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  • Nina reports about the dead man being an S agent. The FBI manages to find Robert's wife and baby. Phillip and Elizabeth receive a message from the dead Robert. They use Gregory, a lover of Elizabeth's, to make the contact and get her and the baby away from FBI watchers. She gives them a phone number which leads to another number. Elizabeth ends things with Gregory so Gregory tells Philip about them. Gabriel's replacement (Grannie) shows up tailing them and tells them Robert had a contact selling them missile defense technology. Phillip makes the buy and is cut during a fight with the buyer's overzealous thugs. They deliver the information, Robert's widow and baby to their new contact but unbeknownst to them only the baby makes it alive to Robert's parents in the Soviet Union.

  • Philip and Elizabeth discover that their murdered colleague Robert has a wife they never knew about. As they try to determine what she knows and where her allegiance lies, Stan's investigation into Robert's death puts him hot on their trail...

  • Gregory, Elizabeth's lover, helps them make contact with Robert's widow despite an FBI team. Gabriel's replacement shows up. Phillip then makes a dangerous buy of information.


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  • Previously on 'The Americans': The FBI is looking for secret Russian spies. One of the Russian spies was stabbed and killed. Agent Stan Beeman has also turned a Russian KGB operative after uncovering her bootlegging operation. Beeman lives in the same neighborhood as Philip, one of the Russian spies, and they're becoming friendly  despite Phillip knowing full well that Beeman snooped around his garage one night suspecting him of some kind of wrongdoing.

    'Gregory': Beeman is dominating Philip at racquetball, talking about his strategy of making his opponent work too hard until he makes a mistake. Beeman gets a page and has to leave. Philip quips that where he comes from "if you leave, you lose." Beeman jokes, "If that's the way you want to win" before leaving. Philip says to himself, "I'll win any way I can."

    Agent Amador briefs Beeman and they head out to an operation. Beeman meets with Nina, the KGB officer he turned. She tells him she overheard that they lost an officer the same night the other turned Russian spy vanished. She says she can help him, "and one day you will help me." Beeman agrees. She wants expatriation and safety. He tells her to slow down, vowing to protect her as long as she makes herself "worth protecting." She tells Beeman that the operative was stabbed and died at an area hospital. "He wasn't just any operative," she says. "He was Directorate S."

    Amador and Beeman lead a briefing about the operative's murder. Their director orders them to ask the DMV to review driver's license photos until they find a match.

    Philip and his daughter Paige are out to breakfast. He's alarmed at the "Girls' World" magazine she's reading. Philip reads something in the classified ads of his newspaper that alarms him. He suddenly wants to leave. They go. Philip is slightly suspicious of a woman who interjected in his conversation with Paige for a moment.

    Philip shows Elizabeth the newspaper and says it's a signal from Robert, but Robert has been dead for two weeks. The signal is asking for a meeting in Philadephia. Philip says he'll "put Gregory on it."

    Elizabeth shows up at a park and interrupts Gregory's chess game. She turns down a cigarette from him, saying she's "trying to be good."

    The Philadelphia DMV has provided a driver's license match to the FBI. Beeman is on it.

    Elizabeth and Gregory go into his apartment to talk. He turns on some music. Elizabeth tells him she needs his team to cover a meet. Gregory starts rubbing Elizabeth's shoulders and kissing her on the neck, but she goes and sits on the couch.

    "Can't do this anymore," she says, adding that "things are changing at home with me and Philip."

    He thinks she's "finally leaving him," but she says it's "the opposite, actually."

    Gregory reminds Elizabeth that Philip is her "cover," but she corrects him and says "he's my husband."

    Gregory gets up and hands Elizabeth a notepad for her to give him the info to cover the meeting and he'll get it done.

    At the corner of Market and Powelton streets in Philly, Gregory looks around and sees, among other things, a woman nervously sitting on a bench while holding a baby. She gets up to leave and some other activity starts. Some cars start moving.

    "A wife?" Philip asks Elizabeth back in their travel agency office. The woman must have been Robert's wife, which no one knew about, and Elizabeth adds that Robert was living in Philadelphia  another thing no one knew about. Philip is nervous.

    Gregory reported that an FBI team was tailing her all the way to the park and stayed with her until she left. "She didn't seem to know about it," she says.

