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MR_Heraclius15 February 2020
If you're a fan of the first Ted movie you'll probably enjoy the second as well but I think everybody can pretty much agree the first one was a lot funnier. The performances are still decent with some laughs, the biggest problem is is the ho-hum story that isn't engaging. The freshness from the first movie is gone as well. All in all Ted 2 is a slightly fun little comedy if you enjoyed the first one just don't expect it to be as good.
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very funny
kmac-7332714 April 2021
Watched this several times still find it hilarious unfortunately the pc movement has massacred comedy in the uk.
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Waiting for Ted 3
Prabhat_KS11 July 2015
I really can't understand why many critics went harsh on this one.

The film is jutted with quality humour - social, political and personal. It lives up to the expectations and doesn't slack anywhere at all. It makes us laugh but also makes us uneasy at times not because of crassness but because it reveals the underbelly of our social setup.

I am waiting for Ted 3 - I sincerely hope McFarlene considers it. Ted should run up for Governor or President. It will fit in nicely with the US presidentials in 2016 and should reveal the shallowness of modern political campaigning.

Go Seth go...
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Good one-liners and gags, zero plot.
jpb0072 July 2015
If there was a 6.5, I would give it. Because there was a lot to like in this movie. I like Mark Wahlberg. I like the bear. I like Amanda Seyfried. And there were a lot of good laughs in this movie. Good one-liners, and good recurring gags.

However, it just wasn't enough to make up for a horrible plot. The plot is lifted from "Miracle on 43rd Street." But it is not Christmas, Ted is not Santa. Somehow Ted does not rise to the mythical level of Santa, this is not a movie for kids. and the movie falls flat. Markie Mark is same as ever, and I do enjoy him. Kudos to Amanda Seyfried, who tries so hard to make the romance story line work. But I could never get past the fact that I was watching MW and AS and a wise-cracking stuffed bear. Some good laughs? Yes. A good story? Not even close.
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Spared For The Laughs
billygoat107126 July 2015
Ted 2 now focuses on the titular anthropomorphic teddy bear in, having his own life of marriage and plans ahead of getting a non-biological child. This leads to a strangely interesting conflict about gaining civil rights to a teddy bear. And it's stranger that at some point the movie does take it somewhat seriously, and eventually goes back to its crass hijinks. It's nice, but nothing much compelling in the end, because what obviously overshadows it is definitely the outrageous laughs. But even the degree of laughs suffers the same problem; it's full of energy at first then it awkwardly mutes its lighter tone for its climax. Fans of the first may get the same pleasure that they seek, but there is really nothing special to it, either.

The first half really has the strongest amount of funny moments and also brought some intrigue to the story's center. But the movie apparently cannot decide what exact approach it is generally taking. The outrageous comedy is still everywhere, but whenever it stops by focusing on its themes, it really takes it seriously, like it actually believes that it is saying something important. But the movie hardly earns anything to deserve that attention. It's just shifting from its outrageous nature to a sudden gravity back and forth. Even for a comedy that is actually just fooling around, it stills displays a mind of uncertainty. There is also some bits of attempting to replicate Broadway; with dance numbers and a song. Can't tell if that's one of the movie's way of tripping or the director just wants to show off that he can do a musical. Either way, it rather feels nothing more than a random filler. The movie is also a little too long, the movie hitting the same major problem of the first film by setting up a climax that it's supposed to drive tension. It never felt right for the film, even worse, it's more like a rehash, reintroducing the same villain except it takes place in a different location. It's rather awkward and tedious than effective.

The sentiment doesn't felt convincing enough for the movie's true colors, but then it's all about the humor. And if the humor works, then there is a worthy roar of laughter to get from this film. Predictably raunchy, pot fueled and consists pop culture references; that will certainly be enjoyed if you understand the language of a Seth MacFarlane comedy. It's fun if it really tries to be fun. The performances from its lead actors are still a joy to watch. MacFarlane still manages to put energy to the talking teddy bear and Mark Wahlberg is still committed to fool around as Ted's man child best friend.

