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Sex & Nudity

  • Naked corpses, both male and female are seen lying on morgue tables being dissected. Full frontal nudity.
  • A man and woman are seen having sex in public. Man is seen naked from behind, woman remains clothed.
  • A nude male cadaver is seen in a laboratory, genitals are seen.
  • During a scene, characters have a threesome (one man and two women) after killing a man. They are seen completely covered in his blood as they do this. Full nudity.
  • A man and woman are seen having sex in a public area, the woman is seen topless and the man thrusting on top of her.
  • There are a few violent sex scenes (ie. A woman chokes a man to death during sex. A man and woman cut each other during sex).
  • A woman has sex with her best friend's fiance while possessed. Her best friend walks in on them. No nudity.
  • A man invites several male and female prostitutes to his home for an orgy.
  • Three characters tie a man to a chair naked, before killing him.
  • A man drugs and seduces another man. They later have sex.
  • During sex, a woman becomes possessed and attacks the man she is with, tearing at his skin with her bare hands. He is later seen covered in deep cuts.
  • Two characters attend an event were a woman is stripped naked and supposed to be beaten to death in a sexual way. The woman is rescued before anything happens. Full nudity.
  • A main character is known to hold pornographic photoshoots. This is seen through out the first season.
  • A woman becomes possessed and is raped by a supernatural being. She is seen writhing in the air under an invisible force. Full nudity. Extremely graphic.
  • A nude dead body of a female is seen as it is lowered into the water in a tub. Frontal nudity seen, pubic hair visible.
  • A man dips his hands into the water and caresses a dead woman's body. He circles his fingers around her nipples as he lowers his hand to the lower body parts, he is interrupted.
  • A reanimated woman rises from her tub, she is seen completely nude (buttocks, nipples, lower regions are shown)
  • A supposed female prostitute disrobes to revealing her to be transgender. Full male frontal nudity is seen.

Violence & Gore

  • The show has graphic violence and gore. This can be seen in almost every episode.
  • It is implied a main character tore apart a woman and her young daughter. We later see their dismembered bodies. Very graphic.
  • During a hallucination, a woman believes that it is raining blood, despite being indoors. We see blood pouring over the guests at the ball, who are unaware what is happening. Very graphic and disturbing.
  • The main character becomes possessed and cuts her self, then writes in blood on the floor, she realizes this and begins to scream but cannot gain control. Disturbing scene.
  • A woman slits her throat and bleeds to death.
  • Two characters go to dog fight. A dog is seen biting the heads off of multiple rats.
  • A woman chokes a man to death during sex. He is seen struggling under her.
  • The main character is placed in a mental institution. Graphic sequences involving multiple inhumane surgeries to 'cure' her are shown.
  • A young girl slits a man's throat. He is seen choking on blood as he dies. She then begins to stab him repeatedly in the back. Extremely graphic.
  • A man drills into a woman's brain, she is seen struggling on the surgical table. Very graphic, squishing and grinding sounds are heard.
  • Three characters cover themselves in a dead man's blood during sex. Very gory.
  • A man chews part of another man's face off.
  • Two adults convince a young girl to kill a man for their entertainment.
  • A woman undergoes shock treatment.
  • A man poisons a woman. She collapses and dies instantly.
  • A woman's head is smashed against a wall. We see her blood splatter across the wall. Very gory.


  • Multiple uses of 'fuck'.
  • 'Cunt' is used on multiple occasions in graphic descriptive manner for sexual organs.
  • A man refers to a woman as 'not retarded.'
  • One use of offensive terms in description of Indians, 'Wogs'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Scenes of smoking and alcohol consumption
  • A man is seen overdosing on heroin.
  • A main character becomes a drug addict.
  • Two men consume absinthe. One begins to hallucinate.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated TV-MA for explicit disturbing aberrant violence, grisly images, strong explicit graphic sexual content, extensive graphic nudity, pervasive drug use and strong language.
  • Multiple jump scares.
  • A woman becomes possessed during a seance and graphic describes a man raping multiple woman then killing them.
  • A man is forced to kill his daughter. Can be upsetting to some viewers.
  • A man believes he sees three other characters who he wronged. They attempt to convince him to kill himself. The characters turn out to be figments created by another character who wants to kill him. The man survives, but becomes disturbed. Very emotional.
  • The vampires can be scary. They often move inhumanly (ie. on all fours, often backwards).
  • A woman is given a puppet of herself that is possessed. The puppet attempts to talk the woman into killing herself by drinking poison, this does not happen.
  • A woman becomes possessed and bends completely backwards while covered in spiders. Can be disturbing.
  • In the season 3 finale, a woman gives over to Dracula and becomes possessed. This places all other characters in extreme peril. Intense and emotional episode.
  • The vampires may scare some viewers. The character design changes from season to season, increasingly getting creepier/grosser.

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