    They realize they don't know what Robert told his wife about himself or them. They decide they have to talk to her, even if the CIA is all over her. Elizabeth says she'll talk to Gregory.

    Beeman gives a briefing about Robert's wife. His boss doesn't want to bring her in right away, thinking that wherever she leads them might be more valuable.

    Elizabeth asks Gregory to get Robert's wife by Friday, if possible. He says it's possible, but it's also possible that he and his guys go to prison. Gregory tries to talk Elizabeth out of what he sees as her fake domestic life. She leaves and asks him to get his guys together.

    The FBI supervisor leads another briefing, outlining the details: The night Timochev disappeared, Robert died of a stab wound at a local hospital, and three days ago they got confirmation he was a "deep-cover KGB operative." A year ago, Robert married Joyce Ana Ramirez, a Puerto Rican woman. They have a baby named Oscar. The FBI doesn't know what she knows. He tells one of the men in the briefing, "You can tell the attorney general this is the closest we've come to a live KGB on American soil since we got Rudolph Abel in '57."

    Meanwhile, Gregory is following Joyce around Philadelphia. Gregory's men orchestrate a series of distractions, including a purse snatching and the theft of a large van to obscure the FBI's view of Joyce, to allow Gregory to take her into a building and drive her away out the other side.

    Elizabeth and Philip get a chance to talk to Joyce, who says that Robert told her to place an ad "and a friend would come" if he didn't come home within two weeks. She says Robert told her he could trust them. "What's going on?" she asks. "Where is he, is he dead?"

    Philip says yes and Joyce breaks down. She asks if he was dealing drugs. "Why did he have me call you? Is it money? There's money, right? To take care of us?"

    Elizabeth assures her they're going to take care of her, but Philip says they need to know what Robert told her about them and what he did. She says Robert was "quiet  he didn't say much  I liked that about him." She pulls a note from her pocket that Robert told her to give them. It has a phone number on it, which she says Robert told her not to call so she didn't.

    Philip takes the note into another room, where Gregory is standing. Gregory asks Philip if he loves Elizabeth. Philip is confused by the question and doesn't answer it. Gregory goes on to tell Philip about how he and Elizabeth "clicked" when they first met and she recruited him into the KGB and was ready to sacrifice his life and family.

    "You don't have a family, do you Gregory?" Philip says.

    Gregory goes on to say that Elizabeth went to his place one month before Paige was born and said she couldn't go back to her life. Philip is mixing together a solution, in which he places the note with the phone number. Gregory goes on to ask Philip again if he loves Elizabeth.

    "Because if you don't, leave her be," Gregory says. "And if you do, leave her be."

    Meanwhile, in the water-based solution Philip has made, the note reveals another code of some kind. Philip pulls it out without responding to Gregory's words.

    The FBI supervisor and Beeman are stunned that Joyce got away from a full FBI surveillance, and they think she's a Directorate S operative with the skills to make such a move. The supervisor is confident enough that the FBI can track her down again.

    Elizabeth asks Philip about the message, it's another name and phone number. Philip asks Elizabeth what she suggests they do, and she says nothing. Gregory suggests they kill her and dump the body before they're blown. Philip decides to take a walk and warns Gregory that if he touches Joyce, he'll kill him.

    Philip is out for his walk when he notices the woman from the coffee shop. He grabs her and pushes her against a wall, demanding to know who she is.

    "I'm Gabriel's replacement," she says.

    Philip wants to know what happened to Gabriel, and she says, "The Center felt it was time for a change." He tells her to never come near his kids again. She warns him never to put his hands on her again. Philip tells the woman about Robert's wife and the name and phone number he left.

    The woman then reveals that the U.S. is working on a new technology that would jeopardize the Soviets' nuclear arsenal at risk. Robert was about to buy intel from an agent and the KGB was looking all over Boston for the agent when Robert died, but it's now clear he was doing his work in Philly. She suggests they call the phone number and set up a meeting.

    The TV news is reporting Joyce's disappearance as a kidnapping. She sees this and tells Elizabeth, "They're hunting me." Elizabeth assures her they don't know where she is. Joyce is revealing how little she knows by telling Elizabeth how confused she is about all the weird instructions Robert left for her. She then remembers a time when she was out of town but came home early and surprised him. She found him listening to a strange-looking radio device and taking notes. He told her he was doodling, but she doesn't think he was doodling.

