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A Wonderful Tale Of Horror, Deception, Life & Love!
nairtejas2 February 2013
While most of the new-age films are related to drama, comedy and sci-fi, débutante Karthik is a guy from whom I will expect more thrilling movies.

Pizza tells you a story of a pizza-delivery guy who gets entangled in a story of horror, love and deception. The first part is a juxtaposition of initiation, life and horror. While the second half is where it gets horrid, severe and mind-blowing. The genre of this sort changes as you proceed and every genre will make you even more interested. The screenplay is terrific and the camera-work is just par excellence. The background score just adds to the thrills. Boy, this is one Tamil movie I could see again and again.

The plot is very rare and ingenious. Performances are pure and inventive. Except a very big hole in the plot that I found with the help of my critic sister, Pizza is a very good entertainer, spine-chilling horror movie and thought-provoking piece of cinema. And the ending just makes it a movie with great climax which can easily be said in one line: As you sow, so shall you reap!

WATCH OUT FOR: Vijay and his anecdote!

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

Language: Mild | Sex: No | Nudity: No | Violence: Strong | Gore: Strong | Alcohol: Medium | Smoking: Strong
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One of the Most exciting movie experiences I ever had!!
shanmuchat13 February 2013
I saw this movie with a friend, not knowing anything about the story, just with the idea that the movie is good. And I had surprise waiting in the theater. It was the most exciting movie for me as far as I can remember (after Kanchana - which was again a Tamil Horror movie, which exciting to watch in the theater too) It is a movie which has to be watched in a good theater a loads of people to scream and cry along with you, which makes the movie experience the best. If you missed theater, I would suggest watching it in Home theater, with lots of friends who haven't seen the movie too.

Now as for the technical aspects, the editing, cinematography and music are great plus along with Karthik Subburaj's excellent narration makes it an wonderful One time watch. Hat's off to the team!

Pizza - 10/10. Best when served hot! :)
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Title Waters Your Mouth but Yet You Sweat a Lot..!!
spruthvi3529 April 2013
Really have never seen such a movie which goes throughout in a nail-biting screenplay except for the first 25 mins. An excellent direction and a great screenplay with a great-picture perfect-awesome cinematography.

The performances of the main leads was great and well maintained too.

Special effects were at peaks along with the background score.

The climax was great revealing all the twists and turns in the story.

But the movie ends on a freaky note , which may be disappointing.

Go watch it in a cinema or buy a DVD and watch it .

Rating - 3.5/5
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Pizza (2012)
santhosh-1029022 March 2018
The movie was excellent. This is my favorite movie of Vijay Sethupathi. Vijay Sethupathi superb acting throughout the movie. Karthik Subbaraj superb direction. Songs and BGM were also superb.
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A Bit Wonkey, but not bad
pocketg9918 May 2016
This is an unconventional film (in terms of the Hollywood standards I'm used to, at least). Unconventional movies have their ups and downs. In some ways they're annoying. One example of this is the general plot structure of this film. The movie feels fairly jumbled and messy because there are many different perspectives in it that don't entirely mesh and the tension does not build evenly to a climax like it does in most films. That said, there are also great things about unconventional movies. This movies feels like a breath of fresh air in many ways especially considering how formulaic most horror films are these days. There are some parts of this film that are fairly tropey, but I think in general the movie is fairly self-aware. It audaciously avoids some of the most pernicious tropes and puts a new spin on a lot familiar setups. The film is really pretty innovating, but it feels more strange than revolutionary, so I guess Karthik Subbaraj didn't get it quite right. It is well made, however. The acting is good especially compared to the one other Tamil movie I've seen. The cinematography is also good. Probably the best technical aspect of the film is the sound design although the soundtrack is a little spotty.
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With an egregious use of deus ex machina, Pizza leaves a bad taste in our mouths and we feel cheated.
sashank_kini-118 May 2013
It is 'Pizza' which should be charged for cheating its audience with an overloaded use of 'deus ex machina'. Before I move further, let me explain what the term 'deus ex machina' signifies the same way film critic Roger Ebert did while reviewing Spike Jonze's delectable 'Adaptation' – by quoting from Wikipedia; the term is used for 'a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved, with the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability, or object'. While Adaptation is able to inventively, ingeniously and effectively fit this device into its plot structure, Pizza leaves its audience puzzled searching for answers only to reveal after that important pieces were kept hidden from them all the while. The only purpose of its deus ex machina is for its writer- director Karthik Subbaraj to show just how 'unbelievable' his twist is; the problem is that the audience doesn't go 'Oh, how could I miss this!' in Pizza because the film's plot never allowed them to catch it in the first place. The twist takes the film to an altogether new tangent which we couldn't have guessed at all, and we are left cold: I want my money back!

