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TVD spin-off show is better than the main show
Lee-Richardson199512 October 2013
This show is miles better than The Vampire Diaries in my opinion. The show has a brilliant cast, characters, great story and good location. I like the way they have made this show darker than TVD and they haven't kept that 'coming of age' type of show. The originals also gives explanations and goes into some detail about the characters backgrounds and helps you understand the story between the Originals and Marcel. Also, the first couple of episodes have made me wanting more without a doubt. No disrespect to TVD, i like that show, I just think that the way this show focus' on the Original family and the story which they have created makes this show a better one than The Vampire Diaries. Definitely worth the watch.
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enochkayiira4 May 2018
Why is the series ending on season 5. This is the best vampire show I have ever watched. The cast, literal alignment in scripts of the cast, the storyline are all so eye-catching and addictive. I for one am bitterly hurt that my favourite series is coming to an end.
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Super awesome TV series!!!!!
prafulkrsingh215 October 2013
This series has gone far too good beyond its expectations in just two- three episodes, the way its story has picked up speed and the environment they are creating is awesome. Klaus' character as usual is classic and its fun to watch him argue with his brother Elijah and sister Rebekah. Talking about The Vampire Diaries, that show is different in its own way, but there is no way TVD should be compared to The Originals as its story has completely moved in another direction. The acting of all characters is awesome and story is mind-blowing. The flashback story they are gonna show seems to be quite fun as it is related to original vampires. Even in The Vampire Diaries I was a bit biased towards original vampires and waited for their part to come (not only me, happened with many people). So all in all its good they separated out original vampires' story from TVD.
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This show is amazing. It gets better and better.
monique_isip30 October 2013
I have been a TVD fan since day 1. However,watching The Original's first episode has made me doubt whether it would be good or not as I thought the story would just rely on it's mother show TVD. However, watching a few more episodes, it is getting better and better and it has actually put me off watching TVD as TVD has got nothing on this show. I have just realized that I have been watching TVD because of the amazing "Originals". The main purpose of 'The Originals' is to show viewers that it is based on family and that is the most important thing. Unlike TVD that is based on sickening stupid never ending romance between the Salvatore brothers, Silus, Petrova Doppelgangers, Elena etc. I'm so fed up of it. Hence why I advice you to give TO a shot guys, this show is amazing.
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It was great..and the best has yet to come;)
NinaSimone545 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Coming as a new viewer I was pretty hesitant about watching the Originals. I heard that it was a spin-off of Vampire Diaries and I couldn't have been more unimpressed, seeing as I hated Vampire Diaries and what it had become (Elena drama -_-). However, to my surprise it was actually good. Really good. I see most of the reviews saying the pilot was dull and boring however, that was because they had already seen most of the scenes from the back-door pilot in TVD. They made it this way so viewers like me, who have never seen the episode ( I gave up on Vampire Diaries a while ago) could get caught up. Considering how they had to put seasons of information into one episode I think they did a pretty good job of explaining things. The episode was dark and mature and Elijah's love for his family is very heart-warming. I love the sibling dynamic on the show. Klaus the a hot head, Elijah collected and classy, and Rebekah the the indifferent little sister who just wants out of this family. But somehow I got the feeling that no matter what they all still love each very much and would do anything for one another other. And with a new addition on the way I want to see how they all handle this, especially Klaus the soon to be daddy. As for the other characters, Marcel is a sexy tyrant who I'm very interested in learning more about and how he came to power. Hayley the mother of soon to be "miracle baby" is a hoot and I loved her scenes with Elijah. I'm also interested in learning more about her past and finding out about her parents. Sophie is the brave witch with nothing to lose in this war, and people with nothing to lose are usually the most dangerous:) I'm curious to see how this war plays out between the Originals, Marcel , and the witches. New Orleans a city with so much history and supernatural lore is the perfect setting for this and I'm fairly certain that this show will be great. Laissez-le bon temps rouler!
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Spin off way better that the main show!
drfaaiza-rehman12 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
THE ORIGINALS is a show which has amazed me this season more than the main show TVD(I am not comfortable with a girl hopping in love from one brother to another- I like Ian and Nina as couple but not on the show).

The story revolves around Mikealson family i.e. NIKLAUS, ELIJAH AND REBEKKAH. They return to New Orleans 100 years after they were chased out of the city by their father(who wanted to kill them). Upon returning they realize that a vampire KLAUS raised and later sired i.e Marcel is now ruling the city and has complete control over the supernaturals in New Orleans. Klaus finds this a challenge as the one who was sired to be his image has better his own master! Unlike many people I don't mind Klaus redeeming through his child. There are many kind of loves, why not let a man healed by the love of family once than by romantic love (which should come in but not dominate the whole picture!) Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt and Daniel Gillies - the three actors are amazing in this show especially the contrast between the wildness of Joseph Morgan(Klaus)'s character vs the Serenity and sophistication of Daniel Gillies(Elijah) character. This show charms because of the evolving power struggle between super natural world and in a place no less mysterious & magical than NEW ORLEANS!

