Who in the hell is this?" Rachel jumps back in: "He's gonna back me up I've got to put my boot up your ass out here in front of everybody." Limehouse, more bemused than confrontational, responds, "O, sexy! Little sister barking loud now. Think she's got any bite?" Raylan tries to get the interrogation back on track, and Limehouse denies Ellen May is anywhere on the property and dares the marshals to search the "whole hundred-odd acres of this entire holler." Turning his attention back to Rachel, he adds another "Reow," and lapses into chuckling.

    Raylan calls his bluff. Tim says, "We are literally searching every outhouse, doghouse, henhouse," but Raylan waves him off: "Let the staties do it. They live for this sh-t." He calls KSP, even though he knows it won't do any good, telling Tim, "I told the guy I was gonna toss the joint. Can't just be an idle threat or else I'll look like a pussy. Plus he was rude to Rachel." He leaves Tim to hold the fort 'til KSP arrives, explaining that Tim has to do it because he's "the level-headed one. She's out of control... you saw her back there." Tim is skeptical. "C'mon," Raylan says. "This is what we do. Did you not wake up this morning thinking that today was another opportunity to mess up some bad guy's day? I did." Rachel and Raylan head off to Harlan. Ava has made it to Limehouse's place, coming in the back with a suitcase full of Tonin money to get Ellen May before the state police arrive. Limehouse talks about how his choices have led to him selling off parcels of Noble's Holler that his clan has owned since Emancipation. "I been wonderin' lately what it is makes us forget who we are," he says to Ava, as a way of trying to convince her not to stay on the path she's currently on with Boyd. "Are you going to have peace of mind when this is all over?" he asks her. "I can't do this and you shouldn't either," Limehouse says. "Besides, she's gone." Ava is shocked. "You let her go?" she snaps. That would seem to be the case.

    Ava calls Boyd with the bad news.

    Indeed, Ellen May has retreated to her former whoremaster Nicky Cush's place, seeking shelter. He's not much comfort, however, as he is paranoid and babbles about drone overflights. What he does hear, however, is an approaching vehicle.

    It's Boyd, Picker and Nicky Augustine on the trail of Ellen May. They cautiously enter to search the premises when Nicky Cush jumps out wearing improvised body armer and carrying an automatic weapon. Boyd, reminding Nicky Cush of how the two real-life California bank robbers ("44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out (2003)") were brought down, shoots the backwoods conspiracy nut in the unprotected foot and demands to know where Ellen May has gone.

    Raylan and Rachel enter Johnny's bar to find Jimmy protecting the place with a hunting rifle. "Protectin' from what?" the lady marshal asks. "From wild apaches!" a surly Jimmy responds. "What do you care?" Raylan easily disarms him, and hauls him into the back room where a trussed up Johnny is guarded by two Detroit thugs. One of the thugs seems disinclined to put down his pistol when he is order to. As Rachel draws her sidearm, Raylan tells the thug, "Don't do that. Don't even think about that. That ain't gonna end well for you." The thug continues his hard look for a moment, then acquiesces. Raylan and Rachel question Johnny about Ellen May's whereabouts. He says that Boyd is out looking for her even as they speak, Raylan tells Jimmy to call Boyd, and when the young tough sasses him, Raylan gut punches him. "Why you gotta be such a dick?" Jimmy asks through his clenched teeth. "Because it's my job being a dick," Raylan responds. "It'd be weird if you liked me. Now, you were about to make a 'phone call...." Almost on cue the 'phone rangs. It's Boyd calling with the news that Ellen May is at the revival church in the woods. "You lost," Raylan tells Boyd over the 'phone. "Give up."

    As soon as Raylan hangs up, on Boyd's end Nick Augustine asks who he was taling to. "Raylan Givens," Boyds says with great urgency. "We got to go!"

    Ellen May has made her way to the remnants of the Last Chance Holiness Church and is busy confessing to Cassie about her part in the killing and burial of pimp Delroy ("Loose Ends (2012)"). Ellen May says she hopes that she'll then be washed in His blood. "In Jesus' blood I mean, not the man I was party to killin'." Ava walks into the tent with her gun drawn. "Which man we talking about?" she says.

    She is soon followed after by Colton. Ellen May is accepting of her fate, but Ava is struggling with her task, and calls Boyd. "I can't do it," Ava says, "it's just not who I am." They hang up, and almost immediately Colton's 'phone rings. It's Boyd ordering Colton to finish the job. Just then, Tim enters. "I just can't catch a break," Colton mutters. There's a tense confrontation and discussion about the killing of Tim's friend Mark. "Most of him died somewhere in Kandahar," Colton sighs, realizing it would be useless to deny his culpability. "Collateral damage," he says, and lights a cigarette instead of disarming as Tim has ordered. "You should quit smoking," Tim tells his fellow vet. "Yeah," Colton replies, "I'll do that tomorrow." The stand-off continues before Colton says "I guess I'll quit today" raising his weapon. Tim fires a double tap to the man's chest and Colton staggers a moment before falling dead to the ground. Tim reaches down and picks up Colton's trademark sunglasses and pockets them.

    Raylan rolls up to take Ellen May back to Lexington, explaining that Drew is responsible for saving her life. "He's still lookin' out for ya," Raylan tells her, "else none of us would be here." Deputy Nick Mooney (William Gregory Lee) arrives and gives Raylan and Ellen May a dirty look as they leave.

    Tim and Cassie talk reflectively beneath the Last Chance Holiness tent.

    Later, Ava tells Boyd she's "sorry about your friend," then the engaged couple have a heart to heart talk. "I don't believe in fate, I can't believe in fate, not anymore. I believe you dictate your river of fate through your own actions," Boyd says, adding that they have to do something they should had done before. Their one last play is to get rid of Delroy's body once and for all.

    At marshals' headquarters, Deputy Marshal John (Frank Scozzari) escorts Drew in to Raylan's and Ellen May's presence. The prisoner is wearing handcuffs and leg irons. Raylan dismisses John and Ellen May rushes into Drew's paternal embrace.

    Winona, in the meantime, is setting up her nursery with a delivery man who is putting the finishing assembly touches on a glide which the pregnant woman assumes is from Raylan. As the delivery man prepares to leave, it is revealed to be Picker.

    Winona sits down on her new piece of furniture and begins to oscillate back and forth with a look of quiet reflection on her face.

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