Ted 2 doesn't bring the same surprise of the first one, but if you're in for more outrageous laughs from this profane talking teddy bear, then it won't be a problem, as long as you're not expecting too much. The film does try to bring on an important theme, but it's not as effective or as strong as it wanted to be; it does make some interesting arguments, just doesn't have any powerful or at least earned conclusion to it; but hell, who would exactly take that seriously, anyway? Well, no more than the movie itself. It should have been shorter, the storyline should have been tighter, and the third act should have tried harder than repeating its predecessor. Again, it can be really funny, it just suffers handling its ideas better.
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javysialana13 January 2020
You have to have the sense of humor MacFarlane brings!! F Hilarious!! Tom Brady scene 😂😂😂🤣

Waiting for TED 3 ..... PLEASE
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Very good
mfellipecampos9 March 2021
Appearing as something unexpected in the cinema, the feature Ted, written, produced and directed by Seth MacFarlane, had a protagonist who was only sympathetic in appearance, since the behavior of the stuffed animal and its owner are politically incorrect in the extreme, something that has remained in its continuation. Ted is an animal that came to life in a tasteless way, as it was the result of a desire of its owner. What no one expected was the behavior he would have in his supposedly adult phase. As in the first film, he swears, smokes marijuana, talks openly about sex and pornography, as well as a series of unconventional behaviors. Speaking of unconventional, the film already begins with Ted's marriage to his (human) girlfriend Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), and that with all the traditional arrangements like wedding dress, and the like. Well, after getting married, the problems start, not the traditional ones, because the teddy bear starts to have its benefits and legal rights hunted, because it starts to be considered a property, not an ordinary citizen. Thinking about it, he and his owner John (Mark Wahlberg) begin a saga in search of a lawyer who can turn the situation around, which leads them to find the also madman Samantha Jackson (Amanda Seyfried); the latter one that guides the desperate pair in search of the perfect defender for Ted's "humanization". As you can imagine, there is a festival of jokes involving a little of everything: sex, drugs, nerdy culture, cinema, famous people and so on, always trying to seek a good laugh in situations that do not depend on making sense. It is certainly something that Deadpool has raised exponentially, although in this Ted 2 there is a greater purpose than revenge, which sounds even more human and sentimental than expected. The cast headed by Wahlberg still has the help of great film and TV personalities, such as Giovanni Ribisi who returns as the villain Donny; Morgan Freeman as the respected lawyer Patrick Meighan; John Carroll Lynch as a Hasbro manager; Lian Neeson as a paranoid customer but who appears to dose a little more acid and clueless MacFarlane humor. The presence of the teddy bear on the scene is not at all sweet, although the appearance still wins the attention of the female audience, as it is an alpha male who makes a point of proving this, and the neat visual effects give an even more impressive tone to the character, the that makes the interactions fantastic. Using the Comic Con fair as the stage for the third act, undoubtedly a genius move (and nerd) by the director and screenwriter, TED 2 bets on the formula that enshrined the original at the box office and still serves as a showcase for fans to identify characters at all times ( cosplayers) at the fair in question, certainly a fact that further expands the result of the fun being undeniable in this great comedy.