Hope the creative team doesn't ruin this show with teen-drama and love triangles (involving brothers)! It has the potential to become a power packed show.

Guys give this show a try even if you don't like the main show!
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blueeyedgirl11715 October 2013
I am a HUGE Vampire Diaries fan! I wasn't ever really all that interested in the original family when they showed it on Vampire Diaries, nor did I care about them at all.. I found them all to be good actors/actress' but the lot wasn't that interesting... HOLY CRAP! This show is very surprising pleasantly good! Its so interesting and I really like it! Congrats to the creators for making another amazing show and the acting is great!!! The story line is so interesting I cannot wait for the next episode I find myself loving every episode... Julie created another masterpiece. Love the Originals and am so happy to see it succeed along with another new season of Vampire Diaries. So good!
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One of THE BEST Vampire shows!
tamster7427 November 2013
I am SO addicted to this show! I never want it to end! The acting is brilliant...Klaus ROCKS! It keeps me wanting more....I knew I loved vampires for a reason ;) I lost interest in Vampire Diaries very quickly because the story lines were weak as well as the acting....too "teenager" 'ish....this series is more captivating and not so immature. Klaus's character is brilliant, scheming, evil, yet hate to love him/love to hate him! I'm also a fan of True Blood but...there is something about The Originals that has me hooked! :) It is also "believable" with the siblings being the original vampires. Each of them are unique in character. Who knows...maybe they used their "mind compulsion" on me.... and it worked! I highly recommend watching this series; you won't be disappointed! <3
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i love it !!
jenna_fukin_b7 November 2013
I wasn't expecting a vampire diaries spin of to be so good in fact I was kinda upset that they took Klaus away from Caroline ! but my god this show has took over TVD completely I find myself more excited to see what happens I feel like the originals is a grown up version of TVD and I've grew up with it sorta say I love the plot and the twists the drama I hope you give this show a chance because it really does deserve it Klaus was mostly bad in TVD and i think he grew on us all he was such a dominant character he deserved his own show not to mention Elijah his brother as the nice one but will do anything for his family no matter how much they hurt him ( Klaus mostly daggers him and puts him in a box quite allot ) please please if you love TVD you will love this show :) watch it !!
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Could have been on longer
jlcarpenter796 May 2018
The only disappointment I have is the cancellation of the show. There are so many ways it could have gone. I enjoyed this show more than the Vampire diaries.
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More mature than VD
maloyutu18 October 2013
First three episodes are quite good. Story is fast and balanced. Cahracters are nice also and they have some nice back stories. I only hope that they are keep going strong like in these first few episodes. People who watched VD will still watch VD but its popularity will drop due to The Originals. This is what Ian Somerhalder said about The Originals:"Now, they're going to be taking these characters that mean so much to our show. I'm insanely happy for everyone, but I'm not thrilled. Not that I mind sharing, I just don't want to lose all these amazing actors on our show. Who are the other people who are gonna be coming on the show? Are they gonna be good? Because it's The CW, and everyone has to be pretty, and there aren't a lot of pretty people that can act well." For now I see few new actors in The Originals that do better job than him.
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Will forever be my favorite show
Moviesnob41123 January 2019
I truly cant describe thoroughly enough how much I love this show. This to me is the show of shows. The vampire diaries is a close second but for the older fans this show is the one. So many memorable characters, so many favorites. Makes me cry to think it's over.
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Absolutely adore this show!!
dismantlexme21 October 2013
As a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, I was excited to hear about a spin off the The Original Family. At first I was worried it was going to be a disaster, but was I ever wrong! After watching the first 2 episodes I have to say I am impressed. Love the fact that more time is devoted to our favorite Originals, they really needed their own show. So happy this show exists!!! On a side note, I am watching American Horror Story Coven, A show about young and old witches coming to terms with their powers in modern day New Orleans...same city The Originals live in. It would be really cool to see an overlap of the shows for an episode or 2.... see how Marcus would deal with a Supreme Witch!!!!
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I love The Originals!!!!
vestacashen15 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Three episodes in and I am hooked!! It's a great show! Possibly better then the vampire diaries!!!!! And I love the vampire diaries!

I think it's great that they have all living originals in the show.

This past episode ended with a total cliff hanger! And I can't wait till next week to find out what happened!

Here's the breakdown: warning SPOILERS BELOW!!

