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Judge Dredd Art by Greg Staples

Award winning artist Greg Staples illustrated Judge Dredd comic books throughout the ‘90s. Staples has never strayed far from the character in the years since, creating promo art for the 2012 film Dredd, and dawning the costume himself and starring as Dredd in the amazing fan-made film we posted last year, Judge Minty. For this piece that we found over on XombieDirge, Staples illustrated an older and more grizzled version of the character that is comic accurate yet bordering photorealistic.
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'Dredd' fan sequel 'Cursed Edge' debuts first chapter

'Dredd' fan sequel 'Cursed Edge' debuts first chapter
A new Dredd fan-made sequel has debuted its first chapter.

Cursed Edge - from director Oliver Hollingdale - has been posted on YouTube.

It is the first of a six-part original story set in the world of Pete Travis and Alex Garland's 2012 Karl Urban-starring movie.

A previous fan film was released starring 2000 Ad supporting character Judge Minty.

Fans have been vocal in demands for a sequel to the newest Judge Dredd film.

The chances of a follow-up were considered slim following the auctioning of props from the original, but strong DVD sales and support from the cast and crew have made the possibility of Dredd 2 seem more likely in recent months.
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Judge Minty: the ultimate 2000 Ad fan film?

Feature Seb Patrick 13 Aug 2013 - 07:14

While fans continue to clamour for a Dredd sequel, Seb takes a look at the best unofficial 2000 Ad adaptation yet: Judge Minty...

As we reported recently, there's a growing groundswell of support for a campaign to try and convince studio chiefs to get work moving on a sequel to Alex Garland and Pete Travis' excellent Dredd film, which stands as easily one of the most faithful and engaging comic book adaptations of recent years. The publishers of 2000 Ad themselves have thrown their weight behind the campaign, and whether or not it's successful, its very existence does show the appetite that's out there for such a strong and well-grounded take on the comic's long-running and beloved stable of characters.

While it would be fantastic to see another Dredd film from the same group of people, however, it's also worth noting that there has been
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Amazing Fan-Made Dredd Short - Judge Minty

We might not get a Dredd sequel with Karl Urban any time soon, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this insanely good fan-made short film that takes us back into Mega City. The film is called Judge Minty, and it comes from director Steven Sterlacchini. Judge Minty is an aged character in the universe. The short features him taking the Long Walk and includes his first encounters in the Cursed Earth. The film is almost 30-minutes long, and you're going to love it!

Judge William Minty has spent his entire adult life policing the violent streets of Mega-City One - and now he's slowing down. When a lapse of judgement almost ends his life, he knows that it's time to quit. He can choose to teach in the Academy, or he can leave the city and walk alone out into the anarchy of the Cursed Earth, taking law to the lawless.
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Sr Geek Picks: Judge Dredd ‘Minty’ Fan-Film, Wonder Woman Cosplay & More

Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find a fan-film starring Judge Dredd comic character Judge Minty; infomercials in a galaxy far, far, away; your Roger Rabbit dreams brought to life; all 65 episodes of My Little Pony shown simultaneously; a Game of Thrones wedding photoshoot; and a vintage Doctor Who shirt. All that and more on this edition of Sr’s Geek Picks!

If you have any Geek Picks of your own, please send them to srgeekpicks(at)gmail(dot)com and you may be featured on a future post!

To kick things off today, GeekSugar has the 10 Favorite Geeks From ’90s TV Shows.


Judge Minty Fan-Film

Judge Minty is a 27 minute short film based on a minor character from the 2000Ad strip, Judge Dredd. Maybe the Judge Dredd universe deserves some more time ...

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Fan Made: Awesome Judge Minty Trailer

This fan-film from Steven Sterlacchini stars Edmund Dehn as our titular hero and features real life 2000Ad comic book artist Greg Staples as Judge Dredd. The production had been making the rounds at various film festivals including The Glasgow Film Festival 2013, The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 2013 and has forthcoming screenings at the Portland, Oregon Stumptown Comics Fest and Sci-Fi London. Most of you should know who Judge Dredd is but you may not have any clue about the old man behind the badge that reads Minty. Appearing in 6 issues of John Wagner and Mike McMahon's Judge Dredd comic book series, Minty is an aging Judge who realizes he's slowing down and will likely be gunned down by one of the many perps within the walls of Mega-City One. The twilight peacekeeper decides to take his fate into his own hands and leaves the confines of
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Judge Dredd fan film looks a hell of a lot better then that Hollywood one

Oh snap, if that trazillion dollar old butchery of the beloved Judge Dredd comic series isn't beat by this little teaser.. and not to mention, probably beats the upcoming adaptation too. It's a fan flick, and Mega City One looks downright awesome.

Here's some deets:

The film will be based on Judge Minty, a character created by John Wagner and Mick McMahon. An aging Judge who is forced to ‘retire’ from the streets, mainly it seems because he has become too compassionate. He chooses to take ‘The Long Walk’ into the Cursed Earth, there “to take law to the lawless”. The film will be based around his first experiences in the radioactive wastes.

Now I'm wondering if this is going to take a gay turn considering his name is Minty.. or maybe he becomes a stripper.

Work in progress teaser after the break. via our friends at Live for Films

Embedded video stripped,
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