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Toeing the Line
ChicoraSaltyDog19 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
While I don't feel I am giving away the story, better safe than sorry. So here goes;

Wow! So much is packed into such a brief amount of time. Production values are top notch. The actors are also more than up to the task and give awesome performances. The tension and uncertainty of the situation are beautifully developed and portrayed. Male bonding given flight is the focus here and its treated with deference and sensitivity. The brevity of the film belies the powerful impact of its presentation.

JP is superb as the unwitting friend who is surprised by his own passion. D'Andre captivates the screen with his determination and vulnerability as he drops his defenses with his friend. I wanted this film to continue on. An extended follow-up is definitely a requirement. BBFG has a winner on its hands here.
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Awkward and lacking authenticity
Warning: Spoilers
"Toeing the Line" is an American 15-minute live action short film from 2013, so this one is approaching its 5th anniversary. It was written and directed by William Branden Blinn, who apparently has made himself a career in the last years/decades mostly through gay-themed movies and he we got one of his works. It is about two buddies talking about how one of them wants to have sex with a colleague despite her being married with children. However, the talk quickly switches into a different direction when they suddenly talk about how one guy has been crushing on the other for a very long time and if that is not already too much the other is not against them making out either as in every unrealistic somewhat feel-good romantic gay-themed short film like there are so many out there at this point. I am really tempted to give this an even lower rating as story-wise this was quite a mess. Still I won't because the actors weren't too bad and at some occasions even came close to making this messy script work. Especially the White male actor was fine, of course he also had the baitiest material in here. Okay what else? Oh yeah the reactions from the other restaurant guests at the screaming and dick grabbing were somewhat hilarious in an unintentional fashion. All in all, not a good film and I have to give it a thumbs-down. Watch something else instead. This is a very dialogue driven little film that lacks strong dialogues though.
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