Film reviewed on March 8 for March 9, 2021.
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Funny but the plot develops poorly.
Bruce7224 July 2015
Ted 2 does exactly what it set out to do. It delivers a bunch of laughs built primarily on crude, in-your-face humor and it doesn't take itself too seriously. Seth MacFarlane proves once again that he has his finger firmly on the pulse of his target demographic because the theater was in stitches throughout most of the film. That being said, a comedy doesn't have to sacrifice cinema in order to deliver laughs. I think the first movie was a prime example of that, as it was a genuinely good movie in addition to being hilarious. Instead, MacFarlane turns this movie into a live-action version of Family Guy. The plot is choppy and it essentially feels like a series of random skits, pieced together to form the semblance of some over-arcing plot. It was easily worth watching because it was hilarious but I expected a quality film closer to that of the first one.
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Not bad
aidanratesmovies25 May 2020
At times pretty fun, amusing, and silly- Ted 2 is not as good as its predecessor, but it is able to hold itself together just enough to make for a slightly better than average comedy sequel. Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane return in the lead roles of this buddy comedy, and their chemistry again is fantastic. The plot, from what you can follow of it, is all over the place, and it has a hard time figuring what it wants to do throughout the course of its runtime. However, that isn't to say the film isn't funny. It may not be a laugh riot, like the first film, but it has plenty of jokes to keep you satisfied, and just enough to keep you engaged and entertained throughout its nearly 2 hour long run. There are plenty of gags, some of which don't always land, or simply feel random or don't make a lot of sense. The acting is not bad, with some delightful cameos throughout and everyone truly giving it their all despite its juvenile nature. In the end, Ted 2 is by no means a perfect comedy, nor is it a great sequel. What Ted 2 is however, is a fun time that isn't ashamed of what it is, and is just entertaining and humorous enough to provide for a decent watch. My Rating: 7.5/10
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Raises way more questions about human rights than any Seth Macfarlane production should, and that's not a bad thing...
kieranbattams9 July 2015
In 2012 when Seth Macfarlane's directorial debut was released, I, like many other people enjoyed it a lot. It was a basic film about a man and his senile teddy bear who would just smoke weed, swear a lot and hang out. That premise was enough to get us on board and it worked for a one off feature film. After the box office success it received a sequel was inevitable.. but how could a film with such a premise possibly do anything more to become a franchise? Well not only does Ted 2 ramp up the laughs, it also gives us a surprisingly strong plot and pulls it off well.

The basic premise is that Ted has married Tammi-Lynn from the first film, whereas John has divorced Lori. Following some marital problems, Ted decides to save his marriage with a baby, but in order to do this he has to prove that he is a person and not just property in the eyes of the law. Enter Sam L. Jackson (Amanda Seyfried) and yes as you would expect there are many references to the Hollywood star. I knew Mila Kunis was not coming back for this film and after her performance in the lacklustre 'A million ways to die in the West' i was not expecting Seyfried to be a good replacement, but she fits in with the cast very well. Just like the first film the chemistry between John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted (Seth Macfarlane) is what makes the comedy work so well, you really believe you are watching two real life friends hang out, rather than Mark Wahlberg and a CGI teddy bear. The plot wasn't what made the first so enjoyable, it was their bond. Amanda Seyfried fits in with these two so well and as a trio they really mesh well together. She brings a lot of laughs to the table and I actually liked her character more than Mila Kunis'.

Whilst the plot is very good and holds up, the third act takes a bit of a plunge and almost copies the last act of the first film completely. Giovanni Risbi reprises his role as Donny and does exactly what he did originally, just for a slightly different reason. The film could have done without this to focus more on the human elements, even though it was hilarious to see Ninja turtle Raphael dance to 'I think we're alone now'. It almost felt like filler to make a longer movie. The small road trip segment to me was great, we got spoofs of both Planes, Trains and Automobiles and a great Jurassic Park spoof in the space of a couple of minutes. In fact the pop culture references from Rocky to Flash Gordon (Sam J Jones returns) were pretty great. I also loved the courtroom scenes, and even Morgan Freeman in an extended cameo provided us with a very good look at what human rights are all about.

What i wanted from this film was to laugh, which i did, a lot more than i expected to as well which is a bonus. Look out for a hysterical cameo from Liam Neeson. The 'is Ted a human' storyline felt like a bold and wonderful step forward and brings up way more questions about human rights than any Seth Macfarlane production should.. but not in a bad way at all. It focuses a lot less on the drugs and crude jokes, even though they are very much still there! But the way it was executed was just great. I wish the third act had stuck with it, but by the end if you are a fan of Seth Macfarlane's work such as Family Guy you will come out satisfied after plenty of laughs and a surprising amount of heart. Will we get a Ted 3? Most likely, but if it keeps up what Ted 2 did right then i just might be okay with that.
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Funny and fun, but with no sense of direction
cmanrockon31 March 2016
In its purest form, Ted 2 is a very Seth McFarlane comedy continuing the chronic chronicles of an unusual pair of Bostonian best friends.