Pizza opens with a group of ghost hunters scanning for paranormal activity in a supposedly haunted house, which ends in a cliffhanger the moment their device detects a presence. That's when our lead actor switches off the television on which the 'movie' was running and we're taken to the actual setting where our lead couple is cuddled up, talking about ghosts. We learn that the lady Anu is a writer of horror stories and is researching by watching a number of films and books while her guy Michael is a pizza delivery man who has his reservations about anything supernatural. While delivering a file to his boss' home, Michael finds out that his boss' daughter is possibly possessed by a spirit and her father is desperately trying to cure her. This incident haunts him especially because the girl looks directly at him while possessed and screams out the name 'Nithya!' demonically. The other incident that besets him is Anu's announcement that she's pregnant, but they reconcile and get married privately. One night, he is found by the owner in the pizza joint covered in blood along with his colleagues, who are also bruised badly. He then tells the others about his nightmarish experience at a home where he had gone to deliver pizzas. After this incident, Anu goes missing and attempts to locate her also fail.

The film failed to give me anything to search for, and Subbaraj left missing too many things which could have made my attempts easier in finding some sense in the film. You should be able to tease your audience throughout in a manner that when they are tricked, they don't feel cheated. In a great movie like M. Night Shyamalan's 'Sixth Sense', the twist didn't need a major clarification because we knew we were sold by it, and later we could sit and think of all the subtle hints we missed during the film. In Pizza, the twist fails badly and the most explicit proof for its failure is the fact that it required about five to ten minutes of clarifications in the resolution to show us how it actually worked. This time is taken in revealing things that weren't shown to us at all before, and could've simplified our confusion without losing the intended twist's effectiveness.

Although I commend Karthik Subbaraj's attempt of blending the genres of horror, suspense, comedy, thriller and mystery, his film Pizza fails to whet our appetite. We leave the theatre with a bad taste in our mouths. (note: I watched two films of Vijay Sethupathi in two days, Soodhu Kavvum yesterday and Pizza today, without realizing until checking his Wikipedia page that he was one and the same actor! That's some good acting!)

More on
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Worst horror movie I've ever watched!
j_tolentino26 October 2020
I went in with very high expectations because of the review score of 8 (upon initial posting of this review). The opening elevator sequence should have made me stop watching it already, but somehow I was dupe-d that the movie will get better eventually, but I was so wrong. The scare tactics kept on breaking my suspension of disbelief. The movie even tries to justify this at the end, but even the resolution was even a try-hard at being intelligent. It was as if every piece of the material was aimed at being a plot device and justify the ending. Usually, movies with plot twists develop organically, wherein the journey itself makes the story and the twist is just an icing on the cake (e.g. Mother by Bong Joon Ho)
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One of the Good Horror - Thriller Tamil Cinema.
vkkiy3 September 2017
Loved this movie. Horror-Thriller genre is actually tough in terms of making, but this movie managed to shape well. No lagging at all. Good Script, cinematography and great acting by Vijay Sethupathi (far better than that vijay who saves multiple villages lol :P) Over all a Vijay Sethupathi show.
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A pizza delivery story that turns scary
nbsrilatha6 January 2020
A story with unexpected plot twists. Michael Karthigeyan is a pizza delivery boy who lives-in with his girlfriend, Anu who has a hobby of writing horror stories. They find it hard to make ends meet as the income is not great. Anu conceives and they get married. An unexpected series of events follow that change the course of their lives. The climax is a bit unsettling but overall, the movie is a good watch especially for the brilliance of Vijay Sethupathi as the lead character. Good direction by Karthik Subbaraj in his maiden effort. The song 'Mogathirai' is a lovely composition.
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My rating is for direction
kamalthaf4 October 2019
My rating is mainly for direction. Also, the actors are done well. It's Rarest of the rare, for a horror movie, to get IMDB rating 8.0. I think it's a must watch movie.
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