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Worth it just for Asavanod's performance alone
MovieMaddis9 October 2013
I saw Countdown recently after it was recommended on a foreign movie Oscar board and I think the movie may leave you quite divided. The first act is brilliant. Fun, tense, interesting characters, it all works well for the set up of 3 Thai college students in New York for the New Year's celebration. They order drugs and find Jesus, played by David Asavanod, at the door eager to sell, hangout and generally freak out everyone in the apartment. It is referenced in the movie a couple of times but he is the literal Tsunami actor. An absolute animal. Charismatic, powerful, scary, funny. David completely owns this role and will hook anyone into his frightening portrayal of a fringe drug dealer with a score to settle. Without giving too much away, Jesus has his reasons for being there and they aren't just to sell drugs. When he goes from fluent English to fluent Thai without missing a beat and completely selling it - I was slackjawed. Despite David's amazing and convincing performance the film itself goes a bit off the rails at the halfway point. And rushing to a tidy conclusion it leaves you wanting in the end. However, watch it. Asavanod IS the next big thing. He will get bigger parts, he will be major player. I watch a ton of movies, foreign and domestic, and this is the guy - believe it! Maddis 7/10
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Excellent horror thriller with a difference
ric_lawes29 May 2013
Rarely does a film of limited location keep an audience enthralled. This movie for David Asavanond (Jesus - "hey-sus genius") as the lead, is his true break out film. I worked with David in 2004 on Tom Yum Goong with Tony Jaa and again 2005 in Shadow Island and to say he has come of age is what I believe is a man with exceptional talent. He followed his craft - went to the US and was trained by the best in NY. It's his time.

The storyline is interesting - a group of university kids who wish to experience drugs as the new year countdown is upon them. What follows drags the viewer into the room with Jesus and thankfully leaves you just out of range. Thoroughly recommend this film and watch as David and his co actors Jarinporn Joonkiat, Pattarasaya Kreuasuwansri and Pachara Chirathivat are taken for the ride of their life.
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Excellent performances from David Asavanonds ! Great horror thriller from thailand !
seckinlergafri12 November 2017
Countdown is a horror movie from thailand released in 2012. Tells about three teenagers from thailand living in abandoned apartments in new york united states. They were Jack, Bee, and Pam. The three teenagers wanted to celebrate the turn of the year with a different drug party ... In a drug dealer called Jesus .. Jesus came to deliver his best drug. Slowly slowly friendly and authoritative turns 180 degrees becomes cruel and sadistic ... Will Jack, Bee, and Pam survive Jesus? What was Jesus' purpose to torture them? Review: this movie is very sadistic, funny, brutal and meaningful ... Directed by Nattawut Poonpiriya starred by star star from Thailand so talented ... Namely Pachara Chirathivat Jarinporn Joonkiat Pattarasaya Kreuasuwansri and David Asavanond, but his David Asavanond acting here is so fascinating to play the cute, cruel and brutal character of Jesus .... This movie has a very strong moral message .... And 10 stars for David asavanond here .. It's really a talented actor!
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nogodnomasters26 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This review mentions plot points that are on the back of the DVD cover. Some people might consider them spoilers. Three Thai teens share a NY apartment. It is New Year's Eve and they need a pick me up. They managed to hook up with a dealer who makes house calls, but Mr. Jesus turns this into a home break-in style film. This aspect of the film is basically a "B" 3 star film. I appreciated the film more once it was over.

Good thriller.

Guide: F-bomb. Brief sex. No nudity. Unusual Buddhist theme. Killing, blood.
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This director's debut called Countdown is boring, with mediocre acting performances.
imseeg9 October 2019
This director's debut called Countdown is boring, with mediocre acting performances.

The story: a couple of Thai teens celebrating New Year in New York City invite a drug dealer into their house to supply them with some drugs. Things get out of hand pretty soon, when the drug dealer turns out to be a complete violent freak. The story did sound exhilarating when I read it at first, but when watching it, this movie turns out to be rather boring...

None of the excellent direction skills found in his next movie "Bad Genius" can be found in "Countdown". This movie looks like a cheap tv movie. There is no real suspense to be experienced, because the acting is not convincing. Tv movie level quality acting. Disposable...
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Solid Performance but gaps in the plot
tchantra30 December 2013
The acting in the movie was great. Without giving out too much of the story itself, I found myself waiting more of an explanation of what had happened at the end of the movie. Like, who was this Jesus character and how did he know so much? There are just a few important and unanswered questions that I had at the end.

Overall though, I think it still worth a watch. If not for the story, then perhaps for the lessons that I think it was trying to dish out. I've only seen a few Thai movies in my days, but this is certainly one of the better ones.

The storyline shown here on IMDb states that these are three teenagers but I think they are really early 20s based on the details of the characters. I don't recall watching David Asavanond, but his performance was very good in this movie. I might start following him now.
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Not what you expect!
aetherialuna10 May 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying that I enjoy foreign films. If you don't like reading subtitles, just skip this one. This is a great little home-invasion style thriller. Superb acting from the cast, especially Asavanod in the lead... He steps so casually from the laid-back stoner dude to the psychotic torturer, jumping from clear american english to fluent thai mid-sentance. The writing is excellent, there are really some moments that make you squirm! The plot thickens rather quickly and goes from being slightly tense to all-out terrifying in one very intense scene. I highly recommened this film, the only reason it didn't get a 10 out of 10 stars was that I thought there could have been a tiny bit more backstory for the three Thai co-eds. The important plot points are laid out neatly towards the end, but a few more minutes of personal character development in the beginning would have helped to get the veiwer more connected to them, which would have added a little more empathy and depth.
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