As you may recall from its predecessor, Ted 2 tells the story of John, played by Mark Wahlberg, and his talking teddy bear, voiced by Seth McFarlane, as they lackadaisically deal with life a few decades after Ted's coming to existence via a Christmas miracle; in this episode, however, the duo encounters more problems, featuring Ted's obvious infertility, the nullification of his marriage, and his legal status regarding… human life? The story jumps around quite a bit, but it's more or less exactly what we would expect from a Seth McFarlane movie.

By now, we've seen both extremes from McFarlane's movies – the good from Ted, and the bad and the ugly from A Million Ways to Die in the West – so when this sequel came around, I entered the theater without any real expectations other than some solid comedy and some similar chemistry between Wahlberg and McFarlane. What I got, I might add, was somewhere in that ballpark. The story felt a bit more fun and even lighthearted than the original Ted did, in that the overall tone of the film was less dark, and the story was a bit more of an outlandish adventure than its predecessor. For all you film buffs out there, this phenomenon is known as the Evil Dead effect, and although it is not omnipresent throughout the film, it's often the first thing that I think of when I look back on this movie.

But what about the comedy? I mean, that's what you're here for, right? Well, Ted and Johnny's back-and-forth dialogue is just as entertaining and fluent here as it was in the previous film, and many of the jokes are even bigger and had me laughing even harder as well. On top of that, a lot of the comedy is incredibly up-to-date and relevant, thus making many of the jokes more shocking, unexpected, and hilarious. However, there were two comedic sources in the film that many viewers have had mixed reactions about, and those sources are cameos and spoofs. Being a fan of many of the same things that Seth McFarlane enjoys (e.g. jazz music, movies, television, and comedy), I particularly appreciate seeing his take on a number of pop culture icons, including Jurassic Park, Trix cereal, and Morgan Freeman, just to name a few. These jokes aren't particularly visionary, but I find great pleasure in seeing many of these references and familiar faces in a new, comedic light. Even if that means ripping off Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for the tenth time in his career… but John Hughes never gets old. Sorry… too soon?

This film's greatest flaw lies in the fact that its plot was far from consistent. It became very evident to me that in the storyboarding phase, people just kept building off each other's ideas and saying, "Yeah, let's go with that, and then we'll throw that in there, and oh! – this would be funny too!" In that regard, it makes it harder and harder to consider this a good movie, as opposed to just another episode of Family Guy. Additionally, it was frustrating to see that Mila Kunis did not return for this sequel, for her absence completely undermines so many of the good messages and plot points that Ted actually had. That being said, Amanda Seyfried still did a nice job of stepping into the spotlight as a new character and adding a new personality to the gang, but it didn't change the fact that the plot remains such an inexcusable mess. The movie winds down as the filmmakers must have run out of time or ideas, so finally, when the action kicks up in the last act of the film, you find yourself watching something that you expected to see the whole time, and it just isn't as original or inventive as the rest of the "Ted" movies have been. Also, their attempts at drama near the end are frustrating and a bit derivative, yet the scene somewhat makes sense in comparison to the first film.

All in all, Ted 2 was a lot of fun to see – it had its hilarious and moderately funny moments, and the music was fantastic as per usual, but the overarching plot was certainly sub-par to say the least. So if you and your potentially existing friends are looking for something fun to watch and aren't particularly concerned with admiring a work of cinematic art, then Ted 2 will be worth your time to sit back and enjoy. And if you're a big McFarlane fan already, chances are you won't care about the plot anyway, and you'll have a lot of fun with this movie. Hell – I think the opening musical number alone is worth a few bucks!

-Christian Wanamaker AKA "C Dubbs"

Final Rating: 6.7/10 Conclusion: Fun to watch, easy to criticize

For more reviews, visit my website: https://sites.google.com/site/cdubbsfilmzone/
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"Thunder Buddies for life, remember?" Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane are a great comedic duo
Holt34419 June 2021
Ted 2 is directed and co-written by Seth MacFarlane, it's very much a MacFarlane movie and I like how humorous it is but the story isn't as good as its predecessor. I actually watched this film at the cinema back in 2015 and it was a blast, I have watched it multiple of times since then and I enjoy it. Some jokes fall flat which the first film didn't but for a sequel it's pretty good. I do like the overall story of Ted becoming a person but I don't think the editing or pacing is quite good, nor is the writing if we are comparing the two. My opinion is quite mixed but one thing I know is that I find this film hilarious, it has re-watch value.