They started off from the episode in the vampire diaries "the originals". We find out that Hayley(wolf) is carrying Klaus's(half wolf half vampire) baby. Marcel doesn't allow wolfs in town nor does he let the witches do magic. If they do he kills them. He also has a secret weapon, a VERY POWERFUL witch named Davina. She can tell when a witch is doing magic and she tells Marcel who it is and he goes and kills them. Elijah is trying to do everything he can to protect Hayley and her baby from Marcel and his "night walkers". Klaus ends up putting a dagger into Elijah's heart and gives his body to Marcel who gives it to Davina who won't give it back and is now trying to find a way to kill an original! There's a lot going on. So much drama in only three episodes!! Next episode I think we will learn what that witch said when she was trying to find out if Hayley's baby is a boy or a girl! That was the big cliff hanger... It's driving me crazy! What exactly is that thing baking in her tum?? Is it a wolf or a vampire or a hybrid or something else!? I can't wait to find out! 😊
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A good show for a mature audience without the high school drama
Jydn18 January 2015
When I first watched this show I had hoped it was not in anyway shape or form like Vampire Diaries, which wasn't for me. I wasn't disappointed, It's definitely a show for a more mature audience without the high school drama and typical high school valley girl or boy band attitudes or music. Great work! I like it so far.

However I have to give it a 7/10 due to the fact that the 3 siblings despite having lived for a thousand years seem to show a great lack of judgment towards making almost any choice, Elijah being the wisest of course, but still falling for simple woes. You would think someone who's lived for a thousand years would be smarter and most definitely wiser than they seem to be, consistently looking to children for counsel, which admittedly gets frustrating at times. The show has only made two seasons so far so I look forward to their growths in both power and wisdom in future episodes!
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Intriguing and thrilling
mystery_084 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Vampire Diaries started to lose its appeal during last seasons and The Original Family didn't suit well in the plot. It felt like there must be more space for their proper development, they needed a separate story line. And finally it happened. So far every character seems to be in the right place and the main issues are rather promising. Klaus is very interesting, many-sided and contradictory personality and Joseph Morgan is an excellent actor who is able to be the star of his own show. Besides, Elijah and Rebekah have their own share of charisma and play an important role in the series. The only weak point may be absence of Caroline as a love interest for Klaus but the possibilities of crossovers can remedy the situation. It is obvious that most of the audience expects this storyline to be continued. Other main characters - charming Marseilles, smart Camille, mysterious Davina, brave Sophie - have a good potential and interesting for further exploring. Many people doubted appropriateness of a baby in the supernatural show like this but I guess writers have some trumps to surprise their viewers.
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Fangtastic Spin Off To The Vampire Diaries
saff9711 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This series is about the bonds of family and heated power struggles--with a big dose of vampiric hedonism mixed in. Sounds like the makings of something pretty fang-tastic but i must say though the pilot felt a little bland, they repeated the same episode from the vampire diaries but from Elijah's perspective, showing his side of the story and then a shocking end with Klaus daggering his now only beloved brother, but watching the second episode i this the show has really picked off, and will soon become a franchise, i recommend you watch it don't just judge the first episode this a truly a great addition to The Vampire Diaries and so be given a lot of credit .
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The Originals
Actseep3 October 2013
About The Pilots, I think some of these reviews from people are per-judging this show way to prematurely. Julie Plec has already stated that the first episode would recap from a different point of view the events from the backdoor Pilot from TVD episode 20 and to introduce Characters. While some portions were boring I can understand this as this needed to be done so that first Time viewers who did not see the backdoor pilot can be properly introduce to the show and for those who do not watch TVD. You people are judging this to early on and you have to give the stories a little time to take shape. While some of the main cast are not new to their characters others are that have not been on TVD, so they will need a little time to develop their characters. The others from TVD are on New ground to carry their own storyline separate from TVD so in time they will get accustom to their new environments. The Baby storyline I think can be really good, its been done on The Underworld Movies and it can make an interesting story, lets not knock it yet and see where it goes. This Pilot was good in my opinion, you all have to give it time, be patient and don't condemn it just yet. I give this Pilot 4 thumbs up!
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Too good to be actually true
avbruci9 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen a lot of Serials! But this is AWESOME! 10/10 Never seen anything better Than This and The TVD! The British Accent on Klaus god too Good! Please let this Serial never end! The plot of Serial is very good as Klaus is trying to improve but at the same time he still is mean and evil, and his family moving together and apart but he is progressing i can't wait to see more!! arrrr, I really wanna praize the person who wrote the plot for this, Give Him/Her a medal they defo deserve it by far... I wonder how many season will their be i hope more that 1, hope and that their is going to be a lot more where the 2 episodes have came from! Bless This serial bro!!!! Too good to be real am telling you it's flipping overpowered! It just drags you in and doesn't wanna let you out!
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the most amazing series i have watched
lawnwangele13 April 2018
The story line is really captivating and cuts through all episodes...... it shows the strnght and weaknesses of family, friends and subjects.... it is a well calculated show....... I cant wait for season 5 to be released.
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Impeccable... Here's why..
ahmadmobeenqazi19 February 2015
The Originals is beyond doubt one the best supernatural shows on air right now. And it's all due to the following five reasons.

