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Michael McIntyre: Showtime
jboothmillard28 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The first stand-up show Live & Laughing was very good, and the second stand-up show Hello Wembley! was good, and this was the third show for one of the nation's favourite and successful comedians was one I looked forward to very much. Live at London's O2 Arena comedian Michael McIntyre brings his usual style of hilarious observational, physical, double-meaning, one-liner and thought provoking comedy. Subjects in the show that are both interesting and parodied are the London 2012 Olympics and sports, The Queen, name spellings, photography and fake smiling, modelling, women getting ready and tanning, the human body and hair (pubic), the wife complaining about cleaning, long-term relationships, online booking and shopping, security, personal details and passwords, technology, children, children's' games, including "pants down", injuries and pain, a great dentist and hospital story, and an encore about hotels, including "one key" spoken with an accent that sounded like something about masturbation. This is certainly an improvement from the previous DVD show, and I definitely laughed a lot all the way through this great show, I can't wait for the next live stand-up show. Michael McIntyre was number 9 on 100 Greatest Stand-Ups 2010. Very good!
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Still funny...if you like the man himself
studioAT29 December 2015
Michael McIntyre is a funny guy and certainly deserves the adoration of millions that he receives. His DVD's are often the top selling in their field and I like his style of comedy.

While a notch down from his previous DVD 'Hello Wembley' this is still a worthwhile thing to watch because McIntyre displays all the verbal and physical comedy that made him a star.

However I do find it odd that a man who clearly by now is a multi-millionaire is still trying to pass himself off as a man of the people, quibbling about spending money etc.

Overall this is a god McIntyre show, and certainly better than the 'Happy and Glorious' DVD that was released this year.
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Far from his best work
Phil_Chester21 September 2019
Michael McIntyre has definitely been funny at some point, but this show is not it. Very poor work by his standards. Despite that, it's still a reasonably entertaining watch, but certainly far from his best.
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If you like the man, you will love this show.
MUFCOK4 April 2016
Showtime is bang in line with all of Michael McIntyre's other stand up shows, his approach is spot on and pretty much all of his jokes hit the mark.

There is one joke at the end of this DVD about the dentist, I didn't find it funny as it was too over the top and immature. Other than this joke, the rest of the show is as it should be with hilarious, realistic stories and life events which are all too relatable. Michaels second stand up was too immature for me, it wasn't his usual work and I was worried that this one would be a repeat of that. Thankfully, apart from the dentist gag, he goes back to his old ways and is more subtle in his story telling. He tells us stories of his wife, children, online security, hotel stays the London Olympics and much, much more!

There isn't much else to say really, if you like Michael McIntyre you will 100% enjoy this show. It has a decent run time of 90 minutes and I could have watched him for much longer than that – it really did fly by!

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