The film has many actors returning as their respective characters. I miss Mila Kunis' character though, but Amanda Seyfried, John Slattery and Morgan Freeman is welcome additions to the cast. Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane is clearly the highlights of the movie, pure entertainment and comedic gold when they're on screen, its their execution of the witty and funny dialogue but also the chemistry they share. Ted 2 follows the newlywed couple as they want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law.

If Seth MacFarlane ever makes a third Ted movie, I hope he makes it bigger and more original. Ted 2 feels much the same as its predecessor for good and bad, but the familiar territory that the film takes is appreciated in terms of entertainment value.
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BrnzReviews23 May 2021
Ted 2, I remember when this came out I was thinking can they make it as good as the first? If not better, usually that's the case. In Ted 2's case they didn't ruin the first at all with this hilarious comedy sequel. Ted 2 is a very funny film that I found myself in stitches more than half the way through, I think if Mark Wahlberg wasn't back in it as John I probably wouldn't of watched it. Very entertaining movie, Ted has never failed to amuse me. This is a masterpiece of comedy and drama built into one laughable adventure in the funniest way possible.

This was a great watch and I'd highly recommend it to all Ted fans and family guy fans this was a great one!
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Good sequel
diegocoda10 March 2021
It is a very good sequel, it maintains the same kind of environment and jokes as ted 1, but it also has the same bad parts, some jokes are really stupid that you will not laugh at, but is also a good comedy so it delivers the part that the writers and producers promise.
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If you liked the 1st ted you'll love it, if you didn't well you won't like this one either.
himynameisart30 June 2015
Ted 2 lets talk about it! OK i saw this film 2 months ago at an early screening and unlike a few idiots on here i actually kept my mouth shut due to the embargo and quiet possibly getting sued if i let any info slip lol. Anyways i ENJOYED this movie a ton!!! Let's get one thing straight here, if you didn't like the 1st TED or you don't like anything Seth Mcfarlane related then STAY AWAY! This movie isn't for you and it won't change your mind about anything. I LOVED the first ted and i knew that this movie might be a weak sequel like most sequels are now in days...... and surprise, surprise it actually exceeded my expectations. Ted 2 is almost as good as the first! ALMOST! One of my concerns was the cast change, i hate when movies replace or change characters in sequels. SO i felt that Mila Kunis's absence was going to be very obvious and there would be a hole in this movie that the new lead Amanda Seyfried just could not fill. AND another surprise! Her character worked to PERFECTION!!! The chemistry that she had with Mark Wahlberg and Seth Mcfarlane was just amazing. I was like "there's no way she could be better than Mila" and BOOM she nailed it.