1. THE ACTING. Woww. Just wow. Joseph Morgan is phenomenal as Klaus and portrays his guilt, desperation and the need for love flawlessly. Daniel Gillies, well, need I say more? The charm he brings as Elijah is so good that it's almost palpable. You know, all the cast is spectacular and if I start mentioning them all, the word limit might end but the qualities won't. Although, two actors need a special mention. First one is Maisie Richardson. When Claire Holt left, we were all worried what would happen to the character of Rebecca because she seemed irreplaceable. Well, in comes Maisie Richardson, and all our worries vanished. She is impersonating Holt so good that I almost forget that the change did take place. And that's saying something! The other actor I want to mention is Daniel Sharman, who, with his brilliant work made us (finally) reach out to Kol and empathize with him a bit. I'm hurt they killed him recently (although, this is supernatural drama and he can always come back. Here's to wishful thinking!)

2. THE PACE. The story moves forward in an admirable way and not even once you feel that they are stretching something out just for the sake of it. No filler episodes of of yet either. This trait was executed outstandingly in the first few seasons of The Vampire Diaries and that is where I'm guessing The Originals inherited it from too.

3. THE SCORE. Well, be it drama, action, sadness, desperation, you name it... the sound engineers and editors are at your service to polish the scene with the perfect background track and make it ten times more emotionally powerful. Trust me, I found some very exciting artists by Shazaming these background tracks. You'll not be disappointed.

4. THE CINEMATOGRAPHY. I have to admit. The scene selection and decoration wise, this series ranks amongst the best. Right from the pilot episode, you get to know it's a different kind of beast than The Vampire Diaries. We are talking about a darker, richer, aesthetically pleasing approach that really makes you "live in the moment". Werewolf attacks, decapitations, taking out of hearts, period scenes of the 1900s and, hell, even the wedding.. Everything just perfect.

5. THE LESSONS. Well, the best thing is the messages that this show teaches us. For example, that power and authority are two different things and the former never ever guarantees the latter ("The Battle of New Orleans"); that even the most deadly of all have a softer side that they rarely ever show to everyone but it's there and it's up-to the close ones to understand how to trigger that part and lead the strayed to the right path ("Always and Forever"); that family really is power ("I Love You, Goodbye") but that when they betray you, it hurts the most ("Farewell to Storyville"), etc etc. Not everyday you find a horror/supernatural show with this much depth.

All in all, kudos to the writers. A perfect 10/10 for me. Seriously guys, don't miss out on this one. You'll be amazed by how much of an improvement this is compared to The Vampire Diaries.
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Should not be last season
dingyblondegurl20 April 2018
I was very surprised that this was better than TVD just wish it was going more season
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unexpectedly good
claralille18 January 2018
I don't like TVD so haven't really been paying attention to anyone telling me to watch this... but what a nice surprise this show turned out to be.
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What is happening to The Originals?!
mrskv7817 November 2014
I previously gave this show 8 out of 10 but season 2 is just horrible! Its as if there are new writers for the show and they just throw everything plus the kitchen sink in to make up a story. The suspense,romance and great story lines of season 1 is gone and now we are left with this nonsense. Bringing back both evil parents, the witch mom and the aggressive dad could of been a very interesting story line but the way it is playing out is just ridiculous. I am so disappointed and have stopped watching Originals as it is just becoming to painful to watch this hot mess. Perhaps lessen the hundreds of useless cast? Maybe shoot more scenes in daylight? Do they always have to wear black? Davina is the only story line that I still find intriguing and it could be a great story line but we keep switching back from the evil mom to the evil dad and,and,and, and...Too many stories and I cant keep up. Keep it simple and great. Perhaps add some eye candy like in Vampire Diaries? I hope the writers come to their senses before they lose a large amount of their audience as all my friends are also on the brink of dumping this show. Something needs to happen and be fixed. The show has such great potential but at the rate it is going downhill I just don't know....
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ahh the CW
mishel_60615 October 2014
As soon as I read it was from the CW, after I watched the first episode, it all made sense. Unfortunately.

I love the premise. I was a huge fan of Anne Rice and Interview with the Vampire when vampires were classy and powerful. So the beginning of the first episode was intriguing. It's too bad the show hadn't been done for Netflix, where they needn't be 'safe' or another channel where pretty people weren't their first obligation. Where everyone must be light skinned, sexy and extremely attractive. And where family and babies are what is of utmost importance. The sentimentality is nauseating. These beautiful people are playing strong, inhuman characters but how do you exhibit strength when all that is important is your sex appeal? The strength of any of the women is hard to imagine. Yet these are supposed to be vampires, witches and werewolves? Please.
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