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Sex & Nudity

  • In a song sequence, 3 women are shown seducing a man in a sexual manner. Exposure of cleavage and navel for a short time.
  • A man strips off a woman's clothing piece by piece, forcefully, in a romantic way. Then there is a close up shot of her wet upper body, displaying her bare navel and her firm breasts covered by breast-cloth.(No Nudity at all)
  • Towards the end of a romantic song sequence, a female actor removes her top in front of a man. Her bare upper body is shown from behind. The man is shown looking at her breasts. They embrace each other and sex is implied. No private parts are shown, but the scene may be too much for child audience.

Violence & Gore

  • VERY VIOLENT, this movie is extremely brutal and graphic, tons and tons of bloodshed in war scenes and graphic beheadings, 16+ highly recommended
  • The strongest portrayal of violence occurs in a lengthy battle scene involving two armies. It includes sequences of combatants being slashed, stabbed and impaled with various weapons such as axes, flails, swords and spears, where the weapons are sometimes shown piercing through the victims.
  • There are also sequences that show waves of arrows decimating some tribesmen, and some men dying in a blaze of fire.
  • At one point in the battle, a chariot with revolving blades attached to its front, mows into a horde of tribesmen, throwing the men to the sides as it bulldozes through the crowd.
  • Despite the intensity of the battle scene, blood spurting occurs infrequently with no clear depiction of wounds or injuries.
  • In another scene, a man is seen being decapitated where the decapitation is depicted fleetingly without details of blood or injuries. Moments later, the headless body is shown staggering forward and collapsing on the ground.


  • The film contains almost no profanity at all.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The movie has a few Alcohol consuming scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film has several sequences involving hand to hand battles, as well as some other scenes involving mild gore.

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