The story most of you may already know from the trailers, Ted gets married and then the State says Ted is property and not a person so the marriage is annulled and he basically loses everything. So the story worked, the first movie focused more on John and this one is more about ted. I had no real complaints with this film, there is a cameo with Liam Neeson which IMO was just pointless and not that funny.... There are some moments where they try too hard with the jokes or to be shocking but Besides a few nitpicks i had no complaints with this movie! It is laugh out loud funny, it has serious moments similar to the first and it's just a fun film! There are some returning characters and i won't spoil that. And ohh yeah the Comic Con scene in this film with Patrick Warburton and the running gag they have going on is SUPER HILARIOUS!!! I'm giving TED 2 an 8.5/10.
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Not so much stupid as boring with an occasional giggle
eran200021 July 2015
The truth is that Ted 1 exhausted itself right in the trailer and the rest of film was kind of superfluous, but it was cute to see a dumb summer movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and is occasionally funny. TED 2 on the other hand takes itself much too seriously in trying to deal with the humanity of Ted. Seriously, what can a potheads and fart jokes movie tell us about being human? Lots of recycled jokes from Ted 1 and Ted as the main comic attraction in the movie just doesn't work anymore. There are a few good jokes and visual gags as befitting a summer comedy, but the rest are only marginally funny with a boring movie plot that connects them. You can see it if you happen to be home and stoned with nothing better to do :)
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bevo-1367818 February 2021
Star studded cast. I like the bit with jay leno in the toilet
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Review of both parts of Ted- By Divyam Saran
sarandivyam28 March 2020
All things considered, a few motion pictures are with the end goal that they are adored by crowds of each age gathering. The film about which I am going to discuss today falls under that class, Ted and Ted 2. The film rotates around John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) who during his youth days, on the event of Christmas Eve wanted that his teddy springs up and it works out as expected. This film at that point manages the further existence of John as a grown-up, how Ted turns into a necessary piece of his life and how he influences his own life. This film, as I would see it, doesn't exhaust you and holds you till the end. It is pressed with amusement, sentiment, and some exciting activity as well. Although there are some scenes unsuitable for children, for example, when John and Ted smoke together or there might be some private minutes among Ted and his sweetheart, which gives this film an "A" rating yet at the same time I see this film as extremely engaging. The initial segment, Ted (2012), rotates around the life of John Bennett, his relationship with Lori Collins (Mila Kunis) and how Ted unfavourably influences their relationship. The subsequent part, Ted (2015), managed the life of Ted and his relationship with his better half Lynn (Jessica Barth). Right now, the film, Ted likewise faces a personality emergency as the American Government will not consider Ted as a typical individual. Seth MacFarlane has offered a voice to Ted and has likewise coordinated the establishment. His course is excellent remembering that it is his presentation directorial adventure. The screenplay and the story were additionally generally excellent. And if I say something about dialogues then they are very well written. Be it be dialogues of Ted too and the dialogue delivery is also really very entertaining and impressive. This was not the first occasion when I saw a film of Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis cooperating. Separately just as together this pair unquestionably functions admirably. I prior saw them in the film Max Payne (2008), where Mark assumes the title job and Mila assumes the job of Mona Sax. I truly regard these individuals as entertainers a great deal. Seeing a delicate toy come into life is a different encounter for me and I imagine that it would engage all of you as well. Although the film has become very old I think it has not lost its engaging variable. There are many things which we can learn from every movie and that is the case here too but I would state only one thing which I found out to be the most important. It is based on the priorities set by an individual in his or her life. Priorities are dynamic; they never remain fixed. John should have realized the same point. He should have felt that since he is in his 30s or 40s, Ted should not be his prime priority now. I know Ted is his best friend and they are so-called 'thunder buddies' of each other but they can maintain it but now through a certain distance. He did not realize so which adversely affected his relationship with his girlfriend, Lori Collins and which (though temporarily) spoilt his relationship with Ted, but that's not always the case in real life. Relations in today's world are very tender and need to be taken care of and for that right steps and the right time needs to be taken place to maintain every relation and lead a balanced life. By and large, these two movies, as I would like to think, merit watching work.
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Summer Popcorn film
ehicks-724844 December 2018
Ted 2 is one of those films where you can laugh and forget about it the next day. Doesn't really compete with Ted 1 nor does it try to.
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Quick review
d-shilling-112 September 2018
It's not bad. Being a comedy sequel it would never reach the hype of the first but it's worth a look.
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Short review
curebeatz21 January 2016
Ted 2 is an amazing comedy really funny also very entertaining, much better than the first "Ted" (My opinion) I would recommend this movie to a friend/family or anyone who has not seen this film yet.

The film has a very good storyline which makes the film that much more better, the storyline also made a lot of sense so younger kids would be able to understand what the film is about.

The only bad part about the film is that it seems way too short I wish it was that little bit longer but time does fly whilst watching this film very enjoyable, this film is a film that you cannot watch on your own, the film is much more enjoyable when with someone.
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Seth MacFarlane Keeps On Keeping On For His Fans and Despite His Critics
LeonLouisRicci13 January 2016
Seth MacFarlane bounces back from His dismal "A Million Ways to Die in the West" (2014) and does what He does best, reference Pop Culture. His vulgar stuff has become such a Self-Imposed given that at times it appears it is there only because it is expected. After all, how far can You go with Poop and Farts. It's just redundant.

