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  • The Volm discover a power source for Espheni weapons and encourage Tom to seek its destruction. Hal has nightmares involving his relationship with Karen. The loyalty of the Volm is questioned. The team also discover a mole is among them.


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  • Ben sneaks a look at a nuclear plant where dozens of Mega Mechs are waiting to refuel. Harnessed kids are working below but dropping like flies from the radiation.

    Hal sees Maggie goofing around with Lars, her battle buddy, and gets jealous. Maggie can tell Hal's holding something back about what Karen did to him.

    Weaver lays out plans to attack the nuclear plant from behind, with Marina Perlata and Porter. Weaver will take a small team while the Volm stay behind to protect the city. They're worried about blowing up the plant and setting off a massive radiation leak. Marina mentions Roger Kadar (Robert Sean Leonard), a nuclear physicist, who's an agoraphobe who never leaves his lab.

    Marina brings Tom and Weaver to see him. He's talking to himself and running experiments. He's the reason Charleston has power.

    He's intrigued by their request for help to safely destroy the reactor.

    Anne is changing her week-old daughter's diaper when she takes her eyes off her and finds her under the bed, saying "Mama."

    When Tom comes home she tells him Alexis is very advanced.

    Matt and his friends set off a half stick of dynamite in an abandoned house. The blast is so big it brings troops.

    Anne chews him out later for scaring people. He says he was bored. She tells him he has to start going to class again and he throws "a you're not my mother" at her.

    Down with Dr. Kadar, he explains how to turn the reactor off before they blow it and make sure the containment doesn't meltdown. They need him to show them where to put the charges, but he freaks out over the idea of leaving his lab.

    Up in the war room, Gen. Porter leads a briefing on the attack, which relies on surprise. Kadar is there. Weaver explains that his fighters, including Anthony and Pope, will sneak in from the undefended back of the plant.

    Nobody is being told more about the mission than they need to know for their part, but Pope's guys are nosy.

    Someone sneaks into the war room at night and scans the plants with alien tech. The scanner turns into a tiny flying machine and takes off.

    Out in the forest, Pope, Weaver and his men walk right into an attack. The back way wasn't left open. But it turns out, that was exactly the plan.

    Tom knew the mole would leak the plans. He and his men and Dr. Kadar are waiting to enter the plant now that Weaver and Pope have drawn the mechs away.

    Tom and Anthony are quickly fired on by harnessed kids who are guarding the plant. They fire on them but then go to rescue a harnessed kid who's crying in pain. The kid barely looks human anymore and quickly dies. Another harnessed kid attacks Lars. Tom and Maggie lead Dr. Kadar into the plant.

    Out in the woods, Ben, Pope and his men are fighting off the mechs when Hal rides in on his Jeep and joins the fight.

    In the plant, Kadar calculates they have 15 minutes to set the charges before the radiation gets them.

    When a skitter fires on them, Kadar falls and breaks his glasses. He's useless in the control room and starts to freak out. He directs Tom on what to do to shut down the reactor.

    Maggie fends off harnessed kids outside the control room as Tom tries to hot wire the control board. They succeed in shutting it down and get out.

    Weaver and his men collect their dead. The plan they died for was a success, the mole never learned the real plan. Pope is angry they used their own as sacrificial lambs. Weaver doesn't seem particularly pleased about it either.

    Tom, Kadar and everyone get clear of the plant and watch it blow, and no mushroom cloud ensues.

    Back at Charleston, Lars is dying from a toxic bite from a harnessed kid. Tom thanks him as Hal and Maggie sit at his bedside. Lars asks Maggie to keep his dog tags.

    Later, Tom and Weaver toast the fallen. Weaver is still skeptical of the Volm. He worries that the weapon they're building might not be what they say it is.

    Cochise drops in, to thank them. He tells them to expect the Espheni to attack Charleston in force. They are bringing in every surviving mech and beamer in the region and will hit them hard to prove the humans haven't weakened them.

    "I advise you to keep your soldiers on the perimeter on high alert," Cochise says.

    Later, Matt visits his dad to apologize for blowing up the building. Tom has put him on a detail to rebuild it. Matt still doesn't see the point of school during war. Tom tells him they'll need people to rebuild when the war is over. Tom feels bad for not being around more and promises to help with his homework.

    Matt tells his dad he said something really mean to Anne. Tom tells his son to talk to her.

    Matt goes to Anne to apologize. He asks if he can call her "mom."

    Matt notices the baby never cries. Anne settles for calling her unique.

    Maggie wakes up in the morning to see Hal gone and his chair empty. She finds him in the woods, walking away from her. He's in a trance. She shakes him out of it and points out he's walking. She helps him away. Karen and a skitter watch him go.

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