    "He was a spy," she says, turning toward Elizabeth again. "You're all spies."

    She's worried that Elizabeth is going to kill her and the baby. Elizabeth assures her that Robert would have wanted them to protect her.

    Beeman and Amador are back in Philly, retracing Joyce's disappearance. A guy at a shoeshine stand overhears some of their conversation.

    Philip prepares for the meeting and tells Elizabeth about "Granny," Gabriel's replacement. He starts to leave and Elizabeth asks, "Do you want to talk about it?" Philip asks if she means Gregory. He tells her he didn't realize she was running off on him. Philip is upset that Elizabeth revealed her deepest secrets about her life and their relationship to Gregory and angrily says he'll go on pretending their domestic life is intact but she should go ahead and see Gregory whenever she needs to.

    Philip shows up for the meeting and three men surround him and frisk him. He's escorted down a hall in a rundown building. He's guided into a cage-like room where he meets the guy he's presumably supposed to talk to.

    "You got it?" the man asks.

    Philip says yes, but asks the man's guards to stay out of his "blind spot" behind him. They keep getting closer  almost intentionally messing with him, it seems  and Philip turns and takes them both out with some sneaky kicks and a couple of bashes to the gut with the briefcase, from which money billows after it pops open.

    The man doesn't stand up from his seat, and Philip says, "I did warn them, twice."

    "You did," the man says.

    "You want to start a war, or do you want to give me what I came for an keep all this cash?" Philip says.

    The man calls for a woman to bring another briefcase. Philip, meanwhile, notices he's been cut a little in the stomach but covers it up. He opens the briefcase and reveals classified schematics for a nuclear X laser anti-ballistic missile ray. The man tells Philip he doesn't know what it is, "I just made the deal." Philip takes it and leaves.

    Gregory is still worried about Joyce sticking around, but Elizabeth tells her she hasn't made a decision. He says she's making an emotional decision. Elizabeth slaps Gregory and asks why he told Philip about them. She wants to know whether it was to hurt Philip or get back at her.

    "I was just trying to do right by you," Gregory says. "I love you."

    He leaves and says, "You want to be married to him, fine. But if you're going to do it, you can't do it on a lie."

    Beeman and Amador are still in Philly trying to figure out how Joyce got away. They look at the van that was used to shield the FBI surveillance team. Beeman crouches to tie his shoe and sees someone standing on the other side of the van. The man runs and Beeman and Amador give chase but lose him. Beeman can only wonder, "What does some guy in the hood care about a KGB spy?"

    Philip and Elizabeth drive Joyce to a dirt road to hand her off to Claudia, their new boss. Elizabeth tells her that "they have passports, new names, it's all set." Joyce thanks her.

    Claudia tells Joyce she'll "thrive" in Cuba. Joyce gets in the black van and Claudia shuts it. She turns and takes the briefcase from Philip. Claudia gets back in the van and it drives away. Philip is still holding his stomach where he was cut. He turns silently and gets back in the car. Elizabeth stays behind for a moment, then goes to the car herself.

    The next morning, Philip and Elizabeth are in the kitchen and she asks him if he's OK. He says he's fine and says nothing else. He puts an ice pack on his wound and sits at the kitchen table.

    "I was 17 when I joined the KGB," Elizabeth starts to say. "Never had a boyfriend. They put me with you, we didn't know each other. When we got here, I was 22 years old. I was living in a strange house in a strange country with a strange man, and I met Gregory and he was passionate about the cause; he was passionate about everything. He was passionate about me."

    She goes on to talk about how she recruited him, "and he didn't even want anything  he just believed, like I did. He was the first person I felt like I could really talk to, and I needed that." She's crying a bit as she talks and says, "It just happened. It never really happened that way for us, did it?"

    "No," Philip agrees.

    Elizabeth says she's sorry and that she wishes it had. She holds his hand and says, "But I feel like it's happening now."

    Back in Donestk, Soviet Union, a Russian agent tells a Robert's parents their son was a hero and would be proud to have his baby back home where he belongs. The baby is laying on the table in front of them but there is no sign of Joyce.

    Beeman, meanwhile, is at a crime scene and finds Joyce's dead body slumped in the driver's seat of a car with a needle in her hand and a rubber tube tied around her arm.

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