But His legion of Fans expect it and has become a Touch-Tone and Badge of Honor for Him and His Audience and is used to separate the Card Carriers from the Curious. This one may be better than the First, but that is hard to qualify or quantify.

Some of the Jokes are hilarious and the amount of attempts to draw a laugh is huge. It is Non-Stop, and that's a good thing. There is a certain rhythm that is difficult to pull off in a two-hour Running Time, but it mostly manages.

MacFarlane has an obvious sensitive side that never seems contrived or forced, it comes off as sincere. That may be His Saving Grace. Because no matter how many times He is Un-PC or Racist with His Humor, or just Flat-Out Gross, it all seems like Good-Natured Jabs, like You know, among Friends.

Overall, this Movie should please His Fans, but it is unlikely to gain Him any new ones. You either like Seth MacFarlane and what He does or You don't. The overwhelming success of "Family Guy", and now His "Ted" Movies makes it obvious that this likable Gadfly will be around to "Poke the Eye" of Prudes, the PC, and the Censors for some Time.
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Laughs can still be found in this overlong follow up
eddie_baggins30 June 2015
His certainly not a cuddly teddy that's for all but after one seriously successful first outing in 2012 it was always a given that everyone's (the only one?) favourite foul mouthed yet somehow endearing talking bear was going to make it back to a big screen close by and with that we now have Ted 2.

After his biggest misfire yet in the potentially hilarious yet wrongly skewed A Million Ways to Die in the West (of which an alumni of makes a great cameo in this film), Seth MacFarlane finds himself back on familiar ground, which is in both a material sense, a comedic sense and also a still unfortunately self-indulgent directional sense that see's MacFarlane struggle to rid his 2 hour plus film of jokes that don't work and plot lines that feel like nothing more than time fillers. If there was ever a director in need of someone to cull his films of material that neither enhance or contribute to the tale at hand it's MacFarlane but to say the man doesn't deliver some comedic gold in this enjoyable romp would be a lie.

While you'll often find yourself ashamed at what brings forth fits of laughter here, MacFarlane as he is well known to do, mixes juvenile humour with far more wide reaching topical funnies, from everything from civil rights through to his usual pop culture insights, nothing is out of his reach. Within the films bloated runtime there are moments of pure gold that make Ted 2 succeed to the level it does, much like its predecessor and with the continued chemistry shared between Whalberg's well-meaning yet daft John and the MacFarlane voiced Ted Clubber-Lang (yes Ted now has a last name) at the same high levels the films many sins can be forgiven thanks to their often game saving banters. The addition of Amanda Seyfried is also a bonus to the film, her willingness to poke fun at herself a particular highlight.

The narrative of Ted 2 is anything but fantastic and the reappearance of Giovani Ribisi's teddy obsessed villain Donny is almost a movie breaker but Ted 2 has enough wit and chemistry to save itself from all the low denominator humour and awkwardly edited grove that surrounds it and in the end provides some very decent comedic entertainment. In saying this it may be time for all involved to move onto other things with MacFarlane in particular in need of something a little meatier than he has been dishing up over the last few years.

3 Tom Brady home invasions out of 5
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Ted still has it
dar041723 January 2020
With the success of the original one this one fell a little flat. It did however have some laughs.
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As good as the first one!
raz-boy25 June 2015
As we know from experience the sequels to this type of movies are usually not even slightly close to being as good as the original, and are much worse. "Ted 2" was not the case for me. Really enjoyed watching this movie! Most of the jokes were really funny and not forced. Like the first one the movie has a couple of absolutely hilarious cameos!

Amanda Seyfried was a great addition. She is really funny and plays a much bigger role in the movie then I expected. I really bought the chemistry between all three main characters. The movie has a lot of heart, and you can feel that these friends really really love and care about each other.

My main and probably the only problem with the film was that it was a little too long. Many scenes were dragged out and definitely could use some fat cutting.

Overall, very funny! Still can't decide which one of the two movie I liked more.
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