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Season 2

25 May 2016
Enemy Lines
Theo awakens from suspension; The residents of Wayward Pines battle against the iron-fisted rule of the First Generation.
1 Jun. 2016
Blood Harvest
Theo learns the truth and his purpose for being in Wayward Pines; CJ spearheads a vital and potentially deadly project outside the fence.
8 Jun. 2016
Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines
Nurse Pam resurfaces as a lethal threat to the town; Jason's past becomes known.
15 Jun. 2016
Exit Strategy
Xander returns to Wayward Pines with an unexpected guest; CJ leads a brave group on an expedition beyond the fence.
22 Jun. 2016
Sound the Alarm
The creation of Wayward Pines is revealed; Megan experiments on the first female Abby; Frank deals with personal struggles.
29 Jun. 2016
City Upon a Hill
The town's food supply is critically low after the Abbies attack CJ and the harvesters; Theo is able to build a makeshift triage unit.
6 Jul. 2016
Time Will Tell
CJ reflects on his life and the great responsibilities he's had over the centuries; Theo and Megan disagree over the Abbies' intelligence.
13 Jul. 2016
Pass Judgment
Theo enlists the help of Hassler to capture Margaret; Xander has a confrontation with Rebecca about her condition.
20 Jul. 2016
Walcott Prep
Pilcher recalls finding his Chosen One; Jason makes a fatal judgment call; Theo and Xander must put aside their differences to stop him before the human race is lost.
27 Jul. 2016
Bedtime Story
Theo is forced to make a decision that could seal humanity's fate.

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